My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 2 – Jade Pendant

Shu Tang had never eaten white radish before because of her weak spleen and stomach. The radish is not a precious product, but she is very happy to eat it.

After sleeping for a while, she has figured out that she is with an immortal who raises pigs and kills them. And since she doesn’t know whether it’s a blessing or a curse, she should cherish the moment and eat as much as she can, sleep as much as she can, and look at the beautiful woman as much as she can with no regrets.

It is nothing more than to be regretful as a human, but to be regretful as a pig too. Shu Tang looked down on herself.

The little piglet ate sweetly, Fuyu’s face became good from then on. As soon as it finished eating the two radishes, the Shangxian reached out and picked up the piglet from the bed, ready to take it out for a walk and show off how clever her new pig was.

After all, Shu Tang had already been fed and drank, and followed obediently out the door even though she didn’t want to.

Within a quarter of an hour after leaving the house, one person and one pig met Immortal Xundie, who was dressed in gorgeous colorful clothes. The Immortal Xundie looked at the pink pig and felt delighted, reaching out and caressing its pink nose. Unexpectedly, the fragrance of her body caused Shu Tang to feel uncomfortable and sneezed.

If it was just a sneeze, it didn’t matter, what mattered was that it actually squirted out bright snot at this moment. Moreover, all of the thin, sticky snot stuck to the hands of Immortal Xundie.

Shu Tang’s pig body shook, and immediately wiped the remaining snot from her nose onto her hands as well, then turned around and buried her head within Immortal Fuyu’s bosom.

Fuyu was also stunned for a moment, and looked at Immortal Xundie eye-to-eye for a long time before she said, “My Bai Huahua may not be able to handle the smell of pollen on butterflies, so we’ll take our leave first.” Saying that, she really turned around and walked away.

Shu Tang was dumbfounded, instantly feeling that she was hugging a capricious and sturdy thigh after crossing over.

However, shortly after the one person and the pig left, the beauty holding the piglet suddenly said, “Bai Huahua, do you think that Immortal Xundie is angry?”

Piglet: “……” Great Immortal! Do you dare to be any slower? And! I don’t have a stupid name like Bai Huahua, okay?

Telling her to no avail, following the fragrance, Shu Tang was brought back to Immortal Xundie by her. The immortal had just used a cleansing spell to resolve the filth on her hands, and when she saw them return, she immediately hid her hands in her sleeves and spoke in a displeased tone, “What is Shangxian doing back?”

Fuyu is a Great Immortal, needless to say, her strength is self-evident, and she is also in charge of the affairs of the Immortal Palace. So no matter what conflicts she has with her, the people of the Immortal Realm will always give her some face. Just now, she left without apologizing, which had irritated Immortal Xundie, but she didn’t attack her. Yet the other party had gone and returned, which was quite provocative, which made her even more annoyed.

Fuyu blinked her eyes and raised the piglet in her hands with both hands, sincerely saying, “My Bai Huahua has been mischievous and troubled the immortal. I brought it back to apologize.”

Hearing this, Shu Tang suddenly felt that this Great Immortal seemed to have such a low EQ, ah…

Because of her poor health, Shu Tang seldom stayed at school, and she didn’t know many of her classmates, let alone any friends. Most of her contacts were patients of the same ward in the hospital, or the nurses and young doctors who like to talk, even so, she had some knowledge of human emotions. But this Shangxian…. she can’t help but complain – how can one make a pig apologize?

When this happens, the owner must apologize on her behalf!

Shu Tang originally thought that she had the thick thighs of a dazzling cool tyrant, but never thought that the thighs would be in vain. What kind of dazzling cool tyrant has obviously low EQ and couldn’t bear to look straight.

In order to save her owner’s EQ, Shu Tang had to use the trick of selling cute and stretched out a pink pig’s feet and gently poked Immortal Xundie’s arm, and with its watery, round eyes, it actually dispelled the Immortal’s anger.

