My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 3 – Spiritual Intelligence

It has long been known that the EQ of the beautiful Shangxian is not high, but when she said this, Shu Tang still felt that her heart was hurt.

In this world, was everyone so incapable of speaking?! Or did the most inarticulate people in this world have become immortals? !

The piglet suddenly became lifeless and nestled in her arms without moving. Fuyu was shocked, and was relieved when she was sure it was still alive.

This time, it’s not that she couldn’t speak, but that she was prepared for the death of Bai Huahua, and now she is more than surprised to see it alive.

But Bai Huahua, Shu Tang, didn’t know this and still sulked in her arms.

Fuyu rubbed its belly and was about to send it back to the house to rest, but felt that something else was in her left arm. She raised the piglet’s head and saw that it was the jade pendant, but it was there without the power of immortality hanging on the chain.

The pendant was placed on the table by her, and it must have been accidentally fell off when the piglet rolled over in pain. But this explanation is really far-fetched, when she caught the piglet, she obviously didn’t feel anything.

Fuyu pursed her lips and thought for a moment, placed the piglet gently on the ground, made a seal with both hands, and chanted an intricate spell. The moment the spell was made, a light flashed, and the seal was struck heavily on the round wooden table.

As a pig, Shu Tang couldn’t lift her head, so she couldn’t see this magnificent scene. But just by the faint flicker of light on the legs of the table, she knew that Fuyu was casting a spell.

However, what kind of spell was she casting on a table?

Fuyu naturally didn’t know what the piglet was thinking, at this time her right hand became a palm, and she slashed diagonally along the light emitted from the table. When the base of her palm touched the tabletop, a dim picture gradually appeared on the tabletop.

In the picture, the little pink piglet was wagging its small tail side to side, as if it was thinking about something, and suddenly, its tail stiffened and its body shook at the same time. In a split second, the jade pendant that was originally placed on the table flew straight at it and stuck to its head, almost as if it was embedded inside. The little pig’s body shuddered again, and it collapsed on the table, rolling in pain.

Fuyu already knew what happened next, so she raised her hand to collect the spell and leaned over to pick up the piglet.

Shu Tang whined, her eyes staring at the jade pendant. When Fuyu saw it, she lightly laughed, “You also know that it is the culprit?”

The piglet whined again and Fuyu took hold of its hoof and tried to joke with it, but an extremely thin stream of immortal power passed along the pig’s hoof to her.

The Great Immortal was stunned, then grasped its front hoof and felt it carefully.

Suddenly, startled, she asked, “How do you have immortal power?” Before Shu Tang could whine again, she had already realized that the thread of immortal power was not from the piglet, but the bit of immortal power that Luhua had formed for the hanging chain.

In other words, the piglet could turn the foreign immortal power into its own?

Wrong…. Wrong!

Fuyu hadn’t had such curiosity for a long time, and now passed her own immortal power to Shu Tang’s little pig hoof, the immortal power spun around in its body, but it only had a momentary dull pain, and no other feeling.

Having lost three strands of immortal power like this, the piglet wagged its tail, and nothing happened.

Fuyu smacked her lips, her slender fingers grabbed its other front hoof with slender fingers, and sucked out all the immortal power it had lost, and found that it was still wagging its tail, unharmed.

Fuyu Shangxian, who was always dull, was amazed again and again, but didn’t know what was going on. If she were to think about it alone, she could figure it out in three days, but she was very curious at this moment, and immediately ran to find Nantan Shangxian with the piglet.

She always felt that Luhua was not very reliable, and if anything big happened, she usually went to Nantan to discuss it.

Nantan did not disappoint her. After listening to her talk about the whole story, he took the piglet’s hoofs and turned it around, checked it, and told her, “This piglet of yours has an excellent immortal fate that is rarely encountered in a thousand years, and if you cultivate it, it can become a human in less than ten years. Moreover,” he paused rather suspensefully, put the piglet back on the table, and continued, “it has spiritual intelligence equal to that of a human, and you can communicate with it.”

The piglet’s eyes lit up and Fuyu widened her eyes, not looking like an immortal in the least, “It can communicate with me?” After receiving Nantan’s affirmation, Fuyu immediately poked Shu Tang’s nose, “Can you give it a try?”

Shu Tang glanced at her, and in order to show her spiritual intelligence, she still snorted in annoyance.

Fuyu was addicted to playing with it and thought it was really a novelty. She had raised thousands of pigs, but she had never met a pig that could communicate with her and cultivate at the same time!

However, what Nantan said next doused her with cold water, “The jade pendant that Luhua gave her has a mending effect, the pain before, it was actively mending the piglet’s broken spirit root. The true qi you lost to her later is exactly what aided the jade pendant, you can count it as you having done the right thing by mistake.”

“Its spirit root is broken?” Fuyu was flabbergasted, not minding the other party’s teasing.

Nantan Shangxian said without much concern, “Its spiritual roots should have been destroyed by external forces and not too long ago. The jade pendant didn’t succeed when it was trying to repair it, but instead, it opened its spirit vein by mistake.”

The spiritual vein is the channel that circulates qi and immortal power, so Fuyu continued, “So that’s why that thread of immortal power from Luhua was absorbed by it, and therefore sensed by me?”

