My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 30 – A Chance Encounter

Just as Shu Tang expected, the next thing she heard was Master’s words, “I suspect that the mole is someone hiding in the Immortal Realm, and it’s someone around you and me.”

Their trip to the barbaric wasteland is known to no one but Luhua and Nantan. However, Miao Jinghan suddenly appeared in the barbaric wasteland at the critical moment and took away Shu Tang, which shows that their whereabouts have been revealed. Naturally, Luhua and Nantan will not reveal the fact that they are going to Barbarian Wasteland, and the only person who can be suspicious is Qing Senyang.

He lives in the house and is often in contact with them, perhaps learning of this from some unintended moment and thus telling Miao Jinghan.

After things ran smoothly, everything was clear. In the meantime, Fuyu frowned for a while, and then gave Shu Tang the origin of the black fairy power.

Immortal Power is usually bright and white, and rarely yellow, which is due to impure Immortal Power, but only a broken Immortal would be able to practice such impure Immortal Power. The ink-colored Immortal Power, on the other hand, was unique to Demon Immortals, and its energy was as thick as ink, making it difficult to cultivate.

Immortal power was accumulated through cultivation and was never-ending, and the only limitation was that immortals would encounter different bottlenecks at each stage of cultivation. This was true for ordinary immortals and even more so for demon immortals, and their bottlenecks were even harder to break through.

It’s because of the uniqueness of the Demon Immortal’s Power that Miao Jinghan didn’t use her own Immortal Power to resist Fuyu last time, but rather to dissolve the opponent’s Immortal Power in her body with her inner force, which is a good way to hide her identity.

That being said, Shu Tang didn’t understand why this little cat is so powerful and why she needed to rely on her master to get out of that stone forest. And why did she suddenly appear there when they first met at the inn?

Most importantly, what was the purpose of her approaching?

Naturally, she couldn’t come up with these conclusions, and Fuyu didn’t intend for her to do so. The master and disciple rested for a little over half an hour before they got up and went out to the restaurant to partake of the human cuisine.

Fuyu was thinking of eating the meal, accompanying her disciple for a stroll and going straight back to the Immortal Realm. Unexpectedly, they had only just ordered the food when they met an acquaintance.

There were two acquaintances; one was the amorous Zhu Caitong, the other was the weak and sickly bunny Qi Yan.

Fuyu didn’t like the noise on the first floor, so she deliberately chose the elegant seat on the second floor. When Zhu Caitong went up to the second floor with Qi Yan, she turned a corner and saw that her old friend was there with a little girl in pink.

It was the first time that Shu Tang had gone out to eat in human form, and she was a little nervous, sitting on a chair. Her eyes were staring straight at the table, her hands gripping the side of the chair, and her palm was slightly moist. Only when she heard Zhu Caitong’s voice did she move her eyes to look at the visitor.

“You and I are fortunate enough to meet over a meal in the human realm.” Perhaps because she was in the human realm, Zhu Caitong was not as flamboyant as last time, but when she spoke, there was still a strong charm behind her eyes.

Shu Tang always remembered what she said to her master last time, so she puffed up her cheeks and gazed at her with a defensive gaze.

It was only after she looked at her like that that Zhu Caitong turned her attention to the little girl. She was startled at first when she saw how stunning she looked, then she teased Fuyu, “Hey, this time is quite surprising, you actually brought a girl out. What, you’re not going to raise little pigs anymore, and instead you’re going to raise beautiful little girls?”

Qi Yan was originally standing behind Zhu Caitong, who was wearing a long red dress, when she heard this, she gently shifted her steps, revealing half of her body to check out Shu Tang.

Qi Yan is a rabbit demon, and possesses a faint sense of connection with all humanized demons. Before Fuyu could explain, she had already said in a soft voice behind her, “She’s the little pig from earlier, the disciple of Fuyu Shangxian.”

