My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 15 – Breakthrough

Fuyu felt the anxiety of the little pig in her arms, and couldn’t help but hug it tightly, and in passing, told it about the jade pendant.

Of course, there was some truth and some lies in the story, but Shu Tang didn’t know anything about it, so she believed it all.

Master said that it was the jade of the ancient gods, which could nourish her body and repair her internal injuries if necessary. Shu Tang thought happily, how could such a good thing be bound to her? Maybe she really had something remarkable, and that’s what led to the jade pendant claiming ownership.

Thinking about it, it’s still a little exciting! Shu Tang was excited, and suddenly remembered the appearance of her master falling on the ground.

So, she stretched out her hoof and pointed at Fuyu’s chest, pointing to the place that was stained with blood earlier, and whimpered.

While she was unconscious, Fuyu had taken her back to her bedroom and cleaned her clothes again. But the whiter her clothes were, the more Shu Tang could recall the bright red appearance of the bloodstained area, and thus, the more distressed she was.

Seeing the worry in her disciple’s eyes, Fuyu sighed and said softly, “Master’s cultivation went wrong, it’s no big deal, it’s been completely repaired now, you don’t need to worry.”

The master was obviously lying, but Shu Tang consciously couldn’t ask anything about what she didn’t want to say, and she had a good face, so she hummed and answered back.

Fuyu also combed her meridians and spiritual veins, left her in the room to practice for a while, and then went out by herself.

Shu Tang was good at cultivating, only, for some reason, although she had absorbed more of the qi of heaven and earth in her cultivation, they disappeared in a flash once they entered her body. Just like a large cup of water poured into the desert, it could still disappear in the blink of an eye.

She cultivated with doubts until her master returned, only to be forced to stop due to a strong fragrance.

Now, in front of her, Fuyu was holding a porcelain bowl with fruit porridge in it. As soon as she entered the door, the fruity fragrance swept over her, causing Shu Tang to hurriedly open her eyes and run over.

This porridge is so fragrant!

“Hmph-” Shu Tang looked at the porridge and stuck her neck out and cried out in her heart- Master! She’s a very resolved pig! I vowed not to eat Qing Senyang’s food today, so I’ll die without eating it!

She came running just to…to smell it!

So, the resolved Shu Tang jolted back to the meditation cushion and closed its eyes as best it could.

Seeing that it didn’t want to eat the porridge, Fuyu couldn’t help but say, “Why are you not eating it?”

“Humph-” Shu Tang wept in her heart, she actually wanted to eat it, but since she had made this decision, she couldn’t go back on it.

Fuyu didn’t know what it wanted to express, and in the meantime, she asked again, “Is it because you don’t like the taste?”

Shu Tang tearfully thought, she really likes the taste ah…

Fuyu stood there for a long time and finally turned and left. Shu Tang was just relieved when she heard her say to herself, “It’s amazing how rusty I am when I haven’t cooked for hundreds of years.”

Hundreds of years of not cooking? Rusty?

Shu Tang jumped from the mat and ran as fast as she could to the door, pulling the snowy robe with her mouth.

“Well?” Fuyu stopped and turned around, at a loss for words.

The little pig ran up to her, drawing a word repeatedly on the ground with its hooves – “eat”.

Even though she didn’t know why it suddenly changed its mind, Fuyu still smiled and brought her apprentice to the wooden table in the house, feeding it one mouthful at a time.

Shu Tang ate it so fast, only thinking that it was the best thing she had ever eaten in her two lives.

The high and mighty master…had actually cooked for her.

At the thought of this, Shu Tang had an inexplicable strength, as if no matter what she encountered in the future, she would have the courage to face it.

Fuyu fed it with joy, and for the next few days, she practically arranged to be in the small kitchen to prepare exquisite food for Shu Tang after her training was over.

Although she didn’t know why Master was cooking for her, Master’s cooking was so delicious that Shu Tang could only accept it in peace and repay Master with her efforts to cultivate.

And the new extra energy in her body also settled down. It would only vaguely point out a direction for Shu Tang when she wanted to find her master.

