My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 33

The Soul Returning Pill is made from the souls and bones of beasts in the wasteland, the failure rate is extremely high, and the requirements for the timing, geographical location, and person are extremely demanding. It is difficult for even the most powerful people to make it. Shu Tang couldn’t understand how this Soul Returning Pill fell into Qing Senyang’s hands.

Looking at the smiling Miao Jinghan, she vaguely felt that the cook was in the hands of the kitten and was probably just a pawn used as a cover.

It’s hard to draw the bones of a dragon or a tiger, and it’s hard to know the face of a person without knowing the heart. Not long ago, the little cat was a cute, meowing creature in her heart, and in the blink of an eye, the little cat has become a confusing demon immortal.

After saying what she should have said, Miao Jinghan smiled mischievously at Shu Tang and walked back to her seat with light steps.

Just… I had to admit, even though Miao Jinghan’s identity was already known, her face still had a certain lethal power.

The troubled Shu Tang only turned her head to stop looking at her and instead went to look at the city lord on the high seat.

The moment Miao Jinghan took her seat, Lie You revealed a dazed appearance and apologized, “The three of you came to visit and I was momentarily distracted, but I forgot to let you guys sit down and rest first.” As he said that, he raised his wide sleeve and two maidservants with black veils suddenly appeared behind Shu Tang, startling her.

Seeing the maidservants appear, he continued, “The three of you, please take your seats, the palace has prepared tea for you. If you don’t mind, please enjoy some.”

Although Shu Tang’s cultivation was not high, she is usually sensitive to others’ approaches. However, these two maidservants appeared quietly and were completely insensitive. Moreover, looking at the surprised expressions of Qi Yan and Zhu Caitong, they must have also not been aware.

This City Lord’s Palace, as well as the City Lord, was odd in every way. Shu Tang kept reminding herself in her heart to be extra cautious, and at the same time, Fuyu also told her with her consciousness, “Be careful.”

Shu Tang responded to her master and stepped up the steps towards the seats placed side by side. As soon as she sat down, one of the maidservants immediately placed a teacup at her side and then disappeared from the spot.

These seats were not ordinary wooden chairs but carved from a single piece of cold jade. When she first sat down, she didn’t feel anything, but after a while, she only felt the cold invading her body, even if she used her true qi to protect her.

Realizing that her disciple was not in the right condition, the spiritual consciousness in the jade pendant quietly cast a spell in the body, transferring the immortal power to Shu Tang silently to protect her body.

The only issue is that Shu Tang has the help of her master, but Qi Yan has no one to help her. As soon as she sat down, her face turned pale, and her lips, which were already bloodless, turned even whiter. In the meantime, Zhu Caitong was about to pull her up, but then she heard City Lord Lie You say, “It seems that this white-clothed girl is the one who needs the Soul Returning Pill.”

Miao Jinghan looked towards Qi Yan as he spoke with a smile on her face, not knowing what was on her mind.

Zhu Caitong was worried about Qi Yan’s health and didn’t want to talk nonsense with him, so she pulled Qi Yan to stand up directly and her voice lost its coquettishness, “If the city lord only wants to know which one is not well, just ask us verbally, why do you need to use this kind of method?”

Lie You was stunned for a moment and slowly said, “I didn’t mean to offend you, Miss, there’s no need to rush. The tea I prepared for you just now is to ward off the cold poison. After you have had your tea, we will settle down for a long talk.”

They drank their tea doubtfully, but Shu Tang didn’t move, and suddenly had a flashback – the City Master said that there were many people who had solved the riddle, so why didn’t the others succeed in the task, and why didn’t they know that the real person behind it was Qing Senyang? Why are they the only ones who get to see Miao Jinghan?

From the very beginning, this matter was probably a set-up.

The reason why those people didn’t succeed in their quests is because they were waiting for them to come to…. In other words, the cogs of this matter started running the moment they entered the barbaric wasteland.

Shu Tang remained silent, sitting on the cold jade chair, quietly waiting for the rest of the story.

After drinking the tea, Qi Yan’s body was indeed much better, and her complexion also recovered a bit. Lie You said some polite words again, but Shu Tang felt bored and simply hung her head to look at her master.

This city lord was obviously not a simple person, but he was like an elegant and wooden scholar. While pondering, Shu Tang looked at the body of the jade pendant with a gaping hole, her mind wandering beyond the sky.


Suddenly, Shu Tang’s body shook, clearly feeling a power invading the spiritual foundation. This power was not tangible, but it was as slippery as a poisonous snake, and everywhere it passed by there was a painful itch. The foundation instinctively repelled the external entities, but the power easily bypassed the obstacle and peered into the depths.

