My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 24 – Wasteland

Although Shu Tang was finally capable of speaking, she didn’t talk on a regular basis due to the too many mistakes she made on her first day of speaking. The maidservants even said in their small conversations that Fuyu Shangxian didn’t like to talk, and even her little piglet disciple didn’t like to talk.

Shu Tang silently apologized to her master in her heart, sympathizing with her for making her take the blame.

Eventually, the incident that almost caused her death was soon forgotten and Shu Tang began to practice and solidify her cultivation daily. Apart from Qing Senyang telling her about the results of the investigation into the murder of the Qing Rong Sect, there was nothing else.

However, Shu Tang felt that what the other party told her was not the truth. After all, it was a private matter of someone else’s sect, so it was normal to hide some things.

According to Qing Senyang, the murderer was the cat demon they had met, and those murdered disciples as well as the people of the city all had a problem with the cat, drawing its revenge. The cat demon’s magical power is high and its speed is very fast, and now there is no trace of it in Qing Rong City.

Thinking of the black smoke that took the kitten demon away, Shu Tang knew that the matter was not that simple. However, this was a matter for the Qing Rong Sect, and it was enough for them to tell her the result, but why did she need to know so much?

She was just a little uncomfortable, after all… the little cat… was so nice and cute… but in the end, she turned out to be a murderer….

In the following week, Shu Tang was focused on cultivating, and her life returned back to the way where her master cooked for her, she trained, then had meals afterward. In order to quickly stabilize her cultivation and to go to the barbaric wasteland with her master, she spent her breaks meditating, very hard.

After a week, Fuyu touched her hooves and nodded with a smile, “Your cultivation is almost stable. Tomorrow we’ll go to the barbaric wasteland.”

She was relaxed on the surface, but in her heart, she was a little surprised. She originally thought that her disciple’s immortal fortune was excellent and her talent was several times better than that of normal people, but when she really cultivated, she found that Huahua could still continue to break through her definition of talent.

If an ordinary person was infused with a hundred years of qi at the first realm, the meridians in their body would definitely be unable to function, and it would take at least a month for them to fully absorb this qi and make it into their own. As for stabilizing one’s cultivation, it would take even more than two to three months. However, this little disciple of hers, in just a week’s time, had already recovered back to a vivid and lively appearance. With her body’s qi surging, she had turned all of it into her own true qi.

In fact, Shu Tang herself also felt that this matter was a bit strange, and after thinking about it, she could only give the credit to the jade pendant that recognized her as its master.

Because she was going to a dangerous place such as the barbaric wasteland, not many people knew about it. Only Nantan and Luhua knew in the entire immortal realm, even the people in the residence didn’t know where they were going. The place will be left in the care of Luhua and Fuyu took a few magic weapons that have not been used for many years and left with them as a backup.

Originally, Shu Tang didn’t feel anything, but the closer she got to leaving, the more nervous she became.

A place like the barbaric wasteland already sounded terrifying, and if she really went there, she didn’t know how dangerous it would be. It was just that whenever she felt nervous, she would think of her master, and when she thought of her, she would immediately relax.

With Master around, what was there to be afraid of?

The night before the trip, Nantan paid a special visit to Fuyu’s residence and talked with her for half an hour in the house before getting up to leave.

During their long talk, they had set up a boundary outside the house. However, Shu Tang, who was able to automatically break the boundary made by her master, secretly eavesdropped at the door for a while. As a result, she discovered that she couldn’t understand half of the conversation, and only vaguely heard the words True God and Demon Dao.

She had heard of True God before. Master had told her that True God belonged to the divine realm and had ceased to exist after the end of the last God and Demon War. However, the word Demon Dao was a word that she had never come across, either in books or from her master’s mouth.

Demon Dao, is it a name for a certain type of people in the demon realm?

Shu Tang rolled and tiptoed back to the side hall, trying to cultivate and improve her strength as much as possible on the last night before heading to the barbaric wastelands.

With no spiritual roots, she couldn’t practice various types of spells and was completely incapable of attacking or defending herself. So she could only let her body’s true qi fill up as much as possible to increase her physical strength and not hinder her master’s efforts when escaping…

……Wait, why does she want to run away!

