My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 31 – Sins

Shu Tang who was standing behind her master was shaken, unconsciously looking at her master’s back.

Another matter concerning the Qing Rong Sect. Will Master… who always does more than enough… help with this?

Fuyu deliberated for a few moments, before she asked quietly, “Do you know what exactly is going on?”

“I don’t know yet, what I’ve asked about is limited to this. If you want to know more, you’ll have to ask that person in person.” Zhu Caitong was tired of supporting her head with one hand and simply put both of her hands on the rabbit, “You know I don’t ask for help from you easily.”

Fuyu naturally understood this, and nodded her head without speaking.

Shu Tang was puzzled. Zhu Caitong and Qi Yan had come here without knowing that her Master would be here. If Master wasn’t here, wouldn’t they have to rely on themselves as well? What is the point of this statement now?

She didn’t understand, but Qi Yan did. She nestled in Zhu Caitong’s embrace, her red eyes skittering around before finally closing slowly.

Zhu Caitong hadn’t looked for Fuyu for hundreds of years, and of course, Qi Yan knew the reason why. This time she painstakingly pretended to have a chance encounter for no other reason than her own illness.

The Soul Returning Pill was such a precious pill. There were countless people in the world who wanted it, and what the mysterious man needed others to do would not be something that could be done easily. If they were to rely only on the two of them, let’s not talk about Zhu Caitong, who was not proficient in magic, but only her, it is feared that the person would fall ill before the matter was completed.

Qi Yan’s furry tail moved lightly, this person, Zhu Caitong, clearly said that she didn’t care about her, but she was thinking of her in every way.

For such a person, it was not in vain that she gave all her heart for it.

The room fell into silence, Zhu Caitong stroked the rabbit’s fur, seemingly casually, but in fact, only the rabbit being stroked knew that her hands were damp and noticeably nervous.

Fuyu took in everything, and only after a long while did she sigh, “You and I are good friends, you don’t have to be so nervous.” Zhu Caitong listened and gently parted her delicate red lips, “I wasn’t nervous.”

Shu Tang quietly slandered in the back. This Zhu Caitong is really a mouthful, even she saw that she was nervous, and she still tries to talk tough.

Fuyu was also helpless, so she had no choice but to ask her, “Where is that person and how do I go about finding him?”

Upon hearing this, the rabbit in her bosom opened her eyes and her ruby eyes looked towards the aloof-faced Fuyu Shangxian.

Relieved, Zhu Caitong voiced out the specific method, then said, “Will you go with me?”

“I didn’t want to meddle in the affairs of the Qing Rong Sect, but it seems to be out of my hands now.” Fuyu leaned lightly against the back of the chair, “I will bring Bai Huahua along with you.”

Seeing that Zhu Caitong seemed to be concerned about something, Fuyu added, “I will then gather my presence and return to my original form, so you don’t have to worry about me being recognized.”

If Master returns to her original form, does that mean she’s going to turn back into a jade pendant? Shu Tang had never seen her master’s original form before, and while delighted, she asked in a small voice, “Master, what about me?”

“You will naturally wear my original body and go with them on their search.” Fuyu said it as a matter of fact, but it made Shu Tang instantly nervous.

Wear… wearing Master’s original body… this kind of thing sounded so shameful!

The thought of Master draped over her waist… cough, cough! Can’t think anymore!

So, Shu Tang forced herself to end her strange reverie, blushed, and stammered, “Yes, yes, Master.”

Zhu Caitong swept her over with her seductive peach blossom eyes, her vermilion lips lightly lifted, appearing to say unintentionally, “Your disciple is probably shy.”

For a moment, Shu Tang wanted to find a hole in the ground to burrow into.

My own master is slow and would not have noticed anything unusual, so why did this person want to make things clear!

This Zhu Caitong! It’s obviously intentional!

It was good that her master was still on the slow side and didn’t hear the meaning of her words, nodding seriously, “Huahua is shy, that’s how it is sometimes.”

Zhu Caitong didn’t say anything, but only sized up Shu Tang with her eyes, as if she had read her mind completely.

This kind of feeling is really unpleasant, and to increase the bottom line, Shu Tang repeatedly told herself in her heart – she only wants to be a good disciple of her master, she doesn’t have those strange thoughts.

Once, she was a sick person in the ward, not in contact with many people, and didn’t understand these emotional twists and turns. In fact, she didn’t quite understand such things now, she just simply felt that she had a wonderful feeling every time she looked at her Master.

The feeling was like when she had stolen food that was not allowed to be eaten, and when no one noticed, it would create a dark pleasure that belonged to a person.

But now, her secret pleasure alone seemed to have been discovered by someone else.

Fortunately, Zhu Caitong was on point and didn’t make any additional explanations, directly discussing with her master about when to leave.

Shu Tang’s heart that had raised to her throat quietly fell back to its original place, and for a moment was also a little confused as to what she was worried about.

She’s probably, just afraid that Master wouldn’t want her, right? Where else in this vast world would there be a home for her but here with Master?

Thinking about it like this, she was quite relieved and looked at Zhu Caitong with a little more clarity.

Thus, Fuyu could only put the matter of returning to the Immortal Realm on hold, taking her disciple to spend two days at the inn to adjust before departing to find the mysterious man who held the pills.

