My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 11 – Stone Forest

Shu Tang was always half a beat slower in some ways, just like her master. For example, now she didn’t quite understand why her master was suddenly angry.

But she was also better than Fuyu in that – even if she didn’t know why the other party was unhappy, she would still coax them at the first opportunity.

So, Shu Tang couldn’t care less about the little kitten beside her, who was tilting her head to look at her, and was busy stretching out her two front hooves to hug her master, wagging her short tail cheerfully. While at the same time rubbing her wet nose against the hem of her master’s coat, literally pampering her with her life.

This tactic apparently worked for Fuyu, as she looked at the little piggy that was pampering at her feet and finally leaned down to pick it up. However, as soon as she picked her up, she wanted to leave, and Shu Tang was busy dragging her desperately, pointing to the kitten on the ground.

The kitten meowed at the right time.

If you don’t take the kitten out, it might get lost here for a few days and starve to death.

Staring at Shu Tang’s pleading eyes, Fuyu pursed her lips and held it with one hand, using her free hand to retrieve the kitten from the ground.

“Meow~” the kitten cried out happily even though it was hanging on Fuyu’s arm.

Shu Tang felt that she had done a good deed, and was also happy, “humming” to it.

I don’t know why, after this little interaction, Shu Tang felt that her master’s hand suddenly tightened. Fuyu’s body gradually lifted into the air, and her weightlessness made her hold onto her master’s arm.

As she slowly flew above the stone forest, Fuyu’s body glowed brightly, as if she had broken through something, which accelerated all the way back to the temporary guest room.

Looking down on this stone forest from above, Shu Tang looked left and right and felt that the stone pillars set up here weren’t messy, so how could she not come out? When she was placed on the ground, she suddenly realized that there weren’t many stone pillars here, but they were placed to form the formation described in the book.

This formation was presumably a trapping formation. It was not surprising that she was trapped here as she knew nothing about formations and did not have the good luck to be trapped by mistake. However, she had only run into the stone forest after the kitten, so how did the kitten get into this trapped formation. Did it do it on purpose?

Shu Tang wanted to ask the kitten, but only after looking into the kitten’s amber eyes did she respond that she and the kitten hadn’t been able to communicate in a substantial way.

Thinking about it this way, she hadn’t really communicated with her own pig brothers, either…

Not even knowing the language of her own race, Shu Tang was inexplicably sad.

The kitten was also put on the ground by Fuyu. The action wasn’t quite rude, but it was a bit rude. The kitten that landed on the ground flicked its tail left and right that had curled up all the way around, and called twice to Shu Tang as if she was thanking her. After Shu Tang rubbed against it with her muzzle, it scampered away with a swish.

Reluctantly watching the kitten leave, as soon as Shu Tang turned back, she felt the powerful aura from her own master and couldn’t help but tremble.

Fuyu quietly looked at the piglet on the ground for a long while before picking it up, then walked into the hall and placed it on the dining table.

“The food that the cook brought over might be a bit cold, so you wait.” Saying that, she gathered her hands together, and the heat slowly spilled out from between her hands. When the hot air condensed into a ball, she moved her ten fingers slightly, spreading her hands and placing her palms over the rice.

But in half a minute, the rice became hot again, but Shu Tang didn’t dare to go forward and eat.

This state of her master made her extremely uneasy.

After arriving at the Qing Rong Sect, Fuyu still maintained her normal appearance of illusion, and only Shu Tang could see her real appearance. Therefore, the beauty’s frosty face and pursed lips really made her unbearable to look at.

She had to think hard about why Master was upset.

Was it because she was running amok, or was it because she had caused trouble by running into the trapped formation? When Shu Tang thought of this, a flash of light flashed in her mind and she suddenly realized that there might be something strange about this trapping formation.

If the stone forest was just an ordinary land boundary, why would there be a trapping formation? Now that the Qing Rong Sect was in a troubled time, the existence of the Trapped Formation obviously had some kind of preventive effect.

