The Female Lead Is a Black Lotus Chapter 11 – Steal

“Hey, what’s this?”

Nanzi went back to her room and saw something thick wrapped in paper on the table that was somewhat curious, and reached out her hand to pick it up and take a look.

Zhang Hua, still sitting on the chair, saw the other party reach out her hand to take her things. Her face slightly changed, opened her mouth but never made a sound.

“My god, where did you get so much money!”

Nanzi took the wad of money in her hand and inexplicably felt a little burned. Immediately placing it back on Zhang Hua’s table.

The wrapped paper was opened, revealing the magenta1 inside and Zhang Hua’s eyes moved slightly.

She really did not expect the other party to take the initiative to return the money to her.

The whole night was sleepless.

Lin Siyi, however, finally put down a stone in her heart because she had returned the money and slept extremely well.

Since there was no class before ten the next day, she slept until after nine.

Hastily cleaning up, she and Nan Xueqing stepped into the class once again, causing everyone to look at her.

She touched her face and looked at Nan Xueqing, “Is there something on my face?”

Nan Xueqing shook her head lightly, then walked to her seat.

Liang Jing and Jiang Chun looked at her and walked over to Lin Siyi.

Liang Jing asked, “Siyi, is there something you’ve been hiding from us lately?”

“What makes you think I’m hiding something from you?”

Even if there’s something, there’s no need to tell them all.

“You’ve been out and about with Nan Xueqing every day for the past two days, isn’t it because you have a new plan to mess with her, but you don’t want to tell us!”

Jiang Chun did not lower her voice at all, and her words caught the attention of many people.

Lin Siyi immediately looked at Nan Xueqing and saw that the other party was also looking at her and instantly became anxious.

“Xueqing you don’t listen to their nonsense!”

Lin Siyi saw the other party’s eyes fade, then stopped looking at her and became even more anxious. Directly pushing away the two people in front of her who were blocking her way.

She squatted by Nan Xueqing’s table, her chin resting on the tabletop, her eyes sincere, “Kind-hearted Xueqing, you will believe me, right?”

Nan Xueqing looked at her.

She really wanted to see what was in the head of the person in front of her.

“Lin Siyi, how can you show affection to such a person!”

Jiang Chun was even more angry when she saw the other party’s behavior, as if Lin Siyi had betrayed them.

Liang Jing held her back and walked up to Lin Siyi and said, “Siyi, we actually want to tell you that the green-level magic stone Luo Mei2 got is missing, and we want to ask if you have seen it.”

Lin Siyi felt strange, “Why do you ask me if I have seen it when someone has lost something, could it be that you believe I took it?”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the whispers growing louder next to her.

“It’s not like she’s the one who stole it, is it?”

“Everyone knows that Lin Siyi and Luo Mei have a bad relationship, it might have been her who took it.”

“Hmph, don’t even look at yourself, it’s just having a brother. Acting all high and mighty. People like Luo Mei are a true noble born, I think she’s just jealous!”

… …

In between words, Lin Siyi remembered this person, Luo Mei, was.

She was also a villainess but who lived longer than the original owner. Why?

Just because someone has parents and the original owner doesn’t?

Lin Siyi’s thoughts began to stray.

“It’s noisy, I can hear you talking outside, so quiet down for me. And you! Lin Siyi! Why are you squatting over there? Go back to your seat!”

The first thing that entered her eyes was a shiny bald head, blinding her.

Immediately sitting back in her seat, this bald head should be Zhu Guangtou, the head teacher of the support class, Zhu Bald3.

Seeing him walk up to the podium, “Before class, I’ll say one thing first, I hope everyone will answer truthfully.”

He took a look at the crooked students sitting below, then his eyes fell on Lin Siyi who was sitting upright.

When Lin Siyi saw the other party looking at her, she immediately tilted her head up and smiled brightly at Zhu Guangtou.

Zhu Guangtou, “…”

Averting his gaze, he said, “Classmate Luo Mei from Support Class4 lost something, I wonder if someone from our class accidentally took it by accident?”

Faced with Zhu Bald’s scrutinizing gaze, the people below looked at Lin Siyi and Lin Siyi looked at him.

A few more gazes then settled on her.

But Lin Siyi raised her hand, “Teacher, can’t we turn on the cameras?”

Zhu Bald notably coughed twice, “There’s been some problems with the camera recently, so it’s been in maintenance mode.”

Lin Siyi, “Then these maintenance staff are too unhelpful, the school should deduct their wages!”

Zhu Guangtou, “Yeah hey… Wait, Lin Siyi you have to behave yourself! I’m telling you, the biggest suspect right now is you!”

As a villainess, the original owner was really unpleasant. You see, she even became the object of suspicion of the teacher in public.

Lin Siyi couldn’t help but lament, then looked at the female lead next to her.

However, as long as the female lead believes in her, everyone else’s opinion, are all just floating clouds!

“I repeat, did someone accidentally take classmate Luo Mei’s things?”

“Teacher Zhu.” A voice sounded.

Zhu Guangtou looked, “What are you doing here, classmate Lou Mei?”

Lou Mei walked into the classroom, “I’ve searched all the other classes and haven’t seen anything of mine, so I thought I’d come and ask if Mr. Zhu has investigated yet.”

Zhu Guangtou, “I’m investigating. Classmate Lou Mei, please go back for a moment.”

Lou Mei said, “It’s fine, I’ll just wait here.”

Zhu Guangtou didn’t know what to say at the moment and looked to the students below, “Since no one is admitting to this. Let’s go through everyone’s lockers one by one, any comments?”

Even if you have an opinion, what’s the point of objecting having your locker searched?

The students whispered, not daring to speak up.

