My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 12 – Trouble

Saying that, Fuyu carried Shu Tang into the house and waved her hand back, the door of the house closed tightly while covering a soundproof boundary.

“You shouldn’t have let it go.” After putting down the little pig, Fuyu sat on the soft couch and folded her hands in her long sleeves on her lap, and said lightly.

Shu Tang also knew that she had made a mistake this time, hanging her head and standing grievously.

Guilt aside, she was really hungry… Now she was regretting a bit, why didn’t she just take a few bites to pad her stomach.

When Fuyu looked at its appearance, the words she originally wanted to say couldn’t come out for a moment. After coughing unnaturally twice, she carried the little pig onto the table and said seriously, “Huahua, from now on, don’t casually trust others. Be it people or animals.” After a pause, she continued, “Because, you don’t know whether the one you believe in is a human or a demon.”

Shu Tang suddenly forgot her hunger, her body shook and wrote on the table – “cat demon”.

“Yes, and it’s not an ordinary cat demon, but the contact time was so short that I can’t be sure of its identity.” Fuyu finished, lifted her hand and picked up a small warm dumpling and stuffed it into the little pig’s half-open mouth, “You eat first, I’ll rest for a while, after eating I’ll take you away.”

Leave? Why leave at this critical time? And why is Master always resting? However, Master’s order had been given. Shu Tang could not ask any more questions and had to bow her head and eat.

If she had known this would happen, she shouldn’t have promised Qing Senyang. She should have allowed her master to just chase them away, leaving them to continue their travel.

This guy, Qing Senyang, was clearly using food to gain her trust and then using her curiosity to reach his own goal!

But then again, she was the one who brought her master into the pit. It seems that she can’t blame this on Qing Senyang, really, the blame is still her own… Shu Tang’s mind spun around, and finally returned to the starting point, only to continue with a strong sense of guilt and bury her head to eat.

When she finished eating, Fuyu on the side had also rested enough. Wiping her mouth for her, the master took her in her arms and pushed the door to leave.

Unexpectedly, Qing Senyang was actually standing outside, eyes with respect, saying, “Shangxian, my master said that since things have already come to a head, Shangxian might as well stay for a while and leave after the matter is settled.”

Shu Tang looked at his expression, it was obvious that his face was filled with sincerity, but she felt that – he was lying.

Based on the three elders’ knowledge of her master, none of them would have expected that her master would suddenly leave. This Qing Senyang had obviously already guessed that Fuyu would leave, which was why he had been waiting outside.

Being as smart as he was, he must have seen the connection between Master and himself with this matter.

Shu Tang honestly nestled in her master’s embrace, after all, it was her own fault. It was better to keep a low profile.

Fuyu didn’t bother to think about Qing Sen Yang’s flowery thoughts1. Only glancing at him faintly, “Our stay on earth has been long enough. I’m going to take Huahua back to the Immortal World to cultivate, do you have any objections?”

Although her words were a question, she did not mean to ask in the slightest. Qing Senyang’s appearance remained unchanged, only pausing briefly before bowing, “In that case, this disciple will go back with you. The sect’s greatest treasure has been found and there is no use for this disciple to stay here.”

This Qing Senyang was really… Shu Tang looked at him in silence and after thinking for a while in her little head, she couldn’t find any words to describe him.

Fuyu looked at him, softly saying “En”, and burned some kind of talisman on him. In the next instant, the two of them and the pig returned to the Immortal World.

Shu Tang wondered in her heart, how could he leave without bidding farewell to the second elder? It was only after some thinking that it dawned on her. He must have predicted that Fuyu wouldn’t stay and had already made plans to return to the Immortal World with her!

How can he, as a man, calculate what has yet to happen so clearly?

Shu Tang mourned for a second for her IQ, then scurried off to the side hall to practice, which was a way to make up for her mistake.

She had just started to practice, and she left it unused for so long, thinking about it with a pig’s head–this is a shameful thing.

When Fuyu returned to the immortal world, an immortal servant had handed her a voice talisman and after she poured her immortal power into the talisman, she heard the words that Nantan left for her.

Fuyu checked the vegetables planted in the garden, patted her clothes and got up to go to the immortal’s house to find Nantan.

When she stepped through the door, she could smell the fragrance of sandalwood in the air. Fuyu stopped for a moment to get used to the scent, then lifted her foot and continued walking.

Nantan seemed to have known that she would come at this moment and was sitting upright at the side of the table, where two cups of tea had been prepared. Upon seeing Fuyu, he smiled and said, “Here.”

Fuyu responded and sat on the other side of the square table, taking a sip of her tea.

“I heard that your disciple got into trouble.” Nantan seemed to smile, “How do you plan to handle it?”

Fuyu’s eyelashes quivered lightly and looked down at the teacup. The thick lashes fell, covering the luster in her eyes.

“You’re well-informed.” She said so, but didn’t answer the question.

Nantan actually laughed this time and asked, “Are you afraid that the Qing Rong Sect will find trouble with Shu Tang?”

“With me here, I’m not afraid of anyone bothering it,” Fuyu denied. “But it was used by the kitten this time, and I’m afraid it won’t get out.”

NantTan pursed his lips, “Its spiritual intelligence is higher than you think, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“But…” Fuyu paused, seemingly rather reluctant, “I saw that Huahua was very fond of that cat.”

Nan Tan looked her up and down, and sighed inwardly, is it because Shu Tang can’t get out, or is she unable to get out by herself?

“To Shu Tang, you as a Master are obviously more important than that cat.” Nantan Shangxian hesitated a bit, but still said, “It’s just that it will be independent one day, do you want to raise it and discipline it like this forever and ever?”

The person on the other side of the table stiffened visibly, only to slowly relax a few moments later.

“You’re right, I figured it out.” Fuyu lifted the cup of tea and drank it all.

Seeing her doing this, Nan Tan couldn’t help but sigh softly. She came to find herself this time, so why did she make trouble for Shu Tang? She clearly has a knot in her heart.

Right now, I don’t know if she’s really thinking it through or not, so I can only assume that she’s looking past it for now. Nantan cleared his throat slightly, breaking the calm between them, “By the way, did you listen to the note I left for you?”

Fuyu nodded.

“Well, in that case, I’ll just say it.” Nantan took a sip of tea and returned to the topic at hand, slowly telling what was to be said.

The note he had given to Fuyu earlier had already told part of the story and the gist of it was – the jade pendant that Luhua previously gave is neither an immortal jade nor ordinary jade, let alone a reward for a favorite concubine, but a jade pendant with the power of a curse.

This jade pendant was indeed bought by Luhua at a high price from the world, but when it was bought the seller did not know the true origin of the jade, so he had to make up a lie at will. Nantan sent people to investigate in the past few days, and he also checked some books and was finally able to learn that this jade pendant was a fragment of the jade that was carried by the ancient true god. And this True God is in charge of the curse of the six realms.

When Fuyu heard this, her hand gripped the teacup, which had long since cooled down.

That True God, she was acquainted with it. Because…

She herself, was the other part of the jade pendant.

1 “Flowery thoughts” is a metaphor for having treacherous schemes

Translator: Fuyu keeps calling Shu Tang “it” and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I identify her as a person while Fuyu identifies her as her pet pig but even then she doesn’t use “she.” And it confuses me when I’m translating.

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