My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 13 – Practice

When recalling those events again, Fuyu’s mind suddenly wandered, slightly in a trance.

Nantan caught her small movement, without moving, he took out the jade pendant from his sleeve and placed it on the table, before continuing, “What I said to you last time wasn’t correct, it doesn’t have the power to repair1, it was just making a seal with its new master that day, and incidentally, it combed the spiritual veins for Shu Tang.”

Fuyu gradually recovered, her eyes looked at the jade pendant on the table and said, “Since it was able to find its own master, it must already have spiritual intelligence.”

“No, it’s not spirit intelligence, but its instincts.” Nan Tan paused, “It has too little of True God’s Qi, and will never possess spiritual wisdom, nor can it become a demon to cultivate. However, it will instinctively choose its master, so it seems that it must be…that Shutang has a destiny with it.”

Fuyu was silent, and a long while later, she sighed silently. It seemed like those scenes had appeared again before her eyes.

All these years, the things she thought she had forgotten, she still remembered so clearly. The appearance of that person fighting in blood in front of her, the appearance of that person using the last power of God to throw her into the human realm… she actually remembered it all clearly.

As a lifeless jade pendant, it took her a thousand years to gain consciousness and another ten thousand years to cultivate the spiritual wisdom of the world. But at the last moment of cultivating her human form, she was cut apart.

In order to become human, what one must have are three souls and seven spirits. Back then, Jade Pei’s three souls and seven spirits were only the last one missing, and she thought that she would become a living human in no time, but her life stopped at this point.

Since the three souls and six spirits were evenly distributed on the jade pendant, when the pendant shattered, a small part of the soul also split off. However, the portion that split off was too small to be regenerated, and the power of these souls slowly dissipated into the heavens and earth, leaving behind a trace of the divine instinct.

Yes, both Fuyu and the broken jade that would later be polished into pendants were genuine divine objects.

However, there was a fundamental difference between her and the broken jade – she had a completely independent mind and could remove the curse power from her body on her own, whereas the broken jade only had instincts.

As for its instincts, apart from recognizing its master, there was another item, which was a curse.

The curse belongs to the ancient gods, and immortals can only obtain it from the ancient barbarians. For example, the Divination Immortal with the power of fortune telling, he had acquired this unique skill after acquiring the power of fortune telling from the True Gods in the barbarian wasteland. If not for that, how could the entire Qing Rong Sect trust him so much and do exactly what he wanted?

True God power was something that the world infinitely desired, and what was needed to obtain it was both absolute strength and absolute luck. Shu Tang was claimed by the jade pendant with the curse power, which meant that it had the curse power to a certain extent.

After it had absolute strength, the curse power would be at its disposal.

Fuyu unconsciously pursed her lips as she thought of this.

What she was thinking about, Nantan naturally thought of it as well. They were silent for a moment, and Nantan Shangxian was the first to say, “Whether it’s a blessing or a curse for Shu Tang to gain this power, I don’t know. If it takes a crooked path, this power can help it subvert the three realms.”

Fuyu’s pursed lips suddenly loosened and her cherry lips moved slightly, “With me here, it won’t.”

“Are you really that confident?”

Fuyu still hesitated for a moment, “Seriously.”

She thought that it was her apprentice, the only piglet she had watched grow up and was the only one she had raised, so it would definitely not go down the wrong path.

Nantan sighed, and didn’t know where she got the trust from. But Shu Tang was her disciple, and he couldn’t interfere, so he could only say, “You should bring the jade pendant back to it and don’t tell it the truth.” After saying that, he added, “Since this jade pendant has claimed Shu Tang as its master, it can be hidden into its body as long as it is touched again.”

Fuyu nodded her head, but finally lifted her hand and picked up the jade pendant into her palm.

The glowing white as jade flickered slightly in her palm, faintly forming a circular style talisman seal. It took half a cup of tea before the light gradually faded away, leaving behind a smooth and round jade pendant.