It seemed that the little pig was really apologizing to her. The Immortal Xundie’s face recovered a little and said indifferently, “Since the Immortal’s beloved pet has already apologized to me, how can I be annoyed with it?”

That said, she didn’t reach out to touch the piglet this time.

With the matter out of the way, Fuyu took the piglet for another stroll and went back to the house to rest.

The next day, Luhua heard about Immortal Xundie, and immediately forgot about the previous unhappiness and came to see the clever piglet again.

At that time, Fuyu was feeding her radishes, and when she heard that someone was coming to see her, she spat out the radishes in her mouth and ran to the main hall with her four short legs.

Fuyu didn’t care about it, and let it run ahead, holding the radish in her own hand, and slowly followed after it.

In the main hall, Luhua saw the piglet run over by itself and grinned, “In the past, when you raised a pig, you had to hold it for seven days before you would let it walk on the ground, why did you make an exception this time?”

Hearing this, Shu Tang’s very cheerful legs that were tossed back and forth came to a halt.

Fuyu coughed and picked up the piglet that was pretending to be dead and placed it on the round wooden table.

Luhua looked back and forth at the person and piglet and suddenly smiled, “Looks like there’s a bit of a story here.”

There was a story, there was certainly a story.

As soon as Shu Tang remembered that incident, she felt like digging a pit and burying herself, because, because it was so humiliating!

When she first entered the pig body, she was resistant to the whole defecating everywhere thing, but her instincts were still there, and whenever she tried to run to the corner of the pig pen to solve the problem, she always accidentally solved it on the way there….

So, with one careless mistake yesterday, Shu Tang had disgraced her dignity as a human in her last life as well as a pig in this life in front of Fuyu!

This is…. a sad story.

Fuyu pursed her lips, realizing that the incident was not unrelated to her own negligence, so she didn’t tell anyone about the piglet’s humiliation, but asked, “Did you come to my place just to see if I was holding Bai Huahua?”

Luhua Shangxian smiled and said, “No, no, I saw that you sent many gifts to apologize, so I also brought a gift for your family’s Bai Huahua.” Saying that, he spread his right hand flat, and a small and delicate jade pendant appeared out of thin air in his palm.

Fuyu looked at him and didn’t take the pendant, so Luhua took it upon himself to pull the immortal power into threads that passed through the hole in the jade and hung it on Shutang’s pig’s neck.

“I’ve raised a thousand pigs before, and I haven’t seen any gifts from you, so why did you make an exception for Bai Huahua?” Fuyu looked at the pendant and knitted her brows lightly.

In the meantime, the beautywas also incomparably beautiful. Luhua secretly glanced a couple more times before saying, “Even you have made an exception, why can’t I make an exception as well?”

Shu Tang lowered her pig’s head, and in her heart, she begged Immortal Luhua not to mention this matter again.

However, although she herself hadn’t had time to see the appearance of the pendant, she knew that the pendant was not simple when she looked at the frowning look of the Great Immortal.

Maybe, this is some kind of immortal artifact around her neck and wearing it can make one cultivate into a human, or it can be an antidote to poison, or…. Unexpectedly when she hadn’t fantasized fully, the words of Luhua Shangxian broke all of her fantasies.

Luhua: “And if this pig dies, you can still give it to the next one to wear. One after the other, after the other…”

Shu Tang: “….” This person is also so bad at talking!

But Fuyu still knitted her brows, “Is this pendant of yours an ordinary jade obtained from the human realm, or is it immortal jade?”

“I bought it from a small stall when I went shopping in the human realm yesterday. It’s said to be a jade pendant given to a favored consort by an emperor of the human realm,” Luhua’s voice suddenly weakened, “Is there something wrong with the pendant?”

Shu Tang suddenly felt a bit sorry for this Shangxian’s intelligence. He actually believed what the vendor said?

“It’s nothing, perhaps I was mistaken.” Fuyu touched the pendant, only to feel a cold piece of jade touching her fingertips, so she added, “Although this jade is not a cold jade in ice, the jade is extremely cold, and Bai Huahua is still small, so I am afraid of the cold jade hurting it.”

