My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 25 – Demonic Beasts

In the barbaric wasteland’s Ancient Beast Killing Formation.

In order to break the killing formation, the first thing one must do is to get rid of all the killing intent in one’s heart. If you have killing intent, the Four Ancient Beasts will not let anyone into the barbaric wasteland to cause trouble.

Shu Tang was previously influenced by the killing formation and had a strong killing intent, fortunately, she was able to clear her heart in time and was fine. At this moment, her master was fighting with the eye of the killing formation, and it was obvious that she had the upper hand.

The reason why they entered the barbaric wasteland was to find Shu Tang her own spiritual roots, in other words, all the efforts her master was making were for her own sake… Shu Tang was reciting the Clear Heart Technique while secretly watching her master fight…

What if I feel that Master is both beautiful and gentle every day! What if I want to fawn over my master every day!

Not knowing what the disciple was thinking, Fuyu struck the last blow fiercely at the entity that the killing energy had condensed, then put her jade finger in between her teeth and bit hard, flicking a drop of blood at the eye of the formation. Seeing this, Shu Tang also used her true qi to cut through the hoof and imprinted it onto the eye of the formation.


The killing energy condensed at the eye of the formation dissipated completely, revealing the entrance to the barbaric wasteland.

Shu Tang trotted up to her master’s feet and asked in distress, “Master, is your hand alright?”

Fuyu wiggled her fingers around in front of Shu Tang’s eyes, “Nothing happened to your Master.” After a pause, she picked up the piglet’s hoof and dabbed her jade finger on it, causing the wound to disappear.

Seeing that Master’s wounds had healed, Shu Tang was relieved and followed her into the wasteland.

As soon as she stepped into the entrance, Shu Tang only felt a sense of the past sorrow greeting her. She steadied her mind and then looked around.

No wonder the book described this place as being full of dangers and opportunities. Just by looking at the entrance, there were countless skeletons of beasts and demons, as well as a small number of power clusters left behind by the gods and demons. However, the souls left behind by these beasts and demons had already been taken away by their predecessors, leaving only the skeletal remains.

This was true of the souls of beasts, and even more so of the clumps of power left behind. Although there were many power clusters in the barbaric wasteland, they had been encroached by the souls of intelligent beasts for thousands of years. As a result, they had become incomparably precious. What’s more, the clusters left behind at the entrance had been sucked out in the early stages, taking away the secret seals and divine powers within, so how could it be their turn to take away the secret methods?

In a place like this, even the thick-headed Fuyu Shangxian was nervous and her little disciple was no exception, looking around intensely with dark eyes wide open.

Walking up to a skeleton, the jade pendant in Shu Tang’s head buzzed. She was stunned, then stood under the skeleton and asked, “Master, what kind of bone is this?”

“Demonic beast bones,” Fuyu looked at the skeleton and furrowed her brow, “Why do you ask that?”

Shu Tang told the truth about her anomaly, and then asked, “What is a demonic beast?”

“Before the war between God and Demon, there were not only ancient divine beasts but also various kinds of demonic beasts in the world. Demonic beasts are tamed by the capable in the demon realm and are like gods of war among the hundred beasts. They are a symbol of invincibility in battle. Unfortunately, after the last great battle, all the divine and demonic beasts were left in the barbaric wasteland forever.” After Fuyu explained, she tilted her head and sighed, “This demonic beast in front of you, I once had an encounter with it.”

Shu Tang couldn’t understand why she could perceive it when her master had met this magical beast once. She was about to ask her master but saw numerous glowing green spots floating on the skeleton in front of her and attached to her body.

After eating well for the past few days, Shu Tang’s pig hair grew back, but these new hairs were fine and soft, not yet strong. At this time, when these spots of light were attached to the hair, Shu Tang felt itchy and wanted to laugh.

Fuyu didn’t know whether to be pleased or what as she smiled and said, “These are some of the knowledge of this beast’s life. Its secrets and powers have been taken away and cannot be given to you. If you like, you can absorb them into your body.”

Shu Tang was delighted, then hesitantly asked, “Demonic beasts should belong to demons if I absorb them, will they have any effect?” She remembered the consequences of the hex she had been put under and vowed not to do it again.

” It’s alright, this beast is not a demon, and…” Fuyu’s voice suddenly sounded a bit wispy, ” There is nothing wrong with the demon itself.”

Since there were no problems, Shu Tang absorbed it. Only when all of the knowledge appeared in her mind did she happily ask, “Master, was it fated to give me these experiences?”

