My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 5 – Cook

The first step in cultivation is to gather Qi into the body, and Qi is the place of nature. Immortal cultivation emphasizes the word “immortal”, but what is it? They are human who have left the human realm and demons who have left the demon realm. In the end, what made them different from humans and demons was this Qi.

At first, a cultivator could only draw Qi from outside the world and then slowly turn it into their own. Only after breaking through the first realm could one train their own true qi in the dantian, and when the qi cluster took shape, they were in the second realm. However, at this time, the qi cluster is only true qi condensation, and only after the practitioner has learned spells can he or she mobilize the true qi in the body to perform spells. As for the third realm, it all depended on one’s destiny.

Spells were different from immortal arts. The power of spells was qi, the force controlled by humans and demons and the act of performing spells. Immortal arts, on the other hand, can only be practiced by Immortals who have broken through the Third Realm. Immortal power comes from immortal qi, and qi comes from true qi, so this cultivation is ultimately qi training.

It is not easy to introduce the qi belonging to heaven and earth into one’s body. Since Shu Tang had mistakenly opened the Spiritual Vein earlier and the Spiritual Vein was the path of true qi circulation, it could be said that she had opened an external path for herself. But even so, she had practiced for three whole hours according to what Fuyu had said and she hadn’t inhaled a single bit of the qi of heaven and earth.

The Immortal Realm was close to the heavens, and the air of heaven and earth is dominated by the air of heaven, which is logically easier to absorb. If the cultivation was in the human realm, the qi of heaven and earth will still be mixed with some filthy qi, and if a beginner does not remove it, it is very likely that he or she will go off the rail, explode, and die.

Shu Tang knew that she had taken a lot of advantage of her cultivation, but she just couldn’t attract the Qi that was all around her. She felt that she was about to die of hunger, and waved her pig’s hoof to recite the spell while secretly watching her master.

Feeling the gaze from her disciple, Fuyu slowly raised her head and faintly looked at Shu Tang, scaring her so much that she was too busy to concentrate on chanting the spell.

After another half an hour, the piglet was already hungry on the ground, only the two front hooves were still moving from time to time.

In the meantime, Fuyu pursed her lips, not knowing what she was going to do, and looked at the half-dead piglet on the ground for a long while before finally pulling out the primary cultivation book again from her bosom and flipping through it.

After turning two pages, Fuyu’s fingers suddenly paused. Fuyu looked at the words on the page carefully, then sighed longingly, put the book away, got up and walked to Shu Tang, and picked her up from the ground.

Shu Tang moved her little fan-like ears, not understanding what the situation was like now.

However, when she was carried by her master all the way to the small kitchen, her black marble eyes lit up at once. Shu Tang could no longer care to think about the reason for this and was busy arching her soft mouth at Fuyu, but her eyes were looking at the food there.

Fuyu raised her hand to rub its head and leaned over to whisper, “See if there’s anything you want to eat, I’ll ask someone to make it for you.”

People who have ascended into immortals don’t need to eat, but sometimes they can’t help but miss the taste of food, so they have their own small kitchens. Most of the cooks in the kitchens were sent by the Sect’s disciples and would change from time to time, but the taste they made was always top notch. These people all harbored a desire to be appreciated by the immortals, because once they were appreciated, the immortals would usually instruct them on their cultivation, which was a good thing that the immortal sects did not have.

Fuyu Shangxian was probably the one who used the small kitchen the least in the entire Immortal Realm and many cooks have come here but never even saw the Immortal once. Yet this kitchen was still a place that everyone from the Immortal Sect wanted to enter, why? It was because the abundance of Immortal Qi here and the purity of Heaven and Earth’s Qi was greatly beneficial to those who cultivated.

Right now, the cook in this small kitchen of the Immortal Fuyu was the second elder’s eldest disciple of the Qing Rong School, Qing Senyang. He hadn’t been here long, but when he arrived, the departing senior told him that he hadn’t had the pleasure of cooking for the Great Immortal once in two whole years, making him really discouraged.

He thought that he would end up in the same situation, but he never expected that he would have a second chance to cook for the Immortal in just one day. Now that he saw the Great Immortal himself, he was even more excited, and he busily leaned forward and bowed, “What does the Great Immortal want to eat?”

Fuyu did not answer him, but raised the piglet in her hand, and when that piglet’s front hoof pointed to the fish on the table, she said, “Just make steamed fish.”

That fish was originally intended for Qing Senyang to use for his own stomach, and since the piglet… of the Immortal wanted to eat it, he would have let it go.

So, Qing Senyang respectfully said, “Please wait a moment, this disciple will do it.”

Fuyu nodded her head, placed Shu Tang on the ground, and said, “Feel free to walk around, and if there is anything else you want to eat, order it all together.”

To be honest, Shu Tang had no idea what Fuyu was going to do, but she always felt that someone like her master wouldn’t trick her, spreading her hooves now and rudely ordering the cabbage and potatoes again.

Qing Senyang’s movements were nimble, and under Fuyu’s gaze, he felt even more full of vigor, and with the advantage of the fire spirit root, in a quarter of an hour, he had already prepared all the dishes.