“Since everyone is fine with this, please open your lockers.”

Lin Siyi sensed a very unfriendly gaze and looked to see Lou Mei mocking at her.

There was a bad feeling.

As soon as she opened her locker, she saw a blue wooden box with a formation graphic inside.

Her heart went up to her throat with a ‘thud’, realizing that she had been schemed against.

She clutched the wooden box into her hand, her heart constantly shouting, how good it would be if this thing wasn’t the other party’s!

But reason told her that this was what the other party had lost.

After all, how could the original owner, a Healing Master, use something from a Support Master.

Luo Mei’s eyes remained locked on Lin Siyi’s body, and when she saw this, she immediately gave Liang Jing a look.

Liang Jing was about to open her mouth, but the opportunity was snatched by Jiang Chun beside her. So she silently shut her mouth and watched the show.

“Lin Siyi, isn’t that a Support Master’s item you’re holding? You couldn’t have.”

As soon as the words came out, people who were already suspicious of her shouted.

“I told you she must have stolen it. She and Lou Mei don’t get along and everyone knows it, but I didn’t expect her to do something sneaky like that now.”  

“That’s right, it would have been better if she had admitted it earlier instead of making such a scene.”

There were also some weak voices expressing confusion, “But is she that stupid to just hide something in the classroom locker?”

But it was immediately rebuffed, “You’re stupid. Lin Siyi must have thought that the most dangerous place was the safest place, and besides, she was already stupid. She deserved it!”

… …

Lou Mei walked in, “Even though you and I don’t get along. You can’t use the item from my Support Class, so why do it?”

A person ran up to Lou Mei and offered, “You probably don’t know, but Lin Siyi hasn’t had any parents since she was a child. She’s probably afraid of poverty, she must want to exchange magic stones for money. After all, it’s a green class, no ordinary person can afford to buy it.”

Someone spoke out, “But her brother gets a scholarship every year. And a lot of reward money, so it’s not like he’s short of money, right?”

“What do you know, don’t talk.”

Luo Mei looked at Lin Siyi’s eyes full of provocation.

Zhu Guangtou immediately said, “Lin Siyi! Did you really take Classmate Lou Mei’s stuff!?”

Facing everyone’s gaze, Lin Siyi’s voice was weak, “Can I say I didn’t take it?”

Jiang Chun jumped out again, “So what’s that in your hand?”

Luo Mei hugged her chest with an expression like she was watching a show.

Since Lin Siyi’s palm covered the pattern on top of the box, the crowd couldn’t see if it was a formation pattern or not.

At this time, Nan Xueqing walked over and said, “When did you lose your stuff.”

Luo Mei instantly dropped her hands, having nowhere to put them.

For some reason, every time this person was clearly smiling, she always felt an inexplicable fear.

“It… It was probably last night, because I only put it in my locker to lock it up before I left the classroom. But when I came to look at it this morning, it was gone!”

Nan Xueqing had a light smile on her face, making Lou Mei feel a little guilty.

“But, she’s been with me since yesterday after class.”

The words drew everyone’s attention.

Lin Siyi looked at the female lead as if she was radiating a shining aura. Angel, the female lead was definitely sent by the heavens to save her!

Zhu Guangtu, “Since Nan Xueqing said that Lin Siyi stayed with her all yesterday, that rules it out.”

“Mr. Zhu!” Lou Mei immediately interrupted him, then looked at Nan Xueqing, “Nan Xueqing, if I remember correctly, you should be studying in the medical room during that time, right?”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes moved slightly and didn’t speak.

Jiang Chun seemed to be a little anxious, “What’s the point of talking so much now, can’t you just see if that’s your stuff?”

Lin Siyi suddenly felt that the heavens were going to kill her. If only at this time she had a magic that could make what was in her hands her own!

Lou Mei smiled, “You’re absolutely right, Mr. Zhu, why don’t we let everyone see if what Lin Siyi has in her hands is mine or not?”

Zhu Guangtou also felt that this was the only way for now.

“Lin Siyi, just show everyone what’s in your hand, and if it’s not hers, you’ll be able to clear your name.”

Lin Siyi cast a look at the female lead for help, but the other party didn’t even reward her with a look.

It seemed that she had no choice but to fend for herself and ask for more blessings.

She slowly moved her hand away to reveal the pattern on top of the wooden box and was surprised, “Huh?”

But someone was even more surprised than her, “What’s going on here, why isn’t it a formation pattern? What I just saw clearly…”

Jiang Chun snatched the wooden box from Lin Siyi’s hand. Somewhat disbelieving her own eyes.

Liang Jing also followed suit. Her entire face crumpled together.

The healing hand, the pattern belonging to the healer was very clearly engraved on the top of the wooden box.

“How could this be, I clearly… last night…” Liang Jing muttered to herself.

Lou Mei was even more direct and picked up the wooden box in her hands and opened it. The green glowing magic stone appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

But what gave everyone a more intuitive feeling was….

That was clearly the scent of a healing magic stone that belonged to a healer.

1 Dang girl. Give us some.

2 When a new character gets introduced I don’t if I had already mentioned them before so I keep a notebook full of names and information so I don’t have to go back and forth so much and then realize in the next few paragraphs that it is a new character. Sigh. 

3“Guangtou” from Zhu Guangtou means Bald so if you see Zhu Bald don’t get too confused

4 I don’t think you understand my grievances. All of these courtyards/institutions and classes such as auxiliary/support, healers, soul crossing/diversionist is so confusing I’m so lost. I don’t know who’s what anymore ┗ (@ ロ @;) ┛I’m just going to leave it as it is because I think I got it right otherwise I’ll edit it later as the story goes on. Oh, and just to remind but B courtyard contains both support student and healer

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