Let Me Go! I Need to Study!

Author: 三月图腾

Raws: jjwxc.net

Yu Miaoyin who has been secretly falling in love with Gao Leng’s Xue Ba school older sister Xiao Man, was accidentally “transmigrated” as a small tiny cat?
Even if you are a cat, you have to be a cute cat from your sister’s house!
But … she was disgusted by Xiao Man?
Yu Miaoyin wants to cry without tears, Sister, don’t go! Come and adopt me! Meow meow meow?

Before adoption——
Xiao Man: Why is this cat so cute? No, I want to restrain it. cool people can’t collapse.
Yu Miaoyin: Oh! Becoming a cat of the school older sister, rolling in the arms of school older sister, hehehe …

After adoption-
Xiao Man: I want to learn! But I can’t control the cat’s hand! What to do?!
Yu Miaoyin: sister, please touched me…

Reading guide:
The author has never raised a cat. Everything related to cats is just based on presumption.
1. Xiao Man ( gong/top) x Yu Miaoyin (shou/bottom)
2. Characteristic: appearance high cold but actual teaser x appearance like a brainiac
3. Easy without abuse, logical clouds, attacking each other, no brainless Sweet
4. Become a human in the later period, and will not go through the cat’s perspective all the way through

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