Shu Tang tried to use it to find Qing Shenyang, but it didn’t respond, so she had to ask her master about it along with her cultivation problems. Her reply was, “The energy of the jade pendant has repaired your damaged spirit vein, and all the benefits of your cultivation in the past few days have been absorbed by it. As for being able to find me, it must be because you and I are master and disciple.”

Because they were master and disciple, that’s why the jade pendant had led her to find her master… Shu Tang was again secretly happy for no reason, looking at Fuyu for a while.

Her disciple was always happy for no reason lately, and asked her about the feeling of searching, could it really be because of that Qing Senyang?

Fuyu suddenly realized that she had made the same old mistake, so she had to remain silent and not ask her apprentice what had happened in recent days.

She understood that it had a life of its own and that she was not the entirety of its life.

She was thinking about it, but when she thought about her little apprentice having fun with Qing Senyang… Fuyu was not very happy.

So, when Shu Tang finally broke through the first realm, Fuyu took it down again.

And this time, they were not going to the human realm, but to the demon realm.

Shu Tang herself was not a demon, and could still be considered half-human by the way. However, this was her biggest secret in this world, and she couldn’t let others know about it, even her own master, she didn’t know whether she should tell her or not.

It wasn’t that she wanted to hide it from her master, she was just afraid that she would disown her if she knew she was a freak.

A few days ago, she suddenly entered a state of selflessness when she was practicing. After the Qi of heaven and earth entered her body, she unconsciously produced another Qi in between the Qi of heaven and earth. This Qi was the key to the first realm- True Qi. This breakthrough of the realm took three whole days, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw her master sitting behind her, protecting her.

For ordinary people to break the first realm, it would take a few years or a lifetime for them to cultivate. She, however, had already broken through this realm after only a month of cultivation, partly because of her talent, and partly because of her master’s various aids.

From that day onwards, after she gave her Master some qi, she would always groom her meridians after she ate. Every time after the combing, Shu Tang felt that her body had been cleansed of all the filth, and her body and mind were clear and comfortable.

According to Luhua, this kind of reaction was not only because of the master’s combing but also because of the meals that she cooked for her.

Only then did Shu Tang understand that it was not without reason that Master had cooked for her. No matter how rich the ingredients were in the small kitchen, they were only ordinary food, but the food that Master cooked for her was filled with spiritual herbs that nourished her qi and stabilized her cultivation.

Take the fruit porridge she drank the other day as an example, in addition to a dozen kinds of fruits and rice, there were also two kinds of fruit-scented herbs, which would not only enhance the taste but also nourish her body.

Upon learning of Master’s painstaking efforts, Shu Tang smiled again.

And this time, the master also had a purpose in this regard.

After she successfully broke through the first realm, she could already cultivate her true qi, but because of the lack of initial strength, her true qi was always thin. To solve this problem, Master said that she was taking her to the Demon Realm to find a place to cultivate.

In fact, both Fuyu and Shu Tang understood in their hearts that this lack of initial strength was not because of her limited ability, but more so, because of the jade pendant.

However, Shu Tang only thought that this jade pendant was greedy, and always stole the strands of true energy she had finally cultivated, but Fuyu knew that the pendant has not been nourished by the power of the True God, and this time when it saw the true qi, the pendant was determined to take it for itself.

If it stole the qi and didn’t do anything, Fuyu wouldn’t keep it to torment her little apprentice. Although the pendant stole away a lot of true qi, it also helped Shu Tang’s cultivation, as it was more effective in stabilizing her veins than just taking spiritual herbs.

While simply packing her luggage, Shu Tang thought to herself, it would be really a beautiful thing if she could be lazy in her cultivation again, and go to the Demon Realm with her master for a round of fun. 

But as soon as they arrived at the Demon Realm, Shu Tang swallowed the word “beautiful thing” that she had thought.

She had thought that the Demon Realm was like a dreamland, with countless cute little demons and spirits, and all kinds of magical plants, but she had never imagined that it was just a desolate place.

It was full of desolation and decay everywhere.

Shu Tang’s body grew up quite a bit, not nesting in her master’s arms, but standing on the ground now. She gently stepped on the cracks of the earth, feeling the slightest bit of cool air, and couldn’t help but shiver.

One person and one pig stood in place for a long time, Fuyu gazed into the distance and finally said to her, “Huahua, let’s go.”

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