My Disciple Consumes Too Much Chapter 1 – Piglet

There are three realms, one for immortals, one for humans, and one for demons. Both humans and demons can become immortals, but if you look at the entire immortal world, apart from the three Great Immortals, there are only three hundred or so who have ascended to the immortal world, and there are more than a thousand immortals who have not.

These three Shangxian1 are Nantan, Fuyu, and Luhua. Nantan is in charge of the Immortal Palace and handles all the affairs of the immortal realm.

Among them, Fuyu is the most free and easy-going, and after cultivating to the top, she left behind all the common affairs and started to do what she wanted to do the most, which is to raise pigs.

It is said that Fuyu, one of the three great immortals, is the most beautiful woman in the immortal realm.

Therefore, the hobby of raising pigs by the greatest beauty is not something that ordinary immortals may understand.

For example, at this moment, Immortal Luhua was in his secluded place, looking at the piglet she was holding with disgust on his face.

“You have raised thousands of pigs and killed them in the past hundred years, how can you be so obsessed and continue to harm the creatures?”

Faced with Luhua’s accusation, Fuyu Shangxian said seriously, “How do you know I can’t raise this one?”

While feeling sorry for the piglet’s life, the Luhua Shangxian said, “This is exactly what you tell me every time you bring in a piglet.”

The piglet that was silent the whole time suddenly moved, Fuyu pursed her lips, lowered her head and patted the piglet’s head, and fell silent.

However, no matter how much she tried to comfort it, the piglet in her arms was not quite calm and looked like it was trying to break free from her. Luhua couldn’t hold back his laughter when he saw it and said, “See, it also knows its bitter fate is coming and is fighting against it.”

Fuyu bowed her head and continued to reassure the piglet, “The fate of all living things is predetermined by the heavens, if it is fated to live it will live, and if it accidentally dies, that is also its fate.”

“Humm…” the piglet in its arms hummed in protest.

Fuyu Shangxian: “Look, it’s agreeing with me.”

Piglet: “……” Pei! It’s clearly a fight against fate!

Speaking of this piglet, it’s actually not a complete piglet, but a creature with a pig body and a human soul. The body of the pig comes from an old sow’s fetus, and the human soul comes from a 21st century girl named Shu Tang.

Shu Tang has been a sick person since she was a child, and took time off from school every now and then. She had just gotten into university and got seriously sick, but she was already comfortable with life and death, and when she was in the operating room for the last time, she made a “V” sign to the surgeon.

Later, when the operation failed, the doctors said that the patient’s desire to live wasn’t very strong and there was nothing they could do in the end.

She was too tired to live her life because she was constantly sick and had no friends, plus her drag on her parents, sometimes she feels that it is good to die just like this.

Shu Tang originally thought that she would die, drink a bowl of Meng Po soup2, take a trip to the Naihe Bridge3, and never be a sick person again in her next life. However, after her soul left her body, not to mention the Men Po soup, she didn’t even see a drop of it, and somehow got into the body of a little pig.

She thought, other than her, the person who had such an experience of suddenly becoming a pig was the famous Marshal Tian Peng4.

Fortunately, this piglet was healthy, and she was always able to stand out in a group of piglets and get the best spot to drink milk, quite like a winning piglet.

Unfortunately, this feeling of superiority didn’t last long, as she was bought by a masked woman. On the way, she learned that this person was the famous Fuyu Shangxian of the immortal realm, and immediately “hum” in astonishment.

In this life… she is really lucky, even a pig can be an Immortal’s pig, really happy.

Of course, if she didn’t know the truth from Luhua, she might have been happier.

Fuyu Shangxian’s fingers touched and performed a stabilizing spell, pointing it between Shu Tang’s eyebrow, and it immediately calmed down.

“Bai Huahua must be tired from all the noise today. I’ll take it to rest, please make yourself at home Luhua Shangxian.”  Saying that, one person and one pig disappeared in the blink of an eye into the distance, leaving behind a helpless Luhua and the faint smell of the pigsty in the air.

In an instant, one person and one pig had returned to the bedroom. Shu Tang stretched out her pig’s hoof and touched her frightened little heart. Before she could think of the terrible name, she hurriedly looked at the room with his round eyes.

Not only was she new to the Immortal’s Palace, it was also her first time seeing a real ancient room, and she was filled with curiosity about everything around her. When Fuyu saw it looking around, the corners of her mouth lifted and she patted the pig’s head, very satisfied.

It seems that the piglet she bought this time is a very smart one, and will definitely be able to raise it.

Unexpectedly, she accidentally used too much strength this time, and when Shu Tang was patted, she whimpered and flung her four short legs to leave the embrace, but she was restrained by the Stabilizing Spell, so she couldn’t move for a while.

However, the pain still prompted her to instinctively choose to flee, trying her best to move away from the embrace. Suddenly, a faint sound resounded in her head, like jade shattering on the ground, and the next moment, the Stabilizing Spell lost its effect, and the piglet jumped forward with its short legs, and almost fell off.

Fuyu frowned, scooped it back into her arms, raised her hand to form a golden dot of light on her fingertips, and gently touched the piglet’s head. The pig struggled for a moment, and then gradually settled down.