Shu Tang on the table had been weakly lying down after hearing that her spirit root was broken. As a human, she was a sick person, and as a pig, she had a broken spirit root, she suddenly felt sorry for herself.

Nantan looked at the half-dead piglet and said flatly, “You were quick to react this time.”

Fuyu had lived for four thousand years after cultivating into a human form. After a while, she changed the subject awkwardly and said, “Then what will happen to its cultivation?”

“Nothing will go wrong with its cultivation,” Nantan shook his head, “It can cultivate faster than most humans and demons, but it can only cultivate its human form at most, and won’t be able to do anything else. Because of that, it has no spiritual roots, it can’t practice any of the spells or immortal arts, and it can’t do anything with its empty qi and immortal power.”

Fuyu frowned, still unbelievably beautiful.

Perhaps knowing what was troubling her, Nantan sighed and said to her, “There is a way to repair the spiritual roots, but I don’t recommend you to do it.”

Fuyu didn’t say anything, still frowning, looking at Shu Tang who wanted to frown along with her, but unfortunately it frowned for half a bit before realizing that it didn’t have any eyebrows, instead, its head was full of fine fluff.

Nantan had known her for a thousand years, so he knew what she was thinking. Before Fuyu opened her mouth, he had already said, “There are many remnants of beast souls in the ancient barbaric wasteland, if it can be fused with one, it can inherit its spiritual roots. However….” He didn’t say the rest of his words, but Fuyu had stretched her eyebrows and nodded her head knowingly.

The ancient barbaric wasteland was the battlefield of the gods and demons in the past, where not even a single blade of grass grew, but only where the sand and wind raged. After the last great battle, all the gods, demons, and ghosts scattered between heaven and earth, leaving only the Three Realms in the world. Although there are no bodies of any gods and demons left behind, there are the souls of ancient gods and demonic beasts, as well as countless clumps of immortal and magical power for the souls of beasts to consume.

There are countless opportunities and crises in there, and even the Three Great Immortals, the top of the Immortal Realm, would not idly go there to stroll around.

Those who came out of the barbaric wasteland were either extremely brutal in strength, or those who had successfully fused with the beast souls for the sake of strength. As for those who didn’t measure up and were unlucky, they all died at the jaw of the beast soul’s mouth.

In Nantan’s opinion, it wasn’t worth it to venture into the barbaric wasteland for a pig that had lost its spiritual roots. The barbarian wasteland was a place they had all been to, where there were opportunities to improve their cultivation, but it was also full of dangers at every turn.

Looking at Fuyu’s calm demeanor, Nantan couldn’t help but sigh, “Have you decided to go there?”

The other nodded, “En, it’s rare to meet a piglet with a immortal fate, if it can cultivate to become an immortal, it will be the first pig I have ever raised,” she paused and added, “It’s significant.”

Shu Tang felt that he should be moved by these words, but Natan struggled for half a while, and he was not moved.

The first pig I have ever raised…. These seven words are full of bitterness. Shu Tang couldn’t help shivering at the thought of thousands of senior pigs dying in front of her.

She didn’t know what the barbarian wasteland was, but hearing the name, she knew that this place was probably not that simple.

Fuyu was a genuine hard rock, if she really made any decision, even ten ox couldn’t pull her back. Nantan sighed and held his right hand in the air, a book appeared in his hand.

After handing the book to Fuyu, he said, “You have not accepted any disciple, you don’t have any introductory book on cultivation, so you can have this book. The little pig has only opened its spirit vein, it doesn’t have its own aura in its body, so even if it finds a suitable beast soul, it won’t be able to fuse it. You take it to cultivate for three months, and when it’s body is stable, it won’t be too late to go to the barbarian wasteland.”

Fuyu flipped through the book and put it into her wide sleeve robe, looking up and thanking him.

Nantan said helplessly, “There’s no need to thank me, it’s a blessing to the Immortal Realm for you to have a disciple.”

A disciple? Shu Tang moved her ears, her furry ears flapped, and her appearance was so cute that even Nantan couldn’t help but reach out and touch it.

“I only want to raise pigs, I have never thought of taking on disciples,” Fuyu’s face appeared distressed, “Bringing in disciples is really troublesome.”

Nantan smiled lightly and reassured her, “Don’t worry, bringing in disciples is similar to raising pigs.”

Shu Tang: “….” No such thing!

Disregarding the piglet’s grumbling against his words, Nantan stood up, looked at the horizon covered with clouds and mist outside the door, and said, “That jade pendant should be something that has been passed down to the Human Realm from the Immortal Realm. I’ll go and check it out, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Fuyu nodded her head, picked up the still disgruntled piglet, and said goodbye, “Thank you, Nantan. Now that things have been cleared up, I’m leaving with Bai Huahua.”

Shu Tang was surprised, not expecting her to speak polite words. However, Nantan Shangxian was obviously used to it. He didn’t change his face, just blinked his eyes and made a “please” gesture with one hand. 

There was no conversation between the piglet and the person on the way back, but when they returned to their home, Fuyu put it on the table and asked it a serious question.

“If you are intelligent, why did you relieve yourself on me….?”

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