My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 7 – Fly

Luhua didn’t know what he did wrong. As soon as he faced the pig, it looked at him with sorrow, like a pig who stole from it… Ah! What a metaphor!

Fuyu Shangxian couldn’t help it, went forward to collect the money, opened the food container, took a piece of plum cheese from it, and fed it to her sad apprentice. Shu Tang bit the crispy dessert with an “ah nom” and her tongue was going to fall.

How could there be such a delicious snack!

Seeing that it was happy, Fuyu was also happy and twisted a piece of hazelnut cake for herself. After eating it, ignoring Luhua, she said, “It is indeed delicious.”

Luhua looked like he had seen a ghost, “Why are you treating me the same as Nan Tan! Hey, it’s better if you don’t do this to me. Since it’s delicious, then I’ll take my leave.”

For the sake of bringing her a delicious dessert, Shu Tang shook her tail at him. When Fuyu saw this, she finally spoke to him and gave him a quick sentence, “Go away.”

So, Luhua Shangxian, with the pale expression left.

After all, Shu Tang is a pig and after eating two white radishes, she can still eat the rest of the pastry like a tornado. While eating she watched Fuyu silently carry the money bag given to her by Luhua to see if there was enough silver. Lest Shu Tang goes hungry.

After the small twists and turns, a person and a pig immediately drove to the mortal world. Shu Tang had heard a phrase, “One day in heaven, one year in earth”, but when she saw the familiar old sow1 in the pigpen, she automatically categorized that as a rumor.

It’s the same old sow! It’s the same smell! –This is what Shu Tang, who got the best place to drink milk, thought.

This was supposed to be the last time she would see her so-called biological mother, and Fuyu had put her in the pigpen while the owner of the house was away. Unexpectedly, it was the time when the piglets were drinking milk, and following her instinct, Shu Tang also rushed over.

When she had drunk enough and realized what she had done, she ran to the fence in a hurry. After looking back at the old sow and her “brothers and sisters”, Shu Tang resolutely jumped out and walked to Fuyu’s feet.

After training, she seemed to be much more sturdy, and as a pig, it was really something to be proud of.

Silently looking at the dirt and grass clippings on her apprentice’s body, Fuyu raised her hand and made the piglet clean, before picking it up and instantly arriving at the clearing outside Ying City.

Fuyu stood in place and cast illusion spells on herself and her apprentice each, before walking into the city gates at ease.

In the eyes of the people coming and going, Fuyu Shanxian who was holding the pig was nothing more than an ordinary young woman walking with her swaddled baby in her arms. The baby girl in the swaddled clothes was particularly obedient and did not cry or fuss. But when she crossed a funny object the baby would reach out her little hand to touch it.

After walking for a while, she met a craftsman who was carving a little man out of wood. Unexpectedly, as soon as her hoof touched the little man, the craftsman was not happy and said, “Children have no sense of importance in their hands. Why don’t you do something about it? What if something terrible happens?”

Shu Tang was so frightened that she quickly retracted her hooves and timidly looked at her Master.

When Fuyu saw its appearance like this, her willow brows knitted together and said, “You’ve scared her.” After saying that, she touched the newly replaced copper coin in her sleeve and asked, “This object of yours, how much does it cost?”

The craftsman was stunned, he didn’t expect this young woman who dressed so ordinary, will willingly spend money on her child. He turned his eyes and said, “No more, no less, exactly one hundred Wen.”

Shu Tang had no concept of this price in ancient times, but listening to his tone, she also knew there was something wrong. Fittingly, her Master was stubborn and unaware of the treacherous cunning of certain merchants and decided that she would buy it. Seeing that she was about to pay for it, Shu Tang busily stretched out her hoof to stop her.

But, her hoof was not long enough and she couldn’t reach, so she turned to grab her Master’s clothes instead. However, she was careless, and instead pressed her hoof into a soft place. Frightening her to take it back immediately.

Shu Tang! What are you touching? You dare to touch Master there,  I’ll chop your four pigs’ feet together!

Her heart was growling wildly, and Fuyu looked down. But how could Shu Tang dare to look at her now, she buried her face into her two front hooves, showing only a pink arching body.

Fuyu couldn’t help but smiled and asked, “Do you want it or not?”

The exposed arch body moved left and right, indicating that she didn’t want it.

So Fuyu withdrew the money in her hand, “She doesn’t want it.” Saying that she got up and left, leaving the angry vendor behind to mutter that she couldn’t afford it and act as if she did.

I thought that Master’s character would ask her for a serious reason, but she actually walked away like that, surprising Shu Tang.

Fuyu said as she walked away, “You shouldn’t hide anymore. You won’t be able to see any good stuff if you stay hidden like this.”

Seeing that her Master did not take the mistake she had made earlier to heart, Shu Tang was quietly relieved and withdrew the hoof covering her red face.

After a day of eating and strolling in the streets, it was night-time in the blink of an eye. Even in the immortal world, there was night, but the moon was big and round. However, Shu Tang preferred the moon on earth, feeling that the moon was just the right size.

Shu Tang herself was headlessly preoccupied, which was why she shifted her attention to the inn they were staying at.

Although the inn wasn’t big, it was quite exquisitely decorated due to the fact that her Master had been generous enough to ask for the best room. There were some plants and flowers in the room and paintings by unknown celebrities hung on the walls, which were quite elegant.

When the master was away, she had laid a boundary on the room before she left. So Shu Tang had no worries, she rolled on the floor to play but accidentally bumped into the corner of the table, holding her head and screaming.

