The Female Lead Is a Black Lotus Chapter 14 – Trouble

As Lin Siyi woke up, an enormous face appeared in front of her. She grabbed the blanket in fright and cowered back.

“What’s your name1?”

Chen Xing looked at her with heavy dark circles under her eyes.

Lin Siyi took a deep breath and asked carefully, “Did you stay up all night?” Stayed up late reading a novel?

The last sentence didn’t come out, after all, she was afraid of guessing wrong and having the other party misunderstand her about something again.

Chen Xing looked at her energetic appearance and wondered, “Didn’t you hear anything last night?”

“Hear what?” Could it be that Zhang Hua’s ghost has not left yet?

Unexpectedly, Chen Xing went back to her side of the room, “I think there’s something going on downstairs. It’s been bothering me all night.”

“Then you-” Lin Siyi wanted to ask whether she should sleep for a while longer, but remembered that she still had classes in the morning and the other party was in the same class as her, so she closed her mouth.

But Chen Xing misunderstood what she meant, “No need for you to care. You should worry about yourself.”


“I’m leaving. Take your time to clean up after yourself. Don’t blame me for not reminding you if you’re late.”

Lin Siyi watched Chen Xing take a few books, open the door, and leave.

She immediately looked at the time and got up to wash up, wondering if the female lead have left or not.

So Lin Siyi immediately carried her bag and ran to the female lead’s dorm.

The door was closed, so she knocked and pushed it straight open shouting, “Nan Xueqing are-.”

The voice stopped abruptly.

The short-haired girl, who looked like a boy, was making the bed looked at her, “Yo, if it isn’t Lin Siyi. Why do you want to look for Nan Xueqing?”

In the original, there was almost a quick mention of the female lead’s roommate, and as for the drama, it was almost non-existent in the quarter she read.

“Bo… Bo Leng?” Lin Siyi tried to remember.

“I didn’t expect Miss Lin to remember my name. It’s really an honor.”

There was no sarcasm in the other party’s eyes, which instead made Lin Siyi a little embarrassed, “Well, has Xueqing left already?”

Bo Leng spread out her hands, “I don’t know. I didn’t see her when I came back.”

“But at this point, she should be heading to class.”

Lin Siyi, “I see, then I’ll be leaving too. Excuse me.”

“Wait,” the other suddenly called out to her.

“What… What’s wrong?”

Being taller than her and dressed as a boy, standing in front of her was somehow a stressful situation for her.

Seeing the other person pull out her phone and hand it to her, “Add on WeChat.”


Lin Siyi was surprised.

Bo Leng smiled, “I’ve heard of your name for a long time and never had the chance to get to know you. But seeing you today feels like it’s a bit different from the rumors, why don’t we add WeChat to get to know each other?”

Lin Siyi was a bit confused, but still pulled out her phone and scanned the other person’s QR code to add a friend.

“Okay, it’s almost eight o’clock now, you should go to class.”

Looking at the extra dialog box in her WeChat interface, Lin Siyi was still a bit confused. What the hell was going on?

She thought she was looking for the female lead, but why did she end up adding her roommate’s WeChat.

Wait! Speaking of WeChat, it seems like the original owner’s list doesn’t have the female lead yet.

No, she had to get the contact information of the female lead quickly. This way, even if she didn’t live under the same roof, she could still communicate with each other and improve their relationship.

Bo Leng smiled even more as she watched the other party suddenly turn around and trot off, “It’s just like what Xueqing said, this person has really become interesting.”

Lin Siyi’s eyes fell to the empty seat as soon as she entered the classroom, “Where’s Xueqing?”

“Lin Siyi, did you go to the Soul Crossing Courtyard the night before last!”

When the female lead wasn’t anywhere to be found, Chen Xing was furiously walking towards her.

When the woman didn’t find her, Chen Xing came up to her in anger.

“The night before last?”


Lin Siyi tried to remember, it seemed like the day Lin Chu Liu chased her, she and the female lead hid in the Soul Crossing Courtyard. It was almost dark, so it was considered night.

She nodded hesitantly.

“You. It’s really you. You even told me before that Zhang Hua’s death had nothing to do with you. You lying bastard!” Chen Xing seemed a bit agitated.

Lin Siyi was confused, how did this involve Zhang Hua’s death again?

Just as Lin Siyi wanted to ask, Liang Jing and Jiang Chun came over.

“The school has determined the time of Zhang Hua’s death, it was around nine o’clock the night before yesterday.”

Liang Jing approached Lin Siyi and said quietly, “It was at the entrance of the Soul Crossing Courtyard that she died, that is, she was killed by a fierce ghost that hadn’t been purified inside.”

“A fierce ghost? Aren’t they all trapped in the Soul Crossing Courtyard and can’t get out?” Lin Siyi didn’t understand.

“There’s no need to say that, it must have been released by someone.” Jiang Chun said.

Lin Siyi sort of understood, “Do you guys suspect that I released it?”

Looking at Chen Xing’s angry eyes, she was a bit speechless, “Have you never read a book? Are those the type of ghosts that I can easily release if I want to?”

When she said that, several people began to think carefully, could it really be that they had misunderstood?

But Jiang Chun was grim, “Who knows, doesn’t your brother know several people from the C Courtyard who might have given you something that can release ghosts.”