Fuyu looked at the steamed fish, then at the emerald□□ soup and vinegar shredded potatoes, and nodded in satisfaction, “Send it to the main hall.” She said, holding the piglet and disappeared on the spot.

With admiration and joy, Qing Senyang rushed to the main hall with three dishes and a bowl of white rice, but before he reached the door, he heard Fuyu Shangxian say inside, “Huahua, when you finish your meal, go back to the house and rest, and I’ll go out.”

Someone who could stand out among the many disciples must not be a careless person, hearing this, he immediately returned to the kitchen and added another bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks.

Fuyu was a little surprised to see that he had prepared everything, but said nothing and only instructed him to retire. Qing Senyang looked like he was struggling and rashly said, ” Shangxian, disciple dared to ask… this, this piglet, is it your disciple?”

“Yes,” Fuyu answered him sharply, “Now can you go?”

Qing Senyang was stunned, his heart thudded, bit his lips tightly and bowed back down.

The Shu Tang in her bosom was already drooling with gluttony at the smell of the fragrance, but it happened that someone could not eat it. Although she felt that the tone of Master’s words was not friendly, she still silently supported this behavior in her heart.

Only after seeing him leave did Fuyu put Shu Tang on the table and pushed the rice, soup, and shredded potatoes in front of it, saying, “These are all yours, you eat them first.”

Shu Tang whined and looked at the steamed fish, finally unable to resist her hunger, she immediately bowed her head and ate.

Although she had turned into a pig, she was still very particular about what she ate, a mouthful of vegetables, a mouthful of rice, and then a mouthful of soup, and she ate extremely well. It must be said that although that the disciple who cooked the rice was a bit of a dog-leg1, but the cooking was delicious. Especially the cabbage soup, only cooked for no more than fifteen minutes, but because the fire that cooked it was true fire, the taste was rich and delicious.

Shu Tang ate earnestly, without looking up, but halfway through the meal, there was a porcelain plate in front of her, and on the plate were picked fish meat.

She looked up at Fuyu, and the other party smiled and said to her, “All the fish meat without bones, eat.”

Her Master clearly said that if she could not learn to draw qi into her body, she would not be given food today, but right now, not only did she eat, Master also picked the fish bones out for her with her own hands…. Shu Tang’s hunger-dizzy mind finally cleared up and discovered that something was wrong.

She took a step backwards, and her arching mouth, still covered in vegetable soup, moved, not daring to eat again.

Fuyu didn’t understand its meaning and slowly restrained her smile, but she saw the piglet dipping into the vegetable soup on the table and writing the words – “drawing qi into the body”.

Shu Tang saw her master’s face turn stiff, thinking that she had eaten so much just now, and was a little short of breath.

Fuyu face stiffened for a long while, and slowly opened her mouth, “You can rest assured to eat, I…cough, I remembered the formula incorrectly, and I will teach you the correct way tomorrow…”

Lack of confidence Shu Tang: “……”

Mas! Ter! Do you dare to make more holes? Did she practice blindly for the previous three and a half hours?!

She instantly understood why the master was so kind to her suddenly, turning her heart into appetite, and after looking at Fuyu with a miserable expression in her eyes, she started to eat.

After explaining clearly, Fuyu coughed awkwardly and continued to pick the fish.

Today’s incident, she should indeed review, but this also confirms one thing – Nantan said that raising pigs is the same as raising apprentices, obviously that was wrong.

Raising an apprentice… seems to be much more troublesome than raising pigs.

Fuyu sighed and picked up a plate of steamed fish, before putting down her chopsticks to watch her apprentice eat.

Shu Tang saw her push another plate of fish meat, instinctively want to go forward to eat, but thought that the master picked half a day, but she did not eat a bite, so she pushed the plate back, indicating that the master eat.

Understanding its intentions, Fuyu pushed the plate back, “You don’t need to about your master, you just need to eat your fill.”

Even though the unreliable master had let itself practice for a day in vain, Shu Tang still felt guilty and pushed it back over.

Seeing it insist on this, Fuyu finally picked up her chopsticks, picked up a piece of white tender fish and put it in her mouth, and only after she had eaten it did she say, “Are you satisfied?”

Shu Tang fanned her ears and happily ate the fish meat.

To sum it up, she spent her first day of practice was in vain and ate food.

After sending the piglet disciple back to rest, Fuyu deliberated and still got up to seek out Luhua. Luhua was helplessly choosing objects for her to use as reparation, and when he saw her coming, he greeted her, “See if there’s anything you want, and take it back with you as compensation.”

Fuyu frowned at the pile of treasures, expensive herbs and pills, and couldn’t help but ask, “Where did you get so many things?”

Luhua Shangxian smiled gracefully, “These, are all the ones you sent to me before to compensate for your mistakes.”

Fuyu was silent and said slowly with a wooden face, “Then… send me some pills and medicinal materials to consolidate my cultivation.”

1 “Dog-leg” figurative for henchman

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