My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 8 – Disrespectful

Shu Tang always thought that her master was a slow-reacting person, but the moment the disciple made a move, her master was the first to raise her long, cascading sleeves and set up a defensive boundary for her in her arms.

In that instant, Shu Tang felt that her master was two meters tall.

The disciple didn’t want to hurt the child in her arms, so he didn’t use any force just now, but when his hand touched the boundary, he was still subjected to a strong reaction and vomited a mouthful of blood.

A single boundary could be so strong, how powerful would I be to make a move?

“This person’s magic power is mighty and should not be underestimated, everyone be careful!” When he finished shouting, the crowd of disciples gathered behind him had set up a sword formation, ready to attack Fuyu at any moment.

Knowing that these immortal mortal disciples couldn’t hurt Master, Shu Tang still grabbed Fuyu’s arm worriedly. Sensing its uneasiness, Fuyu patted its head reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t put them in my eyes.”

Saying that, the capricious Fuyu Shangxian lifted her feet and walked away, actually ignoring the people who were setting up the battle.

She wanted to leave, but how could these people let her go? The leading disciple shouted, “The demon can’t leave! Quickly follow us back to the Qing Rong Sect for trial!” Immediately, he raised the sword, gathered the qi formed by the sword formation and screamed, turning it into a fire dragon and struck straight away.

Fuyu faintly swept a glance at them, allowing the whirling fire dragon to pounce on her without making a single move. But Shu Tang in her arms looked at this terrifying fire dragon and had already brought a small heart to her throat.

Master, your ancestors! You were pretty quick to react, now why aren’t you ducking!

Unexpectedly, although the fire dragon’s momentum was fierce and strong, it only touched Fuyu’s clothes and turned into nothing in a split second.

There was still the heat left by the fire dragon in the air and the leading disciple seemed stunned. He turned to attack again but was unable to use half of his meridians were sealed all over his body by Fuyu’s unexpected attack.

“You demon…” Before he finished his sentence, Fuyu had already spoken, “I wanted to go to the Qing Rong Sect to see what happened. Since you are still in the mood to catch the demon at the gate of the city, there must be no big problem. I’ll take my leave.”

After saying that, she hugged the still nervous Shu Tang and turned to leave.

The blue-faced disciple finally heard something wrong and busily stepped forward to stop her, “May I ask who you are?”

Huh? I’ll scare you to death if you say my master’s name! Shu Tang waved her hoof, thinking angrily.

However, Fuyu didn’t say anything, only glanced back at him and in the next second, she had disappeared.

Wondering if she was mistaken, Shu Tang felt that the moment they left something had broken into the gates and was undetected by anyone.

Rubbing her nose, she began to take stock of the new place she had arrived.

Where she was now, should be a mountain top not far from the city gate. Looking around, there were clouds and mist floating between the sky and the earth and underneath the clouds was the city that she hadn’t been able to enter.

But what were they doing in Qing Rong Sect?

Shu Tang placed her soft chin on her master’s arm and gazed at the city with eyes that glazed over. Suddenly, a flash of thought came to her mind, and she thought of what her master had said before she left the Immortal Realm.

Wasn’t that little cook who cooked particularly well, from the Qing Rong Sect!

I didn’t expect that my master would be so kind-hearted! Coming to the mortal world for a rare visit and still concerned about him. It’s just that her good intentions have been taken for an ass’s liver and lungs, and the disciples of the Qing Rong Sect are really unsightly. Arresting people for no reason at all.

If they had been kind enough to discuss the matter, I’m sure Master would have gone with them. However, when they came here, they used forceful tactics and Master is a soft-spoken person, which led to the unpleasantness later.

On the other hand, they didn’t ask their names or where they came from as if they knew they would come… Could there be some misunderstanding?

Thinking of the imaginary shadow she had seen when she left, Shu Tang was busy patting Fuyu’s arm.

“What’s wrong?” Fuyu looked down at it, saw that it kept whining and asked, “You have something to say?”

Shu Tang busily nodded her head and after being placed on the ground, she immediately wrote on the dirt – “There is a misunderstanding in Qing Rong Sect”.

“Misunderstandings are misunderstandings, the trouble that the Qing Rong Sect has caused themselves. They can just solve it themselves.” Fuyu faintly said.

Shu Tang was stunned, then thought of Master’s temperament, so she had to give up trying to persuade her to go back. To be honest, what Master said was not unreasonable, they had nothing to do with the matter, so why should they take care of their troubles themselves.

Master is not superhuman, she is not responsible for saving mankind. If you want to do it, do it, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it, it’s as simple as that.

So, Shu Tang happily followed Master to another city to eat, drink, and stroll around.

Unfortunately, such a day only lasted for one day. The next morning, when Shu Tang was stealing cakes from the table, she heard a loud noise outside the inn. After gulping down the pastries, she ran to push her master, who was taking a rest, out of the way.

Fuyu had already heard the voices outside, but she had no intention of paying attention to it, so she didn’t listen to what they were saying. It was only after being pushed by her apprentice that she took her immortal energy back to her dantian to feel what was happening outside.

There were quite a few people here, and they were all immortal cultivators, three of them had already touched the threshold of the third realm, and they thought they could break through to Immortal Ascension after another hundred years or so of cultivation.

They actually moved such a big row to look for them, Fuyu was surprised. She then got off the ground, wiped off the crumbs of cakes from the corner of Shu Tang’s mouth, and walked to the door.