Putting the piglet into the soft and comfortable bed, Fuyu chanted a spell and in a flash, she appeared in front of the Luhua again and said, “I knew you haven’t left yet.”

Luhua saw her come out empty-handed, and his face revealed astonishment, “This…. this one died so quickly?!”

Fuyu ignored his taunt and instead said to him with a puzzled expression, “Bai Huahua is a bit different from the other piglets, my Stabilizing Spell’s effect on it isn’t significant.”

“In all these years you’ve been trying to raise pigs, only this Stabilization Spell is practiced exceptionally well, how could it have no effect… “Luhua said halfway and suddenly stopped, “Who is Bai Huahua?”

Fuyu slowly raised her eyes and gave him a contemptuous look, “I just told you, and now you don’t remember?”

Having been despised by her like this, Luhua Shangxian held his face red with humiliation and said, “You’ve given a thousand different names to the piglets over the years, I forgot for a moment, what’s there to be ashamed of!”

Seeing him like this, Fuyu sat on the cerulean chair in the main hall, resting her chin in thought, not intending to pay any more attention to him.

“Fine,” Luhua had no choice but to sit on the chair next to her and give her an analysis, “Let’s put it this way, it’s not often that a person or object is innately able to break the spell, but it’s not impossible. Seven hundred years ago, there was a baby on earth who could naturally absorb the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth from birth, and at the age of four or five, he could break simple magic spells on his own. But then, the child was sent to an immortal cultivation sect for more than a hundred years, but he didn’t do much more.”

He slowed down and smoothly lifted the cup of tea on the table, taking a sip before continuing, “So you don’t need to be too concerned about this matter, it’s possible that this piglet carries spiritual intelligence and can decipher some minor spells. With the spiritual intelligence of the heavens and the earth being so magical, it’s not surprising that a pig like Bai Huahua was born.”

Fuyu put away her hand that rested on her chin, looked at him seriously, and slowly said, “That tea you’re drinking, before you came, I fed it to Bai Huahua.”

Luhua who was drinking the tea: “……”

“Puu-” spurting out a mouthful of tea that he had just sipped from his mouth. Luhua Shangxian heavily put down his teacup, wiped his mouth fiercely, and got up to angrily say, “Farewell!”

Fuyu nodded her head and waved goodbye.

Seeing that he had gone away on the royal wind, she just stared at the teacup and realized that Luhua was probably angry.

Right, after all, he is one of the three great immortals. If it is known that he shared a cup of tea with a pig, he will be a laughing stock.

Fuyu lamented that she was really slow, and after thinking for a long time, she summoned one of her servant maids and told her to prepare some small gifts and go to Luhua’s house to apologize.

She was ashamed to say that her response to people and things was always half a beat slower. She knew it was a major shortcoming, but there was really no solution to it.

Some people say that Fuyu Shangxian is a warm stone, even if she is a stunning beauty, she is a stone beauty. The ignorant would think that she was hard to approach and rigid in nature, but unknown to them, she is an immortal cultivated from a stone.

Her name is Fuyu, not because she’s refined, but because her true body is a jade pendant engraved with a hibiscus flower.

Only Nantan and Luhua were aware of this fact in the entire Immortal Realm. Because of this, they were the only two people in the entire Immortal Realm who were friends with Fuyu.

Although, the two of them could not understand why a piece of jade would like to raise pigs.

Fuyu Shangxian sighed quietly, used the royal wind to go to the vegetable garden cultivated by her own hands, plucked two radishes from it, used a cleansing spell on it, and then took the clean radishes back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Shu Tang was tired from the day and was already asleep. Fuyu put down the radishes, looked at the sleeping piglet, sat down beside it, closed her eyes and started to meditate.

When Shu Tang woke up, she opened her groggy eyes and saw such a beautiful figure of a beauty meditating.

When they first met, the Great Immortal was covered with a veil, so she couldn’t see her face, but only knew that her eyes were breathtakingly beautiful.

Now, when Shu Tang looked at her again, she only felt that her breathing had to be still—this face was really perfect, and even the best plastic surgeon could not replicate such impeccable face.

However, before she could look longer, the beauty had already opened her eyes. Her long eyelashes casted a shadow on her face, making it difficult to see her expression clearly.

But soon, she completely forgot about it and started “humming” quietly to show that she was hungry. The beauty in front of her actually understood her intentions, and in the next second, there was a large, white, tender radish in front of her.

Even though it wasn’t the pig’s milk she wanted most, the little piglet opened her mouth wide and bit off a small piece of radish with one bite.

Chewing the radish in its mouth, Shu Tang happily waved its short tail behind its body.

It turns out that white radishes are sweet!

1 “Shangxian” means Great Immortal (I alternate the words every now and then)
2 “Meng Po soup” basically after a person dies and before they reincarnate, they drink the soup of forgetfulness before restarting the cycle
3 “Naihe Bridge” it is the bridge to the afterlife if you didn’t know
4 “Marshall Tian Peng” = Zhu Baijie

Translator: Finally got the first chapter done! Happy Halloween!!!

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