Zhu Caitong was startled, walking quickly towards Shu Tang, reaching out and pinching her cheek, “Last time I saw you, you were still a little pig just entering the first realm, how long has it been since then? How did you already become a human?” Under Shu Tang’s protesting gaze, she smiled flatteringly and let go of her hand, saying, “You little one, you’re obviously so lovely looking, why are you so serious the moment you see me?”

Fuyu swept away the faint red marks left on her apprentice’s cheeks and said, “She doesn’t like to talk, and is not against you.”

No! Master! Disciple is targeting her! Shu Tang growled in her heart, still staring at Zhu Caitong with a wary gaze on her face.

In fact, it wasn’t that she didn’t like to talk, it was just that the first time she spoke it left a mental impact. She didn’t dare to say too much to her master, afraid of saying the wrong thing, and afraid that her master would think she was nagging.

Zhu Caitong looked at Shu Toang with a pair of charming eyes, her eyes flowing, “She’s so beautiful, I’m really jealous when I look at her.”

The quiet little rabbit immediately answered, “No need to be jealous, you have a different type of beauty.”

Shu Tang was surprised as she looked at Qi Yan, her mouth slightly open, and she couldn’t recover for a moment.

The words just now came from the mouth of the high and cold rabbit?!

Zhu Caitong didn’t know what to say, her pink face was blushing, just because she was wearing a red dress, didn’t mean they couldn’t see it.

When the four people were talking, Xiao Er had been carrying the dishes and ran up to the second floor, seeing that the new guests hadn’t yet settled down, she put down the dishes and hastily asked, “Two guests officials, the shop also has elegant seats three to five places, shall you go over?”.

“No need, let’s sit with these two.” Zhu Caitong gathered up her sleeves and sat right down.

Xiao Er smiled, “Okay, I’ll prepare dishes for the two of you, please wait a moment.” With that, she nimbly ran down the stairs.

Shu Tang and her master were sitting opposite each other, with Zhu Caitong sitting at Shu Tang’s left hand side, and Qi Yan stood and watched for a while, before suddenly saying to Shu Tang, “Can you and I switch places?”

Shu Tong was startled, then replied, “Okay.”

After she sat next to her master, Qi Yan gave her a owlish smile and took her original seat.

Fuyu looked at them and said to her apprentice, “You’ve had a tiring journey, eat first.” As she spoke, she pushed her plate towards her.

Naturally, Shu Tang shook her head, “When their dishes arrive, let’s all eat together.”

Seeing her insistence, Fuyu didn’t force her, so all four of them stared at the two plates of food on the table in silence before Xiao Er brought the other dishes, and no one moved their chopsticks.

Although Zhu Caitong usually liked to tease Fuyu, she was quiet when she ate, only burying her head in the food and not speaking. Qi Yan has a small appetite, so after she ate some vegetables, Zhu Caitong kept giving her food.

No wonder she wanted to switch seats with her, it was because she wanted to have Zhu Caitong feed her…

Shutang had not used chopsticks for a long time, so she was careful when she ate, fearing that she might make a fool of herself again. Fuyu knew her food preferences, observed her for a while, and quietly served her food.

When a round green vegetable ball fell into her bowl, Shu Tang looked up at her master, and the other smiled, “No need to restrain yourself, eat what you want, your master will get it for you.”

Qi Yan carefully held the food, as if she didn’t hear, but Zhu Caitong choked on the rice.

Suddenly, she wondered in a daze, is Fuyu sitting next to her really the jade pendant she knew back then, who was devoted to cultivation and spoke very little? 

Or is Fuyu still the original jade pendant, but Shu Tang’s position in her heart is different?

Shu Tang herself was also a little stunned, the throbbing that had been buried in the bottom of her heart somehow rushed back, touching her every nerve. She responded and hurriedly lowered her head to eat the ball.

Obviously it was just an ordinary ball, after eating it in her mouth, Shu Tang felt that it was more delicious than those exquisite and complicated dishes.

