My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 17 – Resolution

Shu Tang, who was stripped of her pig’s hair alive, was now in a complicated mood. On one hand she was grateful for Master’s quick reflexes, and on the other… Master’s barrier seemed to be a bit unreliable!

Ever since becoming Fuyu’s piglet, she’d learned just fully how far one could be confused!

Fuyu saw the distrust coming from her apprentice and was silent for a long time before softly saying, “The last time I came, it wasn’t like this.”

It was true. When she came last time, the formation did not open so easily and the moment it opened, the Spring of Fire was able to control its fire energy and would not spurt out with such great momentum.

Most importantly, nowadays, its fire energy was no longer pure and was mixed with a lot of filth.

Thinking about it this way, the Spiritual Spring of Fire was indeed in trouble, and the crux of the problem was the very treasure that had been taken away.

Fuyu patted down the remaining ashes for Shu Tang, then placed it on the ground and clasped her hands and a powerful fire energy suddenly rose from the bottom of her feet and surged into her hands.

When that energy condensed into a ball, Fuyu very quickly recited her spell and moved her hands slowly around the fire ball, whirling and fiercely striking it out, straight into the Spring of Fire.


Huge amounts of water splashed out, and the Spring Water that carried a strong fire element turned into fine mist that enveloped the outer barrier of Shu Tang.

Shu Tang’s vision was blocked by the water mist, so she couldn’t see what was happening outside, and when she could see, she felt that something was gradually changing inside her body.

Fuyu had already sealed the Spiritual Spring of Fire with a formation and added her own Immortal Seal. Soon, the Spiritual Spring of Fire would no longer randomly appear, and its formation would be even more difficult to undo. Seeing her master’s immortal seal floating above the spring, Shu Tang suddenly felt that her master was not as everyone thought she was – high and mighty and ignores common affairs. On the contrary, she now felt that Master seemed to be quite meddlesome.

She hadn’t been practicing for long, but she could tell that the Immortal Seal was not weak, and even if a spirit came, he probably wouldn’t be able to break it.

While she was imagining things, Fuyu had already leaned down and picked her up with her two front hooves.

Shu Tang was swinging in the air, somehow feeling a little ashamed of this action.

Fuyu didn’t think so much about it, swinging it back and forth and smiling, “Your absorption ability is really strong. Within a few breaths of time, you actually absorbed all of the fire power I drew to you.”

“Hmph-” Shu Tang, who was entangled in this humiliating action, snorted very perfunctorily.

Her Master curled her lips in a smile, not minding, “I originally wanted you to cultivate in the spring for some time, but now the Spring of Fire is not stable.” After a pause, she jokingly said, “I don’t want my disciple to become a boiled pig.”

Shu Tang: “……”

If she heard her correctly, the Master seemed to be telling jokes…

Thus, Shu Tang pulled out an ugly smile despite the psychological damage it suffered.

Fuyu placed it on the ground and cast a defensive spell for all four hooves. Shu Tang bounced on the ground for a while and found that the temperature became just right.

As she was jumping merrily, Fuyu’s hand suddenly swung lightly, creating a rising wind. The little piglet became unstable and almost fell off, but Fuyu’s eyes and hands were quick to grab her hooves.

Pulling the frightened little pig to her face, Fuyu furrowed her eyebrows, “As my disciple, you can’t be as confused as I am.” Saying that, she put it back to her side and focused on the imperial wind.

Shu Tang, on the other hand, was now a blushing pig face, feeling the heat of her entire body focused on her head, as well as the hoof that Master Fuyu had caught.

It’s not that she hasn’t been amazed by Master’s face, nor has she never had her hoof held by Master, it’s just that, when Master’s face, slightly red from the heat, came close, she felt that her pig’s soul was going to be hooked by Master’s face.

In fact, Master should be a fairy cultivated by a fox, right? Otherwise, how could a single glance cause her to blush?

Shu Tang stood beside her master at a loss, after a while, she suddenly reacted…

I’m just a pig! What’s the point of blushing at her Master when she looks like this!

Shu Tang’s body heat returned to normal and she hung her head unhappily.

If she was always a pig or if she did nothing even after becoming human, then she would never have the right to stand by this person’s side in an open and honest manner.

No… she didn’t want this!

At first, the decision to cultivate immortality was just for a human body, unwilling to be a pig forever. But at this moment, Shu Tang suddenly found the greatest meaning of immortal cultivation-

She must be qualified to stand by her Master’s side.

If the master is at the top, she should be at the top as well, and only be a good apprentice who is kind and filial; if her master’s cultivation is high, she should be even higher than her master, so as to protect her. If someone provokes her master, her Master doesn’t have to fight, she will be the first one to teach him a lesson; if she goes to a dangerous place, she will protect her Master with her life.

Shu Tang’s heart ignited a fierce fighting spirit, and she only felt that she could sit in the side hall and practice for a month without having a single bite of food!


No, wait, she might still need a few bites of food….

Shu Tang disliked herself slightly and fell back to the ground with her master.

This new place they had come to was not as desolate as it was just now, but rather, it had the appearance of prosperity and bustle of the human realm.

Strangely enough, this was obviously the Demon Realm, but it looked no different from the human realm. The place they came to was like a small city, in which most of the people walking around were demons in human form, and only a few of them were in beast form, walking on the stone path with a smile.

Shu Tang, who was looking at it strangely, wanted to take a closer look, but was stopped by Fuyu.

At this time, Fuyu had completely withdrawn her smile, but even so, looking at the face of her master, Shu Tang still felt her heartbeat accelerate.

What… in the world is going on with her?

Shu Tang retrieved her outstretched hooves and stood obediently on the ground, waiting for her master to speak.

“This city has a boundary. Outsiders who rashly enter will receive an attack.” Fuyu said and raised her hand to draw an imaginary circle in the air, hitting the barrier.

The void in the air was suddenly flooded with vibrating light patterns, and then a looming city gate appeared at the place where the light patterns fluctuated.

A woman and a pig stepped into the gate, and the boundary, sensing that someone had entered, quickly closed up and turned into nothingness again.

There were also many vendors in the demon realm, selling food used by demons, or some trinkets. There are many pavilions on both sides of the street, close to the city gate, which are mostly like inns in the human realm. Outside the door of some pavilions, there are some flowery demonesses standing where it looks like brothels.

By the way, the female demons in the demon realm are really beautiful… Shu Tang wondered inwardly, does this mean that she can also become as beautiful?

Further ahead, the Pavilion was much less, but the number of roadside stalls had changed. The places that used to sell food and gadgets were now selling bottles and pills, and the buildings on both sides of the street were all shops selling weapons and books.

Shu Tang was watching happily when she suddenly saw a number of demons gathered not far away, and from time to time there were deafening sounds of yelling. Fuyu glanced at them and lifted her foot to leave, but her apprentice grabbed her by the corner.

She turned back to look at her apprentice and sighed, eventually heading towards the fight.

Actually, it wasn’t that Shu Tang was trying to be nosy this time, she merely noticed a familiar scent.

That smell was erratic, but it was really there. Although there were a lot of people outside, it was small, so they quickly reached the center of the crowd by going through the gap and leaping to the left.

As expected, there were familiar people standing in the center, and there were two of them who were familiar.

One was the long-haired man they had met earlier, and the other was the little girl she met when they went to play in the human realm. The little girl who had broken the barrier and jumped onto the ledge to talk to her.

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