My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 19 – Trust

The little cat demon was startled by the question and immediately couldn’t say anything. It was only after a long time that she said, “Shangxian had originally saw me.”

Fuyu did not answer her, but continued to ask, “What did you intend to do when you approached my disciple?”

Shu Tang quietly perked up her ears when she heard Master mention her, and for a moment was also a little surprised at Master’s cold attitude towards the kitten. Didn’t she like this cat demon? Why is she talking to her so stiffly?

“Shangxian, this matter really has nothing to do with me, I’m just a small cat demon running errands. Please Shangxian, don’t be troubled any more, I will be honest in the future and no longer cause trouble.” The little cat said aggrieved, her long eyelashes damp as if Fuyu had bullied her.

In the meantime, Fuyu couldn’t help but knit her brows again when she saw her acting like this.

This cat demon is obviously not simple, but she has a pitying face. Her silly apprentice was so happy to play with the cat last time that she must not be wary of it. What if Bai Huahua suffered a loss in the future?

Pondering for a moment, Fuyu said, “I can’t make a decision on this matter, I have to leave it to the head and elders of the Qing Rong Sect. If you are truly innocent, with me present, those people will not dare to touch you.”

Her words were not false, the relationship between the human world and the demon world had always been tense, and although demons were pure in nature, there were always people in the human realm who couldn’t tell the difference between demons and devils and mixed the two together. In the past, many demons fled to the human realm to live their lives on earth, but their identities were exposed and they were attacked by the self-appointed righteous immortal sects in the human realm, which almost caused a war between the two realms.

With the mediation of the Immortal Realm, the war was never fought, but since then, the human realm and the demon realm have been very clearly separated. When people go to the demon realm, they will always attract the vigilance of all demons, and when demons are in the human realm, they have to be careful to avoid being discovered. Therefore, all kinds of things in the human realm became extremely expensive in the demon realm, otherwise, the black bear man wouldn’t be so distressed about those herbs and pills.

The beasts that had cultivated to become demons in the human realm, once they had the strength, would do everything they could to run away to live in the demon world. Somewhere in the past, word had spread that eating the flesh of a demon that had not yet become human could boost their power for a hundred years. Therefore, most of these demons that had yet to take human form could not escape death once they were discovered.

On the surface, the Three Realms were peaceful and thriving, but on closer look, there were quite a few strife and entanglements.

The yin and the yang coexist together; the yang flourishes and the yin must decay. This is true of all things in the world, let alone the vast Three Realms.

When the little cat heard her say that she was going to send her to the Qing Rong Sect, her eyes suddenly flashed darkly and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

She said timidly, “Shangxian, I really haven’t committed any crime, I don’t want to go to the Qing Rong Sect…”

Although the little cat demon kept her head down, Fuyu could still feel the change in her aura. Before she had even finished speaking, Fuyu had fiercely stretched out her hand and used her immortal power from her index finger to turn into threads that wrapped directly around the little cat demon.

“It’s not up to you whether you go or not!”

In an instant, Fuyu’s immortal energy soared, and the majestic immortal power suddenly surged out, shocking Shu Tang back several steps.

What had happened! What’s the sudden need for Master’s action?

Now, in front of her eyes, fluorescent white light reflected the entire land, and countless immortal energy transformed into vines that rolled around the helpless kitten. Under the shock of this Immortal’s power, the kitten could no longer support its human form and returned to its cat form in the blink of an eye.

The sound of the Immortal’s power resounded in the air, and the cat’s meowing was also heard. The sound was so painful and miserable that Shu Tang lowered her ears and could not bear to listen to it anymore.

What’s wrong with Master? Why are you doing this to the little cat? Shu Tang knew she shouldn’t have doubted her master, but the kitten was screaming so miserably… Wait! Her body was trembling, and she was busy manipulating the meridians around her body, circulating her true qi around her body for a long time, before she breathed a sigh of relief.

She was actually bewitched by the sound of the little cat’s cry and almost doubted her master, damn it.

But then again… Master is also really beautiful this way…

Shu Tang settled her mind, although it was strange as to why Master had to do it, at this time she couldn’t care too much about it, only lying on the ground to fancy her Master’s back.

This was the first time she had seen such a master.

Thinking that she would have to surpass such a powerful person in the future, Shu Tang suddenly felt that the road ahead was long. She didn’t even have a spiritual root now, how could she surpass her master?

Fuyu couldn’t distract herself from taking care of her apprentice at this point and was only focused on using her immortal power to trap the cat demon, but the other party was more difficult to figure out than she thought. On the surface, she used her immortal power to tightly bind the kitten, seemingly gaining the upper hand, but in fact, only she herself knew – the immortal power she used to bind the other party was being dissolved by a strange force.