Before leaving the inn, Fuyu had already transformed back into her original form, restrained her qi, and took the initiative to hang onto Shu Tang’s waist. The moment her robe came into contact with the cold jade pendant, Shu Tang’s whole body tensed up, as if her body belonged to someone else.

She kept peeking at the jade pendant around her waist. With Fuyu’s soul hidden in the jade, she could see everything outside, and when she saw her disciple like this, she couldn’t help but feel amused.

This disciple of hers was really easy to keep, always curious about everything. Thinking like this, she simply floated in front of Shu Tang and let her have a good look.

While embarrassed that she had been discovered, Shu Tang thought to herself, why is there a missing piece of her master’s original body?

The jade pendant carved of a hibiscus flower is lustrous, glossy and slightly transparent. Even someone like Shu Tang, who knows nothing about jade, can tell how good its texture is. However, the jade wasn’t perfect, and there was a corner missing on the lower right side of the jade pendant.

At the same time, she suddenly felt that the corner of the gap seemed to have something to do with her.

After a while, Shu Tang began to cursed herself. She had really been crazy about her Master lately, no matter what she encountered, she wanted to be related to her, even with her Master’s original body…

Sins, sins!

Shu Tang’s expression was expressive, and Zhu Caitong looked at her with a rather profound smile before saying, “Let’s go.”

Qi Yan transformed into a human form and followed on Zhu Caitong’s left and Shu Tang on the right side.

It wasn’t difficult to know the exact location of that person, one only needed to use a secret deal with a news-trafficking organization to get the exact location of that person. However, this organization is not easy to find, and to trade with it, one needs luck, and the other needs a valuable enough secret.

In order to do this, Zhu Caitong has considered all the issues carefully, and she has also learned a lot about this organization. As a result, she found out the pattern of the organization’s presence early in the morning, and got the address extremely smoothly with a rabbit and a pig, which went beyond Shu Tang’s expectation.

Shu Tang thought the next step would be smoother, but the most difficult part of finding this person was the address itself.

The only information they received was a riddle-like phrase: No hua, no , no knowledge of summer, and God is hidden in the water.

This city is close to the wilderness, and the wilderness is a place where good things are often produced. As a result, the city’s location and trade are prosperous, with a large number of people coming and going, and a huge population flow. The address they got was not a real place, but a riddle. As a result, finding someone in a place that has changed so much makes things naturally difficult.

After a day, they searched all over the city and collected the names of various shop signs, but still couldn’t decipher the phrase.

While searching for a shop, Shu Tang had a rough guess in her head, but was unsure. Only after they had walked through the entire city did she hesitantly ask, “Where does the lord of this city reside?”

Qi Yan was slightly startled and replied, “In the north of the city.”

Shu Tang, afraid of embarrassing her master, thought for a long time before saying, “I always feel that the first three sentences of this message are of no use, and the key point is in the fourth sentence.” Both Qi Yan and Zhu Caitong looked at her at the same time before she continued, “I guess that Hua is the transformation of the five elements, while Yin is one the five tones, Summer is one the five seasons, Water is one of the five elements, and God is the five Tibetans. The first three sentences are meant to confuse us, and the fourth sentence of hiding God in water is the key to cracking the riddle.”

Listening to her, Qi Yan instantly had an epiphany, “The God in the Five Tibetans corresponds to the position of the monarch commanding, while the water of the Five Elements can correspond to the North of the Five Directions…”

Shu Tang nodded and then said, “Yes, the person who holds the position of commander in the city is precisely the City Lord, and the Hidden God in the Water means that there is a City Lord in the north of the city. The City Lord is the person we are looking for.”

Fuyu’s original body was quietly draped around her disciple’s waist, and although she couldn’t see her face with her eyes, she could see everything around her with her mind.

In her mind’s eye, Bai Huahua had always been the pink little piggy who needed her care and protection in every way, and she never knew that this disciple of hers would still have such a side.

She was obviously a tender little girl who had only recently become a human, but her entire body was now blossoming with a light that belonged solely to her.

Fuyu suddenly thought of what Nantan had said to her again, and for a moment her mind was filled with thoughts.

Did this master of hers meddle too much? The disciple has her own life to complete, so shouldn’t she be able to let go of things once in a while?

It was rare for the Fuyu Shangxian to think about a matter so seriously that she didn’t even hear what Zhu Caitong said.

However, while she didn’t hear it, her disciple was completely rigid because of the words.

After listening to Shu Tang’s analysis, Zhu Caitong said in a compliment-like manner, “You are inherently clever in your own way. If you always hide under your master’s wings, you will never be able to achieve what you want in your heart.”

Immediately, she sent a secret transmission to Shu Tang, “I know that the wish you want to accomplish right now is exactly the same as what I once thought.” After a pause, she dragged out her voice, “It’s just that you have to know that it’s not easy to be as strong and walk shoulder to shoulder with someone like your master.

“化” Hua = transformation  “音” Yin = pitch/tone “夏” Xia = summer “神” Shen = Gods
“化” for Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water
“音” for First Tone (Flat Tone) Second Tone (Rising Tone) Third Tone (Dip Tone) Fourth Tone (Falling Tone) Fifth Tone (Neutral Tone)
“夏” for Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer (the four we commonly talk about) and Late Summer
“神” for Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, and Arunachal Pradesh

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