Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 4 – Unlucky Person (other half)

Yu Miaoyin screamed more impatiently, holding onto Xiao Man’s fingers and refused to let go. In a hurry, she simply licked her thumb.

The fingertip was licked over by the cat’s unusually soft tongue and Xiao Man smiled, what compatible feelings, the kitten was probably feeling hungry and wanted milk.

“Okay, I’ll go warm up goat’s milk for you.” Xiao Man broke free of the kitten, cut a carton of goat’s milk in accordance with the “doctor’s instructions”, put it in boiling water to warm it up, tested the temperature, took a bottle, and poured the carton of goat’s milk into it, gently opened the kitten’s mouth and slowly fed it a carton of milk.

Yu Miaoyin protested to Xiao Man with a meow, wanting to say that she was not hungry, but when the milk reached her mouth, she instinctively held the nipple and sucked it up. She drank a bottle of milk without spilling it, and she stuck out her tongue out to lick her mouth. Her belly became round and after lying in her current “new home”, squinted and fell asleep.

Xiao Man held her head and looked at the sleeping kitten in the paper box, and suddenly realized that the kitten was not so terrible, at least the one she had picked up was well behaved.

The wound on the kitten’s stomach was already scabbed with medicine, so Xiao Man stretched out her finger and faintly touched. But, the kitten was so sensitive that she quickly tightened her paws and hugged the finger to her stomach, smacking her lips.

Xiao Man felt that somewhere in her heart became warm.

“I haven’t even given you a name yet, what should I call you?” Xiao Man remembered the kitten’s mewling milky voice, “Then let’s call you Miao Miao, do you like it?”

As if the cat had heard it in a dream, it actually nodded its head.

Xiao Man’s eyes smiled softly, “Then let’s call you Miao Miao.”

But then the smile in her eyes turned into a mockery, mocking the fact that she still had several drawings to make, and yet she had the leisure to give a name to a kitten that was going to be given away in the end.

After putting Miao Miao to sleep, Xiao Man sat cross-legged in the sofa, with the laptop on her lap, and started drawing. The phone on the coffee table buzzed and vibrated again. Xiao Man saw that it was from Mi Lin, answered the phone, and lowered the volume to ask, “Xiao Mi, what is it?”

“A’man, do you remember the two schoolgirls who watched the movie with us?”

“I remember. That junior called Yu Miaoyin looked quite afraid of me.” Xiao Man remembered the little girl’s sweaty hair standing on end at the sight of her being a little funny, and somehow felt a little familiar.

“It’s Yu Miaoyin, something happened to her.”

“What happened?”

“Sun Qian said she was hit on the head by a flower pot on the way, and she’s not out of danger yet.” Mi Lin’s voice was muffled and depressed, “I’ve been in contact with Yu Miaoyin a few times, a girl who is particularly cheerful, who would have thought…”

Xiao Man had only met Yu Miaoyin once and had a poor impression of how she was as a person, but it was quite sad to hear Mi Lin say that, “I hope she’s okay.” Xiao Man looked at the unfinished homework on her computer and said, “Let’s go to the hospital to see her some other day. Okay, let’s not talk about it, I’m catching up on homework.”

She had only met Yu Miaoyin once, and when she heard the sad news about Yu Miaoyin, she didn’t feel much except regret and surprise. She was born with a cold face and a cold heart. She didn’t even shed a tear when her grandmother died, how much could she feel about a stranger’s misfortune?

No wonder her mother even said she that was a reincarnated stone and couldn’t cover it up.

“Meow…” Miao Miao cried out softly while holding her head in her paw.

Xiao Man squeezed its paw and sneered, “As the sky is unpredictable, people have their own misfortunes. I’m constantly worried about your little life span being too short. Maybe one day I’ll die first, and you’ll live longer than me.”

It was probably because of fate that they had watched a movie together, and Mi Lin specifically told her about this, Xiao Man also paid some attention to Yu Miaoyin’s injuries in the following days. Although she knew that she was now out of danger, she wouldn’t be able to wake up for a while, and it was still unknown when she would wake up.

The girl lying on the bed had her eyes closed and her head wrapped in layers of gauze, which was no different from being dead.

Yu Miaoyin’s mother has white hair on her head, black and white hair mixed in, a waxy complexion, two dark circles around her eyes, and no light in either eye. Sitting dumbly by Yu Miaoyin’s bedside, not speaking or greeting anyone, as if in a trance.

Mi Lin couldn’t bear to see such a scene, and stepped forward to hold Feng Jiawan’s hand and said, “Auntie, don’t worry, Yu Miaoyin will wake up soon.”

Feng Jiawan’s eyes finally gathered a little light and fixed it on Mi Lin’s face, holding her hand tightly, “Miaoyin, you’re back! Come on, come home with mom. Mom will make you a delicious meal, go…”

“Ah, Auntie, I’m not Miaoyin.” Mi Lin was at a loss for words, “I’m Miao Miao’s senior sister.”

Yu Miaoyin’s father stepped forward and hugged his wife’s shoulders, “Honey, she’s not Miaoyin. Our Miaoyin is lying here, you see.”

Feng Jiawan’s gaze turned back to the hospital bed, “Miao Miao, Miao Miao why aren’t you up yet? The sun is shining brightly, so get up or mom is going to be mad…”

Me Lin couldn’t bear to watch, and turned her head to quietly lean in close to Chu Fanxi’s arms to wipe her tears.

Coincidentally, it turned out that this girl’s nickname was also Miao Miao. Xiao Man thought, fortunately, her Miao Miao was discovered in time, so she wouldn’t have to be a short-lived ghost like Yu Miaoyin.

Yes, even though Yu Miaoyin wasn’t dead, it was no different from being dead.

Translator: I’m SO sorry. I wanted to update the WHOLE chapter but didn’t realized that I had only translated half of it. The half-way point ended so well that I got bamboozled.
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