Nantan looked at her, “The seal you gave it is powerful, but once Shu Tang cultivates into an immortal body, this seal will be lifted automatically.”

“I just don’t want it to be exposed to this partial evil power too early and when it has an immortal body to protect itself, it won’t be tempted by the curse power.” After Fuyu said this, she put the jade pendant in her bosom, stood up, and strode away under Nantan’s gaze.

The power of the curse, the apprentice of the Great Immortal….

Even if a divination fairy came, he would certainly not be able to calculate the fate of this little piglet, Shu Tang, so why should she think too much? Nantan withdrew his gaze, and with a light movement of his right hand, dozens of files that needed to be dealt with by the Immortal Realm floated in.

He only needed to manage the entire Immortal Palace, and as for those messy matters…it was just a matter of each person having their own destiny.

On the other hand, Fuyu had already arrived at the side hall of the residence at this time, so far away that she could feel the Qi of Heaven and Earth in the air beside her flowing rapidly into the house.

Although Nantan had misjudged the function of the jade pendant last time, he had truly seen the cultivation potential of Huahua. There were countless people who had spent their entire lives cultivating for decades who failed to reach the speed of their own apprentice when it came to cultivation.

The negative emotions that the curse power had brought for Fuyu quickly dissipated. Now that she saw her disciple so talented, she was filled with joy.

If her apprentice wouldn’t be abducted by others at will…that would be the best.

On the following day, after practicing inside the house for a day and a night, Shu Tang finally crawled out of the side hall with a hunger.

After not practicing for a long time, the spiritual veins in her body were like thirsty fish. As soon as she felt the breath of heaven and earth coming from the outside world, she continued to absorb it like crazy. Shu Tang tried to stop several times, but couldn’t control this desire from every inch of the meridians in her body, until she no longer had any strength, and that’s when she stopped.

Qing Senyang came to the door a few times to serve her food, but because of the strong fluctuations in the air flow, he turned back and retreated with food.

Thus, Shu Tang, who had managed to crawl out of the side hall, still had no food to eat.

“Hmph-” it called out weakly, lying on the steps, looking half-dead.

Today is also strange, it is reasonable to say that while there are few people here in the side hall, there are always one or two fairy maidservants, but now, looking around, apart from her lying down here, there is not even a single living soul.

Could it be that something happened in the house?

Thinking of the good deed she had done before she closed the door to cultivate, Shu Tang was busy dragging her body and started to walk out one step at a time.

However, as soon as she stepped out for more than ten meters, a man carrying a tray walked into the side hall, it was Qing Senyang.

Seeing the half-dead little pig on the ground, he revealed his small white teeth, then squatted down and handed the pastry served in the tray to her.

“This day and night of your cultivation, the Great Immortal told everyone in the side hall to stay away from here, so that no one will disturb your cultivation.” Seeing the little pig just looking at the pastry, he smiled helplessly and put it into his own mouth, eating it with a smile, “Are you afraid that I will poison you?”

Saying that, he took another pastry and gave it to Shu Tang, seeing that it was eaten before he continued, “The Great Immortal instructed me yesterday to bring food to you every two hours, and also asked me to tell you that if you come out and eat your meal, you should go to her.”

It turned out that Master already knew that she would be practicing for a long time…Shu Tang decided to praise Master’s ingenuity.

However, looking at Qing Senyang’s appearance, the Qing Rong Sect probably still didn’t know that the cat demon had been released by her. Shu Tang quickly tackled a large plate of pastries, came back to life full of life on the spot, and ran to find her master.

Although her Master’s house was big, she always went to a single place; either the courtyard full of vegetables in the back, the main hall, or the bedroom. But today, she searched all three places, but still couldn’t find her master.

On the way, she met several maidservants, but she couldn’t communicate with them, and the maidservants didn’t know what the little pig was expressing even when she gestured with her hooves.

Shu Tang couldn’t even find her, and she couldn’t ask for help, so she suddenly felt a little panicked.

Master, where did she go?

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