Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 15 Mary Sue (VII) part 1

In fact, as soon as I got into this thief’s car, I noticed something was wrong. How could a driver with such a worn-out vehicle and an awful voice be okay? As it turned out, what happened next confirmed my suspicions completely. Bah, a black car!

But I’ve got everything under control! …except for the invisible boundary, and the driver who is not a person and behaves strangely.

That’s right, the driver wasn’t human!

The driver who claimed to be an “old man” turned around and stepped down from the driver’s seat. Su Qianqian and I suddenly had this expression: (#Д)! ! !

The contrast between the front and back is really too great. With a voice like that, I was expecting a particularly ugly and dirty uncle, but that wouldn’t be any better, right?

But what is going on with this non-human with a small face and extremely good looks? Su Qianqian almost drooled out.

Good luck, after seeing him, I will still be fascinated by this, ah ╭(╯^╰)╮

I’ll admit, he’s not bad looking, but so short! Once he got off the driver’s seat we realized that the size was simply tiny. Even shorter than Su Qianqian. So rusty! Why do you also dress yourself in this outfit? Are you acting in a horror movie? It’s still very bad! I can’t believe you’re so low to do a robbery in a beat-up old school bus, and you can’t even get props!

And most importantly, you’re not even human! Have you seen the guy with the teeth coming out of his mouth?

What is there to see in this completely short, poor, and unknown species? Do you still want to have an interracial relationship?

“Su Qianqian.” My voice was cold and rude, but her actually flirting with the enemy was unforgivable, “Get behind me.”

“Ohhhh.” Su Qianqian agreed stupidly. Her eyes still are not leaving the short and poor boy.

“Stupid!” I was so angry that I blocked her behind me and looked coldly at the short vixen. You, who come to earth to do evil, became unlucky when you met me!

Su Qianqian seemed to finally come to her senses afterwards and got scared, poking her head out from behind me.

I pushed her head back and squeezed the gun in my hand. Earlier I wasn’t bragging when I said that no one could be faster than my gun. Being the richest person in the world doesn’t just require a brilliant mind, but guns are left over from my play!

The short boy laughed in an uninhibited manner, with its pale, bloodless face, it was rather creepy. However, I had heard it clearly.

“Stupid.” The corners of my mouth quirked up in a defiant smile, “Have the guts to remove your voice changer and speak.”

“Aha?!” The runt of the group was stunned by my uncanny judgment and opened his mouth wide in stunned disbelief.

This was the moment! I gave him a strong kick! Due to its height, I kicked it directly in the head.

Based on the force of my foot and its size, under my analysis I expected to be able to hurt it a few points even if I couldn’t bring it down directly, but what I didn’t expect was that the kick was knocked back, but…crap! So hard!

It felt like I had kicked a lump of iron and my feet were a little numb. I didn’t have the good sense to abandon my image to hug my feet, I could only give a wooden face.

Su Qianqian had jumped up in adoration by this time. She hugged my arms like she was relieved, “Su Xingyu, you’re amazing! I thought you were going to use a gun!”

I held a smile, I really regret not using a gun.

“Well…” The short boy on the ground actually managed to get up and his voice seemed to have changed without any after effects!

“Damned humans!” It bared its teeth and grinned, “If you dare to disrespect me, I will suck your blood dry!”

The original unpleasant sound sounded like a broken brass pot is now gone and in its place is a child’s voice that fits his looks, as if he were only a few years old.

I can see a voice changer on the ground, I think it fell off during my one-sided beating just now.

Well, so what if you can still stand up? I held the gun directly to its temple and sneered, “Suck our blood? I’m afraid you don’t have that skill yet.”

“Jī jī jī jī~” It laughed again, but this time without the effects of a voice changer, it sounded…are you here to be funny!?

“How are we Bloodborne afraid of human items?” His teeth, already long and sharp at the edge of its mouth, became longer and sharper, and the eyes became red.

Bloodborne? I was alarmed and fired, but I avoided the vital point and shot at his arm.

There was only a gunshot and at such a close proximity he was able to dodge! All I could see was a shadow, the bullet hitting the wall of the car, and then bouncing back to the ground.

 This speed is totally beyond my imagination!

“Su Qianqian, run!” I fired a few shots at the shadow as I backed away.

“Haha, you’re both food for my father, do you still dare want to run?”

“Swish!” A sudden pain stung my arm as a gust of wind passed, and I almost fell to the ground. He was so fast that he cut my arm without a sound, and I wasn’t able to defend myself at all.

“Fragrant, so fragrant~” the short dwarf stopped. He licked the blood on his hands, looking intoxicated. I endured the pain and took the opportunity to pull Su Qianqian and run to the door of the bus, but found that I couldn’t open the door no matter what.

“Suck…vampire?” Su Qianqian was also terrified, and her voice was crying, “Did you get bitten?”

“I’m fine, let’s escape!” I fired a few shots at the door of the car, the wound in my arm was numb from the shock and blood continued to seep out. Even I can smell the fresh smell of green grass from my blood, and the one that only wants to suck my blood, is even more blinded, running towards us.

The short dwarf was like a drunken man; the original pale face flushed red, unsteady on his feet, and was staggering towards us.

I finally broke the door, and for some reason the car actually kept going even though the driver of this bus was no longer in the driver seat!

“Jump!” Seeing the short dwarf approaching closer and closer, I made a quick decision.

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