The meal was finished in an inexplicable manner, and Shu Tang wiped her mouth with relief, quietly celebrating the fact that she didn’t lose face the first time she ate in human form.

Fuyu paid for the meal, and the four of them left the tavern together. Zhu Caitong had no intention of taking her leave, and Fuyu didn’t mention it, so the four of them went back to the inn together.

As soon as she entered the room, Zhu Caitong seemed to have no bones, sitting limply on a chair with one hand on her head, leaning against it. When Fuyu put a boundary on the room, she asked, “Why didn’t you ask me for the purpose of coming here?”

“If you want to talk, you’ll naturally say it.” While the beauty sat so enchantingly on the chair, the Fuyu Shangxian sat on the other chair without looking away from her.

Zhu Caitong is well aware that her feelings for Fuyu is extremely complex, and seeing her attitude, she could only offer a smile, “If your goodness to me is one point of your disciple’s, I would not give up on you.”

Fuyu paused, her remaining glance sweeping over the disciple standing in the doorway, without speaking.

Shu Tang suddenly reacted a bit at this moment, give up?! Giving up on Master? This attitude of Zhu Caitong towards her master, could it be that…

Could it be that Master has a history of such affairs?

No wonder this Zhu Caitong looks so disgusting to her, it’s because of this! The gaze that Shu Tang looked at her instantly became more hostile.

Shu Tang knew in her heart that all of Master’s goodness towards her was simply taking care of her, even if it was sometimes a little strange, it was unintentional. However, Zhu Caitong used this to compare her, which obviously had a hidden sorrow. Does this also indirectly indicate that Master was not good to Zhu Caitong in the beginning, but instead was extremely good to her?

She quietly looked at Qi Yan and noticed that the bunny’s lips were moving but didn’t say anything.

What did she want to say? Or, what kind of relationship did she have with Zhu Caitong? Shu Tang was so puzzled that she had to stop and continue listening to the conversation.

The atmosphere in the room became a little strange, Zhu Caitong’s eyes turned, lightly laughing, “Why are you all standing? Come and sit down.”

Shu Tang looked at the two chairs that were already seated, really not knowing where else to sit. She turned to look at Qi Yan, but saw her suddenly change back into a fluffy white bunny, and naturally jumped into Zhu Caitong’s arms.

Shu Tang deliberated her weight and slowly walked behind her master, saying, “Thank you for your concern, Sister Zhu Caitong, but I can just stand.”

“Your mouth is sweet,” after complimenting her, Zhu Caitong touched the rabbit’s warm fur, and slightly reluctantly said, “I didn’t want to trouble you, but since I ran into you… I still want to ask you to help me with one thing. “

Fuyu looked at the little rabbit with red eyes squinting in her arms, not knowing what she was thinking about. Hearing Zhu Caitong say this, she casually responded, ” What can I do for you?”

Zhu Caitong nodded her head and directly told the whole story. She had heard that someone had taken out a Soul Returning Pill from the barbaric wasteland that was instantaneously fused with a beast’s soul and bones, and that this person was now in the city. They had come precisely to find this person and obtain the Soul Returning Pill.

Qi Yan had suffered a serious injury, her body was damaged, and she was extremely sick, so there weren’t many ways to cure her. Otherwise, Zhu Caitong would not have been helpless for so many years. And one of the methods to cure her was to use the Soul Returning Pill. It could repair Qi Yan’s damaged body so that she wouldn’t be haunted by illness. But, because it was so precious, it was difficult to make, and over the past thousands of years, only two pills had been successfully made.

Hearing this, Fuyu asked, “What do you need me to do?”

“I heard that the man is unwilling to exchange money for it, and that one has to do something for him before he will give the Soul Returning Pill to the person for doing the work.” Zhu Caitong continued, “The matter is difficult, if you are unwilling, I will not make it difficult for you.”

Fuyu asked faintly, “What exactly is it?”

Zhu Caitong hesitated and slowly said, “There is a sect called the Qing Rong Sect. What that person wants someone else to do is related to it.”

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