My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 21 – Past

Fuyu grabbed the porcelain vase and put it in her sleeve. She quietly looked at Zhu Caitong, who was as bright as a blazing fire, and finally said, “If there is anything you need my help with, just look for me.”

Saying that, she picked up the little pig that was still puzzled on the ground, tapped her toes, and with her free hand, parted the veil and flew straight to the corridor from which she had come.

Until she was carried by her master away from this rejuvenation hall, Shu Tang was still in the midst of her mind wandering.

She found that ever since she left the human realm with her master, her IQ didn’t seem to be quite enough anymore. Why couldn’t she figure out what the relationship between the woman in red and her master was?

Scratching her heart and mind all the way, and when they returned to the immortal realm, Shu Tang couldn’t resist, pulling the corner of her master’s coat and writing on the ground with her hoof – “Who is the woman in red”.

Fuyu has always been slow. On this journey, she only felt that her disciple had something on her mind, but she didn’t know that it was actually struggling with the identity of Zhu Caitong, so she sat down and briefly spoke to it.  

This Zhu Caitong was an object that had cultivated with her. Fuyu was a jade pendant tainted with the God’s Qi, while she was a carved flower hairpin tainted with God’s Qi.

Tens of thousands of years ago, Zhu Caitong was just a hairpin embedded with pearls and jades, with a delicate peony flower at the head. Later, under the influence of the God’s Qi, Zhu Caitong developed a consciousness and gathered three souls and seven spirits, eventually taking human form and embarking on the path to immortality. However, she encountered some misfortunes and gave up her immortal cultivation and turned to the study of pills, which became her own sect, and her pills were hard to find in the market.

There are many items that are tainted with the Qi of God, but back then, the only ones who successfully cultivated their souls were Zhu Caitong and Fuyu. The two of them are considered to be dependent on each other, but Fuyu is not willing to talk much, and it’s always Zhu Caitong who has always chattered incessantly, which is why she said that today.

When Shu Tang heard this, she nodded thoughtfully, and then wrote on the ground – “I also want to take human form”.

Fuyu smiled and took out the Fire Pill and stuffed it into its mouth, “Eat the Raging Fire Pill and go cultivate. After you transform all its medicinal properties into your own, I’ll take you to the barbaric wasteland and fix your spiritual roots for you.”

The Raging Flame Pill tasted good, with a fruity fragrance, similar to Zhu Caitong’s fragrance, but a little lighter.

After taking the pills, Shu Tang jolted off to the side hall to practice, not even eating the food that Qing Senyang had cooked. Fuyu instructed him to send the food to Luhua Shangxian to taste, and told him about the cat demon with Qing Senyang.

Qing Senyang thanked her and bowed down, leaving Fuyu sitting alone in the main hall dazed.

It had been thousands of years, and she had thought that she would never think of those things again. Who would have thought that in recent days, people and things that were inextricably linked to the past would appear one after another, stirring up memories for her one after another.

How could she forget those things? They are like a carving knife, each and every memory engraved on the jade, indelible.

Fuyu had told her disciple about Zhu Caitong, but in reality, the parts she had told were all irrelevant. The real bond between her and Zhu Caitong wasn’t about cultivating together, nor was it about the other party becoming a great alchemy hand, but rather the reason why the other party gave up cultivating immortality.

Nearly ten thousand years ago, Zhu Caitong found Fuyu, who was still in the form of a broken jade pendant, and accompanied her to gather her soul and transform into human form. After that, the two of them cultivated immortality together, and got to know Luhua and Nantan together, but because of the time spent together, Zhu Caitong fell in love with the silent Fuyu.

Later, she was cruelly rejected by Fuyu, and finally became disheartened, gave up her immortal cultivation, and hid in the demon world to study medicine. Hundreds of years ago, she accidentally saved a reckless little rabbit, and this is what happened today.

Fuyu herself has a clear conscience regarding this matter, and can completely face the past calmly because she knows that she has never had any thoughts about Zhu Caitong. It’s just that when her apprentice asked her about it, she suddenly thought it wasn’t honorable, so she concealed it.

Thinking about it now, Fuyu didn’t know if it was right or wrong.

The Immortal Fuyu sighed quietly. In front of her disciple, it was always necessary to maintain the dignity that a master should have.