A small trap formation is no protection against a great Immortal, but what if it is used to trap other intruders?

Shu Tang suddenly felt as if she had invariably caused trouble.

When Fuyu saw that it was hesitant, she had to ask, “Why aren’t you eating?”

“There is something wrong with the cat”- Shu Tang busily dipped his hoof in water and wrote on the tabletop.

Fuyu was startled at first, then she reacted and was about to go out, but then she saw Qing Sengyang run over with a happy face and said, “Shangxian, the secret book and secret log have been found!”

“Where did you find it?” Fuyu frowned and asked in a cold tone.

Qing Senyang had already gotten used to her tone and said without minding, “The thief returned the items directly to our sect’s secret room. When someone broke into the outdoor formation, the Sect Leader felt something wasn’t right, so he went to the secret room to check. For the past few days, the Sect Leader has been going to the secret room day after day to check, but I never expected that this time, he actually returned our sect’s treasure

When Shu Tang heard it, something crossed her mind and immediately wrote on the table – “The secret room is in the stone forest”.

When Fuyu looked down and saw it, she asked him, “But the secret room is in the stone forest?”

“Exactly,” Qing Sen Yang smiled, “But the cultivation of that formation breaker was so good that the headmaster couldn’t feel his breath.”

Of course the cultivation was good, because the person who broke into the formation was a Shangxian… Now that the sect’ ssecret books had been returned to their rightful owners, but Shu Tang suddenly gripped her heart.

If she wasn’t mistaken, the little cat was obviously trying to lure her into the formation, and after entering the formation, it ran away to return the things. When it came out, it should have been trapped in the formation, but it was brought out by her and her master.

Regardless of the kitten’s identity, it was the key to the bizarre death of the disciple of the Qing Rong Sect, yet it was let go by her!

Shu Tang fell into deep self-loathing, hung her head and weakly wrote one word – “cat”.

Fuyu looked at it and understood at once. Under Qing Senyang’s puzzled look, she quickly moved up against the wind and stood above the Qing Rong Sect.

Shu Tang jumped off the table and ran out of the hall, trying to raise her head to see her master who was casting spells in the air.

There was one technique in the Immortal Arts, the Searching Technique, which was rarely used because it had a small search range and was extremely exhausting. However, neither of these two things existed with Fuyu Shangxian, whose Qi and Power were as vast as the ocean. At this point, her search area had expanded to the entire Qing Rong City, but she still couldn’t find any trace of the little cat.

How fast should it have been able to break out of the Qing Rong Sect’s boundary and escape from this Qing Rong City in such a short period of time? Fuyu widened her search a bit more, and still without any clues, she withdrew her immortal power and slowly fell back to the ground.

Fuyu’s search made quite a stir, and many disciples came out to watch her perform her immortal magic. How could they, ordinary disciples like them, have any chance of seeing someone who became immortal on a normal day? Now, a living immortal is in front of them, and they are all scrambling to be the first, afraid that they might miss a single move of the immortal.

The only pity was that they had heard that Fuyu Shanfxian was the most beautiful woman in the immortal world. Sadly, the beauty had cast an illusion spell on them, so they were not lucky enough to see her face.

As a result, many of the disciples made up their minds that they would work hard to become Elder Disciples so that they could go to the Immortal World, get to know the immortals and become immortals as soon as possible.

Fuyu must have never imagined that this unintentional act of her’s has actually achieved the Qing Rong Sect – stabilizing the Sect Leader’s heart, and pulling the focus of the Sect back to cultivation.

Seeing her master return, Shu Tang immediately snorted and asked her how the results were.

Fuyu didn’t answer it right away, but glanced at the Sect Leader and Elders who were arriving with their swords, and said to Qing Senyang indifferently, “I have no intention of answering to them, just tell them that the one who returned the secret book is a cat with white flowers on a black background. If they want to investigate, they can start from there.”

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