My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 32 – City Lord

Shu Tang looked at Zhu Caitong in a panic, tried to calm down, and whispered to her, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Playing dumb isn’t something smart people do, you should understand what I’m saying.” Zhu Caitong smiled slightly and no longer spoke much on this matter, turning to Qi Yan, “It’s late today, so why don’t we set off again tomorrow to visit the city lord.”

Looking at her expression, Qi Yan slowly shook her head, “No, we’re going now.”

She had never been anxious about treating herself, but this time she was determined to go immediately. Zhu Caitong gently bit her vermilion lips, and although she was puzzled, she nodded her head.

Next, under Shu Tang’s stunned gaze, Qi Yan, the little rabbit, stretched out her fair hand and gently pressed down on Zhu Caitong’s delicate red lips with her slender fingers, “Beware of biting.”

Zhu Caitong’s cheeks were tinged with red as if they were smeared with a good blush, delicate and beautiful. She was stunned for a long while before releasing her lips and angrily scolded, “Qi Yan, you have to remember your position!”

Upon hearing the words, Qi Yan withdrew her fingers, put her hand into her wide sleeve, and returned to that low-brow look, saying, “Yes, I remember.”

Shu Tang who witnessed everything: “……”

She’s only a child! Why are you showing her this image! Why should she have to suffer this at such a young age!

Shu Tang expressed her distress, and after being shown a live show of kindness, covered her eyes and silently turned her head.

Fuyu, who was draped lightly around her waist, finally came back to her senses at this time, and discontentedly said to Zhu Caitong, “You guys pay a little more attention, my apprentice is still young.”

Hearing her master’s jade-like voice, Shu Tang, who originally felt like she was still a child, blushed for a moment as well.

Then again, if you counted the years she had lived in her previous life, she should be an adult as well. Furthermore, thinking about it, Master seems to understand these love|love matters, at least, she saw something strange between Zhu Caitong and Qi Yan.

Does this mean that…… Master also have these feelings?

Realizing her small thoughts, Shu Tang became more and more fond of imagining things. After thinking randomly for a while, she was suddenly gently pushed by Qi Yan, before she reacted and asked awkwardly, “What’s wrong?”

“We’re leaving,” Qi Yan said, “but it’s getting late, and Fuyu Shangxian said you need something to eat, so we’ll wait for you here. Go buy some food and come back quickly.”

Not expecting that Master still remembered that she needed to eat, Shu Tang was secretly happy again, and happily answered yes, then quickly ran to a nearby stall and ordered ten buns.

Unfortunately, the last dumpling had just been bought, so she had to wait for a while. Shu Tang was good-looking and the steam bun owner was willing to talk to her, but as they chatted casually, the person who bought the buns came from the alleyway.

This person was dressed from head to toe in tights, with a black veil hanging from a hat on her head, looked like a deep-seated woman or a chivalrous immortal. The unorthodox way she was dressed caused Shu Tang to take a look at her.

The woman wasn’t too tall, her body shape was on the petite side, and the moment Shu Tang looked at her, she also turned her head sideways to look at Shu Tang.

The blurred face behind the black veil had a slight sense of familiarity, and she should have met her somewhere.

The owner of the bun shop looked like he already knew that she would come. Although the two did not speak for half a sentence, after the bun came out of the pot, he nimbly filled two buns for her and gave them to her in a greasy paper bag.

Shu Tang was still wondering who this person was, and in the next second, the woman had taken the buns and turned around to leave. And the moment she left, she finally spoke up.

She said, “We will meet again soon.”

At the sound of her voice, Shu Tang suddenly knew who she was. However, before she could ask a question, her own body was already frozen in place, unable to move at all. It wasn’t until the woman turned into the alley and disappeared completely that she regained the ability of her body.

Fuyu took everything in and communicated with Shu Tang with her consciousness, “That person just now was Miao Jinghan.”

Shu Tang looked unnatural as she took the bag and hurriedly returned to Qi Yan’s side while communicating with her master, “She just used the immobilization technique on me, I couldn’t catch up with her.”

“There’s no harm, she doesn’t want to look for you right now, so even if you break the Immobilization Technique to chase after her, it’s useless.” Because of the conscious dialogue, Fuyu’s voice was a bit wispy, “When we get to the north of the city and meet the city lord, everything will be clear.”

Shu Tang nodded her head, but suddenly realized that her master might not be able to see, so she answered “Okay”.

Shu Tang, who thought that the conversation was over, opened the paper bag, just took out a bun and put it to her mouth. When she suddenly heard her master say, “But Huahua, now that you have become a human, you can no longer be as capricious as before when it comes to your appetite.”

Shu Tang: “……” She seemed to have just heard her heart break!

Before she could finish her heartbreak, Fuyu said, “For Master, I feel that you eating ten buns is a bit….. much.”

Shu Tang: “……”

For a moment, she felt that her entire life was gray……

She was even disliked by her Master for her food consumption, obviously… obviously her food consumption was because of her Master’s feeding, ah!

Shu Tang was incomparably overwhelmed and took a bite of the bun. Under the bewildered gaze of Qi Yan, she used her consciousness to her master, “Master, this disciple understands.”

