Female Lead is a Black Lotus – Chapter 44

When Lin Siyi woke up, she found herself cuddled up in Nan Xueqing’s arms and when she remembered what happened last night, she really wanted to dig a hole to hide in. She was too ashamed.

Looking at the sleeping female lead, Lin Siyi couldn’t help but move closer, getting ready to give a warm morning kiss. Her movement stopped and she realized that she hadn’t brushed her teeth.

She gently removed the female lead’s hand from her body, carefully moved the blanket, and just as she managed to place one foot down, her other ankle was suddenly held tightly.

She turned her head and smiled sheepishly, “Xueqing, did I wake you up?”

The tone of Nan Xueqing’s voice was cold, “Where are you going?”

Her eyes were a little blurry, her eyebrows were scrunched up, and she seemed to be getting up.

“I’m going to wash up,” Lin Siyi pointed to the bathroom.

Nan Xueqing gave a soft “oh”, her eyes moved to Lin Siyi’s white and tender ankle, and then she let go of her hand and looked at her palm.

As soon as Lin Siyi was free, she thought she could go wash up, and was just about to put on her slippers when her ankle was grabbed again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, go ahead,” Nan Xueqing withdrew her hand that had grabbed her ankle, her eyes drooped, and was deep in her thoughts.

Lin Siyi looked at herself in the mirror, her face was glowing, and she was humming a song while brushing her teeth.

The corners of her mouth couldn’t help but smile. She, who has been single for ten thousand years, is no longer single.

The more Lin Siyi thought about it, the happier she became. She couldn’t control her hands and wanted to take out her cell phone and tell her sisters that she had a lover!

Sadly, her sisters were not here.

BUT, she can talk to Wu Ke’er ah!

Lin Siyi touched her clothes and found that she was wearing pajamas and her phone was still sitting on the bed, so the hand brushing her teeth couldn’t help but go faster.

“Hmm? Xueqing, why are you here?”

Nan Xueqing looked at Lin Siyi’s mouth full of foam, suppressed the smile under her eyes, walked over, and stroked her head, “Were you often a picky eater as a child?”

Lin Siyi didn’t react at first but after a few seconds, she understood. Was the female lead saying she was short?

She touched her own head and looked at the female lead standing next to her, who was more than half a head taller than her but if it was rounded up wouldn’t it be equivalent to her being a head taller?

Lin Siyi looked up at her.

“What’s wrong?” Nan Xueqing saw her chewing on her toothbrush and when she noticed the foam smeared around her mouth was about to fall, she reached out to wipe it before it got on Lin Siyi’s clothes, what a little mess.

“I’m not short.” Lin Siyi said stubbornly.

“En, you’re not short.”

Nan Xueqing turned on the shower head and made a motion as if she was going to take off her clothes.

“I-if you want to take a shower, I’ll wash up right away.” Lin Siyi immediately rinsed off the foam on her mouth.

Nan Xueqing was about to tell her to take her time, but the other party didn’t even wash her face before she ran out in a panic.

Non Xueqing couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh.

Lin Siyi ran out and dove into the blanket, remembering that she had seen Nan Xuueqings slim white back through the mirror, and her face instantly burst into red.

Listening to the sound of water coming from the bathroom, her heart jumped in a mess.

With her face buried under the blanket, she felt for her phone, then she opened WeChat and scrolled down with a red face, dying to find someone to share all this with.

She opened the dialog box with Wu Ke’er and just as she was about to tap on the keyboard, she was surprised to receive a transfer message.

[Lin Chuliu: This month’s living expenses, it is okay to stay behind with others and hang out with friends more often]

The Academy was enclosed, but it was very large with shopping malls, restaurants, and even hotels.

Lin Siyi counted the zeros behind it and couldn’t help but roll over in bed, is this brother divine?

Cough cough.

[Lin Siyi: You’re giving me so much money, is there something to ask of me?]

It was only a casual sentence, but the result….

[Lin Chu Liu: Oh, Wu Ke’er is going to have a birthday. I need you to help me pick a gift, something expensive]

Lin Siyi: ????

Lin Siyi looked at the money she received, feeling that this is not all for her???

The years of family affection was fake.

I’m so sad.

Lin Siyi depressingly got up and tiptoed to the bathroom door.

How come there is no sound of water? Is Xueqing done?

She leaned against1 the door and looked with her hands cupped in a binocular shape, but still couldn’t see anything.

“Lin Siyi, do you know that I can see you clearly in here?”

Heat instantly crawled from her neck to her cheeks.

It was too embarrassing.

What kind of peeping tom can’t see but be discovered!

Lin Siyi turned her head and wanted to leave.

The door behind her opened and she was quickly pulled in by the other person.

In the foggy bathroom, her back was against the tile wall with Nan Xueqing’s two hands leaned up on her left and right, the sudden kiss made Lin Siyi completely unable to resist and Nan Xueqing scooped Lin Siyi into her arms.

The water in Nan Xueqing’s hair kept flowing down and eventually the originally thin pajamas were completely soaked and attached to Lin Siyi’s body.

Once the kiss ended, because Lin Siyi’s clothes were wet from Nan Xueqing’s shower, she was forced to take a shower.

After blowing her hair dry, she obediently sat on the bed with her eyes looking around.

“Drink some water,” Nan Xueqing poured a glass of water for her.

“Okay.” Lin Siyi happily took the water handed to her.

“We’ll go see Teacher Qiao later.”

“Qiao Zheng?” Lin Siyi immediately stood up, when she realized her outburst she sat back down awkwardly.

“You don’t want to go?” Nan Xueqing asked.

“N-no, that’s not it.” Lin Siyi squeezed out.

It’s just that it was too soon to meet the family.

