My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 16 – Spring

Shu Tang scratched the ground with her hoof, silently expressing her dissatisfaction.

A name like Huahua is so stupid…

Because of her slight size, Fuyu hadn’t held her for a little over half a month, and Shu Tang wasn’t in a position to mention such things to her master, so she could only endure this loneliness of not being held. When she saw her master lift her feet and left after casting the illusion spell, she quickly lifted her hoof to follow her.

They walked for a full fifteen minutes before they saw a big man running on the road with a big package in his arms. After seeing Fuyu and the pig at her feet, he was first stunned, then took the initiative and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Fuyu is dressed in a fairy silk dress, her appearance is ordinary, but her demeanor is extraordinary. And although Shu Tang is a little pig, she is pink, delicate, cute and delightful. With this kind of dress and demeanor, one can tell that she is not from the demon world just by looking at her. Fuyu didn’t conceal it, and directly said, “Came and seek the Spiritual Spring of Fire.”

Among the five elements, jade was born in stone, stone was earth, and the mother of earth was fire. Therefore, in this world, this Spring of Fire in the Demon Realm was the place where the fire attribute was the most prevalent. It was overbearing and could completely suppress jade pendants that had been tainted with the Qi of the True God, which was very beneficial to Shu Tang’s cultivation.

This is because Shu Tang has just entered the first realm and her True Qi is not stable enough, which is why she is completely controlled by the pendant. If Shu Tang cultivates in the Spring of Fire for a period of time, she will not only improve her cultivation, but also regain her authority.

However, the Spring of Fire was not something that could be found casually. The spring does not have a fixed location but appears once every ten years in the demon realm, and the dense energy of the spring is self-shaped formation. Only by breaking the formation, can one enter the spring.

According to legend, the formation of the Spring of Fire is made from the seventy-two great formations in the world, and it evolves on its own. Those who can break the formation will certainly become immortal in the future. Therefore, in addition to immortals from all walks of life who practiced fire spells, there were also many other spiritual roots of other attributes who joined in the fun, wanting to see if they had a chance to become immortal.

Although this Spring of Fire was not easy to enter, there were quite a few people who had successfully entered the cultivation for thousands of years. Of these people, only a small portion of them became immortal, and most of them either fell or gave up halfway through their efforts.

However, the big man with a bearded face actually immediately looked surprised when he heard her finish, “What are you guys going there for?!”

Fuyu faintly said, “Cultivate.”

As the two of them were talking, Shu Tang struggled to look up, then she looked down to see the big man’s exposed calves, and couldn’t help but slander in her heart – how could this man’s leg hair be so long…

The long-haired man was busy persuading, “The Spring of Fire has not been peaceful in recent decades. If you two have come to seek it, you might as well go back before it’s too late.”

His words didn’t sound good, but the words were for their benefit. Fuyu’s reaction was slow, but she still understood, “No problem, thank you.”

The big man, however, thought that she was arrogant, so he added, “The reason this realm has become like this is because of that Spring of Fire. Moreover, the treasures in the spring have already been taken out, so it’s useless for you to go searching for them.”

Treasures? As soon as Shu Tang heard these words, her ears fanned out and she began to listen carefully.

“I have no interest in the treasures, just searching for the spring,” Fuyu’s eyebrows furrowed, “What happened to the Spring of Fire?”

Seeing that she didn’t know about the Spring of Fire, the big man was stunned, before saying, “More than sixty years ago, it was rumored that there was a supreme treasure in the spring, and that one could gain eternal immortality with this treasure. Thus causing a war in the demon world to seize this treasure. Later on, I heard that someone got the treasure and ran away, and the Spring of Fire began to become strange, appearing everywhere. And every time it goes to a place, that place becomes devoid of grass and the living things die out.”

Shu Tang shivered at his words and lifted all four hooves together, immediately hanging on to her master.

She felt as if the ground suddenly took on a trace of darkness as she listened to him finish.

Fuyu’s lips pursed, slightly struggling to hold Shu Tang away from herself. Not moving to tidy up the dress that was nearly tugged down.

Shutang: “……”

Pigs just have a bad memory when they get old and accidentally forget their weight problems…

The little pig resigned herself to standing on the ground. Her four hooves as far off the ground as possible, looking sad. The big man said a few more words to Fuyu and hurriedly left.

Only when he was gone did Fuyu glanced at it and said, “After you go to the Spring of Fire Spirit to cultivate and stabilize your cultivation, I’ll take you to the barbaric wilderness to mend your spiritual roots.”

When she said this, Shu Tang still stood unhappily. Lacking any reaction.

When Fuyu saw it like this, she could only mention more, “When your spiritual roots are repaired, in less than half a month, you will be able to transform into a human.”

Transform into a human?!

Shu Tang’s two black pearl-like eyes whirled in a circle, bending the corners of her mouth happily.

This way, soon she would be able to get along with her master in human form! Don’t know if she will look the same as she once did, or will she take on a new appearance?

Wait, a new look? Her smile suddenly froze, and suddenly she thought of the Pig Bajie in the Journey to the West1… Shu Tang’s pig body shook. She didn’t want to turn into a monster with a human pig face ah!

Think of that situation – Master’s graceful posture and beside her stands a big waist, fat-headed female apprentice…

The picture was so beautiful, she would rather die than think about it!

Fuyu thought that the disciple would be happy to know about it, but it looked even more tragic than before.

The Shangxian declared that the disciple was getting older and she could no longer understand it.

Even though that long-haired man had advised them not to go to the Spring of Fire, Fuyu still took the pig and rushed there. Shu Tang was a little worried about her master’s health, but seeing that her face was rosy and didn’t look like she was sick, she had no choice but to go along with her.

However, that Spiritual Spring of Fire was said to be so evil by the long-haired man, even if they went there, they must not be able to cultivate, right?

Thinking like this, they had arrived at a clearing.

There was no other living creature within a mile radius, except for the master and the disciples. Before entering the clearing, Shu Tang felt the cold ground piercing her bones with every step she took. In the end, her master carried her in, but as soon as she entered the clearing, she was greeted by a burst of heat.

In order not to turn herself into a roasted suckling pig, Shu Tang shamelessly grabbed her master’s arm, and refused to go by herself.

Fuyu had no choice but to carry her and walk forward step by step.

But even so, Shu Tang still felt like her pig’s hair was going to be burned out of its rolls. Fortunately, the place they were going to was not far away, and within a few steps, she saw a spring that emitted qi.

Presumably, this was the Spiritual Spring of Fire.

As an Upper Immortal, Master’s cultivation was not shallow, so naturally she could easily find the spring, and the formation should not be difficult to solve.

As she had expected, this formation that had been said to be extremely mysterious had been cracked open by the rise and fall of her master’s plain hands. However, none of them had expected that the moment the formation was unraveled, an extremely powerful energy of fire would suddenly surge out. Even though Fuyu reacted quickly to cover her disciple with the barrier, it still burned all of its pig hair black.

Shu Tang silently shook her body, and the pig hairs turned into black ash and fell on her master’s white jade clothes.

Looking at these fallen hairs, Shu Tang thought…

That’s a really good way to remove hair.

1 Pig Bajie in the Journey to the West 

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