My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 9 – Planning

Fuyu’s expression remained unchanged after hearing this, but Shu Tang was stunned on the spot, something in her head instantly thought clearly.

No wonder her master suddenly went to the city where Qing Rong Sect was located, it was to help Qing Senyang. As for why she wanted to help him, Shu Tang originally couldn’t think of it, but now it was clear – Qing Senyang obviously got his help, because she liked the food he cooked, so her master thought highly of him.

If Qing Senyang did not say anything, Shu Tang would have never thought that the key to the problem was herself.

However, Master was obviously unwilling to help, even if she took the initiative to beg her, she would not help. With this thought, she let go and continued to concentrate on watching the show.

Qing Senyang looked at Fuyu with a subtle expression of urgency, she looked at him for a moment and said softly, “If my disciple agrees to help you, I will promise you.”

Shu Tang who originally wanted to watch the fun: “……..”

Why! Why would the Master say that? She just wants to be a quiet little piggy, she doesn’t want to get involved!

Only then again, if the Qing Rong Sect wasn’t really in a big trouble, it wouldn’t be necessary to recall Qing Senyang. Furthermore, she was very interested in that flickering figure in her heart, and since Master had said so, she might as well hear what it was before making a decision.

So, Shu Tang looked at Qing Senyang with resentment and said, “Hmph-huh-huh,” while using both front hooves to reach the teapot on the table.

Except for Qing Senyang and Fuyu, everyone present was horrified. Although they already knew that there was a little pig in the bosom of Shangxian, but in their eyes, this mysterious Shangxian disciple was still a doll’s appearance. And now this kind of humming was really a shock to them.

But Qing Senyang smiled, his eyebrows curved as he leaned in close and asked, “Are you saying yes or no?”

Shu Tang calmed down and was placed on the table by her master and wrote the words with tea – “Listen to what happened first”.

Looking at these four words, Fuyu pondered and asked for it, “Tell me first, what happened to Qing Rong first.”

The three elders all looked at the doll in her arms in amazement, as if they hadn’t expected Shangxian’s apprentice to turn the situation around. Qing Senyang, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief and told the whole story in full.

Half a month ago, the Qing Rong Sect was still peaceful, with the disciples concentrating on cultivation and the elders closing in to break the border. However, about two weeks ago, a disciple suddenly died in Qing Rong Sect. This person died in a horrific manner, with a hole that had been gouged out of his chest, his outermost clothes were torn to shreds, his whole body was bathed in blood, and when he was discovered, his eyes were wide open and the blood on his face had not yet completely hardened.

When the news reached the head of the sect, he immediately ordered the inner steward and the chief disciple to investigate.

The same death, the same culprit, was killed on the same day. In just three days, Qing Rong Sect lost three disciples, and all three of them were inner disciples. One of them was the personal disciple of the Third Elder.

The matter grew bigger and bigger, the head of the sect was furious and personally intervened to investigate, however, the murderer only rested for two days, and on the third day, this person even killed two people in a row – two personal disciples of the elders!

The disciples taught by the three elders were no more than twelve in total, and three deaths in just a few days was not a big blow. Qing Rong Sect had focused on cultivation all these years, rarely inquiring about world affairs, and even less so with enemies. Such a vicious murderous tactic is not something our disciples would use.

As such, the people investigating the murders all couldn’t find any clues. If it was an enemy seeking revenge, looking at the Three Realms, there were only two other Immortal Sects that they had offended. However, they were both Immortal Sects, how could they use such dirty tricks?

For an immortal sect to grow, the most important thing was the secret books and techniques that existed in the sect. The second was the disciples that had been elected over the years. Even if it was a competition between the sects, the other party would never harm them by compromising their disciples.

When Shu Tang heard this, she inexplicably thought of the three worlds that had disappeared. Yin and yang, good and evil, were inherently mutually exclusive, this and that, could it be… But what Qing Senyang said next made her instantly dispel this thought.

Because of the sudden death of five disciples within the sect, rumors were born, and the entire Qing Rong Sect was thrown into a panic. The head of the sect could not even catch the perpetrator, and even more so, the rumors and gossip filled the whole city.

It was thought that this could temporarily delay the occurrence of murders, but we failed to anticipate that although there were no more deaths in the Qing Rong faction this time, three people died one after another in Qing Rong City, with the same appearance as before.

The death of these three people was not important in Qing Rong City, but their deaths quickly brought panic to the city. The people were on edge, and Qing Rong Sect had to spread patrols from the sect to the city after a discussion. Even so, the people in the city still complained more about them as immortal cultivators, saying that they had messed with the wrong people, and that was why the people would get involved.

For a while, the Qing Rong Sect only had enough manpower to patrol the city, and no longer had any extra manpower to investigate the murders.