However, before the pain passed, she heard a clear and beautiful voice from the window, “Huh? A doll fell on the floor?”

Shu Tang was startled, Master had laid down a boundary, so how can someone break-in?

She turned her head to look in the direction of the sound, only to see a pretty little girl crouched on the window sill where the flower pot had been placed, holding it laboriously in her hands for fear of dropping it to the ground.

Shu Tang still wanted to cry out, but suddenly remembered that her Master had cast an illusion and in the eyes of others she was just a small doll. So she shut her mouth and looked at the little girl quietly.

The little girl looked like she wanted to jump into the house, but she had no choice but to move with a flower pot in her hand. The amber eyes looked around, was about to leap down, but for some reason, she suddenly put down the flower pot, and actually disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Shu Tang was stunned, sitting at the foot of the table, and stared at the window sill. But before she could walk over, the door had opened and Fuyu walked in with food.

Seeing her disciple sitting on the floor in a daze, Fuyu had a smile on her lips, put the food on the table, picked her up, and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Shu Tang lifted up her hoof and pointed to the window.

The smile on Fuyu’s face disappeared in an instant and she put down the little pig and went to the window asking, “Did someone come by?”

Shu Tang grunted and nodded her head.

Her slender fingers touched the flower pot, and Fuyu’s brow furrowed even more. She returned and picked up the little pig and placed it on the table and asked, “What did the visitor look like, do you still remember?”

Shu Tang blinked and bit her hoof, then dipped it into the bowl of soup and tried to draw on the table.

Fuyu watched beside her for a long while and finally couldn’t help but say, “Forget it, you…better eat first.”

Shu Tang: “…….” she seemed to have been greatly rejected by her master.

Depressed, she looked at her own painting. Shu Tang’s body suddenly shook in shock, feeling that her Master’s rejection was also reasonable.

What was a soul painting? This is a soul painting!

Shu Tang used her hoof to erase this painting of a soul that couldn’t be seen as a person and began to eat in silence.

Fuyu has never been happy to use spells on earth, if not for the fear of her apprentice being carried away, she wouldn’t even bother to set up an illusion boundary. This time, however, she made an exception and cast a spell on the flower pot to see what the visitor looked like, however, when she struck the spell seal on the flower pot. The flower pot didn’t respond in the slightest.

Did she remember the spell wrong again?

Fuyu Shangxian tried again, with the same result was as last time. She stood in silence, withdrew her magic seal, turned around, and sat down to eat with her apprentice.

Since the disciple was still here, it didn’t matter exactly who had been here. Since that person was able to break her own boundary, it would not be difficult if she wanted to keep herself from finding it.

However, for the next four days, no matter where Fuyu went, she would bring Shu Tang along with her. Never leaving it alone again.

Playing outside for five days, Shu Tang was able to see the life of the ancient people – there were the simple yelling, street artists, traders, and flashy scholars who talked about the classics of poetry and books, as well as the power colors among the green houses. However, some of the people and scenes were still a little different from what she imagined the ancient times to be.

Because there were immortal sects, all kinds of immortals could be seen everywhere on the streets, and if you were lucky, you could even meet an immortal selling pills. Unlike ordinary peddlers, they had all kinds of porcelain vases in front of them and did not shout, but just sat quietly. Even if they were sitting on the ground, they were still in immortal postures, with their eyes half open and half closed, both like meditating and napping.

Seeing the pills, Shu Tang inevitably became curious. Fuyu has always been generous, but this time she did not buy her a bottle, but took out a small porcelain bottle from her long sleeve and said, “Wait for you to practice for half a month! Then you can take this Melting Qi Pill, there’s no need to rush at this point.”

Shu Tang shifted her gaze from the immortal’s stall to the porcelain vase in her master’s hand and instantly understood. How was her master being stingy with her, it was obvious that she didn’t trust that immortal’s skill.

To be honest, even though her master’s EQ was low, she was still very domineering at times.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the sixth day of this trip, and Fuyu finally took her out of Ying city and rushed to the next city. Shu Tang thought that her master could teleport, but later she realized that the teleportation spell was determined by the distance between two places. The distance between the two places was too far, so it was better to fly rather than teleporting several times.

This was not the first time that Shu Tang had experienced flying, but usually, Fuyu held her in her arms when she was moving in the wind, but this time, she placed her at her feet.

When she was in Master’s arms, Shu Tang felt that the wind was quite enjoyable. It was like flying in an airplane. The feeling is no different from the ground. Now, however, all four of her hooves were in the air and there was nothing beneath her feet, looking up at her Master and down at the hazy clouds under the beauty of the river and mountains. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of the view.

A quarter of an hour later, along with a frightening journey, Shu Tang finally returned to the ground. Once her hooves landed on the ground, she felt her body go soft. The next thing she did was to fall down on the ground while Fuyu laughed.

“If you were to manage to fly yourself in the future, would you look scared like this?” Fuyu teased as she picked it up and squeezed its floppy ears.

Shu Tang expressed great displeasure, but she did wince this time and had to play dead in her Master’s arms.

With a smile, Fuyu gently pinched its ears and walked into the city gate. Unexpectedly, when she was entering the city gates, two disciples dressed in mysterious clothes suddenly stopped her.

One of the disciples held the Spirit Testing Bead, and as soon as the bead touched Fuyu, it instantly glowed greatly. Seeing the reaction of the Spirit Testing Bead, he immediately pulled a flare upwards and shouted to the other waiting disciples, “She is a foreign immortal! Come here! Get her!”

1 Hahahaha her “mom”

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