For the Rest of Our Life Chapter 32

After Lin Xian went home with her parents, she lay down on the big bed she had slept on for years, but on the rare occasion, she tossed and turned and had trouble sleeping. She had closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep, but her mind was full of many thoughts making it hard to sleep….

Aunt Xiao, have you read her script? She bit her lip, her heart feeling really nervous.

She hadn’t really thought about what kind of story she wanted to write, but once she finished writing it, she realized that the story had already ended like that. Before handing it over to Xiao Yuqing, Lin Xian had hesitated for a long time as to whether she should show it to Xiao Yuqing or not. She always remembered how Xiao Yuqing was so sad when she talked about her parents. Remembering how Xiao Yuqing cried in agony after the funeral hall and remembering how over the years Xiao Yuqing no longer dared to set foot in the northern district.

Something must have happened between her and her parents… she was sure of this.

Xiao Yuqing has been regretting in pain… This is what Lin Xian deduced by looking at all the signs.

She did not know what kind of feeling her script would give to Xiao Yuqing. She intended to stir up emotions, even with the desire to win the competition, to remind everyone to cherish the time they spend with their parents and to not pass the warmth of others who are there. She doesn’t want to poke at Xiao Yuqing’s grief for a single moment. However, the author cannot control the thousands of thoughts and emotions of the readers. What Xiao Yuqing may feel from the story is not in the control of the author.

But she has already come to this point. She looked at the script that has already taken shape and thought, maybe she can still do something with this script.

How tiring it must be to move forward with something on your back. Such a hardworking Xiao Yuqing is definitely not what Xiao Yuqing’s parents would like to see, after all, they love her so much.

She still remembered that when Xiao Yuqing’s parents came to visit their home alone all those years ago, her parents revealed some news about Xiao Yuqing in order to ease their relationship. She clearly saw their concerned and focused look when they were listening to the information. Although they concealed it very well, never asking or talking about it voluntarily, but once her mother mentioned that Xiao Yuqing was sick in the hospital, Xiao Yuqing’s mother’s eyes immediately flushed red and her father’s eyes were shattered.

She may have been young and did not understand the emotions thoroughly. Lin Xian firmly believes that they must not have really blamed her.

This is on the idea that she has the same mentality and expectations as them – they love Xiao Yuqing as much as she does. Their hearts ache for her and they only want Xiao Yuqing to be happy and satisfied.

Lin Xian opened her eyes and stared into the silent night. She gently pondered the word “love” between her lips and teeth, raised her hand and covered her heart. She thought of Xiao Yuqing’s quiet and soft face and quietly felt her own slow-to-rapid and strong heartbeat. She silently and bitterly smiled.

Aunt Xiao, the birthday gift has already been given…

A coming of age present.

A silent, sweet, and bitter secret that she can’t say out loud.

The lyrics of a song are not wrong. Before you are aware of it, after you are moved by love, it takes longer than a day.

The birthday party was on Sunday at noon, although she had already negotiated with her mother, in the end it was four tables at a hotel, which made Lin Xian dizzy and her heart scream.

There were still a few considerations for her young age, her parents did not permit her to drink and the guests did not dare to force it. After following her parents around two tables, drinking Nth of drinks and running to the bathroom for the Nth time, Lin Xian couldn’t help but mutter in her heart: Who is this birthday for? Why am I, the birthday girl, not happy at all! Aunt Xiao not coming was simply too clever!

These people, all of them on the podium, are personable and dignified, and it’s easy to persuade them to drink. She is not a soft child who does nothing and only knows how to drink.1

The banquet ended at four o’clock in the afternoon and when Lin Xian accompanied his parents to see off the guests and take a taxi home, she couldn’t crack a smile on her face anymore and was obviously very unhappy.

Zhou Qin (Mama Qin) had consumed wine and was a little drunk, but her voice had a rare doting tone to it. She didn’t reproach Lin Xian for showing them a pout and teased her, “Yo, you’re playing the black-faced princess?”

Lin Qin, who was in the front passenger seat, was also amused to hear this and asked Lin Xian, “Xian Xian is tired, right?” He suddenly sighed and explained to Lin Xian in a serious tone, “Daddy knows you don’t like such occasions. It’s just that, in the future, you will be an adult, and for such occasions you must be familiar with them.” He continued, “Xian Xian, the connections that your mother and I have, in the future, will be handed over to you.” In his words, there was an undisguised expectation and pride. His daughter will definitely be better and more outstanding than him and his wife in the future.

Lin Xian seldom hears Lin Qin speak to her in such a tone and was a little overwhelmed. Is this the world of an adult?

Before she could respond, Zhou Qin interrupted Lin Qin with some displeasure, “What are you talking about? Look how old she is, a child who hasn’t graduated yet, what does she know?”

