My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 28 – Human

I missed you, my butt!

Shu Tang was full of her Master, and when she thought of her falling unconscious on the ground, she couldn’t help but feel distressed. But now that she was in the hands of the little cat, she couldn’t protect her master, and only hoped that Chi Yan would notice something was wrong and go save her.

Master fainted in a place like the barbaric wasteland, in case those red-eyed beast souls turned to her… Shu Tang was busy shaking her head, not daring to think about it.

It was interesting to see it shaking its head, so Miao Jinghan pinched its ears and said, “You can obviously talk, so why don’t you talk to me?”

Shu Tang thought of her master and said in an exasperated voice, “Who wants to talk to you?!”

The little girl narrowed her amber-like eyes and smiled, “But, you’re clearly talking to me now.”

Shu Tong: “… …” She lost.

Miao Jinghan had teased enough, and with a smile, she stretches out her hand, and with a flick of her fingers, fire shot out and illuminates the cave wall. Only after this was done did she properly say, “Introduce yourself, my name is Miao Jinhan. I heard that your name is Bai Huahua?”

“… My name is Shu Tang.”

“Good. Then I’ll call you Shu Tang from now on,” the little girl curled her eyebrows, revealing two pretty dimples as she smiled, “Are you okay with that?”

Shu Tang really couldn’t hate this cute appearance of hers, but this cat demon had already threatened her and her master three or five times, so she had to harden her heart no matter how unbearable she felt.

So, Shu Tang said very coldly, “What is your purpose in bringing me here?”

“Oh my,” Miao Jinhan stroked the pig’s bald head, “you’re not at all pleasant like that, where’s the little pig that played with me in the stone forest?”

Shu Tang: “……” Hey! Don’t change the subject, okay?

Seeing the little pig staring at her with dissatisfied eyes, the little cat poked her face with her white finger and said, “The purpose as to why I brought you here, I’ve already said it earlier ah.”

Shu Tang was shocked, then thought back to the scene just now, and that’s when she reacted – did this cat demon called Miao Jinhan really want to help her become human?

However, they didn’t interact much with each other, so why would she help herself?

Shu Tang looked at the young girl’s face suspiciously. In the end, she was so cute that she looked away, turned her head, and was forced to measure the cave.

There’s no way to communicate properly! She’s so cute, she won’t let anyone go!

But then again, how could there be such a hidden cave in the middle of the wasteland? Moreover, the cave didn’t look like it was formed naturally but instead looked like it was man-made.

Who had the spare time to dig a hole in the barbaric wasteland?

Without realizing that she had gone into a trance, Miao Jinhan pouted and cupped the pig’s face, breaking its attention towards her and forcing it to look at her. Then, she lit one hand with fire to illuminate her face, “Why don’t you look at me? Do I look bad?”

Shu Tang looked at this face close at hand, and after a long time, spat out two words, “…not bad.”

Compared to the last time I saw her, the little cat demon’s face was no longer sickly white, but more flushed and appealing.

“Oh, so that means you think I’m good looking.” The little cat demon narrowed her eyes and smiled, her amber-like eyes shining brightly, “Actually, I know what you’re thinking. You think that you and I don’t have any friendship, so I have no reason to help you.”

Shu Tang looked at the narcissistic cat and didn’t say anything.

Miao Jinhan didn’t care, and continued at her own leisure, “But I’ve always been a stickler for repaying favors, and the last time you took me out of the Stone Forest, I definitely had to return the favor…” After a pause, she added, “Or is it a pig’s love?”

… You might as well keep talking about favors! What the hell is a pig’s love?

Shu Tang’s heart was still on her master, “But I don’t want to transform into human form now, my master is still unconscious.”

“Don’t worry, your master is fine. The Red Flame Beast is nimble on its legs and feet, as soon as I had left, it arrived.” Reassuring the little pig, Miao Jinghan asked with a smile, “So, do you want me to help you now?”

If there were no Miao Jinhan, she would be able to transform into a human form through her own efforts. Most importantly, whether or not Chi Yan went in search of her Master, she was worried that others would not be able to take care of her. There was no hurry for such things as transforming into a human. Master’s safety was the most important!

Thus, Shu Tang firmly shook her head and said, “No need, if you really want to repay your kindness, just take me back to my master.”

The little cat demon was first stunned, then laughed cheerfully. After laughing for a while, she said, “It’s not up to you if this cat wants to repay the kindness, why would she need your permission?”

Saying that a surge of true qi soared from her body and it raged inside the cave, blowing out the lights.

