The Female Lead Is a Black Lotus Chapter 15 – Transfer

“Zhang Hua’s time of death was around nine o’clock.” The man in the suit tapped his fingers on the table.


“You went to her dormroom at eleven forty and saw her.”

“How do you know?”

She had only told the female lead about this matter, but she believed that Xueqing would never tell anyone else.

The man in the suit looked at her and didn’t answer her question.

He pointed his finger to his eyes, “You can see ghosts.”

It wasn’t a question but a certainty.

Lin Siyi was a bit confused as to what the other person was trying to say.

After hesitating she nodded his head.

Who knew that the man in the suit suddenly slapped the table in excitement, “That’s right, so you should go to the C courtyard and use your talent instead of staying in B courtyard and continue to remain anonymous. I’ll have someone transfer you to the courtyard right now.”



If she transferred, wouldn’t that mean she would not be able to go to class, back to the dorm, and hang out with the female lead anymore?

No, she’d had a hard time earning some goodwill with the female lead, and definitely couldn’t leave at this point.

What’s more, the murderer who killed the original owner is still unknown, so if she’s far away from the female lead, isn’t her safety not guaranteed?

The man in the suit asked, “Is there anything else you want to say, Student Lin Siyi?”

Lin Siyi, “Wait a minute, what did you just say in that sentence?”

The man in the suit faltered, “We’ll get you a transfer right away.”

“No. One more sentence.”

Trying to remember, “You can see ghosts?”

Some weren’t sure if that was what the other party was asking.

Who knew that Lin Siyi immediately cut off and shouted, “No, I can’t see any ghosts, Head Master, you’re mistaken! I didn’t even see Zhang Hua that night, so don’t listen to anyone’s nonsense!”

The man in the suit suddenly laughed, causing Lin Siyi to get confused.

“What are you laughing at?”

The man in the suit looked to the couch next to him and stated, “Hey, how long are you going to pretend to be asleep, Head Master?”

There was a lot of mess piled on the couch, and a man with messy hair suddenly leaped out of it, startling Lin Siyi.

She looked at the man in the suit in front of her, and then at the man smiling towards her, stammering, “You… You guys”

“Us?” The man in the suit pointed to himself, “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I’m the twin brother of your Head Master, and-” he deliberately paused, then approached Lin Siyi.

As the other approached, Lin Siyi shuddered.

“And also,” deliberately trailing off, “I’m a dead man.”


As the words fell out, the formerly normal face in front of her was suddenly distorted and covered in blood, eyes bulging out and staring at her fiercely.


Lin Siyi’s reflexes went up with a punch.

“Ow!” The man in the suit covered his face in pain.

After the beating, Lin Siyi regretted a bit, because she suddenly remembered that there seemed to be a scenario like this in the original.

As the Head Master’s dead brother, his only concern was his own brother.

So he hovered around his brother, waiting for him to die of old age and reincarnate with him.

As the Head Master’s brother, he’s been a big help when the female lead is in danger.

As the female lead’s backer, she must not be offended.

Although he was a bit older, maybe the author was deranged and set him up as a hidden boss?

“Are you, are you okay?” Lin Siyi was full of concern.

The man in the suit covered his face, “It hurts so much. Little girl, you’re very strong, come here and take a look, you might have been given me a mark.”

Lin Siyi leaned in, who knew that the man in the suit suddenly let go of the hand covering his face and made a face at her.

“Got fooled, there’s actually nothing wrong, I’m a dead man, how can I still be afraid of your punch? Use your brain, young lady.”

Lin Siyi was expressionless. She looked to the Head Master who got up from the couch and poured a cup of tea himself sitting on the side slowly savoring it, “Is he always like this?”

The Head Master shrugged, “No. Do you think I look more like my brother?”

Before she could answer, the man in the suit was disgruntled, “Kid, if you say something like that again, would you believe that I’ll strangle you?”

“I thought you said you were going to let me die of old age?”

“When did I say that?”

“Look, you’re not admitting what you said again. Good thing I had the foresight to record it, want to hear it?”

The man in the suit got worked up, “Good boy, bullying your brother for having a bad memory, huh?”

Head Master, “You’re the one who denied it in the first place.”

“I wasn’t denying it then, I just didn’t remember. Being honest and trustworthy is the way to be, am I be the kind of person to go back on my word!”

The Head Master calmly continued to drink his tea, “Well, you’re not a person. You’re a ghost.”


Lin Siyi watched the two of them exchange words with each other, and silently took a step back, ready to slip away.

“Stop.” Wait a moment.”

In unison, the two men looked at her.

Lin Siyi smiled awkwardly, “I wonder if there is anything else for the both of you?”

The Head Master looked at her, “You don’t seem surprised as to why he’s here.”

Lin Siyi, “This… This is all your business, as a student, you should just know what you should know, and you shouldn’t ask questions if you shouldn’t know, right?”

The Head Master sized her up with appreciation, “Very good.”

The man in the suit hugged his chest, “It’s the same as just now, get ready to transfer to another courtyard.”