Lin Qin sighed softly and smiled, “That’s true.” He changed his tone again and resumed his usual relaxed tone, teasing his daughter with a false sense of humor, “Xian Xian, I’ve asked someone to bring you a gift to your Aunt Xiao’s house. Guess what mommy and daddy have prepared for you?”

Lin Xianxian turned her eyes, suddenly looking forward to it, “Ipad! Is it an Ipad?” She had been thinking about it for a long time, but Zhou Qin had felt that since she played without restraint when she had a laptop, she’s afraid that she wouldn’t study with an Ipad, so she hadn’t bought it for her.

To her disappointment, just as her words fell she heard Zhou Qin shatter her fantasy and say, “What beautiful thoughts you have, don’t even think about it.”

Lin Xian was instantly aggrieved and poked Zhou Qin’s arm lightly with her fingertips, “Humph! I’m not happy!”

Zhou Qin calmly glanced at her and said coldly, “Then you don’t need it anymore, I’ll call Yuqing and have her sell it.”

Lin Xian was immediately nervous, ignoring Zhou Qin’s threat, she leaned forward and plopped onto the back of the passenger seat, asking Lin Qin, “Dad, tell me, what is it…”

Lin Qin has always pampered her and as soon as he heard his daughter’s delicate baby voice, he surrendered, “It’s a small electric moped. Didn’t you keep saying that you don’t want to keep bothering Aunt Xiao to pick you up and drop you off if there are activities at school at night but are too scared to take the bus alone?” Before, the family also had a small electric moped and Lin Xian had followed Zhou Qin to learn it. Zhou Qin would sit in the back seat and let her drive on the road. The workmanship and skill was not bad, so Zhou Qin dared to be assured.

Once Lin Xian heard this, she was instantly happy enough to jump up and down and sweetly shouted, “Thank you, Dad.” After hearing the cold humph of dissatisfaction from Zhou Qin beside him, she hurriedly added another sentence, “Thank you, mom.” Then, hugging Zhou Qin’s arm, she happily kissed her on the cheek.

Zhou Qin immediately pushed Lin Xian away in disgust, and said, “How old are you, are you not ashamed…,” but there was a happy and satisfied smile on her face.

Lin Xian had seen through Zhou Qin a long time ago. Tsk, her mother is such a dishonest woman! She happily kissed Zhou Qin’s arm twice again through her clothes.

Zhou Qin jerked her arm away, “Watch your spit! Your spit!!!”

When Lin Qin listened to the sound of mother and daughter fussing, he sat in the passenger seat and couldn’t stop laughing.

Since she couldn’t wait to see her birthday present, Lin Xian decided not to wait for Lin Qin to sober up early the next morning and take her to school, but rather take the bus back to the southern district by herself.

Zhou Qin asked her to stay for dinner, but she touched her bulging stomach from lunch and refused, saying she was still full. Mama Qin saw that she wanted to go back eagerly, so Zhou Qin did not force her. No matter how old she was, whether she became an adult or not, she was still a child at heart. She asked Lin Xian to bring Xiao Yuqing some handmade pastries and dishes that she had asked the hotel to prepare, then let her go after telling her to pay attention to safety and to not run rampantly.

When she arrived at Xiao Yuqing’s house, it was after seven o’clock and it was already dark out.

Lin Xian pushed open the door and entered. Seeing that there were no lights on in the living room and it was dark, she thought that Xiao Yuqing was not at home. However, in just a few seconds after she had closed the door and was just about to change her shoes in the dark, she heard Xiao Yuqing’s light footsteps and a warm call, “Xian Xian?” Following that, there was brightness in front of her eyes. Xiao Yuqing had turned on the light and was standing in the living room with a smile.

When Lin Xian saw her, the corners of her lips couldn’t help but have an upward curve and said quickly, “I’m back, Aunt Xiao.” After a pause, she saw that Xiao Yuqing had delicate makeup on and was still wearing a short dress and a sweater, as if she had just returned, and asked with concern, “Have you eaten?”

Xiao Yuqing walked to her and naturally helped her take off the slippers on the shoe cabinet and placed them in front of Lin Xian, and replied to her with a warm smile, “I ate. Have you eaten?”

Lin Xian blinked. She didn’t want to lie to her, but she also didn’t want to trouble her any further, so she avoided it by saying, “I came back after eating.” She put the things Zhou Qin had asked her to bring back on the shoe cabinet, sat down and prepared to change her shoes. Then suddenly, as if she thought of something, she stopped moving again and looked up to ask Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, do you have time right now?”

Xiao Yuqing stared at her. She could probably guess what Lin Xian wanted to say, and teasingly said, “Today you are the most important, whatever you want, we’ll do it.”

