My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 29 – Guess

Shu Tang covered her face with her sleeve, her head completely seized, not knowing what to do next.

Since Chi Yan was already here, that meant that Master was also here. However, she had turned into a human, will they recognize her?

At this thought, she was quietly relieved – perhaps her master and Chi Yan did not recognize her, and Chi Yan had only saved her casually. Unaware that her master had left her scent on her, Shu Tang forgot for a moment that she was in the middle of a dangerous wasteland, and tried to muddle through by covering her face and hastily running forward.

However, soon, she stopped in her tracks.

“Huahua, where are you running to?”

As soon as the clear, crystal voice entered her ears, Shu tang knew that she was recognized.

The voice was weak, but it was full of joy, “It’s your Master and Chi Yan, you don’t have to be afraid.”

After Shu Tang had transformed into the appearance of a ten-year-old child, her voice became much more tender as well. With the last shred of fortune, she said, “I, I am not Huahua, you have mistaken me for someone else.”

“I left my scent on you, how could I be mistaken?” Fuyu didn’t know why her little disciple was avoiding her like this and sat up straight on Chi Yan, “What’s wrong with you…?”

Shu Tang bit her lower lip and hid on the ground, “I….”

Fuyu’s mind had always been half a beat slow, but Chi Yan immediately saw that something was wrong, and immediately asked, “What’s wrong with your face?”

When he said that Fuyu reacted, looking at her sleeves that covered her face and knitted her brows, “After that cat demon helped you become a human, but what did it do to your face?”

Shu Tang shook her head vigorously, before wondering in detail how Master knew about the cat demon, she covered her face and said grievously, “Master, this disciple isn’t very good looking, you’d better not look at it.”

Fuyu was relieved, “I don’t care what you look like, it’s enough that your body is fine.” She jumped off of Chi Yan and walked over to Shu Tang, “Don’t be afraid, look up and show your master.”

The beloved Master was right in front of her, she leaned down and tenderly looked at her, waiting to see her unknown appearance… Shu Tang’s heart was beating like a drum, and there was a kind of throbbing that had never been experienced before all over her body.

The Master’s breath was so close to her, Shu Tang thought about what the little cat had said to her, and then thought about what the Master had said, “Don’t be afraid”, and with one heartbeat, bit her lower lip tightly, and simply withdrew her sleeve.

A white, tender face was instantly reflected in Fuyu’s eyes, and her originally frowning brows stretched out, revealing a smile full of joy after a moment of stupefaction.

Shu Tang did not know what her master thought, and with a blush of shame on her face, her eyes remained on Chi Yan’s paws, not daring to look at her master.

Fuyu didn’t know what her disciple was thinking and only looked at her beautiful little disciple over and over again.

The little girl in front of her had the appearance of an eleven or twelve-year-old, but she was bright-eyed and beautiful, with a pair of almond-shaped black eyes and shining pupils, like a pretty demon. Perhaps because of the nervousness, she gently bit the sweet red cherry lips, delicate in a shy manner. No matter how you look at it, she is a beautiful child.

This is Fuyu’s disciple – not only did she raise the piglet, but she also raised it to such a delicate appearance.

Chi Yan was stunned at the sight of it, the female beast in human form had always been several times more beautiful than the people of the human realm, but Shu Tang was the first one who could rival Fuyu’s beauty after becoming human.

The only problem is that… Chi Yan and Fuyu couldn’t help but laugh at the same time, on her white and tender face, there are three ink streaks on the left and right side, and on the tip of her nose, there is another small blotch of black ink, like a kitten’s whiskers and nose. A good little beauty, painted like a messy kitten.

Shu Tang’s black eyes turned to Master and looked at her in puzzlement, “Master, why are you laughing?”

Fuyu was silent with a smile, but it was Chi Yan who couldn’t help but wave his claws, creating a rippling water mirror, “You’ll know when you look.”

Shu Tang half-heartedly looked at the water mirror, and for a moment, was actually dumbfounded.

Excluding that goofy cat nose and whiskers, was the little beauty in the mirror actually her?

So, why would that little cat, Miao Jinghan, say that she doesn’t like her face! Looks like Master was telling the truth. You really can’t believe the little cat demon!

She was startled for a while before she jolted to her senses and piled headfirst into her master’s arms, saying in great distress, “Master, I thought I was an ugly girl, and that you would not want me…”

Fuyu embraced the pink-faced little disciple, who was like a peach blossom, and had mixed feelings for a second. Her jade hands constantly stroked her loose blue silk, “No matter what you look like, I will never not want you.”

When Shu Tang was told so by her Master, her body stiffened, and only then did she realize that she had actually jumped into her Master’s arms…

The feeling of embracing her Master was naturally different from being held in the arms of her Master. The tangible touch of this embrace caused her pretty face to blush, and her hands and feet left her master’s arms, hanging her head, “Master, it was this disciple who was rude.”

Fuyu’s arms dropped at her sides, looking at her disciple’s red ears in puzzlement.

Chi Yan could not resist such a beautiful little pig and was busy withdrawing the water mirror, “If she doesn’t want you, you can come to the barbaric wasteland to find me. I’ll take you to eat and drink delicious barbaric food, how about it?”

Shu Tong rubbed the ink smeared on her face and whispered, “No thank you.”

Fuyu laughed and Chi Yan huffed and puffed up his chest, “If it wasn’t for me, you would have been eaten by that beast soul just now, do you know what it means to repay kindness? I don’t need you to repay me for anything more, just play with me for two days in the barbaric wasteland.”

“If it were only you, the souls of the barbaric wasteland would not dare to provoke you. However, if this disciple of mine stays for two days, who knows what will happen?” Fuyu reached out and pulled her disciple behind her, speaking to him with great emphasis, “This greasy and childish person, you must never promise it to stay with him, remember?”

