Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 8 Cinderella (IV) part 1

Senior Xi Che said he had a single-person resting area not far away. I was pleasantly surprised. I picked up the person on top of me and was prepared to leave.

“Little sister Qianqian, do you need any help?”

Senior Xi Che asked with concern. In my heart, there is a burning fighting spirit, with bold and aggressive words. “No thank you, Senior Che. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it. With this little weight of hers, I’d have no problem carrying her even for a few kilometers!”

Senior Xi Che smiled, his face was like a spring breeze. I couldn’t help blushing, feeling like a coarse person.

Su Qianqian, Su Qianqian, look at me then look at you! Who the hell is a woman!

I genuinely thought that what Senior Xie Che said was not far away, however the truth tells me that I was too naive! I walked halfway for a few minutes with a person who was much taller than me, sweating and panting.

How far is it? How far is it? My heart is beating, my feet are quivering, and there are people in my ears playing tricks. I really want to lift the burden but if I can’t blow my cows1, I have to continue to blow with a larger blower!

I’m so sorry, God punished me, but it seems like I accidentally slipped my hand and punished someone else, and I have a spicy amount of guilt (hitting my arm as wide as it can go)!

I hurriedly picked up the person I accidentally dropped. Senior Xi Che was also scared and helped me.

I’m sorry, God punished me, but it seems that I have accidentally slipped my hand and punished others. The guilt in my heart felt so hot (hit the arm the widest)!

“Little sister QianQian, why don’t you wait for me here, I’ll drive the car over, it’s faster.”

What? Drive? Isn’t it not far? I felt a mouthful of old blood sticking in my throat2.

After waiting for a while, we finally managed to get in the car.

I uncomfortably hastened up the seat belts for two people, because the car that Senior Xi Xhe drove looked particularly cool. Inside the luxurious silver sports car, I suddenly thought of why Senior Xi Che’s name sounded familiar.

Isn’t he one of the four princes of the Nanfeng High School that was mobbed by the nymphos this morning?

I was so nervous that my palms were sweating. Senior Xi Che and the Fire Prince, whose pants I ripped off, should be friends. I got into a thief’s car by mistake!

#What should I do if I accidentally get in the car of a brother who is famous? It’s urgent! Wait online! #

But did Senior Xi Che not recognize me? I used my developed brain to analyze this morning, that scene occurred almost instantaneously. I had fled the scene at a very fast speed, plus this school doesn’t have anyone who knows me, with so many people present no one should have clearly seen my appearance. Those who shouldn’t recognize me, it seems that Senior Xi Che was also in this column.

Su Qianqian! Maybe they didn’t take your small actions to heart!

“Don’t worry, my lounge is a few kilometers away, we’ll be there soon.”

This time the gentle voice of Senior Xi Che did not give me any comfort. He stepped on the accelerator and the car drove faster. I also huh3, ah, just a few kilometers.

By the time I reached the single lounge that Senior Xi Che was talking about, I became Sparta again. A villa similar in style to the academy, surrounding the well-decorated villa was full of beautiful rose flowers.

So, this is just his single lounge at school.

There is no harm without the comparison.@x@

In addition to the very modest single lounge, Xi Che is a warm, considerate, and thoughtful gentleman. Not only was the room clean and ready, with comfortable warm water, but he also took the initiative to avoid it.

I twisted a wet towel and wiped the face of the drugged woman to ease the situation.

She wasn’t quite puffed now, her face was red, and looked particularly lovely and soft curled up in the bed.

“Hmm… It’s hot, hot water…”

Originally I only intended to directly pour her a pot of cold water. Now I suddenly felt a little bit of an unbearable heart, so I took a small glass of water and carefully fed her. The difficult process does not need to be explained, as you can imagine by looking at my wet front.

I’m twirling my shirt, there’s not much wetness, but…why is the location so strange!

Feeling cool in front of my chest, I shouldn’t have been so kind.

At the first sight of that person, I was even more angry. I really want to swear.

Get me wet and you’re sleeping so soundly! Made of mental retardation!

1 “To blow cow” is to boast. Lol since she bragged about her strength she had to go through with it or else she’ll lose face!
2 She wanted to cough up blood. I would too.
3 “I also huh” I think that was her reply to what Xi Che said. Another way of saying okay. Like nodding and and giving a noise to confirm

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