My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 10 – Apprehensive

“Not only have you gained weight, but your heart is also towards that cook.” Fuyu said this with little expression on her face, making it impossible to see the joy.

Shu Tang whined twice and shook her head, indicating that this was not the case. Halfway through her head bobbing, she realized that there seemed to be something in Master’s words.

As for what kind of words, she couldn’t figure it out for a while. After being mocked for her weight, Master put her back on the ground, “Feel free to walk around here, I’ll take a rest.”

Saying that, she cast a tracking and protection spell on the little pig, dispelling the illusion, then turned around lightly and returned to the house.

Shu Tang wagged her tail, feeling indeed bored. After drinking some more water, she jolted and ran out the door.

Qing Rong Sect was located in Qing Rong City. The entire sect was in the heart of the city, covering a small area, yet it had nearly 800 disciples. The events of a while ago had caused Qing Rong Sect to become disorganized and some of the timid and panicked disciples had packed their bags and quit Qing Rong Sect after those three people were killed. The elders could not wait to capture these pups and kick them hard, but after this incident, the sect did remove quite a few dissident disciples, not knowing whether it was a blessing or a curse.

Among those who were cleared, some went back to be ordinary people and some went to other sects, but none of them had anything to do with Fuyu or Shu Tang. Shu Tang also didn’t care to pay attention to this matter, but she just felt that there were fewer disciples here, unlike the immortal sect she had imagined – surrounded by immortal mountains and bustling with disciples.

Perhaps it was because of the recent events, even with the Immortals sitting in the sect, the disciples still acted extremely cautious. When the two patrolling disciples saw the little pig running wildly, their first reaction was to catch it. Only when Fuyu Shangxian’s Seal appeared on its body did they apologize to Shu Tang and let it continue to run wildly.

Shu Tang didn’t care about this and continued to enjoy the scenery in an excellent mood.

After all, it was a place for cultivating immortality, and although this place was not the immortal world, there were many decorations with immortal energy. Shu Tang stretched out her hooves, touching this and that. She was quite happy.

After circling another rocky mountain, Shu Tang looked around, stretched her legs, and was about to take a break when she suddenly saw a shadow pass by from a short distance.

The shadow gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity, which made her chase after it and toss her four legs desperately. The small shadow was light, moving extremely quickly every time, but Shu Tang had been running and exercising recently, and she hadn’t fallen behind much, but she just couldn’t breathe at the end of the run.

After all…she was only just a pig…

Shu Tang felt that she couldn’t ask too much of herself, and when she chased after it until she was panting. Gradually she slowed her pace and stopped.

Unexpectedly, after she stopped, the shadow also stopped. In the next instant, the shadow made a U-turn and rushed straight towards Shu Tang, standing firm in front of her and sizing her up with a pair of amber eyes.

It turned out that the shadow was a beautiful kitten, with white flowers on a black background and transparent eyes.

When Shu Tang finally caught her breath and pondered in her heart how to communicate with a cat, the kitten in front of her suddenly lifted its small fleshy pad and attempted to pat her head.

Although the kitten didn’t extend its sharp claw hooks, the flesh pad backfired when it touched the top of Shu Tang’s head. The cat’s claws were pushed back by the immortal energy, but when it saw the immortal seal on the pig, it did not flee. The cat only meowed softly, causing Shu Tang’s pig bones to become soft.

After all, as a human soul with a pig body, Shu Tang had no resistance to this kind of cute little animal, and said in her heart, “The cat is so cute.” Suddenly, she had a flash of light in her head – she seemed to have found a way to communicate with the kitten!

This time, it was Shu Tang’s turn to stretch out her pig’s feet to rub the cat’s neck. The kitten’s eyes narrowed as it was rubbed comfortably, and it meowed softly.

Ahhhhhh! How in the world could there be such a cute thing!

Shu Tang couldn’t get enough of the kitten, and both front hooves stretched out together to serve it, rubbing it straight down to the ground and closing its eyes comfortably.

It turned out that it was so easy for animals to get along with each other. Thinking like this, Shu Tang rubbed the kitten’s belly again, before stopping her hand and humming to it to express her friendliness.

When the kitten saw that she stopped rubbing it, it stood up slowly, flicked its black tail with a tuft of white fur, and walked gracefully in a circle around the piglet.

Shu Tang was suddenly a little nervous and wondered if she hadn’t expressed her friendliness correctly.

Fortunately, the kitten walked around her in a circle and then stood in front of her again, meowing in a soft, glutinous voice.


Shu Tang thought about it, moving her arch mouth, “Hmph-“




One pig and one cat squealed at each other for a long while. The kitten licked its paws and leaned its little head close to Shu Tang. The kitten narrowed its eyes and meowed, then stomped on the ground with its two hind paws, leaped far away and disappeared quickly.

Although she didn’t know what she was communicating with the kitten, she still insisted that they should be communicating happily.

After resting on the ground for a while, Shu Tang walked back, but she found that she had never been to this place before, and there were no disciples around.

Hey, why did she chase to such a place?

Shu Tang whined and began to try to find her way back, but to no avail. After half an hour of walking, she still couldn’t get out of this stone forest.

Normally, it took her less than fifteen minutes to run into this place, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for her to get out. But now she was clearly trapped here, as if she had entered a maze, and she thought that she could go any way, but she couldn’t get out.

After wandering around like a headless bird for an hour, Shu Tang finally gave up on the stone forest, lay down on her side against a stone pillar, and started to save her energy.

If she continued to walk, she would die of hunger, not to mention anything else.

As early as half an hour ago, she had been so hungry that she didn’t want to move, and by this time, she didn’t even bother to wag her tail.

In the midst of this hunger, Shu Tang was so confused that she actually slept. After an unknown amount of time, a cat’s cry sounded in her ears, scaring her so much that she stood up with a start.

“Meow?” The kitten tilted its head to look at her as if asking why she was still here.

When Shu Tang looked at the cat, she felt a sudden sense of compassion for the cat.

So, with a renewed fighting spirit, Shu Tang decided to bring the cat to get out of the labyrinth-like stone forest.

Perhaps the cat understood her meaning, and followed behind her, walking quietly.

The idea was beautiful, but the reality was cruel. Shu Tang walked around the stone forest a few times with a fighting spirit but still couldn’t get out. Just as she was standing there, her heart was stuffed, a person came down from the sky with long sleeves and a layer of frost on her face, it was Fuyu Shangxian.

It was Fuyu Shangxian! Master was here!

Shu Tang’s eyes lit up, dragging the kitten to her master’s feet, rubbing against her clothes and humming.

However, the good-tempered master didn’t even bend down to pick her up. Instead, she looked at Shu Tang and then the kitten beside her with a cold face and a gaze that was unfamiliar to Shu Tang.

Master she…what’s wrong? Are you mad at her for running away?

Shu Tang was apprehensive, and hesitantly stretched out her hoof and touched the hem of her master’s coat.

Fuyu was touched by her pleasing appearance, her face became a little better, her cherry lips slightly opened, and as she was about to speak, the little cat suddenly meowed at her feet.

Although I don’t know why, but Shu Tang clearly saw that Master’s face turned black again at this instant…

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