My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 23 – Humiliating

Fuyu scanned him up and down and asked, “How did you know it had gone wrong in its training?”

Qing Senyang smiled slightly, “When the disciple of the Shangxian was practicing, the purple magic Qi was leaking out, the whole household has seen it. Shangxian does not need to doubt me.”

He was an overly smart man, his brain spinning fast. Fuyu knew she couldn’t compare to him, so she didn’t force her hand and nodded, “Send it in.”

Qing Senyang smiled and bowed to her, carrying the bowl of soup and walking in.

Fuyu looked at his back and frowned slightly, thinking in place for a moment to make sure that there was indeed nothing about him that shouldn’t be there, before slowly following him into the house.

In the bedroom, Luhua was fanning the little pig on the bed with a subtle expression, and even Fuyu couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this scene.

Luhua fanned the fan, stifled, “It is just that it said it was too hot, but its body’s essence is injured. I do not dare to give it a cooling spell, so I have to be a fan worker here…”

He was in the middle of his sentence when Fuyu suddenly interrupted him, “Did it just wake up?”

“No,” Luhua shook his head, his fan suddenly closed and tapped his head, “Right, I forgot to tell you, your family Huahua… your Shu Tang disciple can talk!”

Fuyu was stunned at first, then ran to the piglet’s side, delighted as a young girl, “You mean….it just spoke?”

Luhua was also happy for Shu Tang, “Yeah, it really scared me when it blurted out while it was sleeping.”

Fuyu felt a sense of pride instantly imposed on herself – she had not only raised the pig, but she had raised it to talk!

At this moment, a soft cough suddenly came from behind the two. Seeing Fuyu’s back, Qing Senyang stepped forward, placed the bowl of soup on the table, and said, “Congratulations Shangxian, this disciple will not disturb the two of you, and will retire.”

Fuyu looked at him, casually responded, and focused her attention on her disciple again.

Magic energy never appears without a reason, and as its master, she will find the person who cast the magic spell on Bai Huahua for it.

However, there are always two sides to every story. Although Huahua had nearly stepped into The Palace of Hell this time, it had been blessed by the misfortune in disguised. After being infused with nearly two hundred years of power by both Fuyu and Luhua, it had not only leapt into the second realm in one fell swoop, but had also opened the Spiritual Aperture of Speech.

Fuyu was a little nervous at this point as she looked at Shu Tang, wondering what her disciple’s voice sounded like.

As she thought of this, she couldn’t help but ask Luhua. Luhua said with a smile, “When it wakes up, just listen to it.”

Fuyu glared at him, snatched the fan from his hand, and while fanning Shu Tang, said, “You can go back, it is useless to keep you here.”

“Use me up and throw me aside in a blink of an eye,” Luhua smacked his lips, “Fuyu Shangxian is really ruthless.”

He said the words at the end of his sentence a thousand times, with some of the accent of a human drama. Fuyu couldn’t stand him and was about to speak, but Luhua had gotten up and left.

Before he left, he left a sentence – “You should listen to your disciple’s voice.”

Fuyu looked at his back and wanted to throw a fan at his head, but after thinking about it, she endured it.

She seemed to have learned to control herself lately, not being so spontaneous anymore, and she didn’t know if it was good or bad.

Shu Tang’s breakthrough this time and ascension into the second realm was all due to the power infused by her master and Luhua Shangxian. If it wasn’t for these powers, how could she resist the erosion of the demonic energy with her own small body? It was just that although she had now formed her true essence, she was after all cultivating too fast and her cultivation was extremely unstable, so as soon as she woke up, she felt a faint pain in her internal organs.

When the Fire Pill’s medicinal properties were running in her body, the fire element was left everywhere in her meridians. So with the combination of the two, she only felt the pain and heat in her body and wanted to faint again.

When she became more lucid, she suddenly realized that her master was next to her. The perfect beauty was holding her head with one hand, a serene smile on her face, her sleeves sliding down her small white arms, and her other hand holding a fan, swinging it over and over.

Under this breeze, Shu Tang felt as if the fire in her meridians had subsided, but….

However, she seemed to be heating up on something else.

Shu Tang couldn’t figure out what was going on, anyway. When she came to her senses again, Fuyu was already frowning, wiping its nose blood with a handkerchief, and muttering, “Usually raising pigs, I haven’t seen one that had a nosebleed…”

Shutang: “……”

She’s going to humiliate the whole pig world! She is…… simply a disgrace to the entire pig existence!

Shu Tang’s little pig heart was stuffed, it was hard to stop her nose from bleeding, and then she heard Master’s words, “Huahua, say something to Master.”

Say something? She doesn’t know how to talk! Shu Tang wondered, could it be that not only she, herself, but also her master had gone crazy this time?

So, Shu Tang brought herself to open her mouth with a sputter, “Master is so stupid.”

Shu Tang who thought she would hear a humph sound: “……”

Expectant Fuyu: “……”

Shu Tang felt completely broken inside at this point. What the hell had happened! Why is she talking? And why was the first thing she said was a spiteful comment about her master!

Great Master! Let me explain!

Fuyu looked at the various rich expressions on her disciple’s pig face, and knew for the first time that this is how she thought of her when her disciple couldn’t speak…

Disciple is unfilial, the teacher is unfortunate.

But then again, the disciple’s voice is melodious, not coquettish, but also not cold, leaving only its charm lingering in the heart. Just listening to the voice of the words, anyone can imagine, such a voice of the person must have a good skin, bright eyes and white teeth, dazzling.

No wonder that guy Luhua specially instructed her to listen to its voice.

Shu Tang, however, did not have time to pay attention to her own voice, and was filled with thoughts of how to explain to her master. It was just that she thought about it and realized that there was nothing to explain about this fact.

After all, she was just speaking from the heart….

Thus, Shu Tang could only listlessly say, “Master, I was wrong1.”

After coming to this new world, so far, she had said a total of two sentences. The first sentence was “Master is so stupid”, and the second sentence was “Master, I was wrong”.

As soon as Shu Tang thought of this, she couldn’t wait to travel back in time and start over again.

After thinking about it, she added, “Actually, I was going to say, Master is very beautiful.”

Fuyu: “……”

The little pig, which had always only humphed and whined, was now spouting human words, and how it looked gave it an odd feeling. Fuyu was half happy, half uncomfortable, and thought for a long time before explaining the reason why it could speak, and told about the incident where it went astray. It was only at the end that she said, “You rest and recuperate. When you’ve stabilized your current cultivation, I’ll take you to the barbaric wasteland.”

After she could speak, Shu Tang became more sensitive to the sound, and listened to her master speak. The more she listened to her master, the more she felt – her master was so good-looking, and her voice was so beautiful. She was really envious of the other.

The disciple just had nosebleed, and Fuyu was afraid that if it drank the ginseng soup, it would be too much. So under the tearful gaze of Shu Tang, Fuyu sent someone to send the soup to Luhua, then went out to the kitchen and made some food.

Although Shu Tang can speak at this time, she is still used to shouting in her heart. Seeing her master send away the chicken bone soup, her mouth watered with gluttony.

Fortunately, Master immediately prepared food for her again and Shu Tang who endured the pain in her body, climbed up to the wooden table and gorged on it. Only then did she contentedly say to Master, “Master’s cooking is really delicious, burp….”

“……” Shu Tang accidentally burped loudly and stopped talking for a moment, and instead buried her head between her hooves.

She had really lost everything today!

The author has something to say:
Xianjie News: Luhua Shangxian eats pig food every day, and suspects a strange hobby. This reporter will continue to follow the latest development.
Luhua: … Get out!!!!!

1 It’s supposed to be Mistress!!

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