My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 26 – Chi Yan

Fuyu patted Shu Tang’s hoof, smiled happily, and got up to continue walking forward.

After crossing the pile of bones, the scene in front of her also changed abruptly. The skeletons of the beasts had obviously increased, and there were many beast souls floating in the air that were detached from the skeletons, forming beast-shaped shadows, either fighting or absorbing power from the gods and demons.

There was also a competition among the beast souls, where the weak were prey to the strong, which was the most basic and only law of survival in the barbaric wasteland. Some of the weaker beast souls would be tamed by those who entered the barbaric wasteland, while others would be swallowed by the powerful beast souls. So when the demonic beasts knew that they were weak, they would suppress their breath and hide their souls in their skeletons to save them from death.

The Taotie, for example, was one of these weaker beasts. Although it was one of the four ancient ferocious beasts, it wasn’t good at fighting alone, and although it wanted to eat those powers, it could only hold back for the time being in order to stay alive. Any Taotie beast with a bit of spiritual intelligence wouldn’t run out to die when they had nothing else to do.

However, they were greedy by nature, and once they found the right moment, they would still kill and eat. They were no match for powerful beast souls, but it was still no trouble to kill a few ordinary immortal cultivators. The same goes for the other weaklings, the only difference between them and the Taotie was probably that they weren’t as careful and cautious as the Taotie.

There were rarely people entering the barbaric wasteland recently, and those divine beasts that lived only by killing people were all excited upon seeing Fuyu and Shu Tang. However, Fuyu’s aura was so powerful that they didn’t dare to provoke her, but the pink little pig looked extremely easy to bully, and her cultivation was low, so she wasn’t much of a threat.

So, after crossing the wall of bones, Shu Tang truly experienced the reason why everyone said that the barbaric wasteland is dangerous… How is this dangerous! This is obviously very dangerous!

Seldom did one enter the wasteland with a person or beast with such low cultivation and no attack power. As a result, a swarm of beast souls all swarmed towards her, wanting to suck her essence. Luckily, Fuyu reacted quickly and swept away most of the beast souls with her Immortal Power.

Among the repelled beast souls, some of them surged back again after taking a look at the situation, while others deliberately stayed away.

Originally, Shu Tang thought that Master’s attack could drive most of the beast spirits away, but they would only come again. While cursing these beast souls, Shu Tang urged her body’s true qi to protect them from the evil qi of the demonic beasts from entering her body.

Fuyu was accustomed to this, as she struck out several palms, and each palm hitting the most vulnerable spot of the beast souls. When their lives were threatened, they immediately protected their soul and hurriedly retreated.

After finishing them off, Shu Tang slowly breathed a sigh of relief. However, before this relief was complete, she realized – she was too naive.

Those just now were just appetizers, the next was the big meal.

Only after seeing those minions easily repelled did the strong ones show up one by one, and only after they had shown up did they make a big move.

The weaker ones like to win with numbers and then divide the spoils between them. The strong like to capture their own prey and enjoy it alone.

In the eyes of the strong, the prey is not only the weak Shu Tang but also Fuyu beside her.

Shangxian? So what if it is? When they were born in the world, this Shangxian had not yet been formed.

Fuyu had anticipated the dangers of entering the barbaric wasteland and dealt with it without panic. Under her protection, Shu Tang did not suffer the slightest damage, yet she was still frightened.

If it was just a powerful beast spirit challenging her master, she wouldn’t have to worry, but right now there were a number of powerful beast spirits waiting in the shadows…

She never knew what her master’s true strength was, but she understood that even the strongest person would run out of energy at some point. There were countless beast spirits in the barbaric wasteland, if Master had to deal with them one by one, when would it end?

However, she thought about it more this time instead. After taking care of three beast souls in a row, Fuyu no longer waited to die, instead, she took the initiative to attack. She picked up her disciple who was still worried about her, took a few steps forward, and formed a seal with her right hand, striking at the obstacles in front of her, killing a path of blood.

The beast soul, no matter how powerful and conceited it was, knew well enough to judge the situation, and immediately scattered in all directions, hiding in the shadows to observe.

Fuyu sneered, carrying her disciple and continuing to walk forward, and no one came to stop her.

Shu Tang was frightened by the imposing presence of her master, and only after a while did she ask in a low voice, “Master, what’s wrong with you?”

Fuyu’s body stiffened slightly, then relaxed and said, “Perhaps the atmosphere of the barbaric wasteland has stirred up killing intent. Master is fine.”

Shu Tang, who was hanging on her Master’s arm, nodded in understanding, and asked, “The barbaric wasteland is so big, where are we going to find the soul of the Taotie beast?”

“There is an old friend in the barbaric wasteland, he will take us to find it.” Before Fuyu’s voice could finish, a palm-sized ball of fire suddenly shot at her head-on. The violent power of the fire could be felt from a hundred meters away, and Shu Tang’s body’s true qi was completely suppressed by this violent power, almost unable to breathe.

Shu Tang was shocked, and no longer wondered why her master had a friend in the barbaric wasteland, only adjusting her breathing wholeheartedly to avoid suffocating to death. On the contrary, Fuyu was relaxed, her right arm raised, and her hand quickly drew a circle in the air, the magic recited in her mouth became tangible and infused into the center of the circle.