Lin Siyi smiled, “May I ask fellow student Jiang Chun, why I would release these harmful things, and why would I harm Zhang Hua?”

“It’s just… That’s naturally because…because”

“Because of what?”

You must know that even if they were bullying Zhang Hua, they were the ones who instigated the action.

“Naturally, it was because you blackmailed Zhang Hua and she didn’t want to, so you got angry. So, you did whatever it took to get Zhang Hua killed, and this money is the proof!”

Nanzi suddenly jumped out and slapped the wad of money in her hand onto the table.

How much hatred did these people have for the original owner, anyway?

Chen Xing, “Nanzi, this doesn’t make sense. I had clearly seen that Zhang Hua had already given the money to Lin Siyi, so-“

“So what? So that rules out that Lin Siyi didn’t harm and blackmail Zhang Hua?” Nanzi was a little agitated.

Although Chen Xing was also suspicious of Lin Siyi, she thought about it carefully and felt that there was something odd about it.

At this time, the class bell rang.

The teacher walked up to the podium, “Everyone, quiet down and prepare for class.”

“By the way, Lin Siyi, go to the Head Master’s office.”

Lin Siyi, “Teacher, if it is something, can you reveal it in advance so I can be prepared.”

“You’ll know when you go there.”

The teacher didn’t seem to want to bother with her much.

The people at the bottom all had a look on their faces.

Lin Siyi walked hesitantly towards the door, taking one step and then looking back, another step, and looking back again, and so on, step by step.

The teacher was a bit irritated by her blazing eyes, “Are you going to leave or not. Do you want me to carry you or do you want the Head Master to come to you?”

Lin Siyi’s entire face was instantly tangled together as if she was really considering which of the two methods was better.

“Lin Siyi!” The teacher roared.

Interrupting Lin Siyi’s tirade, she opened her wide almond eyes and looked, “Teacher, actually, I was going to say, how do I get to the Head Master’s office?”

Teacher, “………”

“Report.” The gentle and delicate voice sounded at the door, seeing the female lead waiting in casual clothes, Lin Siyi felt extraordinarily friendly.

If she could, she really wanted to give the female lead a big hug. Not seeing her for one night made her miss her very much.

Teacher, “Nan Xueqing, you’re just in time. You’ll be the one to take Lin Siyi to the Head Master’s office.”

Nan Xueqing, “……”

Lin Siyi followed behind the female lead, feeling that her whole mood had changed for the better.

She trotted to catch up with the female lead and made her way over, “Xueqing, I went to your dorm this morning to look for you. You weren’t there, I thought you went to class first.”

Shifting to get closer, she said, “Where did you just go? It’s all going to be late, but it’s a good thing you’re good at studying and you’re nice. So even the teachers can’t be bothered to say anything about you.”

“Hey, there is-“

Lin Siyi pulled out her phone, “Let’s add WeChat, shall we?”

Looking at the QR code in the mobile phone interface that the other party handed to her, Nan Xueqing’s footsteps stopped.

Lin Siyi’s smile was very sincere and specially brought the phone a little more closely.

“Add it add it. We are good friends, how can we not have WeChat between friends.”

Nan Xueqing, “……”

Hesitantly she took out her phone, scanned the code, and added.

Lin Siyi also made it no secret of changing her remarks to best friend Xueqing in front of Nan Xueqing and clicked to finish.

Nan Xueqing’s eyes swept over her chat list, and below her was the dialog box where her roommate was successfully added.


“The front is the Head Master’s office. You can go in by yourself.”

Lin Siyi looked towards the front door sign with three big words that read Head Master’s Office and turned her head, “Aren’t you going in with me?”

Nan Xueqing looked at her deeply, causing Lin Siyi to touch her head in embarrassment.

“Go by myself.”

Dropping these three words, Nan Xueqing left regardless of the other party’s call.

Lin Siyi looked at the female lead’s departing back and brooded, “Is it because I’m too enthusiastic and she’s shy?”

Forget it, just go ahead and take care of the troublemaker that is the Head Master first.

After knocking on the door, the person inside was slow to respond, “Please come in.”

She cautiously opened the door and poked her head out, relieved to see only a middle-aged man in a suit sitting at the office desk.

Truth be told, her biggest fear growing up was being called into the office by a teacher.

A lecture wasn’t scary, but being surrounded by a bunch of teachers was.

She walked in and closed the door, “Head Master, you wanted to see me?”

When he didn’t answer, she approached and called out again, “Head Master?”

The man in the suit pointed to himself, “Called me?”

What else? You’re the only one here. It couldn’t be that she’s called a ghost.

But on the surface, she nodded her head nicely.

“I don’t know what the Head Master called me here for.”

The man in the suit cleared his throat, “Ahem, it’s like this. Recently there was a murder in the school, death at the hands of a ghost. I heard that the murder happened at night, you went to the Soul Crossing Courtyard, I wonder if it’s true?”

It really was this matter, and it seemed like it still needed to be explained to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and trouble.

“Yes, but-“

Before she could finish, she was interrupted by the other party, “You don’t have to say too much, I just ask you to answer.”

Lin Siyi, “…..”

1 “What’s your name?” I don’t know this was asked, but that IS what it translated to.

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