The Female Lead Is a Black Lotus Chapter 10 – Touch

“Xueqing, Xueqing, Xueqing!”

A voice echoed down the hallway.

There were several cursing voices from other rooms, “Who the hell can’t be quiet at night!”

As soon as Nan Xueqing stepped out of the bathroom, she saw her dormitory door slam open and Lin Siyi rushed towards her in a flash.

“There’s a ghost!”

Looking at Lin Siyi who was sticking to her like an octopus.

“… …”

The soft touch instantly spread to every nerve in her brain, and Lin Siyi couldn’t help but look down. Her heartbeat quickening and a blush slowly surfaced on the sides of her cheeks.

Just when she wanted to give an exclamation, her body was suddenly pushed backwards violently. Her butt was just about to make close contact with the ground when a pair of hands reached out in time to pull her up.

The force, however, seemed to be somewhat large, Lin Siyi’s sense of balance was out of control, and she pounced directly at Nan Xueqing.

Nan Xueqing originally just wanted to push away Lin Siyi who was on top of her, but didn’t think that the force was a bit too strong, hesitated and grabbed the other party.

Who would have thought that the other party would be so light and with a little bit of force, she pounced towards her again.

Fortunately, there was a wall behind her, and she was able to hold on with her hand facing backwards in time to avoid falling.


Lin Siyi’s lips had grazed the corner of the other party’s lips, and their cheeks directly and intimately touched. As if Nan Xueqing had been electrocuted, her entire body went numb1.

Lin Siyi clearly felt the female lead’s body stiffen, and then her head smashed right into the wall.

Without flinching, she then immediately jumped back to cover her head, ” Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were dull for a moment, then turned cold and piercing.

After Lin Siyi saw it, she blamed herself internally, “Don’t be angry, Xueqing, I’m just a little scared.”

Then she shrunk her head and pointed outside, “It seems like a ghost has entered my room.”

Nan Xueqing did not speak, went to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of milk.

Lin Siyi said, “Ah I don’t want to drink it. Thank you Xueqing, you’re so kind. You’re still thinking about if I’m thirsty at this time.”

Nan Xueqing’s hand holding the milk was a little confused, then she unscrewed the lid and drank most of it in one gulp, then put it back in the fridge.

Lin Siyi touched her nose, somewhat embarrassed, “Oh, it’s you who wants to drink it, so you like milk. I remember I have several bottles in the fridge, I’ll go get it for you.”

Lin Siyi was ready to walk out of the room when her foot suddenly stopped, remembering the sound of footsteps in the room, she pulled a smile, “I’d better get it for you tomorrow.”

With a few dry chuckles, said, “It’s not too late, why don’t we rest early.”

Nan Xueqing looked at her lightly, “Wearing this?”

Only then did Lin Siyi react to the impulse of running out before, only wrapped a towel, and was even more embarrassed.

Nan Xueqing lightly opened her wardrobe and gave her a pajama.

Lin Siyi suddenly recalled that the original novel had described a faint jasmine fragrance on the female lead’s body.

Thinking back to the previous intimate contact with the female lead, it seemed that she did have a very nice smell.

But it could be because the female lead had just taken a bath, and her body was mixed with the smell of the shower gel, so she couldn’t tell whether it was the jasmine fragrance or not.

Lin Siyi looked at the pajamas in her hands and wondered if the female lead’s clothes would have that fragrance on them. Thinking that, she couldn’t help but bring her nose closer.

“What are you doing?” The female lead’s voice suddenly rang out.

Only then did Lin Siyi react to what she was doing.

Gosh, she was smelling her clothes in front of the female lead. She wouldn’t think she was disgusted with the smell of her clothes, would she?

This is absolutely impossible!

“Don’t misunderstand, Nan Xueqing2.”

“What would I misunderstand?”

Nan Xueqing’s eyes were strange.

Lin Siyi was afraid that the female lead would misunderstand, “It’s not what you think!”

“Is it?”

“I’m definitely not complaining about your clothes, I just want to smell if there’s any of your smell on it.”

