My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 20 – Rejuvenation

Although Shu Tang was puzzled, she didn’t ask any questions and only nodded obediently.

One person and one pig returned to the busy streets of the city, Fuyu walked for a while, then suddenly turned into a small alley, then turned left and right and walked to a small tiled house with a crude door.

Shu Tang couldn’t figure out why the alleyways in the demon realm were so complicated. Every few steps there were two or three forks in the alley, and the walls were almost identical, so she really didn’t know how Master had found this place.

However, when she saw Master’s voice entering the boundary, she instantly understood. It seems that this is not an ordinary alley, those forks in the road are interlocked one after another, already forming a maze-like formation. If one didn’t know how to break the formation, one would be trapped in the alley.

The setup of the houses in this demon world was interesting though, Shu Tang squinted her eyes and looked at the few forks behind them, then redirected her attention back to the tiled house in front of her.

There was a crooked plaque hanging on the door of this tiled house, with three large characters of a dragon and phoenix dancing mentioned on it – Hui Chun Hall1. From the outside, there was no difference between the Hui Chun Hall and the medical hall in the human realm, except that there was no boundary outside the human medical hall.

Not long after, the door suddenly opened and a round object rolled out from the crack of the door.

Shu Tang leaned over to look but was blocked by the boundary, so she could only rub her nose to see the thing shakily stand up.

What rolled out of the door was a snow-white bunny demon that looked like a snow-white ball of fur because it was too fat. Its red eyes looked at Fuyu and Shu Tang, and it suddenly spoke, “Fuyu Shangxian, who is this little piggy?”

Hearing a rabbit speak, Shu Tang fiercely opened her eyes. She thought that they can only speak when they are in human form, could it be that even in beast form they can speak human words as long as they are sentient?

At the thought that she might be able to speak, Shu Tang busily cleared her throat, contemplated, and spoke, “Humph-“

Shu Tang: “… …”

Her pride as a pig dissipated into the world in an instant at this point.

So why is it that only rabbits can talk! What’s wrong with a pig! Why shouldn’t pigs be able to talk!

Shu Tang whined three times in a row in grief and anger before stopping.

Fuyu looked down at her apprentice and wondered why it had suddenly become so excited and whined nonstop. Turning back to the furry little rabbit only then did she suddenly understand. It seems that the disciple is extremely fond of such cute and lovely looking animals, whether it is a cat or a rabbit, every time she sees one, she looks extremely happy.

Not as excited and enthusiastic as her disciple, Fuyu just said lightly, “It’s my disciple, and this time it’s for it.”

The little rabbit’s nose moved and its mustache curled, giving way, “Shangxian and little pig apprentice, please come in.” After saying that, it bounced in front to lead the way, only because its body was too fat, it looked like a white ball bouncing on the ground.

After being deceived by the little cat demon’s appearance, Shu Tang decided to never trust these cute little adorable creatures again, no matter how cute this little rabbit was, she was no longer moved by it.

What’s more, this rabbit had just stung her own pride as a pig.

The boundary in front of them dissolved into the shape of a door, and the one master and one apprentice followed the white ball into the Hui Chun Hall. All the way through the dilapidated corridor, Shu Tang was wondering why the corridor here was so long, and then she saw the scenery change, but it was open for a moment. The pavilions and ponds were exquisite in every way.

Shu Tang didn’t expect a medical hall in the Demon Realm to be so elaborate, and when she saw the owner of the medical hall, she was even more shocked.

At the end of the corridor was a pond, with lotus flowers floating on the surface of the water, and lotus leaves floating lightly, while in the middle of the pond, there was an exquisite pavilion on its own. Layers and layers of silk curtains covered the pavilion’s surroundings, faintly revealing a person lying on her side on a soft couch.

Is this what a Hui Chun Hall should look like? Who would make pills in a place like this! Master, I’m not well educated, please don’t lie to me!

Shu Tang was stunned as she was brought to the lakeside pavilion by her master, passing through the layers of silk curtains, and saw a woman eating fruit in the middle of the pavilion.

The woman was dressed in a red dress, brilliant but not vulgar, with a brightly colored peony flower drawn between her eyebrows, and she was both flamboyant and beautiful.

The round rabbit demon leaped onto the lakeside pavilion and twisted, transforming into a pretty girl covered in white fur.

The only thing is, the girl was so lovely in her beast form, but when she took on her human form, her eyebrows were cold, her body was thin, and her face was pale as if she was sick.

The red-clothed woman ate the last fruit and waved to the little rabbit demon, and the little girl immediately walked over and added a plate of fresh fruit for her.

While she was replacing the fruit, Zhu Caitong slowly sat up, and fawningly asked Fuyu, “What are you doing here?”

