My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 14 – Dazed

Headlessly circling around the entire house, Shu Tang was tired and spread out under a tree for some shade.

That Qing Senyang told her to go find her master, but did not tell her where she was, it was abominable. She decided to eat the white radish planted by her master tomorrow and vowed not to eat his cooking.

Shu Tang ate and drank her fill and lay down in the shade, fanning her ears. She was so comfortable that she almost fell asleep, but thinking that her master hadn’t been found yet, she busily patted her face with her hoof and rolled over to stand up.

Master, master, she has never won a game of hide-and-seek since she was a child, but you should come out of your own accord!

Shu Tang was whining in her heart, but still nimbly turned over and prepared to leave. But as soon as she lifted her hoof, she suddenly saw a shiny object falling from the sky and hitting her nose. After shaking her head, the object that fell from the sky landed on the ground. It was actually the jade pendant sent to her by the Immortal Luhua earlier.

Huh? Why did it come back?

Shu Tang looked around and found no one around, pondered for a moment and attached her front hooves to the jade pendant. When she first touched it, she only felt cold and piercing, but in the next instant, the jade pendant actually swished into her body and disappeared.

Hey? Where’s the pendant? Shu Tang lifted her hoof and blinked, looking at the place where there was originally a jade pendant, puzzled.

Could it be that the jade pendant had become one with itself?

Shu Tang moved her four legs, turned her head and found no abnormality in her body, but her heart was still a little uneasy.

The jade pendant hit her body for no reason and disappeared into her body, even her pig brain knows that this is not a coincidence. Fortunately, this time she did not have a headache like the last time, otherwise, she would really have to chop off her own cheap hoof.

In the place where there is a broken spiritual root in her brain, it seems that there is another energy…If she guessed correctly, this energy comes from the jade pendant full of weirdness.

And in addition to this energy, she seemed to have a vague sense of her master’s location. While the feeling was still there, Shu Tang hastily reeled up her little thick legs and ran towards the place she sensed.

On the way she saw Qing Senyang, he smiled kindly at her, but she didn’t bother to ask him anything else, glanced at him and continued to follow that feeling to find her master.

Half a quarter of an hour later, led by that feeling, Shu Tang returned to the bedroom she had just come from. However, she had already been here before, and Master was not here, was she wrong to believe this feeling?

As if discovering her suspicions, the energy beside the spirit root suddenly stirred up, vaguely pointing out another direction for Shu Tang.

The direction it pointed to was a hard wall. Shu Tang ran over in a few steps, thought for a moment, and hesitantly extended her hooves towards this wall.

She thought she would touch the hard wall, but unexpectedly, when she touched the wall, her hoof emitted a soft yellowish light, as if it had softened the wall. Before long, the wall had turned into a fluid, glowing mirror-like surface.

However, what was shown on the mirror surface was not Shu Tang’s appearance, but the scene across the wall–

On the ground covered with jade, there was a woman in a long white dress, her face was pale, and her chest was covered with red plum-like blood spots.

With a buzz in her head, Shu Tang couldn’t care about anything else, jumped into the virtual door and ran towards Fuyu, who was lying on the ground.

As soon as she reached her master’s side, Shu Tang immediately used her nose to lift her hand, but to no avail, she stretched out her hoof and patted her master’s arm again, but still did not get any response.

Shu Tang was in a frenzy on the ground, and after thinking for half a day, she finally summoned the courage to slap her master’s face with her hoof…

After the slap, she withdrew her hooves and pretended as if nothing had happened.

However, even though she slapped her master’s smooth and tender face, the other party was still unconscious.

Shu Tang was anxious as she looked at her master’s pale face. She wanted to go out and ask for help from Luhua Shangxian, but when she turned back, she realized that the glazed door had already disappeared. No matter how she touched the solid wall again, it no longer changed.

After standing there for a while, she suddenly remembered the way her master had infused her true essence into her body. Although she didn’t have true qi in her body yet, she had pure qi of heaven and earth, which must be of some use to her.

Shu Tang calmed her mind, slowly closed her eyes, and sank her qi into the dantian, and tried to condense the slightly thin qi in her aura into an airflow. When the qi took shape, she fiercely expelled it out of her body along her front hooves and flowed it into Fuyu’s body.

One must know that although she had absorbed a lot of Heaven and Earth Qi in the past few days, most of this was what the Spiritual Vein had fought so hard for on its own, so how could she easily let go of this precious Heaven and Earth Qi now? Her cultivation time was still short, and deliberately venting out the airflow when her cultivation was budding was tantamount to seeking death. Thus, the harder Shu Tang tried to draw out the airflow, the tighter the spirit vein guarded.

Shu Tang was also unwilling to admit defeat. Even so, she still lost Qi for her master, but she also fell heavily to the ground the moment the Qi loss was disrupted.

Too tired…even more tired than at the end of her cultivation this morning….

Shu Tang didn’t have time to look at her master before she went unconscious. The energy beside her spirit vein, however, moved after she fell unconscious and turned into countless tiny lights that began to repair her spirit vein.

The repair of the spirit vein had almost the same level of pain as opening it. Shu Tang was worried about her master and didn’t know how to infuse Qi into people, so in her anxiety, she tore two major veins and several minor veins around her dantian. In this way, the moment the light was repaired, even if she was tired to the point of unconsciousness, she was awakened by the raw pain.

“Hmph-” she couldn’t help but snort, and then, with a sigh, she was cradled in an embrace.

The familiar smell in her embrace reassured her, and the shattering pain in her body gradually disappeared, Shu Tang struggled and finally fell asleep completely.

When she woke up again, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a face that was exquisite in every way, which was still comparable to the face of Zhaojun Xishi1.

No…that wasn’t the point! The point is, that face was way too close to her!

Shu Tang felt as if her blood flow was speeding up and they were all flowing to her furry, pink head.

She insisted that this reaction must be the aftermath of her last headache….

Seeing it awake, Fuyu quirked her lips in a soft chuckle, finally moving away from the little red pig’s head.

“I scared you yesterday,” Fuyu said, “You haven’t been practicing for a long time, so you can’t infuse qi for others. Don’t take this risk anymore.”

Shu Tang tried to bury her face in her hooves, embarrassed for a long while, and just snorted.

“And,” Fuyu paused for a while before she said softly, “Apprentice Huahua, thank you.”

It was good that she didn’t say it, but as soon as she did, Shu Tang only felt all the grievances from that earlier search coming to her heart. Looking at the Master sitting beside her, she didn’t even think about it, she just popped into her Master’s arms and used her wet nose to rub her hand.

The moment the master said “thank you”, she was suddenly extremely afraid that she would lose this dull and domineering beautiful master.

It was obvious that her master was a Great Immortal, a sacred and inviolable Great Immortal in the entire Immortal World, but only then did Shu Tang realize that such an incomparably powerful person would also be hurt.

In Shu Tang’s heart, Master’s position seemed to have changed.

An extremely dazed feeling came to her heart – if…only if, what would she do if Master left her one day?

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Small theater in this issue:
1. By Soy sauce king:
Shu Tang: Master, what am I to you?
Fuyu: You are the only piglet I feed.
Shu Tang: …
2. By No delusion:
Shu Tang: Master Master! Can I have dinner? !
Fuyu: (Didn’t this piglet just finish a table full of dishes?) You…
Shutang: Come on, I’m still a child.
Fuyu: …

1 β€œZhaojun Xishi” means the Four Great Beauties of China

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