Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 45

Sure enough, it is her father!

Lin Er.

The name sounds plain and ordinary.

But hearing it from someone else’s mouth was completely different.

She knew that God had let her travel into this body, definitely not by coincidence.

The mysterious setting, the sweet love.

Lin Siyi felt different for the first time.

“Does a father who was a butler make you so proud?” Qiao Zheng saw Lin Siyi’s happy expression.

“Huh, butler?”

Qiao Zheng avoided Nan Xueqing’s eyes, the hand in his pocket clutching his cigarette, “Yes, butler, oh, you shouldn’t have been born at that time, your father used to be-“

“That’s enough, Uncle,” Nan Xueqing’s eyes were cold.

Lin Siyi’s body trembled, obviously scared. She looked up at Xueqing and carefully touched her hand.

The other party did not give any reaction, her line of sight fell on Qiao Zheng in front of her, their eyes locked.

“Your ghost eyes can look into the memories of others. I advise you not to talk to too many people at first.”

Qiao Zheng’s eyes moved to Lin Siyi with an unchanged expression, “What I tell you next, you have to keep it in your heart.”

Lin Siyi, “……”

The topic shouldn’t have become so rigid.

“Speak.” She was still very respectful.

Qiao Zheng cleared his throat, “Earlier I told you that when you enter someone’s memory, you need to have something as a medium to remind you, without such a thing, you are likely to integrate into the role you play, forever stuck in someone else’s memories.”

Lin Siyi was puzzled, “But before when I entered sister-in-law Peng’s body, except when I couldn’t control my body when I faced the people inside, I was still conscious of my body at other times.”

“Because this was as an outsider. You could only walk around in the area where she had been walking and look at the things she saw, right?”

Lin Siyi nodded.

“When you become familiar with them, you can choose to merge yourself with the person and retrace the memories if you want to see more comprehensively, but the danger will be greater.”

“You can choose to merge with the person?” Why was this process completely missing when she used the Ghost Eye previously?

“I’m not sure about the specifics, but you can learn it yourself.”

Qiao Zheng, “By the way, there is one more important thing, while inside, do not let the original scenario change too much. This will make the person being retraced to wake up from their memories and make them realize that they were only in their memories, then the trouble will become bigger.”

Lin Siyi’s eyes widened as she paid attention, “I can change someone’s memories?”

Qiao Zheng held up his finger and gestured, “It can only be a small change. You can make their memories a little better, but you must not let the person being merged with realize it.”

When the Lin family’s ghost eyes conduct retracing, not only will Lin Siyi be able to enter the other person’s memories, even the other person being retraced will also enter. The only difference is that Lin Siyi will be able to stay conscious of her senses, but the other person will be fully integrated into their memories.

Lin Siyi nodded her head.

Looking at the two people standing in front of him, Qiao Zheng still felt like something was wrong with what he was seeing.

Why did he have the feeling that Nan Xueqing was protecting Lin Siyi?

Qiao Zheng walked to the back of the room and brought over a box and handed it over.

Lin Siyi opened it curiously , “White high-heeled shoes?”

“En, you can drop by and give it to Xun Fang along the way.”

“Along the way? I’m not on the way.”

Qiao Zheng, “Don’t you want to know about Xiao Ya? Just go to Xun Fang and find out.”

“No, I don’t want to know about it anymore.”

Since the ghost has already entered the reincarnation path, then it has nothing to do with her. She doesn’t want to meddle.

Qiao Zheng pressed closer, “You want to know.”

Lin Siyi immediately shook her head, “No! I don’t want to know.”

Qiao Zheng clicked his tongue, wanting to be rough.

Nan Xueqing’s voice rang out, “Uncle, let’s talk.”

She walked up to Lin Siyi, “Go wait for me at Teacher Xun’s place. I’ll be there later.”

Lin Siyi reluctantly tugged at Nan Xueqing’s hand, not wanting to leave her side at all.

Qiao Zheng frowned, “Where is the decency of pulling and tugging in broad daylight?”

Lin Siyi grunted, “Then I’ll go first, come quickly.”

Nan Xueqing nodded.

“Have you been getting too close to her lately?” Watching Lin Siyi walk away, Qiao Zheng asked.

Nan Xueqing retrieved her eyes, “Is that bad?”

Qiao Zheng, “If it’s to make her behave in the future, then that’s quite good, but if it’s-“

” It’s that.” Nan Xueqing interrupted his words.

Looking at her calm demeanor, Qiao Zheng found himself unable to read her more and more.

“It is already determined where the person is.” His topic changed.

Nan Xueqing looked solemn, “Where.”

“B City.” Qiao Zheng said, “I have asked Wu Cheng to arrange for you to go to there.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyebrows frowned, “You talked to him?”

Qiao Zheng, “He is now the Head Master. He has more power than me and he helped me find out about it this time.”


Nan Xueqing whispered, “Although I am the direct heir of Ko Si’er clan, he also has the right to inherit.”

Qiao Zheng was stunned, “Xueqing, are you going to suspect him too? Wu Cheng has helped us a lot.”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes looked away, “I suspect anyone, including her father.”

Lin Siyi wiped the dust on the box, she didn’t expect that the white high-heeled shoes were actually given to the legless ghost by Teacher Xun.

Thinking of the last scene from the memory, the other party put down the box in her hand and turned away.

She didn’t know why, but at this moment of recollection, she felt that the back of the other party leaving was cold.

The high heels could have been bought before the two jumped.

After having no legs, Xiao Ya must have been sad every time she saw these high heels. So much so that they became the apparatus for killing people after her death.

Her steps suddenly stopped, she forgot that she was looking for the legless ghost to cross over Zhang Hua.

So up to now, she still doesn’t know the cause of Zhang Hua’s death.

Doesn’t matter. She’ll just look again with these eyes at night. 

So why on earth would she go around a big detour to find a legless ghost?1

After thinking about it carefully, Lin Siyi felt that if there was no legless ghost, she might not be with Xueqing so quickly.

She always felt that everything has its own arrangement, and she and Xueqing may have been destined by God.

The more Lin Siyi thought about it, the more wonderful it was.

She was standing in front of a desk, her legs and feet were a little numb, and Teacher Xun had been staring at the white high heels in her hands for a full twenty minutes.

“Teacher Xun ?” She probed, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first?”

“Hold on.” Teacher Xun gently put down the high heels in her hands.

“You retraced Xiao Ya’s memories, so you should know about us.”

Could she say that she didn’t?

Lin Siyi took a few steps back, feeling a sense of murderous intent.

“Did Qiao Zheng tell you that besides ghosts, ordinary people’s memories are also traceable?”

“Hmm?” Could it be that Teacher Xun wants her to…

Teacher Xun leaned back in her chair, “I miss her.”

1 So, for clarification, I guess crossing a ghost over is to cleanse their body of impurity/evilness but doesn’t fully get rid of them (like reincarnation/punishment) (wish the author had been more descriptive/informative about these things in the beginning ngl)

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