Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 4 -Unlucky Person

Xiao Man resisted the urge to shake the small thing out of her hand, letting it roll around in her hand and then revealing the dusty, fleshy stomach.

The kitten hugged Xiao Man’s thumb on all fours, whimpered a few times, and was so thin and small that Xiao Man could squeeze it to death with just a little force.

But eventually, Xiao Man just gently held it up and took it back to her small apartment. The cat’s injury must be treated in time. Xiao Man has never owned a pet and has no idea what to do, so she wrapped the kitten in three layers and went out to find the nearest veterinary hospital.

“The kitten is just a newborn, how did it get that wound?” The woman on duty was a twenty-five or twenty-six-year-old who carefully carried the kitten over from Xiao Man and examined it, grumbling with a distressed frown.

“The mother cat is dead and this little kitten is starving with no milk.” The vet had to deal with the wound for a while, and Xiao Man casually found a stool to sit down, “Don’t cats go into heat in spring? Why do they still have kittens in the middle of winter?”

“What you’re talking about is common, but there are exceptions to everything.” The female vet used a small cotton swab to gently wipe the dirt off the kitten’s body, applied the medication, and placed it on a soft towel next to her. “Not to mention, this cat is well behaved. She doesn’t move a muscle when the medicine is applied, and she is xi_ng.”

Nonsense, I’m a human! Yu Miaoyin let the vet sister apply the ointment through the pain and lay on her back on the soft towel, hooking up her four paws cozily, listening to their conversation and shouting a few times in protest.

“Okay, you can take her back, she’s not badly hurt. She’ll be fine in a couple of days.” The veterinarian advised, ” by the way, remember to deworm and vaccinate at three months, try to feed it some goat’s milk if possible, and in six to eight months remember to neuter in time…” She nagged and said a lot of precautions. Xiao Man originally didn’t intend to keep the cat, so it went in the left ear and out the right. She paid the money and carried the kitten to find a reason to slip away.

When she got home, Xiao Man found a paper box, twisted a velvet blanket, and put in a few layers of towels to make sure it wasn’t cold inside before putting down the kitten in her hands.

Xiao Man has never raised small animals before, but she has also heard from some friends who keep pets at home, saying that dogs usually cling to people and cats are cold. She looked at the cat who was holding her thumb and rubbing her little head against her palm, wondering if what her friends said was true. Why is the kitten she picked up so clingy? Xiao Man scratched the cat’s belly and withdrew her hand from its arms.

The newborn kitten lacked physical strength and energy. Yu Miaoyin nestled in the warm palm of Xiao Man’s hand and slept soundly. When the kitten’s belly was empty, she was alert and moved her ears to wake up, it turned out that the senior sister had put her in the cardboard box.

Yu Miaoyin disappointedly lifted her short neck to look at Xiao Man, her throat made a few small purring sounds. After becoming a cat, Yu Miaoyin finally had a chance to get close to the senior sister. Yu Miaoyin remembered that she had been secretly in love with the person for three years and didn’t even dare to say a word to her. Her heart became sore, and she laid her head on her two front paws. Even the small ears that stood up were drooping.

Xiao Man was amused by the cat’s gloomy appearance, her fingers lightly rubbed its ears. Yu Miaoyin quickly rubbed her entire head into Xiao Man’s palm, begging to be petted.

Awwww, senior sister is right there! Don’t stop…

Yu Miaoyin completely forgot about her integrity as a noble and cold cat and opened her mouth to let out her pink tongue.

“……” Xiao Man felt more and more that what she had picked up was probably actually a dog.

Whether it was a kitten or a puppy, Xiao Man was having a hard time with this little thing. She had always been good at planning her life in an organized manner, but she never included a pet in her life plan.

Pets were too much trouble, you had to remember its food, hygiene, cleaning up the house if it made a mess, playing with it, and giving it plenty of love. All of this could be solved, but there were some things that couldn’t be solved.

Its lifespan is too short.

A pet can only live a decade or two at most, and you pour as much love into it as you can, and then what? When you finally can’t get away from it, it will suddenly flee from you with death, without mercy.

People are emotional creatures after all, and since they know they’ll lose it, Xiao Man would rather not get it in the first place.

“Sorry, I probably won’t be able to keep you.” Xiao Man sighed and hummed against the cat’s head.

What? Yu Miaoyin raised her head in a frantic motion and stretched her neck to look at Xiao Man. Her current line of sight wasn’t enough to see Xiao Man’s face clearly, but she still stubbornly looked up at her beloved senior sister.

Yu Miaoyin wanted to plead with her senior sister not to leave her behind, but she couldn’t say anything and could only meow anxiously.

Strange, is this cat really compatible with human feelings? Perceiving the cat’s sudden anxiety, Xiao Man soothed her back, “Don’t worry, I will not throw you out, I will find you a reliable owner.”

I don’t want a different owner, I just want senior sister! Don’t leave me alone! I’m begging you to take me in!

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