My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 4 – Running Laps

That’s the way it has to be! Do you understand?! And why are you bringing this up again, Great Immortal?

Shu Tang’s pink face was all hot, and she wished that she was really a stupid, silly pig.

Speaking of which, the pigs that Fuyu used to raise were casted on by her before to solve the physical problems. But this time, she felt that Bai Huahua was particularly clever, so she didn’t put spells on it, and she didn’t expect to be hit.

Shu Tang suddenly felt that if she really worshipped her as her master, she would be laughed at for the rest of her life for such a scandalous incident. Not to mention that Shangxian did not understand human emotions, so she was afraid that she would not be able to understand her dilemma at this time.

Shu Tang thought pitifully, she really had lost all her dignity as a pig.

Unexpectedly, Fuyu didn’t ask any further questions this time, as if she realized her blush of shame, and instead changed the topic, “Well, since you have spiritual intelligence, I won’t teach you cultivation by my own choice. I’ll ask you, are you willing to cultivate to become an immortal with me?”

Shu Tang was stunned for a moment, then snorted.

No matter what, it was more convenient to act as a human than a pig, and it was a blessing she had accumulated in her eight lifetimes that something as incomparably mysterious as cultivation could be laid out to her.

Fuyu looked at it and then asked, “Are you agreeing to this?”

The piglet shook her head and whined twice.

Fuyu sweetly smiled, her teeth showing between her thin lips, it was three-point charming and seven-point beautiful, yet there was no vulgarity. Shu Tang looked dumbfounded, and before she could react, her body was lifted up by this beauty and placed on the ground.

“I have seen Nantan and Luhua accept disciples, the disciple must kneel on the ground to kowtow three times to the master, and also say some long-winded words Since you are still a pig, the talk is exempted, but you will still have to kowtow.”

After the Shangxian said these words in a stark manner, she sat there upright and waited for the piglet to kowtow.

Shu Tang: “….” The plot moved too fast! She’s a little overwhelmed!

However, looking at how serious Fuyu was, Shu Tang had no choice but to kowtow. But she couldn’t bend her four legs, and after tossing and turning for half a day, she didn’t succeed in kneeling.

This action was really too difficult for a pig…

Since she couldn’t kneel, Shu Tang thought, then she would just kowtow. However, her head was round and her neck was too thick to allow her to touch the ground with her head, and so she still failed.

Shu Tang, who suffered a double blow, glanced at the table leg next to her, ran over, knocked the table leg with her head three times, and hummed to Fuyu after she got up.

From now on, this person will be her entire support in this world, her master…

Fuyu didn’t understand what it was saying, but she was pleased so she lifted her hand and carried it to the table. Just now she wanted to see how far Bai Huahua’s spiritual intelligence had developed, and so far it seemed to be quite good.

She put down her, had a serious expression, and turned to Shu Tang and said kindly, “From now on, I’ll be your master, and I will still call you Bai Huahua, okay?”

For this unpleasant name, Shu Tang finally got the chance to complain and was busy shaking her head to express her refusal. Two small fan-like ears slapped against her face several times.

Fuyu frowned, “You don’t like the name….”

Her words were so grievous that Shu Tang couldn’t bear to see her like this, but she still stretched out her front hoof and repeatedly drew the word “Shu Tang” on the table surface.

“You want to change your name to Shu Tang?” Fuyu asked when she understood, not at all surprised at the fact that she could write.

Shu Tang hummed and nodded. Her heart was happy, thinking that she had finally gotten rid of such an old and ugly name, but the next second she heard the beautiful Master say, “Fine, from now on you will be called Shu Tang to the outside world, and I will call you Huahua.”

“….” Great Master! Why don’t you play by the rules!

But no matter what, this master was done with the matter.

Taking into account the disciple’s body, Fuyu did not teach her cultivation on this day. After feeding her three radishes, she went to find Luhua to learn from him how to teach her disciple.

And Shu Tang enjoyed a last leisure day in a comfortable bed. The next morning, when she was still snoring quietly, she was thrown into the courtyard outside by her master by her ears.

Fuyu squeezed the floppy ears of her disciple and was also a little intolerant, but Luhua said that the pig had a lazy personality and she must be strict with it so that it would practice honestly.

Shu Tang was indeed shocked by her action, standing on the jade paved path, at a loss for words, looking at her Master.

“Run ten laps around the courtyard in the morning. If you can’t run the number of laps, you won’t be given any radishes.” In order to show the temperament of a stern master, Fuyu said this in a rather vicious manner.

Shu Tang looked at her beautiful master’s appearance like this, Shu Tang finally got up and went running obediently.

Since she wanted to be human again, she had to pay the price. God had already given her a chance to live again, and now it was just a matter of letting her run. What was so difficult about that?

As she thought so, she ran forward on her four short legs as fast as she could, counting the beats for herself. Only, after running less than three laps, she had already started to be unable to run anymore.

Shu Tang had been able to eat enough milk every day with Mother Pig, and in the Immortal Realm, even though she was tired of eating radishes, she was still fat from eating all the food. After running two laps like this, she only felt that every cell in her body was telling her, Shu Xiao Tang! Little fat pig! You’re going to die if you keep running!