The footsteps outside sounded for a while before they quieted down and after a while a young voice said, “Disciple Qing Senyang, along with the three elders of the Qing Rong Sect, came to apologize to the Shangxian. Can Shangxian please give us face?”

Qing Senyang? Shu Tang ran to the door with her short legs and listened carefully.

Fuyu took a moment and said, “Enter.” As soon as the words fell, she had already carried Shu Tang back into the house and sat on the armchair, while removing the boundary outside the door.

Seeing the boundary disappear, Qing Senyang breathed a sigh of relief and now opened the door of the house, inviting the elders to enter.

The three elders were all middle-aged and the eldest was the first to enter the house. Upon seeing the ordinary woman holding the child, he was stunned before he realized that the Shangxian had cast an illusion spell on him. As for the child in her arms, it should be the piglet apprentice that Yang’er had mentioned.

But in a moment’s time, eleven or twelve people entered the room one after another, and the room, which was quite spacious, suddenly seemed crowded.

Qing Senyang came in last, after closing the door of the house, he raised his hand and set up a boundary, then stood behind the second elder.

The first elder stood in the front, the second and third elders stood behind him on both sides, while the others were somewhat scattered and lined up behind the three. But even so, Shu Tang still saw at a glance the reckless disciple who had attacked her master that day.

He hid at the end of the line as if he was trying to lower his presence, but the elder didn’t do what he wanted. As soon as he stood still, he was called out by him, “Hu Qiu, why don’t you apologize to the Shangxian?”

The disciple called Hu Qiu gritted his teeth, strode forward, knelt down on one knee to the ordinary woman in front of him, and said in a heavy voice, “This disciple was reckless and foolish, and offended Shangxian the day before. Please forgive this disciple and I promise that I won’t make such mistakes again.”

“Why do I care if you make a mistake or not? And why should I forgive you?” Fuyu looked at him and asked calmly.

The first time I heard her say this, I thought she was just being cautious. But on second thought, I could see that she didn’t mean it, she just wasn’t interested.

The legendary Fuyu Shangxian is said to be extremely beautiful and cold-hearted. But she has never seen such beauty, she has only noticed that she is cold-hearted.

Hu Qiu was speechless when she asked, the people in the room fell into an awkward silence. Fuyu saw that they did not speak, so she continued, “I wanted to help you, but you intentionally hurt me. In that case, I will not help you, you should go back.”

Hu Qiu was anxious and stood up and said, “The Shangxian is one of the top three of the Immortal Realm, how can you be so unsympathetic!”

Shu Tang silently lit a piece of candle for him in her heart.

“Does it have anything to do with you in the slightest that I’m a Shangxian?” Fuyu didn’t get angry though, her tone remained calm, “Whatever happens to your door, it’s your own affair.”

Once she said this, Hu Qiu no longer had anything to say. This was how things were supposed to be – Fuyu Shangxian was interested in helping them, while they had disrespected her. So what reason did they have to ask for her help if she wasn’t going to help them anymore?

Originally, it was not about Fuyu’s business. When they came this way, they disturbed Shangxian’s leisure. 

The three elders were speechless for a moment, and only after a long while did the eldest elder said shamelessly, “Our sect has always been good friends with the immortal world, and there are also many immortals from our sect. I’m sure Shangxian is aware of this. So, could Shangxian please give us face…”

Before he finished speaking, Fuyu glanced up at him faintly. Before Shu Tang could react, her heart suddenly jumped and her body suddenly felt like ten thousand pounds of iron and stone were crushing her. But this feeling only lasted for a few seconds and when she was about to catch her breath, a protective boundary gently covered her body.

Shu Tang eased her breath, which gave her time to see everyone from the Qing Rong Sect. There were eleven or twelve people present, the three elders with the highest cultivation had formed a mist qi around their bodies for protection, while the disciples with lower cultivation had beads of sweat on their foreheads. There were also a few disciples who had yet to break through the second realm, their faces turning blue, clearly in extreme pain.

In her impression, her master is beautiful, with long reflective arc, always compensating her mistakes, likes to raise pigs, doesn’t like to eat, occasionally dazed, doesn’t follow common sense… However, there is no such dominating power that pressurizes people.

Although her master was an immortal, she had always followed her heart. Shu Tang thought that her master was an easy-going person who wouldn’t get really angry, let alone use her absolute cultivation advantage to punish people both physically and mentally as she did just now.

With her body silently shaking, Shu Tang decided that she must be filial to her master in the future. Never to provoke her to be angry…

Feeling the movement of the little pig in her arms, Fuyu’s brows furrowed, withdrew the pressure, and raised her hand to touch its head.

Perhaps I have frightened my apprentice disciple – Fuyu Shangxian thought this, and slowly spoke, “I am quite polite to you now, so go away, and don’t threaten me with any friendship or morality in the future.”

Her words were extremely rude, but no one dared to refute anything, and the three elders withdrew their protective body qi, their faces going blue and white.

If it wasn’t for the fact of Fuyu’s identity and ability far superior to them… The elders endured their anger and threw away their sleeves, preparing to leave, but they heard Qing Sen Yang suddenly say, “Shangxian, although this disciple has no friendship with you, I know that you wanted to help our sect earlier for the sake of your disciple. Now can I have a chance to talk with Shu Tang?”

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