Fuyu was startled, then nodded her head.

The master and disciple were connected by the jade, so it should be considered a kind of fate.

In this way, the road ahead was less tense and more fun. Shu Tang happily replayed the beast’s sight and hearing in her mind, and her understanding of the beast became much deeper. The only pity was that these stories did not include the war between the gods and demons, nor did they include negative things. What the beast had given her was mostly what she had seen in her travels and the normal life of the beast.

On the other hand, this magical beast that was destined to be with her was really good-looking, with a shiny snow-white fur when it was in beast form, and had an extremely good-looking face when it was in human form, handsome and cool. It didn’t look like someone from the demon world, but rather like a mortal who had transformed into an immortal.

Whenever she saw these beasts in human form, Shu Tang couldn’t help but think – what would she look like in human form?

She was now in the middle of the barbaric wasteland, which meant that she was one step closer to becoming a human. At the thought of this, she couldn’t help but leap with joy and happily ran in front of her master, asking, “Master, what kind of beast soul are you going to find for me? “

“If nothing else, it should be a Taotie1.” Fuyu said and kindly explained, “Although Taotie is an ancient ferocious beast and is mainly greedy. Its spiritual root is the best match for you, so I’m sure there won’t be any discomfort after the fusion.”

Shu Tang: “… …”

She suddenly wanted to get out of the barbaric wasteland and go out and be alone.

She was already a pig! She has enough to eat! Why would Master need to find her the soul of a beast like Taotie that is more gluttonous than a pig! Even though she’s not well educated, she knows that “greed is called gluttony”!

Master…… Is it because she still thinks she can’t eat enough?!

Shu Tang growled in her heart for a long time before asking with immense bitterness, “If I combine with the beast soul of a Taotie, will I, ahem, become more gluttonous?”

Unexpectedly, the disciple was actually struggling with such things. Fuyu Shangxian couldn’t help but laugh, raising her hand for the disciple when the sand blew in her face, saying, “If you really become more gluttonous, I can still afford to feed you.”

I can also afford to feed you… Shu Tang thought a bit more, hanging her head and fidgeted, “Then, then will I have a gluttonous body?”

“No, after subduing it, it will become a part of your body instead of you becoming a part of its body.” Fuyu continued to walk forward, “But Taotie is inherently vicious and greedy, and are very cunning, so it won’t be easy to subdue it, and it may take some effort.”

Shu Tang responded with a stuffy heart and listlessly followed after her master as she continued walking forward.

Before, she had only heard about the danger of the barbaric wasteland, but now, except for the bones and sandstorm, there was no crisis. Just as Shu Tang was thinking this, she suddenly saw a pile of white bones in front of them.

These bones were not the skeletons of beasts, but the skeletons of humans. With so many bones piled up together, Shu Tang had a feeling of nausea and was quickly moved her true qi to suppress her surging stomach.

Fuyu faintly swept her eyes at these bones, picked up the little pig, and leaped up, crossing over them.

“Master, are these bones also left from the war between the gods and demons?” Shu Tang felt better, which was why she asked.

“No,” Fuyu denied and then said, “These are people who died at the entrance of the barbaric wasteland, or in the killing formation. There is a beast spirit of an ancient divine bird in the barbaric wasteland, and they will gather these bones together. Both to clean up the wasteland and to warn later generations.”

The pile of bones behind her was less than a thousand, and these, however, were only the ones who had died in the entrance and the killing formation. If one went further inside, there would surely be more.

Although the reason why Master decided to bring her to the barbaric wasteland was just to feed a piglet, she had after all taken a big risk for her. After being emotionally moved, Shu Tang stretched out her hoof and pulled on her master’s clothes, saying, “When this disciple gains the spiritual root, I will definitely cultivate well and not let down my master’s expectations.”

Fuyu was startled at first, before squatting down and touched its head, “I do not seek your fame or gratitude for your Master’s kindness, I only wish you to become an immortal without misfortune and eternal peace. “

Shu Tang listened and lightly lifted her hoof and placed it on her master’s hand.

However, no one had noticed that the moment they touched, both Shu Tang and Fuyu’s palms glowed with a bright jade-like glow at the same time.

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It’s tomorrow, so I’m a little nervous.
Huahua might be turning into a human. Keep up the tension!

1 “Taotie” is one out of four evil creatures of China. The other three are Hundun, Qiongqi, and Taowu. Opposite of them are four other creatures considered to be the four holy creatures: the Azure Dragon, the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise.

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