After finishing the third lap, Shu Tang was about to take two steps when she saw her master sitting on a chair staring at her, and she hurriedly spread her legs to continue running.

At the end of the fifth lap, Shu Tang felt for a moment that Master was trying to make her lose her fat, make a pig with lean meat, and then braise it and eat it.

With these nonsensical thoughts, she finally ran to the seventh lap, but she had only just taken a step when she felt that her body could no longer support her, and she fell to the ground with a thud.

Fuyu was startled and was about to pick it up, but then she thought of what Luhua had said, “Letting it run is to train its perseverance, what does cultivation depend on? Perseverance, of course! With hundreds or even thousands of years of cultivation, how can you do it without perseverance?”

But the words only stuck in her mind for a moment, and by the time she reacted, she had already moved forward and picked up the slightly shakng piglet.

Fuyu grabbed its hoof, before was so tender it could almost pinch water, but now it was rubbed red and swollen. Afraid it hadn’t run this much since birth.

When Shu Tang fell down, all four hooves were soft, and her body leaned against the cold ground, and her eyes suddenly turned black, almost fainting. However, she soon felt herself in a warm embrace and could barely open her eyes, her soft eyelashes sweeping over Fuyu’s snow-white robe.

“Hmph-” she called out weakly, calling out “Master” in her heart.

When Fuyu saw her disciple in this state, it was as if she had seen the thousands of pigs that had died before. Her heart was a little unpleasant, so she carried it into the bedroom, no longer willing to let it continue to run.

After half a period of tea, Shu Tang finally recovered, her front hooves on Fuyu’s arm, trembled and tried to stand up, but fell back into her arms.

Fuyu immediately summoned the immortal maidservant and ordered her to do two things, the first thing was to have the kitchen staff make two bowls of porridge, and the second thing was to tell her to go to the House of Luhua and ask him for compensation.

The reason was – he had indirectly hurt her little disciple, and she felt mostly angry.

The immortal maidservant cryptically complied with the order, and in no time at all, someone brought two bowls of steaming white rice porridge, and four small dishes.

The kitchen thought the immortal suddenly wanted to taste the taste of crops, and that’s why she prepared the dishes of her own accord. When Fuyu saw the exquisite small dishes on the glazed plate, she was first stunned, then asked, “Huahua, can you eat these vegetables and porridge?”

Shu Tang who had been eating radishes for days nodded happily, busily trying to leap onto the table and feast on them.

Fuyu hadn’t expected it to be so happy and felt a small twinge of guilt when she thought about the thousands of pigs that had previously eaten only white radishes in their entire lives.

She had thought that pigs could only eat white radish.

Fuyu suddenly realized that she still hadn’t studied enough into raising pigs, and if she hadn’t said that she wouldn’t give her apprentice radishes earlier, she wouldn’t have thought about giving it porridge.

Anyway, she had only said she wouldn’t give it radishes to eat, and she hadn’t said she wouldn’t give it porridge…. Fuyu Shangxian explained herself and happily accepted the reality.

But Shu Tang, who was determined to leap onto the table, was now pressed into Fuyu’s arms. She was puzzled and just grunted when she saw her master personally serve a spoonful of white rice porridge, blow with her mouth, and then handed it to her.

The little piglet seemed stunned, and only opened its mouth to eat the porridge when Fuyu urged it to do so.

Before the crossover, Shu Tang couldn’t eat this or that, and the most she ate was this white rice porridge. She thought she was tired of eating it, but for some reason, it tasted so delicious now.

Licking the spoon, she felt that it was mostly because the rice in the immortal realm was different from the rice in the human realm.

When Fuyu saw it eating happily, the speed of feeding gradually increased, and from time to time, she even fed it some small dishes. Shu Tang ate it with a special taste, her eyes narrowed into slits, but her mouth kept chewing and chewing.

Soon, two bowls of porridge and small dishes were eaten by the piglet, and the immortal maidservant busily entered the room and packed up the dishes.

The well-fed Shu Tang instantly felt full of blood, and after her master placed her on the table, she immediately wagged her tail at her with a smile in her eyes.

Fuyu rubbed its head, ” You ran six laps today, it’s already not easy, so let’s just run six laps this week.”

Shu Tang shook her tail, agreeing.

She didn’t expect to stop the training of running, and she would get such accommodating care from Master. She was already grateful.

To be honest, she didn’t have any deep feelings in her heart yesterday when she bowed to her master, nor did she form any sense of master and disciple relationship. But after running until unconscious just now, she suddenly found herself at that moment wishing very much for her beautiful Master to come and pick her up.

Fortunately, Master did indeed do so, and also lightened the burden of her training. From this moment onwards, Shu Tang was able to completely acknowledge this person as her master.

Hearing from the Immortal Nantan, she was the first disciple of Immortal Fuyu! There is such a good-looking master, and this master only belongs to her, a pig…. Shu Tang was inexplicably a little proud, the tail behind her about to bloom out a flower.

Fuyu saw it so happy after eating, stunned before saying, “Today I’ll teach you how to draw qi into your body. If you can’t learn, you won’t even have food to eat today.”

Shu Tang’s tail stiffened and slumped behind her at the words.

…… Where did she get those feelings of complacency just now, ah!

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