My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 22 – Enchanted

The reality was exactly as Luhua had guessed, and it was because Fuyu had sensed something unusual on her apprentice’s side that she had rushed there. She didn’t have time to think about why this sensation had appeared between her and her apprentice, and only had time to rush to Huahua’s side as fast as she could.

As expected, once she arrived at the place, Fuyu’s heart was suddenly cold. Although the door of the side hall was closed, a kind of aura that did not belong to the Immortal Realm was being drilled out of the door and spreading throughout the courtyard.

She was sure that there would be no problem with the fire element she had refined for her apprentice, and also believed that the Raging Fire Pill Zhu Caitong had given her was a superior treasure, so the problem was elsewhere.

She pushed open the door, and the strong demonic qi suddenly fought against the Immortal Qi in her body, and Fuyu impatiently dispersed those dark purple gases, stimulating the true qi in her body. As if the gas had a physical spirit, it was busy screeching away from her.

In the middle of the side hall sat a small creature with a deep purple glow all over it, who was it if not Shu Tang?

In fact, Shu Tang didn’t know how she had somehow cultivated into a demon. She only knew clearly that the moment she stimulated the Flame Pill’s medicinal power, something went through her fur and straight into her brain, causing her broken spirit root to tremble without stopping. The power transformed by the jade pendant felt the invasion of the foreign force and quickly tangled with the other side, slowing her pain.

While they were fighting, she wanted to stop her cultivation and go to her master, but what she didn’t expect was that the medicinal power was emitted like a raging prairie fire, and in just a few breaths of time, the medicinal properties of the Fire Pill had been fully absorbed by her, and combined with the power of the previous fire, it actually completely suppressed the overbearing strength brought by the jade pendant. As a result, the jade pendant lost its power to fight against that strange thing, and was resignedly spinning by the spirit root.

The intense pain suddenly came back, causing Shu Tang to faint, and when she woke up again, it was already an hour later. For some unknown reason, her surroundings were suddenly filled with glowing purple gas, and she soon realized that the gas was emitted by her.

Truthfully, by the time she woke up again, Shu Tang no longer felt any pain, and instead felt a sense of floating comfort. Sitting here, feeling the power in her body, she only felt that she was already happy as an immortal, how could she need any immortality. However, when her mind was about to completely fall into this relaxation, the jade pendant tried its best to emit a burst of light under the suppression, shocking the mind intoxicated Shu Tang awake.

This burst of light not only restored her mind, but also summoned Fuyu who was chatting with Luhua.

Shu Tang suddenly realized that she had mostly fallen into the devil’s path, and was nearly taken over by the demonic nature of her mind. However, at this time, she was already possessed by demonic energy, and no matter how much she tried to detoxify her mind and body, it was futile. She wanted to get out of her cultivation state and thought to herself – even if she was so stupefied that she went to seek help from her master, it would be better than being completely devoured by her demons. But even though she tried for a long time, she couldn’t escape from the demon’s control, and her body couldn’t even move a little.

Was she going to die like this without knowing why? She will never see her master again?

As she almost despaired, a trickle of soft power slowly infused into her heart and soul. The demon of the heart naturally went to squeeze out this power, however, its power was quickly dissolved by the other’s gentleness.

The power of the Heart Demon was strong and fierce, but this power was extremely soothing, just like the earth and water that gave birth to all things. Even though Shu Tang couldn’t open her eyes, she knew that the person behind her was her master, and immediately marveled, “What a good tactic to use softness to conquer strength.

With her Master here, Shu Tang was much more at ease and did her best to assist her Master in channeling the demonic energy for her.

Luhua stood at the door, watching Fuyu input a hundred years of power into Shu Tang’s body. He couldn’t help but sigh, got up and walked into the hall. He sat cross-legged across from Shu Tang, forcing the immortal power into threads and injecting a strand into Shu Tang’s forehead.