Shu Tang looked at Chi Yan’s almost green face and smiled, responding, “Master, this disciple remembers.”

Fuyu nodded in satisfaction, looked down at the face that reached her chest, and although she was a little reluctant, she removed the ink from her face and said, “After all, she is a little pig, it’s not good to draw her as a kitten.”

Amidst Chi Yan’s discontented protests, the two people and one beast noisily began to make their way. It was only when they reached the entrance of the barbaric wasteland did Fuyu say seriously to Chi Yan, “This time, thank you very much.”

Chi Yan snorted, “If you are truly grateful, leave your disciple behind for two days…”

Fuyu interrupted him: “We’re leaving, you take care.”

Red Flame: “……” Having known this jade pendant for so many years, it really pisses him off every time they meet, ah!

It was much easier to leave the barbaric wasteland than to enter it, although there were still some dangers, Fuyu was able to defuse them. Shu Tang was incredibly worried about her master’s health, even though it didn’t look like she was sick on the surface. Moreover, she was concentrating on dealing with the formation, so Shu Tang had to swallow what she wanted to ask.

A quarter of an hour later, the two of them successfully left the wasteland, and Fuyu and her disciple instantly moved to the nearest city to get some rest. As soon as they entered the inn, Shu Tang couldn’t wait to ask, “Master, what injuries did you sustain in the barbaric wasteland?”

“Nothing happened to Master.” Fuyu sat down and breathed a soft sigh of relief.

“But…” Shu Tang hung her head, “You were unconscious at the time…”

Fuyu looked unfazed and said, “The fusion of spiritual roots is not an easy task. I spent a lot of energy earlier, perhaps my immortal power was overdrawn.”

Shu Tang had doubts, Master was already a high ranking immortal, how could her immortal power be overdrawn? Then she thought that this kind of fusion of spiritual roots wasn’t common in the world, and it must be because it consumed too much immortal power, so it wasn’t too much to say that her master just fainted.

However, the image of her master vomiting blood and fainting earlier kept flashing in her mind, and she felt that something was still not right.

In order to keep her from thinking too much, Fuyu nonchalantly told her about how she and Chi Yan went to look for her after she woke up, and Shu Tang then told her about her own experience.

It turns out that Miao Jinghan had sensed Fuyu’s scent on the little pig early in the morning, and while casting the spell, she noticed that Fuyu and Chi Yan were coming towards her, which is why she repeatedly said that she needed a little more time. Later, when Fuyu and Chi Yan were about to find the location of the cave, Miao Jinghan was busy pulling Shu Tang away from the cave quickly.

In other words, in that cave, there was something, that Fuyu and Chi Yan could not know.

Unfortunately, no matter how much Shu Tang recalled, she could only remember the dimness of the cave and the traces of the artificial excavation, and couldn’t say anything else.

Fuyu comforted her and said, “No worries, there’s no need for you to worry about this. Let nature take its course.”

Shu Tang, however, remembered the matter of Miao Jinghan repaying her kindness back and asked her master, “Is she really repaying her kindness to me?”

Fuyu had a guess in her mind, but did not say much to her, “It should be so since you have become a human, you should not think about it anymore.”

“But…” Shu Tang didn’t know why, even though she knew she wasn’t ugly, she was still too embarrassed to speak when facing her master. ” I became a human early and was infused with ink-colored immortal power by her, will it have any effect on my cultivation?”

“There is no effect, she has no intention of harming you,” Fuyu checked her body early on, “As for that ink-colored immortal power, you have already vomited it out when you transformed into a human, and there is no trace of it left in your body.”

So like this, Shu Tang finally let it go, rubbing her robe and standing in front of her master with her head hanging, no longer speaking.

Fuyu sighed. Everyone always said she wasn’t very talkative and didn’t how the rumors got out. Right now, it was clear that her little disciple was even less inclined to talk.

So Fuyu asked Shu Tang to sit beside her again, and told her about Miao Jinghan and her dark immortal power.

She was told by Fuyu that Miao Jinghan had already become an immortal body, but the immortal body she had become was not an ordinary immortal body, but a Demon Immortal. Fuyu had told her about the Demon Immortal, which was a half-demon and half-human immortal. Not easy to cultivate, but extremely powerful. The little cat demon should be a recent demon immortal, and even so, her strength could briefly counter Fuyu’s, which showed how strong the power of a demon immortal was.

The last time Fuyu fought with her, she discovered that this cat demon had the power of wood that never ends and the power of water that nourishes everything in her body. In that case, she should be a dual spiritual root of both water and wood, and the spells she cultivated were also closely related to these two. Moreover, water regenerates wood, meaning that not only does her spiritual power live and breathe, but it can also convert in one direction, strengthening one of them.

Most importantly, one of the spells she was cultivating seemed to have the use of neutralizing the power of others. Fuyu seemed to have heard of the secret of this spell somewhere, and it was a spell unique to Demon Immortals.

As for where it was, she couldn’t recall for a moment, but she had a somewhat inconclusive guess.

If she remembered correctly, this secret book seemed to be in a sect. Thinking about it in light of the recent events, that sect, most likely, was…

When Shu Tang heard this, she was startled for a moment and spoke out, “That sect, it’s the Qing Rong Sect!”

Fuyu nodded slowly, “But, this is only my guess. If that secret book is really what she got from the Qing Rong Sect, there must be a mole in the Sect.”

Shu Tang looked at her master’s face, and a person’s face gradually surfaced in her mind.

If Master’s speculation was true, then, that mole, could it be… Qing Senyang?

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