Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 7 Mary Sue (IV) part 2

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My voice is beautiful, it is reasonable to say that people usually can’t help but get immersed in it, but this guy repeatedly interrupted my words twice. But for the people and things I am interested in, I can always be a little more tolerant and ignore her impoliteness. But how should I politely tell her that even if she gathers the nine dragons, it will not improve her IQ? 

I stopped talking, but breathed a sigh of relief when she changed the subject again.

“Oh right, I don’t know your name yet. My name is Su Qianqian, how about you?” 

Oh, my God! Show your true face!

I started talking to me and you start asking about me!

Next is to ask me whether I have a girlfriend, not that I have one, do you mind if I have one? 

I admit that Su Qianqian is quite cute, but I am really not interested in girls at present. I am still young. Younger girls are even less interesting!  

I wrinkled my beautiful eyebrows, and was already familiar with the things that refused to love people.

“I’m Su Xingyu, and I don’t plan to fall in love before I become an adult. “

“Ah? Fall in love?” Su Qianqian was surprised. You should be very disappointed. 

“Love… I… I don’t have one either…” I found her blushing and beckoned her to squat over.

“You… You… Are you all right?” She crouched in front of my bed and looked up at me.

I held out a hand from the quilt, poked her red apple-like face, and asked her, “Why do you always stutter?”  

So I saw her already ruddy face quickly dye another layer of red. This time it really was no different from a monkey’s ass. Too cute hahaha. 

Su Qianqian pushed my hand away, and yelled at me sternly: “Shh! I want you to take care of it! Get up when you are fine! Then go and thank Senior Xi Che for lending the room to us!” 

As soon as I heard it, I immediately retracted his head into the quilt and commanded, “You go and find me a nice hat first.”

“A hat?” What do you want a hat for? Is it because of the bump on your forehead?”

“What! Did you see that?” As soon as I got excited, I forgot to hide, and climbed up from the bed and looked at her threateningly.

“Of course, it was me…” 

“It was you?” I stared at her closely, without letting go of her reaction.

“Hey! Why are you looking at me like that? I saved you!” She yelled at me.

It was her who saved me…

“Is that how you look at your benefactor?” Su Qianqian glared at me. “Are you suspecting me of doing it purposely?”

Oh~ It turns out that my injury was because of her, it wasn’t not self-inflicted. A person who lies can’t help but amplify the sound of their voice to improve their confidence. She doesn’t know how open-minded her own appearance is, and I see every second of it. 


Oh, my God! The bump on my forehead has been seen, it’s too ruining of my goddess image!

“Turn around! Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!” I covered my forehead in horror.

Sue Qianqian turned around, but still looked at me sideways. I slapped her eyes, seriously thinking, should I kill someone? 

“Isn’t it just a small bump, it’s going to go away soon, why are you so nervous?”

“You don’t understand.” I said deeply, “I can’t let go of my idol image.” 

Sue Qianqian was silent for a few seconds. Turning around again, before my murderous intent, there was a smile on the red face, “In fact, I think you are so good-looking ah. Even if there is a bump, it also does not hurt your beauty at all.”

Somehow, I actually blushed tenderly and asked her, “Rea-… Really?”

Oh, my God! Is blushing and stuttering contagious?  

Su Qianqian’s hand gently poked my forehead bump, smiling, “Of course, I feel it is very cute.”

I dodged her hands like an electric shock, and my forehead tickled.

What should I do, my face feels hot, I think I have a fever!

“If you don’t believe it, I’ll bring a mirror and show you. You’re really not ugly.”

After Su Qianqian said it, she turned to walk away. I anxiously held back her, “No, I believe you!”

I can’t. I can’t look in the mirror! I don’t want to see the consequences!

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Su Xingyu: How can I feel broken and I feel stunned! Urgent! Waiting online!
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