The last words were low, soft, and beautiful and Lin Xian’s five fingers gripping her shoelaces shuddered, as did her heart. Half a minute later, she stood up and invited Xiao Yuqing. “Aunt Xiao, then do you dare to sit on my little moped?”

Xiao Yuqing showed her face, raised her eyebrows gently and scratched her nose, and said without hesitation, “Why don’t I dare? Do you want to go now?” Seeing Lin Xian nod, she squatted down and began to change her shoes without hesitation.

Lin Xian couldn’t help but tilt her head and playfully scare her, “I may not be very skilled. Ah, are you not afraid, Aunt Xiao?”

Xiao Yuqing stood up after changing her shoes, rubbed her fine soft hair and smiled at her words, “Then I will protect you.”

Lin Xian stared at her face that was close to her and suddenly felt her face becoming hot… Obvious- She obviously didn’t drink just now, but she actually felt a little intoxicated right now.

Drowning in Xiao Yuqing’s eyes that are as gentle as a vast expanse of spring water.

She panicked and shifted her eyes, turned around, opened the door and said, “Then let’s go.”

Zhou Qin had asked Xiao Yuqing in advance if it was convenient to park an electric moped in the neighborhood and only after receiving Xiao Yuqing’s positive answer did Zhou Qin buy the moped. After Xiao Yuqing learned the reason, she immediately applied for a parking space and a special license plate from the property, so once the electric moped arrived Xiao Yuqing gave it a license plate. Currently, the electric moped is parked in the parking lot specifically opened for electric moped and bikes in the district.

The moped is white, brand new, and shiny. It looks beautiful and lovely and Lin Xian looked at the moped with joy and satisfaction. The only shortcoming is that Zhou Qin had only prepared a helmet for her.

She took the helmet off the handlebars, undid the buckle, and raised her hand to put it on Xiao Yuqing’s head, but Xiao Yuqing gently stopped her hand.

Xiao Yuqing shook her head and refused in a warm voice, “You wear it.”

Lin Xian’s crystal bright eyes stared at Xiao Yuqing’s pretty face and raised an eyebrow to ask her, “Whose birthday is it today?”

Xiao Yuqing quietly stared at her, chuckled softly and didn’t say anything. The answer was self-explanatory.

Lin Xian then said contentedly, “Today the birthday girl is the one with the highest authority, are you going to do as you’re told?” She raised her hand and once again put the helmet on Xiao Yuqing’s head. This time, Xiao Yuqing just watched her quietly and helplessly. Wordlessly indulging her actions.

After putting on the helmet, Lin Xian lowered her head and carefully and gently helped Xiao Yuqing adjust the tightness and fasten the buckle. Then, she looked at Xiao Yuqing and complimented her, “It looks good! Aunt Xiao, you are a good child!”

Xiao Yuqing was praised by a junior for being “a good child” at her age and her fair face couldn’t help but spread a touch of scarlet. She bit her lips, brought some delicate shyness and pretended to be angry, “No big or small, who is the child.”

Lin Xian snickered, pulled down the lens for her, touched it softly and fondly, but did not answer back.

It was only after the moped drove out of the neighborhood, turned around a corner, and drove onto the traffic circle that Lin Xian spoke again.

The evening wind was whistling in her ears and Xiao Yuqing still had her helmet on, so she couldn’t really hear what Lin Xian was saying. She had no choice but to put her hands slightly around Lin Xian’s waist, get close to her, and raise her voice to ask Lin Xian, “What did you just say?”

Lin Xian looked down at the soft, jade-like skin around her waist, and finally with a light smile, she replied, “I didn’t say anything.”

In fact, she had said, “I said, I want to take this child back with me.”

Perhaps, it’s better that Xiao Yuqing did not hear it.

Lin Xian’s mouth blossomed into a faint smile and suddenly raised her voice to ask Xiao Yuqing in a pitiful manner, “Aunt Xiao, can you hold tighter? I… am a little cold.”

In November, the road near the sea has a sea breeze that is damp and cold to the bones. If you wear less clothes and the breeze blows at you head-on, it can make a person shiver uncontrollably.

Xiao Yuqing didn’t doubt her, “Okay.” As she spoke, she tightened her hands around Lin Xian’s waist, and moved her body closer to Lin Xian, trying to warm Lin Xian a little with her own body temperature.

Lin Xian’s eyes had a cunning smile passing in them and the curvature of her lips deepened and in her heart, a sigh of satisfaction was released.

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The author has something to say: 
Lin – Cunning, Eating Tofu, Little Fox – Xian.

1 I think this means that she knows how to entertain guests and not just sit back and do nothing. I get yelled at for doing that even though it’s not my party.

Translator: I totally forgot how long one of these FTRoOL chapters takes to translate.

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