My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 27 – Spiritual Roots

As the ground trembled, Fuyu calmly said, “You don’t need to delude yourself that I will leave it with you.”

Shu Tang who was at the side was baffled, only feeling that Chi Yan’s attitude towards her had instantly changed a lot. It was only after a while that she heard her master say, “He is the first demonic beast of the ancient world, the Red Flame Beast. The fire of the fur is the real fire of Samadhi1, once you touch it, you will be poisoned by fire and die. So it’s best to stay away from him.” After a pause, she said to the agitated Chi Yan, “Don’t you dare hit on my disciple.”

Shu Tang still didn’t understand why Chi Yan suddenly switched his attitude towards her, and in the next second, she heard Chi Yan tear out the reason – “I haven’t had a normal female beast to talk to for tens of thousands of years! Before the war, it was because I had too much vision. After the war, it was because there was no more female beast! All I’ve seen in these years in the barbaric wasteland are beast souls, and occasionally I see a few living female beasts that are about to fight or kill me…”

“So the female beasts that were trying to kill you were all eaten,” Fuyu answered.

“It’s only right to eat them,” Chi Yan said unwillingly, “It’s rare to see such a weak female beast enter the barbaric wasteland, are you seriously not going to let me play for two days?”

“You are wearing a blazing fire, and before two days have passed, my disciple will already be roasted by you,” Fuyu carefully analyzed the situation and refused, “I won’t give it to you.”

Shu Tang looked speechlessly at the majestic Red Flame Beast and said, “Good senior.”

Seeing how well-behaved it was, the original displeasure in Chi Yan’s heart disappeared. That’s right, no one has stated that Fuyu can’t accept a disciple, and she shouldn’t use these unnecessary morals to regulate her.

After thinking about it, it finally decided to say, “I’ll accompany you guys to find a Taotie,” and in the middle of the sentence, it turned to the little pig alone and said, “I really don’t feel comfortable with little Fuyu taking you to find a Taotie alone.”

Shu Tang: “……” Why do all of Master’s old friends have to call her “Little Fuyu”, a name that is so offensive?

Fuyu glanced at Chi Yan and was quite satisfied, “I knew that you would definitely help me with this favor.”

Chi Yan regained its gentle voice and said to Shu Tang, “I’m not doing your master a favor this time. I’m doing you a favor, you must remember that.”

Regardless of the reason for Chi Yan’s help, she had owed it a favor this time. Shu Tang shook her head and nodded, “Thank you, senior.”

After discovering that this disciple of Fuyu’s did not like to talk, Chi Yan was more and more willing to tease her, and the whole journey was filled with the sounds of Chi Yan and her striking up a conversation. Shu Tang was helpless, but still replied to it seriously, word for word.

For beast souls, the safest place in the barbaric wasteland is the entrance, and the most dangerous place is also the entrance. It was safe because there were fewer strong individuals here than in the barbaric wasteland, and there was more vitality; it was dangerous because there could be cautious immortal cultivators who did not dare to enter the interior and only sought their coveted power from the outside, and beast souls would be prey to such people if they were not careful.

The cunning and ferocious beasts like the Taotie would not run to the entrance of the barbaric wasteland to attract attention, they would rather hide among the strong rather than run out to attract danger.

In the midst of Chi Yan’s long-winded voice, one person and two beasts finally entered the more central section of the barbaric wasteland. Arriving at this place, the Red Flame Beast instantly calmed down quite a bit. Shu Tang looked at it suspiciously, and Fuyu explained, “This place is extremely dangerous, it is quite reliable here despite its many words.”

Chi Yan was choked by her, and the giant claw silently walked on the ground. Shu Tang ran after her master, and she was able to keep up with their footsteps.

Along the way, Shu Tang thought, if one were to say where the most desperate place was in the world, that place would have to be the ancient barbaric wasteland. She didn’t know the reason for the war between the gods and demons back then, but the more she walked inside, the more she felt that this place was filled with despair.

Thousands of years ago, a war here had wiped out the Gods and Demons, leaving corpses all over the place. Every inch of land was stained with blood, and every grain of sand bore the grievances of souls and demonic beasts towards the world.

