My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 6 – Buns

Luhua Shangxian laughed loudly and asked the next fairy to pack gifts for him and took Fuyu Shangxian to the main hall to greet the guests. After the two sat down, took a sip of tea, and he said, “Are you here for Bai Huahua?”

“I told you yesterday that you should call her Shu Tang.” Fuyu Shangxian corrected.

“Okay okay, Shu Tang, this name is much better than Bai Huahua,” Luhua Shangxian pouted and looked at her. “So, what are you doing here for?”

The main hall was quiet for a while, and they looked at each other.

Luhua Shangxian coughed lightly, and looked away unnaturally. Fuyu then bowed her head, picked up the teacup and said, “Today, I taught Huahua how to draw qi into the body, however, I remember the wrong spell and caused Huahua to practice for a long time.”

Luhua Shangxian is glad that he did not drink water at this time, otherwise it would be sprayed out.

Fuyu added solemnly, “Also, the method you use to practice perseverance doesn’t seem to apply to it too much. I really don’t have a clue about disciples now.”

Luhua Shangxian thought for a moment and suggested.,”If you teach yourself by mistake, it is better to let it learn by yourself.” Saying so, he took out two books, and introduced it one by one, “This is a commonly used book by disciples and should be good for Shu Tang’s understanding of the cultivation of immortals. This is the 5000-year history of Xianfu, but you can also show it.   

After receiving the two books and chatting about recent events in the immortal world, Fuyu got up and left with satisfaction. After she went back, Luhua Shangxian’s remedy was also sent. She looked over it and went to the bedroom to meditate.

On the second day, Shu Tang woke up to see her master still meditating, then quietly ran to the yard and began to run her laps.

After the six laps, she was active and she was about to go back and call Master to eat. Suddenly she smelled a tantalizing scent.

The scent came from the kitchen, Shu Tang’s small heart was entangled, and decided to go secretly look at it first.

However, before she walked to the kitchen, Qing Senyang had already walked to her with a bun.

Since coming to the immortal world, Shu Tang has never faced people other than Fuyu alone, now some flustered, turn the direction to run back, unexpectedly was caught by Qing Senyang by the tail.

The small tail was very tender, and he grabbed it so quickly it immediately ached. Shu Tang kept humming non-stop and Qing Senyang let go of it, took two to three steps to it and took out a bun. “I just want to stop you, accidentally hurt you, and I’ll pay for the crime.”

Want to buy her with a bun?! Shu Tang turned her head and ignored him.

Qing Senyang smiled, exposing two tiger teeth, “I went to the South China Sea yesterday and brought back a lot of fish and shrimp. This bun contains mussels and shrimp and there is also flower substance made from yin… You really don’t want to eat it?”

Pigs by nature is to eat and sleep, sleep to eat. Shu Tang could not eat seafood in her last life. The only exception was the leeks and shrimp buns she secretly ate. The taste was so beautiful… So, her bones dissipated suddenly, turned her head, and bit the bun hard.

The fresh fragrance filled his mouth, and Shu Tang instantly felt that this bun was the best thing she had eaten in her two lifetimes.

Just, before she could eat a second mouthful, a cool voice rang in front of her, “What are you doing here?” 

Fuyu found a breakthrough in her cultivation, which was at a bottleneck last night. When she broke through, she opened her eyes but couldn’t find her disciple. She hurried to find Shu Tang, but did not expect to see her with the cook here.

Qing Senyang immediately dropped the bun in his hand, turned around and said, “Shangxian, the disciple made two buns and was about to send it to you…” He did not finish his words, Fuyu had come to him and leaned over to hug Shu Tang with a bun in her mouth..

“After six laps?” Fuyu asked.

Shu Tang nodded and the buns flung up and down.

“Then eat it.” Fuyu put it back on the ground, took the bag of buns from the hands of Qing Senyang and said, “You can go back.”

Qing Senyang looked back at the little pig eating the bun and retreated. But he did not go far, Fuyu suddenly said to him, “In the future every hour, I will eat something so send it to the  partial temple.”

On the ground, Shu Tang would like to ask what to eat at noon and evening, but she had no language, so she had to continue eating buns.

A person and a pig returned to the partial temple to eat the buns. Fuyu pulled out three books, one was given by Nantan Shangxian and the other two were given by Luhua Shangxian. One by one she placed them in front of Shu Yu.

“From today on, I will no longer teach you, you will have to learn how to teach yourself,” Fuyu said with a serious look. “I will give you seven days to read these books. After that, come to me.”

Shu Tang shook her tail and expressed her understanding. With such a poor master, instead of being taught wrong, it is really better to learn on her own.

She has a strong learning ability, otherwise, she would not have been admitted to a good university even if she took a long leave. For self-study, she still has certain confidence.

The day of self-study began.

In the book, Shu Tang learned that it turned out that the cultivation of immortals needed to break through the triple realm, but after breaking through the third realm, it became only the immortal with the lowest rank. To become an immortal, there are two stages of spiritual and real people in the middle. After careful calculation, it is thousands of years of long practice.

Among the three realms, the most difficult to break through is this third realm. Some people have only touched one side in their poor life and cultivated into a state of half immortal and half human, which is called Xiuxian.

Shu Tang doesn’t quite understand the meaning of Xiuxian, but she wants to become a human and live. At present, only Xiuxian can achieve this goal.

After reading the five thousand years of history of the immortal world, it became noon. She was about to ask her shifu for food when she saw Qing Senyang come in with food.

Fuyu rested by the side. After hearing the sound, she looked up at him. After seeing him put down the food to eat, he quickly left, said nothing, and continued to rest.