Fuyu’s forehead was stained with dense beads of sweat, when she saw him coming, she only gave him a grateful glance, then she raised her arms high and slowly closed them, gathering immortal energy into something solid and holding it in her palm, then she placed a single palm heavily on Shu Tang’s divine lid.

Shu Tang muffled a snort, and all the evil energy in her body was forced out. Fuyu and Luhua stopped at the same time. The little pig’s body fell forward, and before Luhua could reach out to catch it, Fuyu had already embraced it.

Luhua wiped away the non-existent sweat and said casually, “Fuyu, the curse that you raised pigs to die is still effective, even if you take the pig in as an apprentice, the little guy can go off the rails in her cultivation.”

The sweat on Fuyu’s forehead slid down the contours of her cheeks to her chin and calmly said, “She’s not cultivating to the point of going off the rails.”

Luhua’s face changed and became serious as well, “You mean….”

“En,” Fuyu raised her hand to wave away the residual demonic energy in the temple, “Someone has cast a spell on her to lure her into the demonic path. A spell that even if placed thousands of years ago, could only be mastered by a great power in the Demon Realm. The Demon Realm is just as difficult to cultivate as the Immortal Realm, and if one wants to truly become a member of the Demon Realm, what one must do is to ask one’s predecessor to cast a magic spell on one’s body to completely enter the demonic path.”

Naturally, Luhua knew everything she said, but still listened attentively as she calmly told the matter again with a pretense of calmness. He understood that Fuyu was calm on the surface, but still panicked in her heart. It was good to let her talk more at this time.

“What Huahua is practicing is the Immortal Sect all the way and the demonic energy is incompatible with it. If the demonic energy is completely eroded, it will go mad and die…”

Fuyu droned on for a while and only then realized what she was doing. Startled, she quickly shut her mouth.

Seeing that she was no longer actively talking, Luhua asked her, “Do you know who did this?”

“Perhaps it was the cat demon,” Fuyu paused, and added, “Or perhaps it was someone behind her, and whoever it was, I’ll have a word with him.”

“Who is the person behind her?” Luhua asked.

Fuyu pursed her lips, not knowing what she was thinking about. Suddenly, she handed the unconscious little pig over to Luhua and said seriously, “Please take care of Bai Huahua for me, I’ll go find Nan Tan.” Saying that, she vanished in a blink of an eye.

The moment the piglet was placed in his hand, Luhua narrowly missed catching it and dropped it to the ground. When he caught it firmly, he couldn’t help but say, “How can your apprentice be heavy like this?!”

It just so happens that Shu Tang had regained some consciousness at this time, and after vaguely hearing this sentence, she didn’t have time to breakdown inside and fell back asleep.

On Nantan’s side, Fuyu had already told him all about it. When he learned that that person had reappeared, even the Shangxian couldn’t help but stare in shock.

After so many years of stability and peace, is it finally coming to an end?

After asking about Shu Tang’s current condition, Nantan hurriedly left to deal with the matter. Fuyu stood there expressionlessly for a long while before she got up and went back to her own residence.

As soon as she returned to her own residence, she immediately rushed to visit her apprentice. However, before she even reached the bedroom, she saw Qing Senyang carrying the tonic ginseng chicken bone soup towards her.

“Shangxian, I heard that Shu Tang’s cultivation went awry, so I specially made some soup for her. Can I send it in?”

The author has something to say:
Reader’s Mini Theater.
Huahua: Master, where is my food?
Fuyu: I saw that you didn’t eat it, so I gave it to Luhua to eat.
Huahua: Oh, the first time I met Luhua Shangxian, Luhua drank my tea, and now he ate my pig’s food, (a sudden realization) so my food can attract Luhua Shangxian, ahahahahahaha! ~( ̄▽ ̄~)(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Master, I’ll apologize and give you Huahua’s brand pig food from now on!
Fuyu: ……
Luhua, who is lying down at the moment (shaking his busty body): “Why is there a rush of bad chills!”
by Koshi

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  1. Uh oh, someone tried to demonify our little pig.

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