The despair of death had spread to every inch of this land, as if stepping on here meant death.

Shu Tang unwittingly thought a lot, and when Chi Yan saw this moment, he said on the side, “Don’t think too much in the barbaric wasteland, this place is full of dead things, and if you think too much, you will also become a dead thing.”

Shu Tang was shocked and was quickly put away these wild thoughts. It was just that when she looked at the living Red Flame Beast, she really didn’t think it was a dead thing.

Perhaps seeing her confusion, Chi Yan added, “I died a long time ago, and the beast souls that remain here today are nothing more than imaginary shadows condensed by obsession, and cannot be counted.” With a long sigh, it looked at the beast souls that were running away in distance and whispered to Fuyu, “Little Fuyu, how good would it be if everything stayed back then.”

Fuyu was silent for a moment and said softly, “My name is Fuyu, not Little Fuyu.”

“You don’t even want to stay with the last bit of ties, so how is that not a form of obsession?” Chi Yan, for some reason, felt despondent himself, “Every beast and demonic beast in here that refuses to die completely have their own obsessions. They have lived too long, thinking that they will never really die, and that they will return to the Six Realms to dominate the world. However, once they leave the barbaric wasteland, a place filled with grievances and obsessions, they will all disperse in the blink of an eye…”

Shu Tang couldn’t help but say, “Senior, you just said that you can’t think too much in the barbaric wasteland.”

Chi Yan withdrew its emotions and said, “I’m just giving you a demonstration, if you continue to think like I just did, in three days I will be completely turned into an obsession and dissipate into the barbaric wasteland.” After that, it said to Fuyu, “See, this is how you should teach your disciple by example.”

Shu Tang: “……” She had never seen such a brazen person before!

However, Fuyu looked like she was being taught and nodded, “Understood.”

Shu Tang: “……” What should she do if her master is a bit stupid…

It had been a long time since Chi Yan had spoken so much, and now he exchanged a few words with Shu Tang, before focusing all his attention to his surroundings. Fuyu had told her something about the barbarian wasteland in the meantime, reducing some of the tension for her little disciple.

It turned out that the barbaric wasteland was divided into two main factions, the Ancient Beasts and the Demonic Beasts. Of the two factions, the Ancient Beasts were led by Chi Yan, and the Demonic Beasts also had their powerful leaders. The leaders of the two factions made their own agreements with each other, usually not offending each other, thus, Chi Yan was able to travel unimpeded in the wasteland, and no one dared to provoke it.

Hearing the conversation between the master and disciple, Chi Yan snorted lightly. Ridiculous, even if that leader of the beast fought against him, he wouldn’t be able to win, so who would dare to provoke him? However, now that there was Fuyu and Shu Tang by its side, those delirious beast souls didn’t dare to provoke it, but they would not sell their own face and not provoke Fuyu and Shu Tang.

It has been years since Chi Yan has been so careful, and Fuyu knows it well enough to quietly remember the debt of gratitude.

When it reached an extremely dense area of divine beast skeletons, Chi Yan suddenly stopped and said, “One of the Taotie I know is probably just ahead, I’m not at liberty to show my face. You guys go ahead, I’ll guard in the shadows.”

Saying that, it took advantage of Fuyu’s lack of attention to put away the sharp claws and flames in its palm, and secretly rubbed Shu Tang’s small head with the soft palm.

However, he only put away the flames and forgot the temperature on his palm. At the moment of contact, Shu Tang could smell the smell of burning hair from the top of her head.

Shu Tang: “……” Senior Chi Yan! It’s stupid for a pig to be covered in hair everywhere but the top of its head, okay!

Let the pigs live! Pigs have dignity too!

When Fuyu saw this, she formed a seal with both hands with an unpleasant face, and suddenly struck the Coiling Dragon Ice Pillar, hitting Chi Yan’s paws hard.

Red Flame closed his paws with an “ow”, and turned into a fiery red dot of light, lurking in a bone without a beast’s soul.

Even so, Chi Yan still had the joy of reuniting with an old friend. Looking at the world, the one who could beat him up so brazenly must be Fuyu.

