The Female Lead Is a Black Lotus Chapter 8 – Shame

Lin Siyi looked at a large Buddha in front of her, she couldn’t help closing her palms and bending down to worship.

Unfortunately, she didn’t even see this aspect of it, and the original owner didn’t have any memories of the Spiritual Institution, obviously because she had skipped class that day and gone out to play.

It was only when Lin Siyi recalled it in death that she vaguely remembered the existence of the C Institute.

“Hey, what are you staring at?” The little ghost shouted at her.

Lin Siyi silently retreated to the female lead’s side and asked in a low voice, “Is it not safe for us to be outside at the moment?”

Nan Xueqing raised her eyes lightly. She actually had smart moments.


Lin Siyi felt a bit self-conscious for a moment, “I’m really sorry.”

Nan Xueqing looked at her, “Why are you apologizing?”

“For delaying your studies in the infirmary.”

Lin Chuliu was the one who was going after her, if she hadn’t pulled the female lead then she wouldn’t be trapped here.

There was also no telling if this female lead would lose her goodwill towards her.

Hearing Lin Siyi’s words, Nan Xueqing was stunned for a moment, seeing the other party’s face of self-recrimination and remorse, her lips pursed and she hesitated for a moment.

“It’s okay, we’re friends, aren’t we?”

After saying that, she saw the other party suddenly open two shining eyes looking at her with an expectant look.

Nan Xueqing immediately regretted saying so.

Lin Siyi excitedly pulled the female lead up, “Xueqing I really didn’t expect you to consider me a friend, I’m so happy!”

The little ghost suddenly floated over to stare at Lin Siyi pulling Nan Xueqing’s hand, “That’s it, and you’re still not admitting that you’re a sissy?”

In the meantime, Nan Xueqing was just about to shake off the other party’s hand, but Lin Siyi let go before the other party could and directly stretched her claws towards the brat.

Looking at the loosened hand, Nan Xueqing’s heart was somehow uncomfortable.

“Huh? How come I can’t touch you?”

Two hands went right through the kid’s body, cutting through the air and almost falling over, thanks to her good balance.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha” the brat floated in the air covering his stomach and laughed, “You’re an idiot. You don’t listen to lectures when you usually go to class, idiot!”

Then drifted to Nan Xueqing’s side, “Pretty sister, let me take you out, let’s leave this fool alone.”

Lin Siyi was still angry, hearing that she could go out immediately leaned over, “Go out? Can we get out now?”

It’s going to be dark soon, and without the big Buddha outside, I might be haunted by some evil spirit, is there any other way to get out of this place safely?

The little ghost hugged his arm and rolled his eyes towards Lin Siyi, he didn’t care to talk to idiots.

Faced with Lin Siyi’s look of desperation to know, Nan Xueqing hesitated lightly and spoke, “It’s been transcended, if it’s willing to take us out, the other ghosts won’t dare to come near it.”

Lin Siyi looked at the kid and saw the other party raise its chin with a proud face.

“I didn’t think you’d be so useful.”

“That’s only natural!” The little ghost who was not modest at all.

“Pretty sister let’s go quickly, there’s a big ghost here recently, it will come out when it’s completely dark. My Buddha light can’t completely calm it down yet, it’ll be troublesome if it’s any later.”

Nan Xueqing nodded lightly.

As soon as Lin Siyi saw the female lead walk outside, she immediately ran to catch up.

The kid grunted a few times and didn’t really chase her away.

As they left, the Kid looked at them through the doorway, his eyes somewhat sad, and opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything.

Lin Siyi suddenly had some sympathy, “Is it not able to come out?”


“Xueqing, I.”

“The visit time in the medical room has passed, you should go to see Xiao Rui tomorrow.”


“If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

For some reason, the female lead suddenly turned a bit cold.

Lin Siyi was a bit sad, she really couldn’t have lost her goodwill, could she?

Just as I was about to leave the place, I saw Lin Chuliu leaning against the corner wall and was shocked, “Why are you here!”

Lin Chuliu lifted his eyes to look at her, “Not bad, you’re pretty friendly with your friends.”

Lin Siyi, “I’m asking why are you here.” She looked around, “You haven’t been waiting here for me the whole time, have you?”

” Smart.”

Lin Siyi: “……..”

Topped with a face identical to her own brother’s, the personality was a little different but it made her feel somewhat the same.

It was as if they really were brother and sister.


“Buy me dinner, I’m hungry.”

Lin Chuliu: “……..”

Lin Siyi looked around somewhat excitedly, a gorgeous, high-grade restaurant with beautiful music melodies and sophisticated delicious food. This was no longer an academy, it was heaven on earth.

Only, Lin Siyi felt the strange looks that the people around her were throwing at their table.

Looking across to Lin Chuliu who was gorging on pasta while gulping down red wine as water….

“Oh my, Chuliu drink it slowly. If you like it, I’ll have someone give you a few more bottles to bring back when you leave.”

Lin Siyi looked at the girl in front of him wearing a pink dress with big blonde curls who was looking forward and worrying about Lin Chuliu.

Thinking that Lin Chuliu would at least be embarrassed, he actually…


The girl didn’t understand for a moment, “What?”

Lin Chuliu put down the glass of red wine in her hand, “The wine isn’t very good, just pack a few bowls of this noodle.”