In the original novel, the female lead’s parents died and although she did not know an uncle would appear, with her years of experience in watching romance movies, this Qiao Zheng must be playing an important relative role of the female lead.

Hence, Qiao Zheng is very important.

If she was meeting the family so soon, she had to ask, “Do I need to bring something?”

“Mmm?” Nan Xueqing pondered for a while, “You can bring the candles he asked you to buy last time.”

Lin Siyi froze, “H-he wants candles to do what?” Weren’t the candles used for the ghosts?”

Nan Xueqing continued, “You can also choose not to bring it right now and bring it later at night when you cross Zhang Hua over.”

“What?” How is this related to Zhang Hua?

Nan Xueqing’s eyes twitched, “Are you not going to ask Qiao Zheng about the legless ghost?”

Lin Siyi, “Huh?”

So it’s not for meeting the relatives.

Nan Xueqing approached, “What did you think it was?”

Lin Siyi fumbled, too embarrassing, it was too embarrassing.

“About the legless ghost.”

Nan Xueqing lifted up her bangs and kissed her, “Let’s go eat breakfast first.”

Lin Siyi’s face flushed.

My God, even if this was a dream right now, please don’t let her wake up.


Qiao Zheng looked at the two people standing together in front of him. One of them was looking at him with a smile and he was instantly uncomfortable.

He held out his hand to gesture, “You, stand over there.”

Lin Siyi pointed to herself.

“Yes, I’m talking about you.”

She glanced at the position pointed by Teacher Zheng, forget it, on the consideration that he is Xueqing’s uncle, let’s just stand there reluctantly.

After seeing the two people pull away from each other, Qiao Zheng nodded in satisfaction. It looks more pleasing to the eye this way.

“You came to ask about Xiao Ya?”

Lin Siyi nodded her head.

“I’ve already sent her into the reincarnation path, you don’t have to worry about the rest. Instead, go and cross Zhang Hua over during the night.”

Nan Xueqing quietly walked to Lin Siyi’s side, Lin Siyi flashed her a smile, and then secretly hooked up her little thumb.

“I thought I told you to stand over there, why are you standing back again!”

Qiao Zheng suddenly raised his voice to scare Lin Siyi to maintain an upright posture immediately.

“I walked over.” Nan Xueqing’s eyes were dim.

Qiao Zheng was silent.

“Uncle, tell her something about soul crossing and ghost eye, we don’t have much time left.” Nan Xueqing pointed out.

Qiao Zheng was surprised that she had directly admitted they have a good relationship and hinted to him to take care of her? When did the two of them become so close?

This time, he took a serious look at Lin Siyi.

Lin Siyi coughed a little embarrassed.

Qiao Zheng retracted his eyes, “You can actually learn about these things if you go to the library and read some books.”


“Okay, okay, since you don’t like to read, I’ll tell you.”

Lin Siyi was surprised that Qiao Zheng listened to Xueqing so much.

Sure enough, her Xueqing really deserves to be the female lead.

“Not all ghosts are like Zhang Hua and Xiao Ya, most of the ghosts that can stay on earth have a certain amount of resentment.”

Qiao Zheng took out a cigarette and was about to light it when the fire inexplicably went out with the cold wind. The smoke rose up and he calmly put the cigarette back in his pocket.

He continued, “Most stay for almost a few days or a few weeks and they will be consumed by the hostility in their own bodies, forgetting the memories of their lives and losing their sanity.”

“Low-level ghosts only know how to brainlessly harm people and high-level ghosts know how to hide and protect themselves and induce humans to die on their own.”

“The soul crossing master is to help them at this time to cross over the hostile Qi, so that they stay conscious. Of course, some ghosts are very dangerous even if they are conscious. After all, to become a high-level ghost is either to be wronged or aggrieved or to be a person of great evil.”

“When you determine the ghosts you are going to cross, it is best to cross the low-level ghosts once every three days or a week. As for the high-level ghosts, they should be crossed over once a day or as little as six hours until they are sent into the path of reincarnation or the path of heavenly punishment.”

“Path of heavenly punishment?”

“Simply put, it’s a place where heinous ghosts are sent for punishment.”

Lin Siyi nodded, understanding it a little.

“But in the academy, you don’t have to cross them so many times, just send them to the Clean Soul Temple after crossing them once where they won’t be hostile again, but of course not all ghosts can enter the Clean Soul Temple after crossing them. Not those who have too much blood on their hands.”

“The Clean Soul Temple is considered a convenient place for you to travel. Once you go to the present world, you have to use the method I mentioned before and determine how long it will take for you to cross over the ghosts based on their hostility.” The place where they are living as ordinary people is called the present world.

“As for your ghost eyes.”

To be honest, he didn’t want to say too much about it.

First of all, not to mention the eyes of the Lin family, he himself knows very little. Furthermore, to tell her about it, there was nothing to gain, it was purely a waste of words.

Except that Nan Xueqing….

He watched the intimate way the two were getting and it seems that he had to find an opportunity to have a good chat with her.

“Teacher Qiao, do you know who Lin Er is?”

She was now with the female lead and Teacher Qiao should be considered as one of her own so there should be no problem asking this, right?

Who knew that Qiao Zheng simply rose up, “Where did you hear this name?”

The other party’s reaction made Lin Siyi focus on this name again, is this person a very powerful character?

Lin Siyi tested, “Before, Xiao Ya said that he is my father?”

Qiao Zheng’s eyes flicked around, “Yes, he is your father.”

1 I’m thinking that their bathroom door might be one of those frosted glass doors

Translator: Sorry guys. Lost motivation but I’ll slowly update chapters and try to get my mojo back. Especially Ry Ma, sorry for the late update.

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