My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 18 – Black Bear

Shu Tang craned her neck to see that the large package that the long-haired man had been holding was now scattered on the ground, with many porcelain bottles falling to pieces, revealing the herbs and pills inside.

Suddenly a little piglet squeezed in from the crowd, and the noise disappeared. The two people in the center looked at Shu Tang, but the little girl looked odd and looked a little off.

Discovering that she had attracted the attention of those present, Shu Tang had to grunt and call her master to come over to back up the situation.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Fuyu made her way through the crowd and walked in, the little girl seemed to be frightened, turning into a shadow for a moment and fleeing away.

When the long-haired man saw her trying to escape, he shouted and stomped his right foot on the ground, “You little girl! Don’t run!” After saying that, with a big wave of his hand, the things on the ground instantly returned to the package, and he grabbed it and leapt after it.

That black shadow that appeared, Shu Tang suddenly understood where that familiarity came from. This little girl in a black and white patterned brocade robe was actually the little cat that she had met in the Stone Forest of the Qing Rong Sect that day!

No wonder she turned pale at the sight of her, this cat demon had deceived her and her master. Of course she had to run away!

Fuyu knitted her brows, picked up the little pig apprentice on the ground, and went straight after those two.

For a time, the place that had made up a circle to watch the fun was devoid of its main focus, and the onlookers sighed and scattered.

The cat demon’s speed was extremely fast, flying across the roof, like a black lightning. But that long-haired man speed is also not bad, in spite of his strong and thick body, also holding a package, has actually been chasing after the cat demon, without being left behind much.

Fuyu was calmly following behind and Shu Tang was pitifully being carried by her.

Shu Tang failed to understand why, in the end, the one who suffered the most was always her…

After chasing after half of the city, the cat demon finally stopped with exhaustion and stood still in a clearing with few people. She stopped in place for a moment, then transformed into her human form, puffing out her mouth and looking at the long-haired man and Fuyu who were chasing after her.

“Hey! You’re a cat girl who runs fast!” The big man caught up, breathing heavily and viciously, “Don’t think that I can’t catch up with you if you run away, so tell me how you’re going to pay for these things!”

Shu Tang was placed on the ground by her master, silently looking at the big man’s long-haired legs, sighing in her heart. She had seen him previously as just a loyal and honest looking man, but never expected him to be so frighteningly fierce.

Fuyu came forward unintentionally, just staring at the pretty cat demon.

The cat demon in human form has a pair of amber eyes, a pretty face that is slightly pale and sickly -looking, and with delicate lips that are red like a freshly ripened cherry. Her long black hair was tied with a snow-white hair band, dressed in a black-and-white robe, the whole person was small and cute.

The previous time she saw her human form, after all, the night was dark, and Shu Tang didn’t feel anything. Looking at her again, the little pig on the ground was caught off guard by the cute face.

A creature like a cat, whether in animal form or human form, is adorable and makes one’s blood boil!

Obviously, this cat demon had lied to her, but Shu Tang still couldn’t bring up the slightest bit of resentment towards her, so she could only silently turn around and leave the matter entirely to her master.

However, this kind of thought apparently only existed in her own mind, such as the fierce-looking long-haired man who was now looking at the tiny cat demon viciously.

Fuyu didn’t have as great of a reaction as Shu Tang, and in her eyes, the cat demon in front of her wasn’t even a bit as cute as her apprentice.

After a moment of a standoff, the kitten demon said crisply, “I already told you, I didn’t mean to hit you!”

“What am I going to do with these medicines?!” The long-haired man seemed to be moved to anger, and stomped his right foot on the ground again, instantly turning into a big black bear, roaring, “I got the medicine from the human realm with great difficulty, are you going to pay for it or not?!”

Shu Tang looked at the big black bear who was all hairy and said to herself, no wonder his leg hair is so long….

And Fuyu, who had been watching the excitement for a while, finally moved forward and said to the kitten demon, “You just ran because of me.”

Her words were not a question, but an actual affirmation. The little cat demon seemed to be guilty and hung her head. Two cat ears appeared on the top of the head, along with her head hanging together, looked quite pitiful.

Shu Tang saw this scene as soon as she turned her head, and her heart trembled, but immediately, she saw her master staring at the cat demon’s little ears, and the corners of her mouth slightly raised.

At this moment only, Shu Tang’s heart tightened violently.

Master was looking at the kitten with such a spoiled expression, so she must have liked the kitten in her heart.

At this thought, Shu Tang could no longer show any interest in the cat’s adorable state, and turned her body away gloomily.

However, Fuyu was looking at the kitten with its ears hanging down, but what she was thinking about was her little apprentice – if it were in human form, would it have pink ears like this and hang its head in silence after making a mistake?

Unfortunately, Shu Tang didn’t know what her Master was thinking, and the little pig exuded a faint trace of vinegar1.

Just because the kitten hung her head and didn’t speak, it didn’t mean that the Black Bear was silent. Demons in the demon realm who had cultivated into human form had their true bodies, and demons in their true state could nearly double their power compared to when they were in human form. Thus, it was only from this that the Black Bear unleashed his true body and used the Bear Clan’s traditionally powerful intimidation to deter the little cat.

Due to his instincts, when he opened his mouth, it was in a roaring yell, “Are you going to compensate or not!”

The little cat was yelled at and cringed, Fuyu’s eyebrows furrowed, lightly glanced at him, took out a wooden box from her sleeve, casually threw it to him, and said, “This pill is for you, don’t bother her again.”

What she gave was a pill that was rare to find even in the Immortal Realm. The black bear was also a knowledgeable person, and with just a glance, he hurriedly pocketed the medicine and transformed back into his human form, “For your sake, I’ll spare her this time.” Saying that, he carried the package behind his back and casually asked, “Have you gone to the Spiritual Spring of Fire?”

Fuyu looked at him and faintly said, “What does it have to do with you?”

The black bear man’s eyebrows shot up, and he thought to himself that the person who could take out such a pill must not be easy to provoke, before he angrily left.

As Master helped the little cat out, Shu Tang’s heart began to feel suffocated. For the first time in all the time she had known her master, she felt that she was biased towards someone other than herself.

That potion was not a commonplace object, but Master had given it to the black bear with such a big face, obviously she had pitied the cat.

However, even though she felt bad about it, she couldn’t help but think – Master’s skill of provoking anger was also used smoothly in the demon world.

The little cat’s cultivation was clearly not as good as Fuyu’s, and under her qi, she lowered her head more and more and said weakly, “Thank you, Immortal, for helping me out.”

Fuyu didn’t mention this again, but said, “Give me the reason for what you did in the Qing Rong Sect.”

The little cat’s amber-like eyes darted around and replied softly, “I was just returning things for someone, not knowing that those things were so important.”

Fuyu swept her a faint glance and said, “Oh? Then why did you use me as a cover to sneak into Qing Rong City on the day of the theft in the Qing Rong Sect?”

1 “醋酸味” translates into acetic acid but it’s basically vinegar aka being jelly

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