Shu Tang shook the black ash on her head, sighing at her master’s domineering power while condemning Chi Yan’s unkindness. After catching up with her master with a stuffy heart, the master and disciple continued to search for the Taotie Beast Soul.

Losing the protection of the Red Flame Beast’s aura, the beast souls that had fled away earlier returned in waves. However, when they saw Shu Tang, the weaker beast souls all retreated and left again, and only those who were extremely strong dared to stay.

Shu Tang didn’t understand why the beasts would leave, but Fuyu instantly understood – the touch of Chi Yan had no ill intent, but rather added his own scent to her little disciple’s body, reducing a lot of trouble for them.

Even knowing of its good intentions, Fuyu’s eyebrows were still furrowed, somewhat unpleasantly.

What was this about her disciple having another person’s scent on her?

So, after slapping back a beast soul that had come to provoke her, Fuyu raised her hand and rubbed the scent away. Erasing the scent wasn’t enough, and on second thought, she added her own scent to it when her disciple wasn’t paying attention.

In this way, her little apprentice was hers alone. Fuyu withdrew her hand in satisfaction and began to focus on dealing with these beast souls.

After repelling nearly ten beast souls, those beast souls finally had the intention of retreating, Fuyu pulled out a magic weapon from her sleeve and violently threw it into the air, chanting, the magic weapon suddenly shone with a burst of light, enveloping Fuyu and Shu Tang’s bodies.

In the next instant, one person and one pig disappeared into thin air like this.

One could not use instantaneous spells in the barbaric wasteland, but one could use transient magical tools. They were all left over from before the Gods and Demons War, and could only be used at the most crucial moments.

And this was that most crucial moment.

Fuyu didn’t want to use this magic tool early, but she had just felt the scent of a Taotie, and it was fleeing so fast that if she didn’t catch up with it, she didn’t know when she would be able to find the next one.

Shu Tang, who didn’t understand the situation yet, was taken several miles away from here, which had the same desolate scene as earlier, but there were many more clusters of power left by the gods and demons than earlier.

Looking at those clusters of power, Shu Tang finally understood why so many people would come to the barbaric wasteland to die. A cluster of power, some were wrapped in the ancient handed down secret spells, some are thousands of years of accumulated cultivation, and some belong to the gods and demons… Just look, Shu Tang and other cultivators who have no intention of power, will have endless desire in their hearts, not to mention those who already did.

Shu Tang closed her eyes and silently recited the secret of clearing one’s heart, discarding any distracting thoughts before reopening her eyes and looking at her master.

At that moment, Fuyu’s hand became a claw, clasping a bone like a human skull, chanting a spell. The bone under her hand was trembling, shining with a dark black light, and making a sound of “Ka ka” at the same time.

Seeing that the skull was about to break from Master’s hold, Shu Tang urgently called out, “Master!”

Fuyu’s head was already aching, but at this call, the meridians regained its clarity, and she was busy using her mind to remove a magic tool from her sleeve, saying, “Huahua, quickly inject your true qi into this magic tool.”

Shu Tang didn’t even think twice, she directly drew her true qi out of her body and slowly inputted it into the magic tool. At first, the magic tool did not react, but when she injected enough true qi, the magic tool lit up.

It was in the shape of a disc with a small hole in the center, and the moment it lit up, a fluorescent green light shone straight into Shu Tang’s forehead.

Fuyu was still suppressing the skull that hid the Taotie’s beast soul, but after the magic weapon was activated, she suddenly clasped her fingers, grabbed the skull and threw it into the sky, drawing a magic formation to trap it completely.

All beast souls cherished their lives, even if they were to falsely live in the barbaric wasteland like this, it wouldn’t want to become someone else’s spirit root. The Taotie was originally a ferocious beast among the beasts, and its strength was quite powerful.

Fuyu wouldn’t allow it escape, and her palms worked to forcefully mend the corner of the formation.

No matter how dull Shu Tang was, she could see the change in her master’s face – the moment she mended the formation, that stunningly beautiful face became incomparably pale!

Was this formation too draining, or was Master just exhausted? In the past, in the Immortal Realm, her master would guide her to practice and she would fall asleep without noticing. But now that she was tense for a long time, it must be that her body couldn’t hold up.