While Fuyu was satisfied that her disciple was obedient and understanding, she was a little skeptical of her own approach – shouldn’t she be more progressive? Would it hurt her to teach her apprentice in such a straightforward manner?

The good news was that Shu Tang was still unapologetic when it came to eating the buns despite her heart being stifled. Fuyu saw her finish nine buns neatly, which made sure she wasn’t devastated.

When there was only one bun left, she thought of what her master had said to her. Although she was not full, she silently withdrew her hand and handed the bun to Qi Yan.

After receiving the bun, her nose twitched to make sure it was filled with vegetables, and immediately took a small bite.

When Zhu Caitong saw Shu Tang eating so well, she got a little hungry, but she didn’t ask for it because she was concerned about Shu Tang’s wel-being. However, when the bun was in Qi Yan’s hands, she didn’t have to think about it anymore and took a bite.

Shu Tang stared at her, feeling that she was being fed dog food again…

As a single pig, she might need to go quiet now.

The single pig was being abused miserably, but the two parties didn’t feel anything. After a bun was finished, Qi Yan clapped her hands and pulled out a handkerchief from her arms, wiping Zhu Caitong’s mouth before saying indifferently, “Let’s go.”

Shu Tang: “……” How did she manage to be so calm after showing her dog food!

Shu Tang, who had been abused to the point of internal injury, silently followed behind the two and flew to the north of the city.

The three of them weren’t standing out as there were quite a few people in the city who were also flying. However, Shu Tang did not know the wind technique yet, and was always held by Zhu Caitong along the way, which is why she did not fall on the ground.

Although Fuyu saw this, she didn’t say anything, but in her heart, she thought – when they returned to the Immortal Realm, the first thing she had to do was to teach her disciple how to control the wind.

The wind was extremely fast, and in just half a quarter of an hour, they were already outside of the city lord’s palace.

There weren’t many people visiting the lord, and only three people were standing on the left and right side in front of the gate. Qi Yan didn’t want Zhu Caitong to talk to these men, so she took the initiative to stand in front and said, “We have something for the City Lord, could you please let him know?”

One of them nodded his head without much surprise, “The City Lord is already waiting for the three in the main hall, please enter.” With that, he pressed his left hand against the door, and after a ripple rippled out of his palm, he mouthed something, and the door burst open.

He walked into the gate to lead the way for them, and Qi Yan thanked him, only to follow after Zhu Caitong lifted her foot and stepped into the gate.

Shu Tang trailed behind, and when she entered the courtyard, she turned back to look at the gate that had closed again.

Who exactly was this City Lord? It’s not surprising that Miao Jinghan had connections with her, but they were expecting them to come….

She thought as she walked along, and before she knew it, she had reached the main hall. The first thing she saw upon entering the main hall was that Miao Jinghan, whose hat was covering her face.

She really was here!

Shu Tang was originally confused as to why Master didn’t hide her jade pendant after transforming, and instead decided to place it around her waist. In fact, it was clear to her from the beginning that if they met an acquaintance, they would recognize her no matter how well she hid it. So she might as well hang around her waist casually – it didn’t matter if someone she knew saw it or not, but if a stranger saw it, they wouldn’t know what the jade was.

Cough, then again… if you don’t wear your master’s body around your waist, then you have to put it in your bosom or in your sleeve pocket, and just thinking about it makes her embarrassed to death.

As expected, Miao Jinghan smiled and glanced at the jade pendant at her waist before focusing her attention on Qi Yan and Zhu Caitong.

The City Lord’s name was Lie You, and he was a man who looked to be in his thirties. He was an elegant man with a scroll of poetry and a bottle of wine at his side, sitting on an upper seat.

When Shu Tang looked at him, he took a sip of wine in his hand and covered his face with his wide sleeves, blocking her view of him.

For some unknown reason, this man was obviously an elegant man, but Shu Tang instinctively disliked him.

Based on her past experience, Shu Tang thought that this man was not a simple person. However, on second thought, she spat at herself for her ignorance, how could this man be an ordinary person who could sit on the seat of the City Lord?

When the guide retreated, he put down his wine and looked to the visitors, “What is the matter you have come to seek me for?”

After Qi Yan told the story, Lie You slowly said, “There are quite a few people who have solved the puzzle, but no one has succeeded in taking on the task because the Soul Returning Pill is not in my hands.”

In the large main hall, only he and Miao Jinghan were present. In this way, things couldn’t be clearer, the person who truly holds the Soul Returning Pill is not him, but Miao Jinhan.

Miao Jinghan and Qing Senyang may have some kind of relationship, and now she has to make a deal about the Qing Rong Sect…

Shu Tang couldn’t help but frown, what on earth was this little cat doing?

However, what she didn’t expect was that Miao Jinghan suddenly spoke up, “The Soul Returning Pill is also not in my hands, you don’t have to look at me.”

“So, the Soul Returning Pill is in…” halfway through Shu Tang’s speech, Miao Jinghan took off her veil hat, got up and walked in front of them, interrupting her, “The person who holds the Soul Returning Pill is acquainted with you.”

Shu Tang’s eyes suddenly widened, there was already a guess in her mind, and in the next second, Miao Jinghan’s words confirmed this rather absurd guess, “Little piglet, you guessed correctly, it’s in the hands of Qing Rong Sect’s second elder’s disciple – Qing Senyang.”

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