The Female Lead is a Black Lotus Chapter 16 – Dinner

Lin Siyi was a bit embarrassed and pointed, “There’s a little bit too much stuff, I’m afraid of wasting your time.”

Bo Leng looked in the direction she pointed, it turned out there really was a pile of stuff by the door besides the two suitcases that were being pulled to the stairway.

She walked up and grabbed the suitcases, “It’s okay.” After finishing her face changed slightly and she put down the suitcases, “I’ll call the movers for you, it will be faster.”

Lin Siyi was curious, “Our school has movers?”

With a smile on Bo Leng’s face, “If you have money, you can have anything.”

As a call went down, within five minutes, loud footsteps were heard downstairs.

“Bo Leng! How many times have I told you not to call me on my phone, you know full well I’m asleep at this point!”

Zhang Xin pantingly climbed up to the sixth floor, cursing openly, but instantly stopped the moment she saw Lin Siyi.

Taking a look at the luggage in front of her as well as the large and small packages that were directly reflected in her eyes as she looked down the corridor.

She couldn’t help but smile, “There’s business.”

While pretending to tidy up her appearance, she said, “Classmate, you have good sense to find me to carry it for you. Among my peers, I have the best ability to ensure that it will reach its destination for you in the shortest amount of time without damage.”

Lin Siyi looked at the other party, who looked to be around her age, she had already started earning money.

Life is not easy.

Sympathetic eyes.

Zhang Xin immediately took a few steps back and whispered close to Bo Leng, “What’s with that look in her eyes, it can’t be that she can’t afford to give money, right?”

Bo Leng smiled, “Do you think Lin Chuliu’s little sister, Lin Siyi, will have no money?”

Zhang Xin’s eyes instantly lit up, “She’s actually Lin Siyi. I’ve heard she’s the best at scamming money!”

Looking at Zhang Xin who went forward and enthusiastically grasped a handful of Lin Siyi’s hand, Bo Leng couldn’t help but cover her face, somewhat ashamed.

“I really don’t have eyes to see, I didn’t even recognize student Lin. In order to punish myself, I have decided to give you a 20% discount, what do you think?”

The other party’s sudden enthusiasm was a bit overwhelming for Lin Siyi, who looked at the hand she was holding and smiled a bit awkwardly.

“You don’t like to be touched do you? It doesn’t matter.” Zhang Xin let go of her hand, still smiling, “In order to prove my ability, I decided to give you a guarantee first.”

Zhang Xin took a step forward and looked at the piles of luggage at the front of the door of the last room in the hallway.

She held out her hands, bent her knees, and took a deep breath, and her face flushed red from holding it in.

Bo Leng, “When did you change your stance?”

Zhang Xin immediately glared at her.

Lin Siyi found the other party’s appearance a bit amusing, but she didn’t dare to laugh out for fear of making the other party lose face.

After holding her breath, Zhang Xin felt that she should say something more domineering, so she let it out.


Lin Siyi finally burst out laughing, but saw the luggage in front of her dormitory door actually float up in the air, slowly moving towards her.

Zhang Xin had a chance to see the other party’s surprised expression and became complacent, “It’s hard for others to get so many and heavy things up at once, and even if they do, they can only transport them for fifty meters at most.”

“But I’m different, I’m one of the best in the levitation class.”

Lin Siyi looked at the luggage that had landed safely in front of her and suddenly remembered something, her eyes instantly lit up and she excitedly went forward and grabbed her hand, “Simply wonderful, I was worried about how to move these things over at first, but now that I have you, I’m relieved!”

Zhang Xin didn’t expect the other party to change so quickly, and her sudden enthusiasm made her feel a little embarrassed to laugh twice, “That’s only natural and necessary!”

Lin Siyi looked at her with fiery eyes, and Zhang Xin wasn’t shy either, also looking at her with similarly fiery eyes.

At first, she wasn’t quite sure, but through the other party’s series of actions just now and when she finally reported to her class.

She was certain that this was Zhang Xin, the sister of the man who had taken up fifteen percent of the plot and suspected to be the main character, in the original quarter she had read!

Zhang Xin stared at the other party for a long time, the smile on her face was stiff but the other party was slow to make a move.

Unable to resist, she thus gave a friendly reminder, “Student Lin, I’ve never tricked anyone, and although I’m very good and have extraordinary abilities, I’ve decided to give you a 30% discount for the sake of you and I being destined for each other.”

Lin Siyi looked at the other party and gestured a number.

“As long as it’s 688, I’ll guarantee you a safe landing, what do you think?”


Lin Siyi looked to see Bo Leng next to her, but saw that she was on the phone.

As she hesitantly pulled out her phone from her pocket, Zhang Xin looked excited.

Lin Siyi tugged the corner of her lips to show a smile at the other party and immediately sneaked a glance at the WeChat balance, and was finally relieved when she saw three zeros.

“Is a WeChat transfer okay?”

Zhang Xin immediately took out her phone and as soon as she opened it there was the payment code, “Of course!”

“What are you doing?”

Nan Xueqing looked at the three people standing at the top of the stairs, then her eyes fell on Zhang Xin.

Intimidated, Zhang Xin immediately put away her phone and said, “You can just send me a text message to Bo Leng and I will send it to you.”

Lin Siyi watched the other party run away like a fugitive and her luggage floated after her, not to mention how funny it was.

Seeing the other party leaving, Bo Leng immediately asked, “Which dormitory are you moving to?”

Lin Siyi, “431, Dormitory Building C,”

Surprised, “C Courtyard, you’re switching courtyards?”

” Didn’t you know that Nan Xueqing and I are moving there today.”