Shu Tang silently scorned herself in her heart, then focused on cultivating.

The next morning, Fuyu took the little pig and left the Immortal Realm quietly, with nobody noticing. Feeling her disciple’s tense condition, Fuyu first took it to the Human Diner for something to eat before bringing it to the entrance of the Barbaric Wasteland.

The entrance to the barbaric wasteland was jointly guarded by four ancient beasts. It was said that they were ancient beasts, but in reality, it was just a strand of consciousness they had left behind thousands of years ago. If one wanted to enter it, one must first break the formation formed by the beasts’ divine spirit.

The formation is a killing formation, and after entering the formation, one will be covered in crimson. Shu Tang, who followed closely behind her Master, walked into the formation for a long time, but when nothing happened, she could only ask, “Master, could this formation be broken?”

Fuyu stretched out her left hand and pinched her fingers, “The killing formation needs to be broken with your blood and mine, and the killing energy needs to be broken at the eye of the formation. Just wait until I find the eye.”

“Fresh blood?” Shu Tang suddenly became nervous, she only heard that dog’s blood can drive away demons, but never heard that pig’s blood could break the formation!

Listening to her disciple’s melodious voice, Fuyu was in a good mood, “You don’t have to worry, you only need a drop of blood to break the formation.”

Shu Tang listened and quietly calmed down.

Nowadays, among the world’s formations, the killing formation is a blood formation. Blood sacrifice is required to set up the formation and it is also required to break the formation, but there are usually people who formed illusions in the formation, and only when they win the fight can they leave. However, the current killing formation was formed by the ancient divine beasts’ spirit, and the word “kill” had already been integrated into the blood of the four divine beasts.

Fuyu Shangxian’s cultivation was unfathomable, even if the ancient divine beasts condensed the killing energy of a million years, it would have no effect on her. but the killing energy at the eye of the formation was different. The energy here was not only that of the divine beasts, but also the killing energy of the gods and demons left over from the God and Demon war. These killing energies could be gathered into entities to fight against others.

Shu Tang was protected by the boundary set up by her master, and with her own true qi protecting her body, she didn’t feel anything even when walking in the formation. However, when she reached a place where wind was blowing, she suddenly felt her eyes go dry and become unbearable.

A hot and dry air rose from the bottom of her feet and gradually spread throughout her body. Shu Tang felt that her organs were mobilized by this qi and her heart became anxious. Her chest felt like it was blocked by something, and she felt that she would only feel pain if she saw blood.

Fuyu also had some discomfort, but her discomfort was not caused by the effect of the killing energy, but rather she felt a hint of an incomparably familiar presence in the killing energy.

She sighed and said to the little pig, “If you want to break the formation, you must not have any killing intent. Quickly recite the technique of clearing your heart.”

Shu Tang felt that she was on the verge of collapse, and upon hearing this, she quickly adjusted her body’s True Qi while meditating on the Clear Heart Technique. Not long after, the intense killing energy had dispersed from her body, leaving only a dazed feeling of being caught in a void.

Fuyu raised her hand and began to break the formation. The scarlet ground in the formation trembled from the fierce wind and soon the earth was torn into pieces, causing a sandstorm that looked like blood.

While their side was caught in the killing formation and had yet to break it, Qing Senyang, who was in the immortal realm, was speaking to Luhua, wishing to return to the Qing Rong Sect.

Luhua waved his hand and let him go. With a slight bow, Qing Senyang went out and left the Immortal Realm. As soon as he stepped out of the realm, he took out a specially shaped paper tube from his chest and drew the word “barbaric” in the air with his right hand, then punched it into the paper tube.

Outside of Qing Rong City, green hills were stacked on top of each other. Qing Senyang held a paper in his hand and walked through the dense forest in the mountains, walking in a strange gait. After half a cup of tea, he put the paper tube in one place and then left.

After a while, a small cat with white flowers on a black background appeared in the middle of the forest, holding a strange-looking paper tube in its mouth.

And that paper tube – is exactly what Qing Senyang had left.

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It’s about to enter the wasteland, which means that the pig is going to become human. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

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