The moment the fireball struck, the spell was just finished, and the moment the formation made contact with the fireball, the red and blue lights bloomed and then turned into nothingness.

Shu Tang looked at her Master in puzzlement, and before she could even ask, she saw a beast soul that was almost condensed into a solid shadow slowly coming from the direction of the fireball.

The moment it appeared, the surrounding powerful beast souls who were preparing to ambush immediately dispersed in an orderly manner. In the midst of the crisis-ridden wasteland, a safe place where no other beast souls existed was instantly formed.

Even if Shu Tang didn’t understand the hierarchy among the beast souls, at this point, she could feel how powerful the one coming towards them must be.

In a place like the barbaric wasteland, how powerful did it have to be to cause a hundred beasts to avoid it?

In the end, Shu Tang was considered a beast with spiritual wisdom, so by the time this unparalleled powerhouse approached in front of them, she didn’t even dare to breathe. If she wasn’t hanging on to her master, she would have been kneeling on the ground worshipping him by now.

Seeing her disciple driven by instinct, Fuyu couldn’t help but frown and withdrew her right hand from drawing the formation. Seeing her carrying a small pig in one hand and the other hand fluttering down at her side, the visitor couldn’t help but smile, “It seems that your pig raising has improved. You’re already able to raise one to meet me.”

Shu Tang: “…… “How come this opening statement was not quite what she had imagined!

The face is like that of a tiger and panther, its body covered in flames, sharp claws and fangs, this gentle speech is just… why does it know about Master raising pigs…?

Shu Tang had a hard time accepting this change of drawing, but also realized that the old friend that Master referred to must be the one in front of her.

When Chi Yan1 stretched out his huge claws, wanting to touch the little pig with his claws, Fuyu’s eyebrows furrowed again, taking her disciple to nimbly avoid it. Chi Yan’s claws paused in mid-air, not even touching a single pig hair.

Chi Yan withdrew his claws awkwardly and puffed twice, his nostrils bursting with flames, nearly burning the poor Shu Tang again.

Fuyu finally couldn’t help but speak, “Chi Yan, please take away the pressure on your body first. I’m afraid my disciple can’t take it.”

Chi Yan slowly withdrew the mighty pressure and continued to speak in a gentle masculine voice, “So this pig is your disciple,” it didn’t look too happy, “You’ve even taken in a disciple.”

After removing the strong pressure, Shu Tang’s taut body gradually relaxed, and listened carefully to the conversation between the two.

“It is exceptionally gifted. It has only been cultivating immortality for several months and has entered the second realm.” Fuyu didn’t notice its dissatisfaction and continued, “This visit is to find the beast soul of a Taotie for it and mend its spiritual roots.”

“Its spiritual root is broken?” Chi Yan asked.

Fuyu told the matter to it, and Chi Yan put his huge head towards the tiny Shu Tang, “You’re amazing, you actually shattered your spirit root alive in order to resolve a stability spell.”

Shu Tang was stunned at that, so her spirit root was broken because she was trying to diffuse the stability spell!

If she knew this would happen, she wouldn’t disable any even if she was killed!

Shu Tang almost regretted it, and then heard Chi Yan say to her, “However, I don’t like you and I won’t find you a Taotie.” After saying that, it raised its head and snorted quite proudly.

Shu Tang: “… …” Hey! Where’s that gentle, strong character image you promised?

Fuyu pursed her lips and looked at it, “Do you remember Luhua Shangxian that I mentioned to you?”

Chi Yan nodded its noble head and gave an “en”.

Fuyu continued, “You are far too childish compared to him.”

Chi Yan: “……”

Chi Yan, which had been feared by a hundred beasts since the ancient times, was mocked by a jade pendant that had only been cultivating for ten thousand years.

Chi Yan, in order to get back its cool image, tensed up its furry beast face and said, “There are not many Taotie race left in the barbaric wasteland, and I know of only a few of them. The ones that survived are incomparably shrewd and cunning, and it’s really hard to fight them. Even if you can defeat them in terms of skill, you’ll lose in terms of strategy alone. Therefore, you cannot outwit them, you can only take them head-on.”

Shu Tang silently looked at Chi Yan’s face and sighed in her heart. This ancient beast was really small-minded and careless, but when he was mocked by her master, he turned to mock back.

By the way, what kind of friends did Master make!

Fuyu quietly looked at Chi Yan and said seriously, “So you won’t get any benefit from fighting against them?”

Chi Yan, who had been stabbed, fell silent, and Shu Tang said in her heart – Master did a great job!

Shu Tang had expected a war to happen, but right now it was heading into the stage of mocking each other and catching up. Seeing the situation in an awkward state, Shu Tang struggled and finally opened her mouth, “Master, this senior in front of me. Can you introduce him to me?”

If Shu Tang was not mistaken, the moment she spoke, she seemed to see Chi Yan’s large copper eyes suddenly burst out with a shining light.

Thus, under Shu Tang’s stunned gaze, the domineering and fierce Chi Yan in front of her changed his previous gentle tone, stomped heavily on the ground, and said excitedly, “Little Fuyu! Your disciple is also a female!”

1 “Chi Yan” or 赤焰 translate to Red Flame, similar to its body.

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