This kind of visitation brought her a strong sense of crisis, Shu Tang wanted to look up to see who was doing this, but found that her body could not move. Almost all of her senses had gone out of service, except for the pain and itchy feeling on her spiritual foundation.

Shu Tang quickly reacted, busy calling out to her master with her consciousness, but she did not receive any response.

It seems that her consciousness was also sealed together, and her master did not feel the intrusion of this power… Shu Tang did not have enough time to think about it, and used all her strength to push her body’s true qi and transferred it all to her right hand, and with all her strength, she actually broke through the constraints of her right hand.

The moment the right hand was freed, Shu Tang clearly felt the power stagnation, taking this opportunity, she busy forcefully grasped the body of the master, at the same time in her heart called out to her.

Master…. Master!

Silky coldness lingered around Shu Tang’s fingertips and wondered if it was her illusion that the jade pendant seemed to tremble as she gripped it for a moment. Unfortunately, Shu Tang was incapable of thinking about this, and only held onto her master’s original body with one strong grip until a voice entered her consciousness – “Let go of your master, she’s gone.”

Shu Tang: “……”

……Oh my God! What is she doing!

The invading force in her spiritual foundation had left, and her own body had regained consciousness. Without the fine beads of sweat on her forehead and the cold feeling of holding her master, Shu Tang almost thought that it was just a dream.

However, she knew it wasn’t a dream…

Of course, this isn’t a dream! How can this be a dream! She’s literally holding her master in her hands!

Dà! Nì! Bù! Dào!1 These four words are simply a reflection of her!

Shu Tang trembled with her small white hands and slowly released the jade pendant.

Master’s original body was obviously a cold jade, but Shu Tang found that her hand was already damp with sweat.

Sinful, ah… she actually just touched her master’s body just now…

With a strong sense of condemnation, Shu Tang lifted her head with a sad face, pretending to listen to Lie You and Miao Jinghan talk. But in reality, she didn’t have half a mind at this point to figure out who she was actually being scrutinized by. With her mind full of – she had just thoroughly groped her Master up and down, left and right! Everywhere!

So should she, should she be responsible?

Shu Tang almost jumped up and slapped herself on the spot after thinking of this fiercely.

Shu Xiao Tang! You’re thinking too much, okay!? It’s a good thing Master didn’t throw you back into the pigsty! You’re the one to blame!

A tired Shu Tang swept her eyes over the jade pendant with her remaining attention, pretending to be serious, and finally began to seriously listen to what Miao Jinghan said, “You are sincerely seeking this Soul Returning Pill, and the holder is inconvenient to show his face, so since I promised to help him with this matter, I won’t be randomly picking people to complete the task like this.”

She looked at the serious Shu Tang and added with a smile, “If it was just some shrimps soldiers, I would never hand over the task to them, so you need to show proof of ability that you can complete the task.”

Zhu Caitong’s pills were rare treasures in the Three Realms, and as long as they could establish a relationship with her, the strong were willing to work for her for free. However, it was still a bit difficult for Zhu Caitong to really let her prove her strength. Shu Tang watched the current situation, and after intentionally or accidentally glancing at Lie You on the high seat, she spoke, “Zhu Caitong is a great master at making pills, and has made friends with all kinds of powerful people in the Immortal, Human, and Demon Realms, so if she needs help, these people will definitely not turn her down.” After a pause, she added, “Moreover, I am a disciple of the Great Fuyu Shangxian, so I’m sure I can help her a bit. I wonder if what I’ve said can prove its strength?”

“Naturally, it can be proven, it’s not like I’m going to let you guys fight me,” Miao Jinghan smiled slightly, “You guys together can’t beat me anyway.”

Shu Tang: “…” The delicate little cat demon she had seen earlier, was it really this arrogant person in front of her?

Qi Yan clenched her right fist and looked at Miao Jinghan clamly. When the situation was awkward, Lie You suddenly said, “There was no shortage of strong people who came earlier, but really, no one was indeed more respected than the Great Fuyu Shangxian.” He spoke with a faint smile throughout, “I didn’t expect that Miss would become a disciple of Fuyu Shangxian at such a young age.”

There was something in his words, and Shu Tang met his eyes, suspecting that the person who had invaded her body just now was this elusive city lord.

Fuyu was silent in her original body and didn’t tell Shu Tang – he was the owner of that power.

Shu Tang pondered a little and said, “It’s just that it is fated with Master.”

“Fated indeed,” Lie You somehow smiled more and more gently at Shu Tang, “Since Miss Miao is also fine with it, this task will be given to you.”