The kitten screamed miserably, but in reality, it wasn’t hurt at all.

Fuyu had never used her full strength against anyone, and this time was no exception. It was just that in the past, she could defeat her opponent with only three points of her strength, but this time, she had met her match.

This cat demon really wasn’t as easy to bully as she had shown.

Fuyu used her hands to seal the cat’s surging internal force, thus completely trapping her. However, before the seal was struck, a dark, inky smoke appeared from nowhere, suddenly appearing above the kitten’s head. Fuyu immediately struck her palm, but the black fog moved extremely fast, violently swept away the kitten, and disappeared with a whoosh.

What just happened?

Shu Tang froze and ran to her Master’s feet as the black mist disappeared.

Fuyu gazed at a point above the sky and slowly withdrew her palms, but her right hand was deadly clenched in her wide sleeves.

It turned out that the little cat demon’s backer was him, no wonder…. no wonder.

She suddenly made a move just now because she felt an extremely powerful force approaching, and that’s why she wanted to take the kitten away as soon as possible, but she didn’t expect that the force came from him.

It seems that Nantan will be busy again.

Shu Tang didn’t know what had happened, she just felt that her master’s mood wasn’t right. She was busy rubbing her bare body1 against the corner of her master’s coat.

Fuyu withdrew her thoughts and returned her attention to her little apprentice.

“Huahua, do you trust Master?”

Not sure why she was asking this, Shu Tang still nodded her head honestly.

Fuyu sighed and said to it seriously, “Then remember, if you meet that cat demon again in the future, you must never trust her, understand?”

The little pig nodded, then pawed and pulled at the ground – “why”.

“She’s not as simple as you think,” Fuyu put her hands in front of her and gazed at the distant roof, “She’s no ordinary cat demon, and if I’m not mistaken, she has already become an immortal being.”

That frail-looking kitten had actually cultivated into an immortal being? Shu Tang was tremendously shocked, and it took a long while before she heard Master continue, “The connection behind her is not simple, and you’d better not provoke her unless you have to. However, if she is against you, there is no need to be afraid, you still have your Master.”

After all these words, Shu Tang couldn’t help but be touched by her master and at the same time completely relieved. It turned out that her master didn’t like the little cat demon.

How fortunate, how fortunate…

But, in this way, she also recalled the first time she saw the cat demon. Today, after seeing the other party’s weak and lovely appearance, she had actually forgotten for a moment – the first time they met, this cat demon had broken Master’s boundary.

There are not many people who can break Master’s boundary if one were to look at the Three Realms altogether. Shu Tang originally thought that this little girl had blindly stumbled upon a dead mouse2 and caught it by coincidence, but now it seemed that this was probably the real strength of the other party.

When she was in the Immortal Realm, Shu Tang didn’t feel anything, but once she left the Immortal Realm, where she could protect herself, she could fully feel the lack of her own ability.

Only if she wanted to truly obtain strength, she would have to go with her master to the ancient barbaric land. Nantan Shangxian had said that this place was so dangerous that even the Shangxian couldn’t guarantee that she wouldn’t get hurt – such a place, Master would be in danger even if she went there, right?

What if, she goes by herself?

She had a feeling that if she dared to go to the barbaric desert by herself, she would be made into a cold pork ear, boiled pork slices, braised pork, or stewed pig’s feet3 by her master when she came back…

Forget it, just take one step at a time and think about it when the time comes.

Shu Tang happily ended her imagination, stuck close to her master, and followed her on her wind.

Halfway through the journey, Fuyu explained the rest of the trip to her, “You can no longer use the spring water of the Fire Spirit Spring, so I brought you to this city in order to find a pill for you. This medicine can support the power of fire that you had absorbed earlier and work together to mediate the various powers in your body. When the medicine is completely absorbed by you, the true essence you cultivate in the future will no longer be taken away by the jade pendant.” Only, in the midst of speaking, her eyes flickered and she seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable.

Shu Tang didn’t notice that something was wrong with her master, and simply wondered in her heart – what kind of rare medicine was it that she had to come to the city of the Demon Realm to find it?

What the author has to say.
By the way, the reason I’m writing this isn’t because I like pork! My favorite is beef and mutton (╯`□’)╯︵ ┻━┻
Reader’s Mini Theater.
Huahua: The master was so happy to see a cute kitten.
Fuyu: I really want to see my apprentice’s pig ear play.
by Soy Sauce King

1 “Bare body” because all of her hair gt burnt off
2″This little girl had blindly stumbled upon a dead mouse” an allegorical saying meaning it was a coincidence, by chance, and was difficult to come by or hard to get
3 “Cold pork ear, boiled pork slices, braised pork, or stewed pig’s feet

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