Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 15 Mary Sue (VII) part 2

“I…I don’t dare…”

The bus was driving fast and outside was the hard concrete pavement. Su Qianqian took a glance outside, her face was scared white.

It was true that she was just an ordinary person, not to mention jumping out of a vehicle, I’m afraid that there will be some injuries. In this situation, fear is inevitable.

“Let’s jump together, trust me!” I took her hand, my voice firm and my eyes enchantingly beautiful like the ocean, “I won’t let you get hurt!”

Although I saw that Su Qianqian was still cowering at the rapidly receding scenery outside the bus door, she was eventually no longer afraid and even took my hand in return. “Then… then jump!” She bit her lip and added, “And you can’t get hurt again!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I took Su Qianqian into my arms, remembering her words of concern, playfulness, and timidity, my heart suddenly trembled. Then I made a domineering vow, “From now on, you will be mine, and no one can hurt you without my permission!”

I seldom make promises to others, but I never break a promise. Whether it is impulsive or not, Su Qianqian is now mine, and she belongs to me!

With a final turn, I fired a few more shots at the short person, and although he looked disoriented, he still dodged every single one of the bullets.

Monster! I cursed under my breath and threw Su Qianqian’s backpack out first, then grabbed her and leapt with my back towards the bus!

The wind whistled in our ears and we quickly rolled on the ground. I pressed Su Qianqian tightly in my arms, our bodies intertwined, and rolled on the ground1 before finally stopping.

My back hurt so much that I must have been bruised badly. But because of luck, I am often in danger but rarely injured. Unfortunately this time, although the injury is quite serious, I feel relieved. It was my back that had landed first when I jumped off the bus, so Su Qianqian had some minor injuries at most. The words I just said, I don’t want to slap myself in the face2!

“It’s okay…” I patted Su Qianqian, who was still on top of me, but she continued to lie down for a while without moving.

My shoulders were a little wet and I sensed something was wrong. I tried to wrestle her head up, but there wasn’t much strength in my hands.

“Wuwuwu…wuwu…” Finally, I manage to hear her suppressed cries, sporadic, like a poor little animal whimpering.

“Don’t cry.” I could barely lift my hand to stroke her hair, “I didn’t even cry when I was hurt, but why are you crying?”

I didn’t say anything, but when I did, she cried even harder, “Scared me to death! Wuwuwu…I thought we were going to get bitten to death…wuwu…I thought we were going to fall to our death…wuwuwu…”

“I didn’t get bitten or fall to my death, but if you don’t get up, you’re going to crush me.” It was miraculous that I was in the mood to tease her when my body was in such pain.

“I, I, I…Woo…” Su Qianqian got up from me with her hands and knees, inevitably pressing against me, causing me to groan in pain.

“Uhhh~” I couldn’t help groaning… My head was sweating, and I felt powerless and about to lose consciousness.

“Are you hurt, Su Xingyu? Su Xingyu? Answer me! Wuuuu….I don’t want you to die…don’t die Wuwu…I’m sorry wuwuwu….” Su Qianqian fell on top of me and cried loudly, “You’re not nagging…nagging…nagging at me…wuwuwu… Please…please don’t die and leave me…”

Again, I felt my whole body weak and trembling, and finally managed a sentence, “Not dead…but you’re shaking me to death…”

“Ohh!” In response, Su Qianqian pounced on me with renewed excitement,”Great, you’re not dead!”

“Pfft!” I want to vomit blood. No wonder the ancients said that since ancient times, confidantes have been so frustrated3, Su Qianqian, you are simply jealous that I am more beautiful than you!

“Where are you hurt, let me…let me bandage you up first!” Su Qianqian ran over to retrieve the backpack I had thrown down first. I looked over and was shocked, feeling like I was in danger.

“Su Qianqian, he’s coming!”

Su Qianqian also looked back in shock, and the short boy seemed to have also jumped out of the bus. His strange cloak was in tatters and was wobbling towards us.

“I’m not going! What will you do if I leave!” Su Qianqian’s face puffed up, she stood up abruptly and shouted, “I want to fight him, I want to avenge you!”

That is impossible! It’s not that I don’t believe her, but I’m so sure that if I can’t beat it, can she?

Su Qianqian rummaged around in her large backpack for a while, then laughed happily, “Hahaha, I found it, the legendary magic weapon against vampires!”

I looked over at her hand and felt her deep malice towards me.

What the hell was that (#Д)!!!!

1 They should roll in bed instead of the ground next time
2 “The words I just said, I don’t want to slap myself in the face” – she doesn’t want to knock on wood
3 “自古红颜多薄命” – Since ancient times, confidantes have been so frustrated. This just means the more beautiful you are the likely chance you will die a good death is little. Something like that, I’m terrible with words. Basically, with how violently Su Qianqian cried/yelled/shook Su Xingyu, nearly causing her to spit out blood (or die), Su Xingyu blames that Su Qianqian is just jealous of her beauty and wants to “kill her”.

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