After saying it in one breath, Lin Siyi felt that this sentence seemed a bit strange.

Seeing the female lead take a step back without a sound, Lin Siyi felt that the other party was still misunderstanding her. She thought of explaining a few things, but Nan Xueqing’s light voice sounded faintly, “Go to bed.”

Lin Siyi, “…”

Actually, she can explain!


Although the curtains were pulled up, a slit was exposed, the moon quietly slipped in from it, giving the black room a hint of brightness.

Lin Siyi lay on the bed remembering the footsteps in her dorm, how could she not sleep. She looked at the female lead in the opposite bed. She couldn’t see the other’s face and didn’t know if she was asleep.

So she softly called out, “Xueqing, are you asleep?”

There was no response for a long time, and just when she thought the other party was asleep, the female lead’s voice slowly spoke up.

“There won’t be any ghosts anywhere in the academy, except for the Soul Crossing Courtyard, unless…”

“Unless what?” Lin Siyi picked up quickly.

“There are two situations where ghosts will temporarily appear.”

“What situations?”

Lin Siyi was full of curiosity, and although she had checked out the books, she wasn’t that good yet.

In a few hours, she devoured several large books in a single glance3.

“The newly dead and the ghosts of the Clean Soul Temple.”

“The newly dead?”

The ghosts of the Clean Soul Temple, Lin Siyi knew that being able to enter the Temple was proof that the ghost was not dangerous.

They first stayed in the Clean Soul Temple to remember everything about their lives and find their final knot or wish.

After that, they are led to complete it by a soul diversionist who specializes in them.

Usually, the ghosts at the Clean Soul Temple don’t appear alone, and are followed by a soul diversionist.

But there was nothing but footsteps in the corridor earlier, so this was unlikely.

“Those who have just died have not yet had time to be collected into the Soul Crossing Courtyard, so they will appear nearby.”

Nan Xueqing’s tone trailed off, then said, “You don’t have to worry, if it’s a ghost, it will be collected into the Soul Crossing Courtyard by tomorrow at the latest.”

“Is there a special person who will collect it?”

“There are special formations in the Soul Crossing Courtyard. Ordinary ghosts will automatically be attracted over, as for the ghosts with heavy grievances, someone will come to subdue them. The fact that you were able to escape unharmed from your room means that it was just an ordinary ghost, no need to worry.”

Being told by the female lead, Lin Siyi’s hanging heart was finally considerably relieved.

Not long after closing her eyes, she suddenly opened them again, “Xueqing, what kind of person do you think Zhang Hua is?”

As soon as she asked she got a little upset, would she be disturbing the others?

But the good thing was that the other party wasn’t asleep.

Nan Xueqing’s voice was very soft and came out slowly, “She and you, are not the same kind of people.”

Lin Siyi didn’t quite understand why the female lead said such a sentence, then suddenly got up. She had forgotten to return the money!

Immediately lifting the covers, then recalled that her bag was still in the dorm and hesitated. Her eyes falling on the woman across the room.

She crept out of the bed and slowly approached.

Nan Xueqing’s back was towards Lin Siyi. Her ears moved slightly, and when she heard a small sound, she turned over suddenly, and saw an enlarged face in front of her.

Her face was still cold and distant.

Lin Siyi, however, was so frightened by the other party’s unexpected turn that she fell to the ground.

Nan Xueqing lightly looked at her as if she was being scrutinized.

With a guilty conscience, Lin Siyi said, “Xue… Xueqing.”

“What more is it?”

The other party’s voice was low.

Lin Siyi immediately patted the dust on her butt and leaned in, trying to close the distance between the two.

Nan Xueqing, in contrast, got up and stayed away from her.

Lin Siyi, “…”

It seemed that I had no choice but to shameless and gave a smile, “Xueqing, I think I left something in the dormitory.”

“Is that so?”

“Of course, and it’s something very important!”

“Since it’s important, go get it.”

Lin Siyi is in a difficult situation, “It’s not that, I don’t know if that ghost has left my dormitory yet. It’s also scary at this time of night.”


