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For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 33

Although Lin Xian was born and raised in the city of Anjiang before she had left for college, she had rarely set foot in the southern district. In her limited memory, she only remembers that she once came here with her classmates for a barbecue at a beach during her junior high school spring trip.…

For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 32

After Lin Xian went home with her parents, she lay down on the big bed she had slept on for years, but on the rare occasion, she tossed and turned and had trouble sleeping. She had closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep, but her mind was full of many thoughts making it hard to…

Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 45

Sure enough, it is her father! Lin Er. The name sounds plain and ordinary. But hearing it from someone else’s mouth was completely different. She knew that God had let her travel into this body, definitely not by coincidence. The mysterious setting, the sweet love. Lin Siyi felt different for the first time. “Does a…

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