Sitting in the house dazed, Fuyu actually fell asleep, and when she woke up, across the table, Luhua had been there for who knows how long.

“Awake?” Luhua looked at her drowsy face and smiled gently, pouring her a cup of tea, “What is it you want to tell me?”

Fuyu couldn’t remember when she had summoned Luhua and was confused, “I don’t have anything to say.”

Luhua looked at her with extreme contempt and placed the tea by her hand, “Every time you have someone bring me food, you most likely have something to ask for. Why are you still polite with me, just tell me, what is it?”

Fuyu drank the tea and sobered up a bit, and seriously told him, “Bai Huahua took the Raging Fire Pill and ran off to practice without eating. I was afraid that those meals would be wasted, so I sent someone to send them to you. It was really nothing.”

Luhua: “……”

He looked grim and said, “Forget it, I’ll pretend you didn’t say what you just said and we’ll start over…. En, is there something you want to say to me or not?”

Fuyu: “……yes.” She always felt that if she still said “no”, the other party would drag her out for a fight.

Cough, thousands of years have passed, and Luhua Shangxian is still so childish.

So, Fuyu racked her brains, thought for a half day, and then told him about today’s visit to see Zhu Caitong. Hearing this, Luhua was first surprised that the rabbit was still with Cai Tong, and then asked, “She didn’t do anything to you in front of your disciple, did she?”

Fuyu: “……no.”

Luhua relaxed and carefully asked about Zhu Caitong’s condition, and when he learned that the little rabbit seemed to be seriously ill, he furrowed his brow and said, “I heard that a few hundred years ago, Caitong’s Hui Chun Hall was forcibly broken into once, many pills were stolen, and a small war was caused. It seems that since then, Caitong has been acting more and more low-key, staying in her Hui Chun Hall all day and spending time with that little rabbit.”

“I guess that rabbit demon called Qi Yan was the one who was injured in that battle.” Fuyu frowned as well, “But something else seems to have happened between them that doesn’t look quite right.”

Luhua thought to himself, “It’s not easy enough for someone like you, who is slow in everything, to see that something is wrong.” But he didn’t dare to say it, so he could only say, “I’ll also go to see Cai Tong some other day.”

Luhua and Fuyu haven’t seen each other for a long time, and after talking about Cai Tong’s matter, he was reluctant to leave, so he asked if there was anything else. Fuyu told him about the Spring of Fire, he recalled for a moment, and suddenly said, “I remember, the Immortal realm also intervened in the Spring of Fire treasures. Oh right, at that time, you were depressed after raising and losing three little pigs one after another within a month, so you went to the human realm for a break.”

“…… ” Thinking back to her own once dark history, Fuyu was silent.

The two of them chatted for a long while, and also spent a leisurely afternoon. The day was getting late and the evening glow was pouring in the sky. Luhua was deliberating on the farewell statement, but suddenly saw Fuyu’s complexion changed sharply, got up, and disappeared in an instant.

Luhua was first stunned and quickly reacted. Other than Bai Huahua, who else could have caused her face to change so much!

What the author has to say.
Today, when I was eating duck legs when I was writing, I almost wrote the pig’s feet as duck legs _(:з”∠)_ 
Reader’s Mini Theater.
1. by Soy Sauce Party
Huahua: Master master, why haven’t you hugged me lately? TAT
Fuyu: =. = Apprentice…… You haven’t noticed any changes in your body shape lately?
The pig’s body shook, silently crouched in the corner and sang: I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to grow up…
2. by No Delusion
A certain pig: [lifts the table] ah ah ah ah ah you don’t love me anymore don’t love me anymore! You’re cheating on your wife, you’re cheating on her!
Fuyu: I can’t cheat on you unless we get married.
A certain pig: ……
Fuyu: ……
A certain pig: I don’t care, I don’t care I’m just angry I’m angry! I’m gonna get you! Humph!
Fuyu: Human and animal play? The apprentice is so elegant.
A certain pig: …… [How did you know that! Master, you’re not pure! No! My Master can’t be that dirty! You are possessed by something strange!]
A certain pig: Hey! Demon! Get out of my Master’s body!
Fuyu: …… [What should I do if my disciple is getting stupider and stupider]

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