“Nan Xueqing?” Bo Leng immediately looked at Nan Xueqing who was standing next to her, “You’re going to transfer too?”

Nan Xueqing, “Yeah.”

Bo Leng instantly wept and moved forward to put her hands on her shoulders, “How can you leave, wouldn’t I be the only one in the dormitory if you leave? How lonely would it be!”

Nan Xueqing looked down at her, “Will you be lonely?”

“You’re unique with me, and without you, of course I’ll be lonely!”

Lin Siyi looked at the hand on the female lead’s shoulder and felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

It was as if… It was as if someone was trying to steal her place in the female lead’s heart!

She immediately tried to squeeze in, “Have you had dinner yet, Nan Xueqing, why don’t we go together?”

Bo Leng, “Nan Xueqing, you didn’t eat? Then I’ll come with you.”

Lin Siyi looked at her, somehow, she suddenly felt that this person was a bit of an eyesore.

At this time, Nanzi walked up from the stairs, “I heard you guys were about to eat downstairs, it just so happens that I didn’t eat yet, Nan Xueqing we should eat together.”

When she said that she saw Lin Siyi, who was right next to Nan Xueqing, her face turned cold, “Why are you here?”

Lin Siyi blinked, “I’ve been here the whole time.”


In the dining room, Nanzi looked at Bo Leng who was sitting with Nan Xueqing, then looked at Lin Siyi who was sitting inside, and with undisguised disgust, said “Bo Leng, sit over here, I don’t want to sit with her.”

Lin Siyi, who was happily waiting for her food with chopsticks, stiffened her expression, she felt that her young heart was hurt.

It didn’t matter to Bo Leng, so as soon as she was just about to get up Nan Xueqing, who was next to her, suddenly said, “I’ll sit over there.”

Lin Siyi immediately lifted her head, a pair of large eyes shining brightly.

As expected, she was the irreplaceable little sister in the heart of the female lead!

“Nan Xueqing, you-“

Nanzi watched as Nan Xueqing walked over to Lin Siyi’s side and sat down. In the end, she didn’t know what to say.

Before her food was even served, Lin Siyi couldn’t help but move her chopsticks, but of course, the first one was going to be for her dear female lead.

Nan Xueqing looked at the piece of braised pork in her bowl and opened her mouth, but ultimately did not make a sound.

Picking up the chopsticks and picking up the braised meat in her bowl, she took a small bite before Lin Siyi’s expectant eyes.

“Nan Xueqing, you-“

Bo Leng saw the other party put down her chopsticks expressionlessly after taking a bite and suddenly didn’t know what to say.

Nanzi, “What’s wrong?”

Bo Leng shook her head, “Nothing.”

She looked across the table at Lin Siyi who was plucking at her food with interest.

“I remember that you didn’t like Nan Xueqing before, when did you get so close to Nan Xueqing?”

This was something that Nanzi had recently been feeling very confused about.

Lin Siyi lifted her head to look directly at the two gazes across from her and said seriously, “I didn’t actually hate Nan Xueqing, in the past that was all just to get Nan Xueqing’s attention.”

Nanzi, “……”

Bo Leng found this person to be even more interesting, “In that case, are you-“

“Talk less when you eat.”

Nan Xueqing’s voice was gentle, like a friendly reminder, but it had a different meaning in Bo Leng’s ears.

She didn’t continue and pointed, “The food is all here, eat while it’s hot.”

After Lin Siyi was full, she leaned close to Nan Xueqing and whispered, “I’ve just had my luggage delivered for me, should I help you contact her as well?”

Nan Xueqing raised her eyebrows, “How much did it cost?”

Lin Siyi didn’t expect the other party to ask her about this, thinking that she was worried about her expense, and immediately waved her hand, “It’s not expensive, it’s just 688. I will pay for you, just as an apology for my previous ignorance.”

The female lead didn’t answer her, but looked across at the other side of the table at Bo Leng, “When did you get back in touch with your previous partner?”

As soon as this was said, not only did Lin Siyi, but also Nanzi looked at Bo Leng with a surprised look.

Nanzi, “When did you date someone?”

This person has always been dressed up as a cool boy, it’s really too hard to picture her as a sweetheart when she’s dating someone.

Bo Leng, “What are you talking about, Nan Xueqing!”

Nan Xueqing sipped her tea, “Isn’t Zhang Xin from the levitation class your ex?”

“Zhang Chi’s sister Zhang Xin? Isn’t that a girl!”

As if she had discovered a new world, Nanzi immediately took a giant step to the side, putting a large distance between her and the other person, and almost sat down next to the ground.

Bo Leng, “Don’t look at me like you’re seeing a ghost.”

Nanzi, “No, you’re not a ghost, you’re scarier than a ghost. You fall in love with girls!”

“What’s wrong with girls1?”

“Girls aren’t much, but the point is that you’re a girl too, and most importantly, that person turned out to be you.”

“Do you know this is discrimination?”

The remaining sight of Nan Xueqing’s eyes fell on Lin Siyi beside her.

The other party looked like she had five thunderbolts to her face.

The corners of her mouth presented a hint of a curvature, and this expression only looked interesting.

Little did she know that at the moment, all Lin Siyi was thinking was that she had been fooled!!

Why didn’t she think about it carefully, in a magical world, with just using her magic to carry something, how could it be 688! So much money! ! 

1 There is absolutely nothing wrong with girls.

Translator: Oh, now I understand where toukoootto was coming from. MC is pretty stupid because her mind is constantly thinking of irrelevant stuff at the wrong moment, but I still stand by my statement of reading a worse mc. The stupidity was beyond Heaven and Hell. Anyways, feel free to support this novel on Ko-fi if you want.

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