After acquiring a spiritual root, Shu Tang’s senses of energy seemed to be more sensitive as well. The moment Miao Jinghan urged her true qi, she felt a tremendous force pressing down on her.

It turned out that Master’s claim that this cat demon had become an Immortal was true.

However, the immortal aura emanating from Miao Jinghan’s body was not quite the same as the ones Shu Tang had felt in the Immortal Realm. As for what was different, she couldn’t tell.

Shu Tang had entered the second realm and could see in the dark, but not as clear as those who had already become immortal. So, when Miao Jinghan condensed a mass of ink-like immortal power in the darkness, she was very shocked.

She never knew that there was still dark immortal power in this world, nor did she know what kind of person Miao Jinhan was.

Even her master couldn’t directly help her become human, yet this cat demon said she could. Could it be that there was some unspeakable secret method?

In the darkness, when Miao Jinghan’s face was almost smeared with ink, Shu Tang suddenly spoke up, “Why are you helping me become human? Did you use some unspeakable secret method, or do you 

 want me to do something?”

The little cat paused, her voice taking on a strange edge, “You don’t trust me that much?”

Yes, don’t trust. Don’t trust, because Master said – “If you meet that cat demon again in the future, you must not trust her”.

In this world, the only person who can make Shu Tang trust wholeheartedly is her master.

The air in the cavern seemed to stand still for a moment, and it was only after a long time that Shu Tang heard Miao Jinghan say, “But if I want to do something, I will do it. I want to repay your kindness and see who can stop me!” As soon as the words fell, Shu Tang only felt her body being immobilized, and then in the next moment, a mass of ink-colored immortal power rigidly broke through all the defensive boundaries that Master had set up for her and straight into her body!

Shu Tang intuited that this wasn’t a good thing, but there was nothing she could do with the other party, so she could only suffer in place.

Miao Jinhan smiled daintily, and her black immortal power was so fierce that her white flowered pattern on a black robe was blown fiercely by the wind. Shu Tang gritted her teeth and looked at her, she was not angry, forming seals with both hands and striking into Shu Tang’s head so fast that the little pig couldn’t help but groan in pain.

The ink-colored immortal power ran wildly in Shu Tang’s body, completely against the original true qi, she had yet to become an immortal body after all. No matter how much true qi she gathered, it was no match for this overbearing and imposing immortal power. When the Immortal Seal struck her forehead, the power became even more powerful, almost becoming a black flame that burned Shu Tang to ashes.

Seeing it in such pain, Miao Jinghan’s face, which was originally smiling, grew serious and her hands moved faster and faster, “Long pain is better than short pain, little Zhutang1, just endure it in order to transform into a human form.”

Shu Tang was nearly fainting from the pain, but still couldn’t help but sputter — what the hell is little Zhutang!

Was this little cat born with a grudge against her? Why is it that every time she sees her, nothing good ever happens?

However, Miao Jinghan was now becoming more and more serious, without a smile in her eye, she was concentrating on casting spells to transform the pig into a human.

She never thought that this little guy’s physiology would be changed so much by Fuyu… If she had expected this, Miao Jinghan wouldn’t have cast the spell on it so early, and let it suffer so much pain.

But once the spell starts, it can’t be stopped. If it stops, not only will she suffer from her own rebound, but the little pig will also be blasted by her immortal power and die.

Therefore, no matter how painful Shu Tang was in, she had to continue.

The delicate little girl’s face became pale again, and cold sweat began to spill out on her forehead, but the movements of her hands didn’t stop for a moment. Suddenly, her face changed, her movements became faster and faster, and her mouth said, “Give me another quarter of an hour, half an hour…”

Shu Tang couldn’t understand what she was saying, and now her pink body was completely covered in black immortal power. The power drew together into threads, moving back and forth on the surface of her skin, dense, turning her into a small black pig.

Hurts…… It hurts …… Even after being immobilized, Shu Tang’s body couldn’t stop trembling in pain.

She wanted so badly to nestle in her Master’s arms, to sleep under her soothing presence, and then when she wakes up, it would all be over. But right now, she was afraid Master was still unconscious, not knowing if she was safe. If Master had woken up and she couldn’t find her, she might still get upset…

Shu Tang’s mind was so chaotic that she no longer knew where she was or what she was thinking. It was as if a fog had fallen onto her soul and it was chaotic.

Master… Master …

In a daze, it was as if she heard the power of the jade pendant in her head buzz, followed by a crushing force that spread throughout her body. Under the endless pain, she only felt that she was nearing an unknown peak, and with a violent cry from Miao Jinghan, Shu Tang also let out a loud cry at the same time, her body’s turbid and dark immortal power violently erupting from her mouth.