Fuyu glanced at her and said, “Seeking medicine for my disciple.”

“Tsk tsk,” Zhu Caitong finally lifted her feet and walked barefoot to Shu Tang, looking down at it, “Your disciple has a lot of face to let you come to my place in search of medicine.”

Her body emitted a natural fruity fragrance, which was mixed with the scent of silky herbs, although it was extremely fragrant, it was not repulsive. Shu Tang looked at her for a moment and hummed.

Fuyu was silent for a moment and said, “I need the Raging Fire Pill, name a price.”

“It’s been a few hundred years, why are you still the same? I thought that if you took in a disciple, you wouldn’t be so cold to people.” Zhu Caitong coquettishly said a few words and turned to Shu Tang, “Your master has raised so many pigs, but you are the only one who has been accepted as a disciple, you can’t bring her dishonor2.”

After saying that, she smiled coquettishly and returned to sit down on the soft couch.

Fuyu stated indifferently, “I’ve never felt that I’ve treated anyone coldly.”

“Yes,” Zhu Caitong echoed, “Back then when we were practicing together, you said the same thing, causing me to be deceived for a long time, chattering in your ear daily. It was only later that I realized that you weren’t treating people coldly, but you just didn’t care about me.”

Shu Tang finally heard a hint of something wrong and looked at the coquettish woman in a daze. Such a stunningly beautiful person was originally acquainted with her master and had known each other for thousands of years.

Most importantly, this person seemed to have some kind of ambiguous past with her Master.

Shu Tang was a little savory3 for no reason, hummed, and turned her head to not look at her.

Fuyu hasn’t said anything, but Zhu Caitong did see something wrong with the little pig, and said with a smile, “Little Fuyu, your little disciple doesn’t seem to like me very much, could it be that she had heard about our past?”

Shu Tang: “……” What the heck is Little Fuyu!

“I’ve never mentioned you to her,” Fuyu’s head hurt a little, shifting the topic back, “That Fire Pill, will you sell it to me?”

“Between you and me, what else is there to talk about other than selling or not selling, if you want it, I’ll just give it to you.” Zhu Caitong lifted her chin slightly and looked at Fuyu charmingly.

Shu Tang had just turned back around and saw this scene, almost rushing out to slap her face with her hoof.

This woman is clearly seducing her master! It’s unbearable!

Fuyu pursed her lips, Shu Tang silently expressed her anger, and the pavilion fell into silence, but the silence was quickly broken by a cough.

The skinny little rabbit demon coughed until her face was pale and hurriedly covered her mouth with a handkerchief, trying to leave the pavilion. Unexpectedly, as soon as she reached the railing, she couldn’t walk any further due to a violent coughing fit and slid down the railing to sit on the ground, and her blood-soaked handkerchief fell to the ground as well.

At the sight of this, Zhu Caitong quickly withdrew all her smiles. Her eyes narrowed and instantly moved to her side, urgently calling out, “Qi Yan!”

Qi Yan coughed and convulsed, only after Zhu Caitong fed her the pills and lost her qi did she relieve herself, picking up a handkerchief and wiping the blood from the corners of her mouth with an apology, “I disturbed the elegance of you and your guest.”

“You go back and rest,” Zhu Caitong closed her eyes and sighed, her vermillion lips open and closed, “I’ll go see you afterward.”

Qi Yan nodded and darted away. Zhu Caitong looked complex as she landed on the ground, before slowly walking back to the soft couch, lifting the silver wine cup and drinking it all down.

Shu Tang looked at her confusedly, wondering what was going on with this person. One second ago she was still seducing Master, deliberately mentioning those past events, but the next second, she was so worried about the little rabbit named Qi Yan that she was in a mess, looking like she wanted to suffer for her.

Zhu Caitong lost all her radiance for a moment, and was wiping the wine on her chin with her red coat haphazardly when she suddenly heard Fuyu ask, “Is she the little rabbit you saved back then?”

Fiercely pulling out the porcelain bottle containing the Raging Fire Pill from her bosom, Zhu Caitong tossed it to Fuyu without even looking at it, while saying, “Here’s the Pill, take your apprentice and go.”

The author has something to say:
I ate lamb balls, chicken chops, and durian today:)

1 “Hui Chu Hall” the characters are “回春堂” the first two characters are pronounced as Hui Chun and is translated as Rejuvenation so it bacomes Rejuvenation Hall but I didn’t put that because it said “three large characters”.
2 Mushu: Dishonor! Dishonor on your whole family! Make a note of this. Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow, dis… Mulan: Stop.
3 “Savory” originally I had it as annoyed but then I changed it to savory because little piggy is feeling both salty and jelly

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