Seeing that the female lead agreed, she immediately said, “Why don’t you come with me?”

Lin Siyi came close to begging, “Kind-hearted Xueqing, you will never refuse me, please, please, please, please.”

Nan Xueqing, “…”

Why does she feel like this person is getting more and more arrogant.

So the two people in pajamas arrived at the door of 604.

Lin Siyi gave the female lead a very bright smile.

Nan Xueqing did not move away from her sight.

Lin Siyi turned on the dormitory light, “Xueqing, thank you so much for being willing to accompany me to get my things in the middle of the night. I really love you to death!”

Lin Siyi picked up the bag on the chair, “Dear Xueqing, do you know which dormitory Zhang Hua lives in?”

Nan Xueqing was still in the midst of being surprised by the other party’s lack of words, and casually said, “602.”

“So we’re all on one floor, it would be nice if you’d accompany me on another trip!”


Nan Xueqing felt as if she had been tricked.


Lin Siyi was sprawled on the floor by the door of the 602, trying to see if there were any lights inside, so she wouldn’t be able to disturb them if they were all asleep.

Nan Xueqing silently stood beside her, watching the other party’s butt out. Buttocks peeped into the other person’s bedroom, and remembered seeing the other person’s behavior before, which was exactly the same and had a strange feeling in her heart4.

Just as Lin Siyi gave up, the door in front of her suddenly opened .

“I’m off!”

The person who opened the door with the garbage in her hands was shocked. Just when she was ready to scold, she saw Nan Xueqing in front of her and her tone eased down, “Xueqing? Shouldn’t you be asleep at this hour? Is there something you want to see me about?”

Nanzi was completely unaware that the other party would appear in front of her dormitory at this hour.

Nan Xueqing didn’t say anything, her eyes fell on Lin Siyi who was still maintaining her bent over and butt out posture.

Nanzi followed her gaze and was once again frightened, “Lin Siyi, what are you doing here!”

Nanzi, the original female lead’s loyal fan girl, who wholeheartedly protects her against the vicious villain Lin Siyi.

Every time they meet, they can’t avoid a verbal fight.

So Lin Siyi directly and cleverly scampered into the other’s dormitory to avoid wasting time, dropping the sentence, “I’m looking for Zhang Hua.”

“Zhang Hua.”

Zhang Hua who was sitting in front of the desk seemed to have just heard the noise and turned around to look at her with a stiff body.

Lin Siyi was afraid that the female lead would go back by herself after waiting for a long time or come in and see the sinful money and misunderstand her. Then it would be very troublesome to explain.

Taking out the wad of money from the bag and placing it on the other’s desk, “This is to pay you back. Don’t ever listen to Jiang Chun and the others again. If they threaten you just talk to me or tell the class teacher, no matter what, don’t be afraid!”

Symbolically, she wanted to pat Zhang Hua’s shoulder to encourage her, but the other party dodged and somewhat awkwardly withdrew her hand, saying, “I’ll be leaving first then, you remember my words ah.”

Once Lin Siyi ran out, she saw that Nanzi was communicating with the female lead.

Seeing Lin Siyi’s momentarily odd face, her tone was very unfriendly, “What did you do in there? I’m telling you, don’t you dare try to bully Zhang Hua again, beware I will talk to the class teacher!”

“Don’t worry I will never bully her.”

Lin Siyi immediately pulled up the female lead’s hand and left. “It’s late. Let’s go back to bed quickly.”

Rubbish. Nanzi was so hateful towards the original Lin Siyi, she didn’t know how many bad words she had said about her to the female lead just now. How could she not leave quickly.

Nanzi looked at the two of them, full of worry. What kind of nerves does Lin Siyi have that she suddenly changed her personality? Or is there some kind of conspiracy brewing?

1 Would you consider this a kiss??
2 Psshh. As if it’s a mistake~~
3 Does this mean that the MC is actually really smart?? Book-wise of course.
4 I’m sorry, but it’s called disappointment. Apparently you’re not the only person she does this with. ╮(╯^╰)╭

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