It’s a shame, isn’t it?

Lin Siyi felt like she should have slapped him twice, but it turned out to be…

“How can you just eat pasta, I’ll pack a few more desserts for you.”

Lin Chuliu’s face seemed to be hesitant, “Okay…”

What’s that?

This soft rice is too obvious, right1?!

I couldn’t help tapping on the plate, trying to warn the other person not to get too carried away.

However, Lin Chuliu looked up at her in confusion, “Not enough noodles?”

Fuck me!

Lin Siyi really wanted to find a crack to drill into, it was also a little too humiliating.

Only then did Wu Ke’er notice Lin Siyi on the opposite side, “Hello, my name is Wu Ke’er. I’ve heard your brother talk about you for a long time, and when I see you today, I feel as if it’s not quite the same as the rumors.”

The original owner in the rumors, there were no good adjectives. Lin Siyi couldn’t help but dryly laugh a few times.

Wu Ke’er, she knew.

The headmaster’s daughter, the little princess in the academy. Not many people dared to disrespect her, but unfortunately, she was Lin Chuliu’s die-hard fan girl.

The original owner often used the name of the other party to show off in B Institute and make a show of it.

Lin Chuliu suddenly put down his chopsticks, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Wu Ke’er lovingly watched Lin Chuliu’s back until he disappeared around the corner.

Isn’t it just going to the toilet and not coming out?

Lin Siyi was a little confused, she looked at the knife and fork in her hand and then looked at the chopsticks that Wu Ke’er had specifically asked for Lin Chuliu, suddenly feeling a little sad.

This melon child, whether it was in real life or in a book, didn’t even know how to use a knife and fork. It was really sympathetic.

“Is it delicious?” Wu Ke’er suddenly asked, but her tone was not friendly.

“Ah, it’s okay. It’s delicious, thank you so much for buying us dinner.” And for taking care of her stinky brother.

At this moment, Lin Siyi had completely regarded the Lin Chuliu from the book as her own brother.

Wu Ke’er fiddled with the dessert in front of her, “You eat and drink good food everywhere in the B courtyard, but Chuliu, every day at noon, he can only eat the cold food in the cafeteria and the money saved is given to you. You don’t know how lucky you are to be able to be Lin Chuliu’s sister.”

Isn’t there hot food in the cafeteria, how come it’s cold?

Lin Siyi wanted to go and dwell on the other’s mistake, but she held back because she was right about one thing.

The original owner, her brother, was really good to the original owner in other ways besides not running into his principle issues.

If it is like in real life, her brother is actually…not good!

Never gave her pocket money!

She envied the original owner…

“I heard that you often use my name to bully others?”

Lin Siyi immediately said, “No, where did you hear that from, sister-in-law, there is absolutely no such thing! Do I look like someone who would bully others?”

“What did you call me?”

The time for flattery has come, “Sister-in-law, who knows Lin Chuliu best, of course, is my sister. From my brother calling you to going into the restaurant to your conversation, I’m sure that my brother definitely likes you very, very much!”

Wu Ke’er’s cheeks instantly reddened at Lin Siyi’s words, “Still… It’s okay, it’s just that Chuliu is a bit loving to me sometimes…” Speaking a little sadly.

“Don’t worry sister-in-law, I’ll tell you a secret about my brother.”

“What secret?” Wu Ke’er immediately raised her head, both eyes filled with ‘I desperately want to know.’

As soon as Lin Siyi saw Lin Chuliu, who was not far away from the corner walking slowly, she immediately approached Wu Ke’er and whispered a few words.

“You guys, you seem to be having a good conversation?” Lin Chuliu’s eyes flew open when he saw the two of them behaving intimately.

“Okay… It’s okay.” Wu Ke’er instantly became nervous when she remembered Lin Siyi’s words, her cheeks reddening.

Lin Chuliu, “Oh.”

Looking to Lin Siyi who was eating noodles beautifully across the table, “I’ll bring you the form for the team tomorrow to sign.”

“I’ve thought about it, you are still in a group with me, as for your two friends…”

Lin Chuliu’s voice was hesitant.

“Don’t mind them…” As soon as Lin Siyi ate the noodles and said it, she noticed Lin Chuliu’s expression began to change and immediately said, “The two of them have already found a squad, it’s not that I don’t care about them!”

I almost forgot that the thing Lin Chuliu disliked the most was the original owner’s insincere and inattentive attitude towards his friends.

“That’s good.” Lin Chuliu’s expression returned to normal and his gaze unintentionally fell to Wu Ke’er beside him, stunned, “Do you have a fever because your face is so red?”

Hearing Lin Chuliu talk to her, Wu Ke’er’s entire heart couldn’t control the accelerated beating.

“No… No…”

“Are you sure?”

We’er’s face was even redder than before, “Yes…”

Lin Chuliu stared at her, as if he was making sure that the other party was not lying.

Wu Ke’er remembered Lin Siyi’s previous words and was nervously shy.

“Actually, the more my brother likes someone, the more he likes to be cold to her, so sister-in-law, you must be more enthusiastic!”

Lin Siyi said this for no other reason than to set up Lin Chuliu and Wu Ke’er. After all, the headmaster, the one who sent him, should not be taken for granted.

1 “Soft rice” is a Shanghai dialect and it means that a guy to depends on a female for survival of for benefits

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