However, with such a high cultivation level, why was Master’s body so weak and in need of frequent rest?

Yet, no matter how worried Shu Tang was about her master, she couldn’t do anything to help at this point and could only hold the magic tool beside her and work.

Both Master and Chi Yan said that Taotie was greedy and treacherous, so how could it be willing to be subjugated by Master?

As expected, after the Taotie struggled several times to no avail, the beast’s soul itself finally escaped from the skull, forming a shadow of a human face and a goat body. Although it had a human face, it had no eyes, only a mouth with exposed fangs and a human-like nose.

Having seen all kinds of beast souls, Shu Tang didn’t find it scary, but was disgusted by its ugliness. Shu Tang had heard that the Taotie was the son of a dragon, and wondered why the divine dragon had given birth to such an ugly Taotie.

However, the one in front of her was going to be his spirit root after all, and as much as Shu Tang disliked it, she had to convince herself to accept it.

Fuyu started to get a headache again, the formation could only trap the skull, but not the soul of the Taotie that was detached from its own skeleton. The Taotie also found out that she was unable to do anything and was trying to escape, but in her haste, Fuyu recklessly triggered the part of the immortal power that could not be used freely, and quickly condensed a green light in both palms, hitting the shadow in the air.

The shadow let out a sharp, tearful scream in pain, shocking Shu Tang to immediately close her five senses to prevent her eardrums from bursting.

Fuyu took this opportunity to draw the magic tool into her hand, spoke violently, and quickly manipulated the magic tool with her fingers. A few moments later, the magic tool emitted a crisp “click” sound, and the central point of light connected not only to Shu Tang, but also to the shadow of the Taotie.


The moment the two were connected, the Taotie shadow was like a firework exploding with a loud bang, and then transformed into a green dot of light that flew into Shu Tang’s head and combined with her spiritual roots.

Shu Tang felt an instantaneous flow of fresh Qi into her internal organs, and her spiritual veins and meridians also changed. Only when this change ended did she restore her five senses and slowly open her eyes.

The surroundings seemed to still echo with that loud noise, and Fuyu looked at her little disciple who regained her spiritual roots with a pale face, curving her lips and gave a smile. Shu Tang suddenly felt her eyes swelling and burning, almost crying out in the next second.

How could Master work so hard for her spiritual root!

Fuyu, however, didn’t feel anything. Just thinking that her wish was fulfilled and her disciple finally had a spiritual root. Thinking so, her body went soft and fell down losing strength. Shu Tang was shocked, and busily ran behind her master, catching her with her soft body the moment she fell down.

Just let Master rest for a while, and when she had rested enough, they would return to the Immortal Realm and stay there until she had cultivated her human form.

Nantan Shangxian had said that it would take ten years before she could cultivate her human form, and now, by a stroke of fate, she was actually one step away from doing so!

Right! Only one step away! When she takes human form, she’ll practice her techniques and protect her master!

Shu Tang gritted her teeth and tried to prop up her master so that her master’s clean clothes wouldn’t be stained by thousands of years of blood on the ground.

However, only after half a cup of tea, a delicate voice suddenly sounded behind Shu Tang, “Hey, it’s you little pig.” The voice was very familiar, yet somewhat unfamiliar, “Don’t you want to become a human? Let me help.”

Before Shu Tang could speak, she was already picked up by the owner of the voice. Seeing her master fall to the ground in a smooth motion, she was in a panic and was shouted, “Master!”

Chi Yan rushed to Fuyu’s side only after Shu Tang was carried away by the little girl in black.

The ancient beast, which was covered in flames, opened its blood basin and roared, then carefully placed Fuyu on its back. Only then did it follow the scent left by Fuyu and chased after the direction where Shu Tang was taken.

At this time, Shu Tang had been brought to an underground cave by the little black-clothed girl. Miao Jinghan poked her wet nose and smiled like a silver bell, “How about it, little piggy. Haven’t seen you for a long time, did you miss me?”

1 “Fire of Samadhi” is eternal flames or Flames of Purgatory

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