Lin Siyi, “Don’t, I really can’t see”


Before she could finish her sentence, the man in the suit immediately approached as if he could tear her apart with his bare hands if she dared to say that she couldn’t see ghosts.

Lin Siyi cried out for a moment.

Head Master, “You shouldn’t feel like we’re the ones bullying you. It’s just that the C courtyard is in a recession and needs to recruit some new people. So as a student of the academy, you should put in some effort and set an example.”

“Of course, we won’t treat you badly either.”

“You’re in your third year now, and we won’t let you go to C courtyard to learn from scratch. There’s a saying that you grow in practice, so you’ll go on a group training at the current pace.”

“First, you will go to the C courtyard to do the paperwork and then straight to hands-on training. Of course, since you’re a novice, it’s definitely not good to have you go straight into the soul crossing, so you can just follow along and learn.”

Lin Siyi, “I… Can I choose to refuse?”

The man in the suit immediately exclaimed, “No!”

Lin Siyi cried.

Head Master, “Don’t be afraid of being alone. This time, in order to ensure your safety, we have specially selected the best healer in the B courtyard who’s in the same year to team up with you to go to the C courtyard in advance.”

The Head Master thought for a moment, “Oh right, this person seems to be in the same class as you.”

Lin Siyi immediately raised her head, and a name emerged from her heart.

“Called… Called…”

“Nan Xueqing!” The man in the suit shouted, “What is the name called? It hasn’t been said for half a day, and your memory isn’t as good as mine.”

The Head Master didn’t bother to continue with him, “Yes, it’s Nan Xueqing. For the sake of convenience, we’ve also made a dormitory available in the C courtyard for the two of you to live in, so you can be looked after.”

“I wonder what your opinion is?”

It’s… it’s a godsend!

Lin Siyi changed her previous bitter face. Her eyes couldn’t hide her excitement, “It’s good. Head Master, this arrangement of yours is really great! I wonder when we’re going to live together, ah no, in the C Courtyard?”

Head Master, “Naturally, the sooner the better. After all, the training will start soon, why don’t you guys go over this this afternoon?”

“Okay, then I will go back and pack now!”

The Head Master nodded and went to the table to write a note, “Take this to the C courtyard and give it to the dormitory manager. He will arrange a room for you.”

Lin Siyi looked at the top of the note with only her name on it and said, “Shouldn’t we put Nan Xueqing’s name on it as well.”

The Head Master raised his eyebrows, “You don’t have to worry. I’ve already looked for her before and had it arranged already.”

No wonder Nan Xueqing had disappeared early in the morning. She had gone to the Head Master’s office.

Lin Siyi’s heart was suddenly delighted.

However, since the Head Master was looking for her to get her to change courtyards, what about the matter of Zhang Hua?

The Head Master dmaster looked at her hesitating, “What else do you want to ask?”

Lin Siyi, “Don’t you suspect me about Zhang Hua?”

Every single one of those people in the class suspected her, there was no reason why the Head Master wouldn’t, right?

The man in the suit suddenly laughed, “Do you, a little girl, think you can release the fierce ghosts of the soul crossing courtyard?”

Lin Siyi, “…..”


Head Master, “Don’t worry, the school will make a statement on this matter. It won’t affect you.”

Hearing this, Lin Siyi was finally relieved.

Remembering the fact that she would be living with the female lead next, her entire body felt lighter.

After leaving the Head Master’s office, she immediately sent a WeChat to the female lead.

[Hey, the Head Master told me, I’ll go and pick a dormitory in C. You can pack your bags and wait for me.]

The sound of the phone rang out, and Aversion couldn’t help but rub his ears. The hand that had been stroking it suddenly stopped and immediately lifted his head.

Seeing his owner take out her phone and stare at the screen above, completely ignoring him.

Aversion “Meow” with some dissatisfaction.

Nan Xueqing put the phone away and put down Aversion in her arms, “Go play by yourself.”

“Meow meow meow.”

Aversion pulled on Nan Xueqing’s trousers, but was met with an icy look from the other party, and immediately withdrew his paws, aggrieved.

Watching his master leave, Aversion huddled around the corner, looking a little lonely.


A man’s voice sounded, it was Yang.

He had a couple of ham sausages in his hand, “Look at what I’ve got for you.”

Aversion immediately jumped up.

Yang gently stroked its head, “How about doing something for me tonight?”

“Meow” Aversion raised his head and called out, then lowered his head and ate.

It was almost noon when Lin Siyi returned to the dorm. The C courtyard was a bit remote, and she didn’t meet many people on the way, completely following the signposts to find the dormitory building by herself blindly.

To her surprise, the rooms inside were even more spacious compared to the B courtyard. It could be compared to a luxury apartment room.

“A big bag and a small bag, are you preparing to move dormitory?”

Lin Siyi had just dragged her stuff out and was about to go see if the female lead had returned when she encountered Bo Leng.

The other had changed into a dress, her hair was damp, and she appeared to have just taken a bath.

“Yes… Yes, you, haven’t you gone to class yet?”

Bo Leng smiled, “I have no class in the morning.” She looked at the luggage behind her, “Do you want me to help you?”

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