This Fuyu Shangxian is not very good at raising pigs, but she is genuinely concerned about her. Shu Tang forgot about yesterday’s embarrassment for a moment, and her head poked forward, rubbing her hand with her mouth.

“Yo, this little piglet still knows how to get close to you.” Luhua reached out and rubbed Shu Tang’s furry head, then looked up to Fuyu, “Don’t worry, all the spoiled princess in the human realm can wear it, then the piglet definitely can too.”

Shu Tang: “….” Hey! Aren’t you afraid she’ll turn into a ghost and attack you if you compare her to a pig?

In order to express her dislike for Luhua, Shu Tang’s head tilted, avoiding his hand that was rubbing her. But with such a movement, the jade pendant suddenly touched its body, and the cold and icy sensation came from it, causing it to shiver.

Seeing this, Fuyu immediately took off the jade pendant for it, while saying, “It’s cold.”

After being together for two days, Shu Tang had long discovered the terrifying length of the reflection of the Great Immortal, and she was really moved by how quickly she reacted.

Luhua, however, was used to her usual concern for piglets, and pouted his lips, “You are never delicate, but when you’re raising a pig you know how to be delicate. A pig, no matter how tender it is, is still a pig. How many times have I told you? You have to raise pigs indiscriminately, how can you be so finicky….”

Fuyu couldn’t stand his complaint, and the two fingers of her right hand turned in a circle, and she struck Luhua with a white soft light seal.

The Shangxian’s way of solving problems is really simple and brutal…

After Shu Tang watched Luhua being put under a mute spell, he became so furious that his handsome face turned blue and walked away with a brush of his sleeves.

After a while, as expected, Fuyu went out again and ordered the immortal maidservant to give him a gift.

After listening to the immortal maidservant’s gosship yesterday, Shu Tang learned that most of the valuable things in Fuyu’s house were sent out to compensate for her offense.

Having an owner with a worrying emotional intelligence, Shu Tang expressed deep concern. However, she thought to herself, if she could turn back to human form or could speak, could she save the beautiful Shangxian?

This thought flashed past, and Shu Tang didn’t care. However, there was a crisp sound suddenly in the place where her head is. Because the sound was so clear, she almost thought that the sound was from the outside, but the intense pain that came from her head instantly made it impossible for her to think so.

As if something had touched her head, the fine pain swirled and gradually spread along that point in her brain, but for more than a few moments, Shutang’s entire body began to ache convulsively. Fuyu happened to come back at this moment, and as soon as she entered the door, she saw the pink little pig’s face twisted, rolling on the table, and looked like it was about to fall to the ground.

Fuyu hurriedly performed a magic technique, and the piglet rolled down, stopping in mid-air under the protection of the immortal energy.

“Hum–hum,” Shu Tang was in unbearable pain and kept making grunting noises.

The always calm Fuyu Shangxian also began to get a little anxious, rushing up to it and reaching out to hold it in her arms.

As she channeled her true qi into it, she thought, could it be that this piglet will return to the west in three days? After losing most of her true qi did she suddenly react. There had been several sick piglets who had lost their lives due to her true qi and died…..

Fuyu Shangxian pursed her lips tightly and immediately interrupted the delivery of her true qi, not wanting to admit that she had forgotten about it in her haste. Not to mention that she didn’t want to be ridiculed again by that Luhua.

Sighing softly, she could only stroke the piglet’s back one at a time, hoping that this would ease its pain.

After half a tea, the pain in Shu Tang’s body finally disappeared completely, causing her to grunt in comfort.

Earlier when the Great Immortal had infused her with true qi, her pain had eased quite a bit, and although she didn’t know why the other party had stopped, it was still quite helpful. So, as soon as she got comfortable, she immediately arched her nose over Fuyu’s arm to show her gratitude.

She thought that the other party would be happy that she survived, but instead, Fuyu’s face was only shocked.

Shu Tang was wondering, but the Shangxian suddenly poked at its fleshy belly and said to her, “Why… why are you not dead?”

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