Fortunately, there was no further chaos in the next few days, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. However, it was still difficult to find the murderer. The murderer was extremely careful, leaving no traces or clues, and even someone like the Headmaster, who was at the level of a loose immortal, could not feel the person’s breath. The Master had no choice but to leave the matter in peace, burying his disciples and the people who had died in vain, and paying a generous compensation to his family.

This calmness lasted until three days ago, when the Master and the three elders received the news that the first person with magical power among the people entering and exiting the city gates after noon tomorrow was the murderer, and if they wanted to catch him, that would be the best time.

Since the Qing Rong Sect didn’t communicate much with the outside world, few immortals from outside entered the city, so it wasn’t difficult to investigate. All the disciples of the sect were waiting at the city gate before noon, waiting for the murderer to come to them.

After that, there was the encounter between Fuyu and Shu Tang.

At that time, because Hu Qiu had sent out a flare, the Sect Leader, the Elders and most of the disciples rushed to the city gate, but when they returned to the sect, they received news of the theft inside the sect.

It was possible that someone had made a false report and took advantage of the situation to steal the items; it was also possible that it was part of the murderer’s plan and that everything he had done was to steal the items.

When Fuyu asked what it was, Qing Senyang paused and still said it out, “It’s the three secret books of our sect’s, and a copy of our sect’s secret journal. These were originally kept by the Sect Leader, and it was only when the Sect Leader left that day that the man was given the opportunity to steal them.”

This was no small matter, the secret book was the foundation of a sect and losing it was losing the foundation upon which a sect was built. The secret book, however, was a record of the major events of the Qing Rong Sect over the past thousands of years. And since it could be called a secret book, it must have contained many things that were not very honorable and things that could not be revealed, and if it were to be circulated to the world, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Qing Senyang finished the matter and sighed, “I know that I shouldn’t have come to disturb the Shangxian, but the Qing Rong Sect has no close friends and at this time, without the secret book and the loss of three strong disciples, there is no one to help. I was fortunate enough to get to know you and your disciple, so I was desperate and came looking for you…” After a pause, he added, “So, could you let me invite you to be your guest for a few days? If you come, you will definitely be able to stabilize the people’s hearts.”

His words were earnest and there were no reservations in the telling of things, Fuyu hung her eyes for a moment to consider, and asked, “What techniques are recorded in that secret book?”

Grand Elder Dai Qing Senyang replied, “One is a secret book for cultivating the heart, and two are secret books of spells that can withstand immortal arts. Both are the supreme techniques of our sect.”

Shu Tang tilted her head in thought and wrote on the table – “The murderer is hard to find, Master does not need to embarrass herself.”

Although she thought the same, her disciple seemed to be interested in the matter. Fuyu’s brain has always been slow to think about such things that do not interest her and she couldn’t figure it out for a while, so she pondered for a while and simply took her disciple back to the sect with them. The dead disciple had been buried in a mausoleum and couldn’t be examined anymore. The fact that she couldn’t find any clues by herself, she didn’t really intend to find the murderer, but she stayed in the sect temporarily to protect the disciples from further loss.

Shu Tang thought, anyway, she didn’t agree to investigate the murders, and now Master is not too serious.

When it was time to deliver the food, Qing Senyang said to Fuyu, “We won’t make it difficult for the Shangxian to find the murderer, but we hope that you can protect the peace of our sect so that we can have more manpower to find the clues.”

The words were very much in Fuyu’s heart, when she really lived in peace and quiet.

However, although Qing Senyang explained to the elders, Fuyu stayed here for two days, but did not move at all. On the third day, the great elder couldn’t help but came forward and asked, “What do you plan to do?”

What could Fuyu have planned? She’s an Immortal, not a constable at the human court to solve cases. If she called in Nan Tan, the matter could still be turned around, but the Immortal Realm is so busy that Nan Tan wouldn’t have the time to meddle in human affairs. As Qing Senyang said, she came here just to protect the peace of the Qing Rong Sect, not to solve the case.

Thus, she calmly said, “There are no plans.”

Shu Tang was drinking water at the table at the time, and when she heard this. She stumbled and almost overturned the water bowl.

Her master had obviously brought with her the advanced skill of “making enemies everywhere”.

Sure enough, the elder’s face changed instantly, and only after a long while did he say, “Do you have any suspects?”

No – after Shu Tang answered for her master in her heart, she heard Fuyu say, “No.”

She really knew her master too well….

The eldest left angrily, Fuyu laughed for no reason, and looked at Shu Tang in a daze. After a while, the Immortal got up and picked up the little piggy that had grown a little bigger. Weighed it up, and said helplessly, “I won’t be able to give you any more of that disciple’s food, look, you’ve gained a lot of weight.”

Shu Tang instantly forgot that inexplicable laugh and immediately shook her limbs in protest.

She wasn’t gaining weight! She’s obviously growing!

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