As soon as his voice fell, a veiled maidservant appeared out of nowhere in front of Shu Tang, holding a wooden box with a carefully rolled up paper scroll in her hand.

When the maid handed her the wooden box, she was stunned and turned her head to look at Zhu Caitong.

Obviously, Zhu Caitong was the one who actually received the task, but this maidservant handed the paper with the task written on it to her…

What does that mean?

Shu Tang looked at the still smiling City Lord and said faintly to the maidservant, “I am illiterate and unable to read this content for Sister Zhu, and I would like to trouble the girl to give it to her personally.”

Lie You laughed out lightly on his high seat, then took the glass and drank it all with his eyes closed. In the meantime, Zhu Caitong received the paper and opened it to read, “Qing Senyang’s ambition is so great, if we help him, we will be aiding and abetting the enemy.”

“Take it or leave it, you can decide for yourself.” Miao Jinghan smiled.

The refinement of something like the Soul Returning Pill all depended on fate and strength. Even someone of Fuyu’s strength would find it difficult to control the timing and location to refine a Soul Returning Pill. To Zhu Caitong, not only did Qi Yan save her from danger several times, she was also the one person in her life that she couldn’t live without. Once there was a way to cure Qi Yan, she couldn’t miss it no matter what.

However, this person, Qing Senyang, relying on his possession of the Soul Returning Pill, had such great ambitions that he not only wanted them to find a way to seize the power of the three Elders, but also to take the position of the head within a year. To be honest, it seems that this task is not very difficult. For a few of them, it is difficult to betray their conscience.

Shu Tang glanced at the contents of the paper and couldn’t help but recall the moments she had spent with Qing Senyang. The first time she met Qing Senyang, he had behaved attentively, eager to be instructed by the Shangxian, after that, he had cooked all kinds of delicious food for her and tried to impress her, which was how he was able to get Master involved in their affairs of the Qing Rong Sect. Later on, Master always prepared her meals herself, no longer needing him to cook, his attitude towards her was still friendly, but a little more intense and intentional.

Now that she thought about it, Qing Senyang’s ambition should have been obvious from the first meeting, his thirst for power was too obvious. Moreover, since he and Miao Jinghan had already become acquainted, it meant that he had something to do with the eight people who had died in succession in Qing Rong City earlier.

The three elders didn’t have many disciples, so why would Miao Jinghan kill so many of their direct disciples? How could she kill because these people had a grudge against her? In this, there must be Qing Senyang who is acting.

This kind of person who can indirectly kill the disciples, she never even suspected him when she was in the Immortal Realm …… Shu Tang’s heart was cold, does this mean that she does not know how to read people?

Master’s EQ is low, so it’s just that she can’t see it. However, she has a higher EQ than Master, so how can she not notice anything wrong with the relationship?

Zhu Caitong stared at the paper in her hand, unable to make up her mind. On the one hand, if Qi Yan’s illness dragged on, she feared for her life, on the other hand, although she was a demon, it was difficult for her to accept such a vicious task.

The three elders had been cultivating immortality for decades, and this power was their life’s work. All their bodies depended on it. If they lost their power, they might not last more than three days before they died of weakness.

If they were really cornered, Zhu Caitong could have killed for the sake of Qi Yan. However, right now Shu Tang and Fuyu were both here, with her old friend by her side, how could she rashly take on this mission?

Since she was going to kill someone, she might as well just kill Qing Senyang and take the Soul Returning Pill from him.

Seemingly understanding her thoughts, Miao Jinghan suddenly said, “Qing Senyang hid the Soul Returning Pill early in the morning, so you still can’t get the Soul Returning Pill if you just kill him.”

“What do you mean by that?” Qi Yan’s gaze was stern.

“It means nothing, just a reminder to you.” Miao Jinghan, tired of sitting, simply curled up and nestled into the chair, “But I did think of a solution.”

Shu Tang shifted her gaze to her and waited for her to continue, but unexpectedly, the other party suddenly changed back into the form of a cat and scampered onto her lap like lightning.

Fearing that the little cat would touch Master’s original body, Shu Tang gently covered the jade pendant with her hand. The kitten swept a glance at it, wagging its tail and whiskers, “If you don’t want to help him do something, then do something for me. In this world, besides him knowing the location of the Soul Returning Pill, there’s also me. Shu Tang, all I need is for you to kill Qing Senyang with your own hands, and as long as you do it, the Soul Returning Pill is yours.” Its long tail slowly raked Shu Tang’s calf, “Are you willing to take on this task?”

1 “Dà! Nì! Bù! Dào!” or “大 逆 不 道” is the pinyin that refers to behaviors that do not conform to certain concepts and moral standards

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