In the evening, he still quietly sent food, Fuyu did not even open her eyes, which was regarded as tacit consent.

It has to be said that he had succeeded in winning Shu Tang’s favor this time. By the way, she had forgiven him for pulling her tail.

Self-cultivation is a very easy thing to do. Although Fuyu Shangxian can’t teach well, she can protect Shu Tang from detours, so she has always been with her. However, although her little apprentice is a pig, she had a brighter mind than everyone. She fumbled and eventually learned how to breathe qi into the body. She had also learned how to meditate and practice.

On the fourth day, after having lunch as usual, Shu Tang was lying on the table reading. Seeing half of it, she suddenly got up and hummed and Fu Yu, who was meditating on the side, opened her eyes and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shu Yu held out the little hoof to point to the words in the book, then with her toes stained with water, and wrote on the table, “The demon world has disappeared, why are there demon immortals?”

Fuyu thought and replied, “Demon immortals are not demons. Only half-demon and half-humans can cultivate. However, there are very few half-demons and half-humans in the world, and their cultivation pays more than ordinary people. Demon is the least kind of immortals.”

“How many?” wrote Shu Tang.

“I’m afraid there are less than ten.” Fuyu added some water to the cup, “Although they have demon characters in their names, they are not terrifying. However, if you encounter them, it is better to stay away.”

Shu Tang raised his hoof and did not continue to ask. Shifu had explained to her, “The practice of demons is not easy. Correspondingly, they are also very powerful. Usually a demon immortal can reach a normal human, however, if a demon cultivator practices to the highest level, none of the top three immortals can be his opponent.”

The hoof brush up and down – “is it good or evil?”

“It is right as well as evil.” Fuyu finished this sentence, closed her eyes, and began to meditate.

Shu Tang crumpled her nose and thought. Then went on to turn the next page.

In fact, looking at the 5,000 years of history of the immortals a few days ago, she has already felt that the world is not right. At the beginning of the book, there were Six Realms concepts that were mentioned, but in the following text, there were only Immortal Realm, Mortal Realm, and Demon Realm. The other three Realms were not mentioned. Both man and demon can become immortals, that is to say, the whole world belongs to the immortal world, and both are good.

Therefore, it is a situation where the immortal world dominates the world, and the surface looks peaceful and beautiful. If yin and yang can coexist so can good and evil. There is no conflict between right and evil, and once one side has the advantage, the other side will have trouble. However, this book she read on the history of the immortal world, and within five thousand years, the three realms have always been in a calm state and nothing has happened.

Well, it’s fine for so many years, maybe she thinks too much.

Shu Tang leisurely read the introduction to the study, put down the book, and sit up on the table to meditate.

With three more days to go until the seventh day set by Master, Shu Tang not only read all the books, but also learned how to meditate. Fuyu did not say anything, but her heart was satisfied.

So, after having dinner on the seventh day, Fuyu told her something she had considered for a long time. “Cultivation is not only about practicing, but also about practicing the mind. Meditating in the immortal world every day and there will be no experience for a lifetime. From tomorrow on, I will take you around the world to see something and understand.”

The world – Shu Tang was a human in her last life and was familiar with it, but in this world, she has never had a chance to see it. Now listening to Shifu’s words, she immediately turned around happily and the tail behind her shook happily.

Fuyu looked at her happy appearance and couldn’t help but smile. The beauty of Fuyu Shangxian made Shu Tang almost forget to breathe.

So, the pig’s hoof wrote one by one – “Yi Rong1.”

Her Shifu is so good-looking, how can you let those mortals have a look! Shu Tang felt that this was for the sake of her shifu, and not her desire to monopolize.

Fu Yu rubbed her head and said, “Don’t worry, I will change my appearance.”

She was so calm that Shu Tang was embarrassed. Rubbing Master’s palm, she wrote again- “Go home.”

I am a human. I don’t really think of a pigsty as my own home, but after all, this piglet was given by a mother pig. It is proper to look at it.

Fu Yu nodded, agreed to its proposal, and rubbed her head on the way.

The piglet has eaten well in recent days, its body has grown a little, and the hair on its head has grown a lot. However, it is unknown if it is because of the daily laps, it is not as fat and strong as a farm pig. Instead, it is still delicate and cute.

After a good rest for a night, Shu Tang ran a full eight laps before stopping, then rushed to the temple and waited for food. However, she stayed in the side hall for a long time, but did not wait for the food, but for her Shifu.

As soon as Fuyu Shangxian entered the door, she took out two white radishes from her sleeve and handed it to Shu Tang. “The master of the chef had something to do, so he was called back to the sect.”

Shu Tang stared at the two radishes for a long time, finally admitted her fate, and took a bite of the radish.

When she finished eating, a maid suddenly came in to report that Luhua Shangxian had come to visit Fuyu Shangxian.

An immortal and a pig went to the main hall to receive him in the main hall. Luhua, who was waiting in the middle of the hall, held a bag in his hand and brought a food container.

Seeing Fuyu come, Luhua greeted her with a smile on his face and said, “I heard that you are going to visit the mortal world. These are some silvers that Nantan asked me to prepare for you. Also, there is a new arrival in my house. A chef who makes absolutely amazing pastries. Come, you and your apprentice have to eat these pastries before you go.”

Shu Tang could smell the fragrance in the food box from afar, and suddenly wanted to cry without tears, so she had to use her eyes to stare at Luhua to complain.

Lord Shangxian! If you come a little earlier, I wouldn’t have had to eat radish

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1 “Yi Rong” I believe it means to look beautiful and innocent or maybe she just wanted to say that her appearance was too noticeable

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