Miao Jinghan’s body that was floating in the air slowly landed on the ground, her pale face showing a hint of a smile as she said, “Little Tang, look, I didn’t lie to you.”

Shu Tang’s entire body entered a state of utmost relief after the pain. Hearing Miu Jinghan’s words, she moved her fingers and slowly opened her eyes.

Wait! Why does she have fingers?

Shu Tang suddenly got up but fell into a dizzy fit because she got up too fast. After the dizziness passed, she saw that her original hooves had turned into a pair of hands the size of a ten-year-old child.

She was busy looking at her body again and unsurprisingly saw the body of a ten-year-old child.

Shu Tang: “……” This isn’t what she had imagined for a body!

When Master transformed into a human, she became the number one beauty in the immortal realm, with an appearance around twenty years old; the kitten demon transformed into a human, and although she looked lovely, she was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl… But here she is, how could she become the body of a ten-year-old child!

Shu Tang’s heart ached as she carefully touched her face. After touching it, she quietly breathed a sigh of relief, forgetting how she looked, as long as she didn’t have a pig nose and ears, she was relieved.

As Miao Jinghan smiled shallowly at the side, watching her touch here and there, she was so happy, she said, “You are only in the second realm now, you can only turn into this kind of appearance. When you enter the third realm, you will be able to set your own age.”

Seeing that she really helped her become human, Shu Tang turned her head to look at her, not knowing what to say for a while. She was stunned before she slowly said, “I don’t know what you’re after, but thank you.”

Miao Jinghan walked up to her, “I told you, it’s something I want to do. I’ll do it even if you won’t let me.” She wrinkled her small nose, “It’s just that I don’t really like this face of yours.”

Shu Tang’s heart thudded, reaching out to touch her face, touching the smooth cheeks and bridge of her nose, and then going to touch her eyes. In the end, she felt that she shouldn’t be too ugly, after all, her eyes weren’t small, her skin was good, her nose was straight, and her facial features were proper, no matter what, she should have an acceptable face.

However, if a peerless beauty like Master had a mediocre little disciple, it must not be too glorious, right? And even the little black cat said she didn’t like her looks, so what about Master?

No one in the Immortal Realm is bad looking, and if this accident happened to her… Shu Tang felt that her worst fears still came true – she was not worthy of her master.

Her mood was instantly depressed, the joy of transforming into a human was no longer there. Originally, she would have been happy if her master was present, but now she was glad that she wasn’t there.

What would Master think if she saw her appearance?

She was thinking nonsensically when she suddenly saw a black gleam in the eyes of the girl in front of her, and before she could react, the girl had reached out and pinched her face, saying, “Okay, it’s time for me to take you out.”

Before any words came out of her mouth, Miao Jinghan grabbed her arm, yanked up Shu Tang, who was sitting on the ground, and instantly moved out of the cave.

Just after exiting the cave, before Shu Tang complained about her pinching her face, she saw a cloud of black smoke that instantly enveloped Miao Jinghan and then disappeared.

It was that smoke again… What was it exactly? What is the relationship with Miao Jinghan?

In the blink of an eye, only Shu Tang was left standing alone in the middle of the barbaric wasteland. After looking at the scene around her, her heart began to panic, but she bravely walked back in the direction she came from.

Because, there was Master on the other side of the road, so she didn’t need to be afraid.

Although Shu Tang had never really learned a spell, she had seen many of them herself, so she tried to use them as she walked, and she really managed to strike out a flame.

The five elements of Taotie were fire, and it was no surprise that her spirit root turned into a fire spirit root. Within two steps, she encountered a weaker beast soul, and in a moment of shock, she managed to scare the beast soul away with the fire technique.

After she calmed down, a sense of pride arose from the bottom of her heart.

It turned out that she could also fight off enemies with her own strength!

Except, before she could finish being happy, a powerful beast soul rushed towards her. No matter how talented Shu Tang was, she knew that she couldn’t beat it, but she didn’t know how to control the wind, so she could only raise her legs and run.

However, no matter how fast she ran, she couldn’t outrun a beast soul flying in the air. The beast soul blocked her way with a cruel laugh, opening its bloody mouth as it looked to devour her, and a golden light shot out, nearly knocking it to dust.

Chi Yan’s angry scolding sounded behind her, Shu Tang was first stunned, then quickly covered her face with her pale pink sleeve.

Master…. Master is here!

So what is Master going to do when she sees this face of hers!

1 “Little Zhutang” or “猪小棠” means Little Pig Tang so that was shocked by the name

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